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  • Jillian Epperly

There is Such a Thing as Too Many Remedies and Surgeries

Even the humane society knows that anymore surgeries and medical care can kill a person/animal who is ill equipped to handle the trauma of butchery... ugh, satanists..

i used to deal with satanists.. who can't wait to butcher themselves and others, when possible.

Looking different is only suffering when clones can't handle diversity.

the satanists of our society are not what you think.. they can also be the "peace loving" friend/family/neighbor who smiles at your face lovingly, while sticking a knife in your back/side and stomach, carving out your life force.

maybe the answer is: stop using the medical/holistic/drs and finally pull out the old dinosaur poop and feed your body all food, NO discrimination and deal with the pain of release, finally......

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