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There is a Method to the Madness of Choices

Being so well protected will have its downsides and it will be shocking when you realize the protection is gone and you have to figure out how to survive climate change..

now look at people are like deer in headlights..

You were never ever supposed to be well protected... You were supposed to learn the hard lesson so you can protect yourself from danger.. Not invite it into your house and into your body . People foster and sustain danger in their body-mind And spirit and family and friends..

Remember the rules of vampires.. Once you invite them in they will suck the life out of you

having kids is like cutting off percentages of your body, mind and spirit.. how will you recoup the resources lost?

The older you are, the more malnourished you are, the more unstable you are, the more likely you and your child will suffer disease and issues with development.. You just diluted yourself and you developed a life that needs a whole lot more than you can biologically give..

Socially acceptable human sacrifice is what makes it easier for the system to control the population.

Pregnancy is also another form of an acceptable way to die.. When you have a baby it takes away so many resources that you could use for yourself to survive and convert to a new life for you.. That's why the system promotes this.. This is an acceptable form of a type of cell death..

The mother won't survive over time.. It's even questionable if that child will survive.. There are so many things working against both the mother and the child.. People need as many resources they can get and they cant afford to squander accessible resources.

But hollywood does what it does. They influence.. They are the ultimate influencers.. So people are ok with sacrificing themselves for whatever.

Everyone loves a child and a puppy..

That's why you have absolutely no power against the system.. Unless you're able to question everything..

And I can see most people are incapable of even questioning their own lifestyle and belief system.. And why should they..

I just observe.

The story of vampires is about family and friends.. People feeding off each other . Families feeding off their own offspring.. Whether it is microbially or child Or a lover..

Now you see why the allegory is so right on point.. Blood lust blood sacrifice and human sacrifice.. It's everywhere . Especially in family..

I paid attention to the stories in the movies..

I see the correlation .

Which is why i'm so different.. Pain and suffering is expected if you want to survive.. And you literally cannot afford to starve yourself.

Which is also why the government has no issue with me because they know most people are not conditioned for pain and suffering.. And most people will not change even if their life depends on it.. They've been given pleasure and paradise and addiction. And that's hard to resist and hard to give up.

And people have been given the absolution to die for their belief system.. They die for their country. They die for their friends and family.. They die for their pets . People were given permission to die for their children. To die for freedom..

You've been given permission to die for whatever you want . Whatever you perceive is your absolution

People can't wait to die for their activism.. And they prove it every single day.

You are choosing to die for your beliefs and your lifestyle..

Despite all the choices before you.. You are still choosing to die .

So whose fault is that..

Many people cannot handle life.. They prove it daily with their remedies and surgeries.. Under the influence.. With distractions..

In order to live you must honor life and the sanctity of life and respect life.. Or else life will destroy you.. But it's not your friends and family. Because you choose to be around them..

It was how you reacted to the life in your body..

It was always your choice..

But again the government is giving you a way out as painless as possible..

That's why the ultimate cure for cancer is died suddenly.. They don't want to "cure" your cancer without your permission.. That's the remedies market and the surgery market.. But if they're going to cure cancer , they're going to warn you..

That's called climate change.

Died suddenly is the ultimate cure for cancer.. And the system did warn you...

I even tried to warn you.. Believe me I have suffering because you guys don't get it..

And maybe you were never meant to get it.

The difference between success and failure is they look the same.

A model in the industry may "look" successful to people who value "beauty" using one's body to get ahead, but also may look like a "failure" to others who know how deadly it is to live up to societal norms of starvation..

The beauty of everything is you get the choice to perceive anything in any way you want.. And you must be accountable for your choices.

Population Control is first by story, then by actions developing predictable reactions.

I think Christians can still be Christian but not sacrifice themselves for everyone to the point of death. Can you literally and physically save yourself from the deadly rapture and still be Christian?

If not, then you are a "victim" of the Christian Revival instilling self destruct when all the conditions are right.

Hebrews: Can Hebrews save themselves and still believe in Yeshua and not succumb to the deadly "rapture" and still be Hebrew honoring Yeshua?

Can energy healing people believing in Ascension still save themselves without succumbing to the deadly "rapture" and still ascend here on Earth?

Can parents still save themselves while honoring their children and giving them the best life possible with absolutely no expectation their children will survive, or will parents sacrifice themselves along with their children because if their kids are not guaranteed to survive, the parents don't deserve to survive either.

If you think physically leaving this Earth via a spirit, the rapture, ascension or going "home" is the way, maybe that was an intentional storyline fed to us/you by those way back in the 1930s to now..

Population Control is first by story, then by actions developing predictable reactions.

Scientism is correct.. the new world is about Scientism as those stories of the past developed a burning to race to the bottom/top when all the conditions are right.

Someone said yesterday, "Be careful of the Kool Aid you are drinking".. yes, that goes for everyone following a predictable storyline.

I am a child of science, I understand SCIENCE very well.. And I also suffered through the story lines.. And I also can develop my own story lines.

Because if you can't develop your own storyline you will follow somebody else's and inevitably self destruct. Because you chose to follow a specific story line..

You were given many storylines to believe and you chose whatever "regrettable" outcome you are experiencing right now.

And maybe you have no regret because maybe you won't suffer.. But your survivors will.

Scientism is the belief that science and the scientific method are the best or only way to understand reality and the world. It's also the belief that the methods of science are the only reliable ways to obtain knowledge.

The release/regeneration (regen) has shifted for me. So, I noticed when my husband comes home I am not so congested and sneezing, coughing or feeling weird from microbial exposure. I noticed that I fall asleep faster, deeper, and I snore like a freight train driving him out of the bedroom haha, and I feel an endurable pain under my ribs around 8pm at night and sometimes arm pain. I made an assertion the snoring was from a deeper state of sleep with more oxygen intake developing more of an aggressive repair process with all the food I eat and NO more arm pit rashes as those rashes were probably waste material leaving the body.

When I blow my nose, it is a productive release with mucus and mucus comes out of both sides of the nostrils and I feel much clearer and energetic right afterwards.

I also observed a major frequency shift with a ringing in my ear for a at least 10 seconds as if I was in a "sound proof" room. I knew later on tachycardia would happen, and it did, but I was not feeling hungry, or tired, just energetic, hot and open to information.

My healing process has changed and the right side of my body is finally waking up and becoming alert to the world around me.

BIO-physically waking up is a brutal process.. Because you have to now wake up what you put to sleep in the medical holistic energy healing surgical system..

And you literally cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or painkillers of hormones and sex and pets..

It is an incremental painful process that must be supported with all food rest and proper release.

Which is why you are given all the story lines to believe to make deterioration socially acceptable and to give you some kind of absolution.. The government was being kind to you.. Or else you would be freaked out. And angry.

They gave you a way out via loopholes and they gave you choices . And they will continue to give you choices. So that way you can be accountable for your choices..

And then you can stop blaming someone else for your choices... People will still blame other people but at least the government gave you a choice..

Inevitably unaccountable immature people will always blame someone else for their choices.. And that's why the system is under surveillance.. Because people will do damage to others if they think they can because they cannot be accountable for their own choices.

And there are indicators of those who are unaccountable..

They're all over your facebook blaming someone for something.. Or they think they can save you in body mind or spirit..

Selling you a pain free lifestyle with whatever product they have on the market..

The last three years were major indicators to make some kind of change to at least lessen the potential for something catastrophic..

And I told you the system was going to cure cancer..

How do you cure cancer..

Died suddenly

Death is the ultimate cure for pain and suffering.

That's why the pain protocols must be FDA approved

There is no single cure for cancer, but there are treatments that may cure you. A cure means that the cancer has gone away with treatment, no more treatment is needed, and the cancer is not expected to come back. However, it's rare that a doctor can be sure that cancer will never come back. Instead, doctors will often say the cancer is ``in remission

,'' rather than ``cured''.

Remission is only reserved for those who have a lot more body to them to deal with energy conversion... You need the substance.

Remission is a stage of lesser intensity when something improves or subsides. In medicine, remission is the abatement or disappearance of symptoms of a disease. For example, remission can mean that cancer is manageable and not getting worse. Remission can last for months, years, or the rest of your life

When people request cures for cancer, they're asking for died suddenly.. The system doesn't want to cure your cancer because they don't want to destroy you 100%..

You have to keep giving them permission to take away your immune system progressively until there's nothing left to be treated.

That's how you destroy yourself. You request the help from the system as well as their licensed mercenaries.

Some of you in the j world bought yourself a few years because you released the demons in the beginning. You went through some of the pain and suffering that was required to buy yourself time..

But don't get too comfortable.. You still have a long way to go..

Whatever demons you might have released BACK THEN you could have developed new ones because of remedies and treatments and diverse company. And you know , some people have gone back on some of their diets and food mitigation protocols.. As well as found a new remedy..

It's just a matter of time before all the conditions are right..

The jay world is not a fad.. It's definitely a lifestyle change..

I've been off the jjuice since 2020

I merged together my lead in plus the message.


I told you. We all told you.

You owe us an apology for making fun of us.

Those who made fun of me in california because I knew something was going on.. But I didn't have the proof..

You'll get your proof. I hope you survive. Some people want proof and then it'll be too late.

And maybe you will be the proof to your friends and family what not to do.. Maybe they will learn what not to do from you. Maybe they won't make fun of someone who is giving them another point of view.. It doesn't mean they're right in your world.. But they're giving you a choice.. And then you shit on choices..

Maybe your friends and family will finally embrace choices and be accountable for what they choose.. But no thanks to you.

Now they're suffering because they lost you because you were so narrow in your point of view. I don't want you guys to be the lessons to your friends and family , but you leave yourself no choices.

That wasn't my fault.

I gave you a choice.. And you shit on me.

But I guess suffering will make your friends and family stronger.. Because they are going to have to make a choice.. Die with you now or later on..

Or they might choose to live.. If they even know how.

If america suffers.. The world will suffer.

Obelisks were intended to pierce the sky, aligning with the Egyptians' astronomical observations and solar worship. They represented the benben, the primordial mound upon which the god Atum stood at the creation of the world, and were also associated with the benu bird, the Egyptian precursor to the Greek phoenix. Obelisks symbolized renewal and the cyclical nature of life.


A pyramidion is the capstone of an Egyptian pyramid or the upper section of an obelisk. In the Ancient Egyptian language, pyramidia are referred to as benbenet and are associated with the sacred benben stone.

Pyrimidine is a heterocyclic aromatic compound that is biologically important. It is one of the two chemical compounds that cells use to make the building blocks of DNA and RNA.

Signs and symbols

The biological obelisk

love and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

people who resist others lack their own self awareness they might have more in common with those they resist than those who do not trigger their resistance..

Through my resistance I intended to understand.. Then no more resistance..

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