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Think, McFly, Think!! What is your Contribution to this World

Watch this one second..

Main take away.. If you can't think like the new world order.. You will be sacrificed.. So now.. If you want to know who the system is targeting and how they pull out the useless eaters.. Maybe you need to reconsider who you are in this world.. And where you live is a huge indicator of how easy it will be to take out the useless eaters.. Look around you.. Who do you hang out with the most

What is your contribution to society.. what resources are you using and wasting..

1. Are you resisting. 2. Are you in a commune of resistance that's easy to take out.. 3. Do you surround yourself with drug addicts and alcoholics that might have to be segregated in a different camp.. 4. Are you retired.. 5. Do you have large families.. 6. Can you be re educated. 7. Are you poor or indigent or homeless.. 8. Look at who you surround yourself with.. 9. Look at who you entertain and hang out with.. 10. Who do you follow on facebook.. 11. How aggressive is your resistance.. 12. What is your contribution to society.. 13. Do you have a desire and the ability to learn.. 14. Do you have the ability to listen to indicators.. If the system can't take you out with direct energy.. And you are a contributing member of society.. The medical and holistic system will take you out faster during frequency changes.. The system has a plan for everyone.. Now you must strategize your own survival.. You are the one making the choices... No one is doing anything to you you haven't done to yourself already.. Happy Proletariat Day Labor day was always for the working class.. Everybody is working class.. Because everybody needs each other.. Some just have shinier curtains than others.. Even the beautiful rich have to play a part.. They don't escape slavery either.. We all are slave to each other.. But it doesn't have to be miserable.. creationism: making something into nothing, eventually.. dying and reproducing clones/conflicts evolution: developing something out of something, not into nothing.. no such thing as nothing, because everything is something, but what is the something you are developing? Will it disintegrate? So that is why Alex Jones was focused on JFK and Bobby Kennedy. Jfk and kennedy, both DEMOCRATS, got wind of the plan and started exposing but the NWO comprising of both bushes and obama clinton potentially silenced high level resistance Certain Democrats and Republicans work for the agenda developing right now Prairie Fire was also resisting the NWO

both sides repub dems All generations Were gaslighted and radicalized by the br itish empire People's assumptions that prairie fire was endorsing the destruction of j f k and r f k.. But both sides were resisting the plans.. They didn't realize they actually worked for the same team.. Wild fires Barren land no trees.. Loose soil.. Lot of rain Heavy mud slides. Time to read and learn It's kind of interesting that my book is called another arm of the hydra.. As this book, Prairie Fire is trying to cut off the tentacle of imperialism.. Ironic and yet here we are.. lahaina.. If you can read the first paragraph you will understand where i'm coming from. The weather underground turned into the very thing they were against. I can't help but notice a pattern.. The red coats marching in formation and the revolutionaries were picking off the red coats.. I'm thinking of the story of johnny tremaine.. Guerilla warfare.. Then i'm thinking of a forest gump.. Troops marching in formation.. At least together.. And the n. vietnamese ambushing the troops.. Booby traps under babies.. I can't help but notice the pattern.. When the left finally stopped trying to work outside the system.. They worked within the system.. And so the guerilla warfare tactics are interwoven into everyday expectations such as the hospital system holistic system. And they hide in plain sight with all the supplements they sell.. The art of war.. Mask the enemy.. Make them think you care about them.. Sell them relief.... Sell them easy ways out.. Make them soft.. Resistance is war.. Radicalized people into resistance.. Make them think you are their friend. Declare war on someone so that way they declare war back.. Get them in the struggle.. They'll never win because when you struggle so much and resist you lose power.. You waste valuable time.. On top of that if people don't want to resist.. Get them so comfortable in their lifestyle... Make them soft.. Make their children soft.. Now you see how shit works.. Oh wow. And here's the thing.. There is nothing that I am saying that isn't in plain sight.. And there is nothing that I am saying.. That they don't already want you to know.. They want you to make the choice.. They don't want you saying you made me do this. They want you to note everything. And if you can't handle the information.. You will stay stuck.

Fucking brilliant. Which means I can speak my mind.. And I have absolutely no expectation you follow or even believe what I say. And history is a lesson. And there's no one to blame. For every person you think is at fault.. There is someone behind him.. To always replace him.. The system knows just how difficult it is to break habits . They know how difficult it is for people to change. They know people do not even believe anything bad could happen.. They can't believe they're a part of something so much bigger and worse than they ever imagined.. And they don't even have to believe it.. Because they have religion.. they have politics.. They have science.. And a thousand different stories they can adopt . So they feel okay with the outcome.. With never changing. You know why it's easy for me to accept what's going on. And it's not just accepting what's going on and dying happy.. I don't ever want to die voluntarily.. I don't want to be stuck.. I don't want to resist.. I want to feel the pain of life.. I can handle watching the system change.. I can handle people making their own choices.. I am not blaming anyone.. I have no enemies.. The system already told me what they were doing because I read between the lines .. I was open enough to read between the lines. Do you know why i'm not resisting or mad about anything.. Because i've released my demons.. Now it's just being very adept at dodging lightning strikes. And even though everything is out of my hands and I don't know what to expect.. I will continue to do the best I can to adapt to whatever.. And accept whatever outcome I need to accept if it's out of my hands. Yes, one laser and they can wipe out thousands at a time when it’s full. Whoops, it was nature!

If you're already in an inner city... In your own house.. And you're not around too much mother nature like a lot of biodiversity.. Just stay put..

When people are being moved from their rural area.. And they are put in condos like these.. Well there you go..

I would rather be in a house.. Do I think my house where I live has a better possibility of surviving than other places..

I would not want to be in condo living.. I would not want to be retired.. I would not want to be on some kind of section eight housing. Like a building full of section 8 people. What do you think the system wants to rid of itself of. What they deem is useless eaters.. Figure out your contribution in this world.. Figure it out very fast..

Figure out how your neighborhoods are laid out. What buildings hold what kind of people. What kind of socioeconomic status they hold.. Nothing is a hundred percent.. The system will find a way to draw out what they deem is the undesirables. Figure out your place in this world.. Just think of yourself as a cockroach.. Cockroaches are extremely strong and can survive so many nuclear blasts and all types of environments.. Cockroaches understand patterns. They know when to get out of harms away.

And they are way more than resilient.. They are strategic.. You have to be fast.. Flexible.. and durable.. Cockroaches don't resist.. They adapt to their situation..

And they have enough substance to survive without food and water for certain amount of time..

What's the key thing about survivability.. The ability to adapt and evolve.. And listen to indicators.. You can have your culture.. .But it must be done in a uniform way.. Your culture must be presented online.. Not so much in your community.. If you're in the west.. If you're in other countries.. And they are not under any type of crazy global warming.. Or floods fires and frequencies.. Practice your culture..

I have a feeling antiquated countries will not be able to practice their culture physically.. Only online.. Or through smart cities same thing.

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