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Those Who Do Not Understand History from 6k Years Ago Will Be Doomed to Repeat their Own Extinction


Correction.. Noah did not exist at the beginning of civilization 12k years ago..

He died at 950 years old, but he was around during the flood, which was four thousand years ago.. He was probably there around five thousand years ago.. or born five thousand years ago..

Just so many zeros to work with.. Which is why studying religion and history is so painful..

Too many zeros.

Those who don't know the past are doomed to repeat it.. And that means six thousand years ago..

ROSICRUCIAN Jewish mystics Christian Gnosticism Hermetic Egyptian and greco roman technology..

That's why the west is backing israel..

To save evolution and knowledge.. To save humanity..

We have to go back to history in order to forge into the future.. Sometimes you have to repeat history because people forget how destructive their parents were thousands of years ago..

The system flooded out all the destructive giants who cannibalized and brutalized humans.. enslaved them.. So that whole history was erased.. But now you get to see how horrible humans are to each other because of what was taught by their parents.. The destructive giants..

You could read that in the old testament..

Judaism is about remembering how destructive people are.. And to bring balance and evolution and knowledge to the world to those who can handle it..

And IF you are making a choice to be ignorant.... You won't evolve.. And you won't protect yourself.. You will leave yourself open.. For someone to manipulate you..

Maybe it's time to be smart.. Maybe it's time to evolve.. But right now, so many humans out there are acting just like their ancestors. A giant who brutalized other humans.

If people were NOT armed to the teeth.. They would have been genocided a long time ago..

If you have to protect yourself from other people.. To the point where everybody has to be armed. With checkpoints..

Now you know why we're in wars..

Noah was told to build the ark and warn people because the system had to destroy the destructive giants..

Some giants still escaped but then they had to be hunted down and destroyed.. Or else they would have destroyed humanity and enslaved them..

Yes what's going on right now.. Very biblical . If you can even wrap your mind around it..

But I get it.. I'll tell you I suffered the last seven years.. And the last forty nine years..

Suffering is a trait of the jewish mystics.. Suffering makes you remember never ever to go there again..

But remember my contribution to the world.. Through the jewish mystics.. You have a chance to save yourself.. No one is trying to destroy you except for you.. You have a chance.. But you must change and evolve..

Why is the middle east so important.. Because IF you get rid of the foundation of balance.. You'll get chaos and slavery.. And rampant human misery.. And endless suffering..

People are suffering right now because there's so much chaos and division.. And a billion religions..

And the giants have everything to do with why it is we must never forget what happened. It's not just world war two.. It's the days of the giants we are trying to remember.. And we are dealing with the children of the destructive giants..

But weren't there any good giants.. There were, but they didn't have enough strength to take care of their mean brothers and sisters.. And keep them in line. Even the mean giants bred mean offspring.. Who were just as destructive..

Now take a good look at families who hate somebody because one person in that family hates somebody..

Now you see why we are where we are.

And hate spreads so much faster than love.. Because you have to be under the influence to be in love with everything.. Because it plucks your oxytocin and serotonin.

But hate is so easy to go to.. Because people are suffering.. and they are looking to blame somebody.

Then we have to deal with the demigods.. people with hate in their heart..

It's pretty fucked up out there..

Which is why you need a balance of people who understand all sides.. Not just the people who see something and then make a quick snap assumption.. And then they have an axe to grind and you happen to fit their demons..

I was privileged enough to be hated by strangers. Because of rumors and innuendos and ignorance..

When you get the privilege to see how depraved and brutal humans can be.. Then you understand why we are in these endless wars until the final analysis.. And there will be a final analysis..

You have to understand the history behind everything.. If you don't you're just flying blind and acting like an idiot.

What we're getting rid of in this world is extremism.. I mean rampant ignorant extremism..

Now look at your facebook.. People who are suffering are fucking hateful.. Just look at their facebook.. They're fucking hateful and they're suffering.. Because they have so much disease and injuries from past wars.. And they never released their own demons.

It's the ones who have been hated and ridiculed and persecuted so much.. Who will make the world a better place in the future.. But you will have to prove your worth.

And you must be strong enough for the environment.. Because the last environment bred too much hate. And it was easy to breed hate and intolerance..

This new environment.. It will be harder to be intolerant.. Because you're going to have to be strong and fight your own battles..

And if not, you will succumb to the environment and succumb to your own war against invisible people..

If no one is going into your house and there is no bombs dropping in your neighborhood.. You already made it half way.. Now just listen to the weather. And get out of harm's way. And release your fucking demons.. And stop being afraid of food..

And maybe pick up a book or read a different article sometime.. Maybe educate yourself without demonizing somebody else..

And here's the thing.. Don't feel guilty for being alive..

Mourn the dead and move on..

You are alive for a reason now. Cherish your life and stop trying to get Justice for another person's death. Because you can't bring them back..

But you can save yourself.. Why do giants have lifespans.. Even the ones currently living today with diagnosable conditions.. Yes they have an overactive human growth hormone.. But they will also use antibiotics to try to stop it. And of course, they have to eat a lot of food. As you know, food is painful for those who don't want to feel the pain of growth and evolution.. And so you know, these giants will have a lifespan because they can't handle the growth.. It's painful.. And tumors aren't bad, so as long as your body is able to assimilate and keep up with the growth of the tumor and the body assimilating.. Using antibiotics or cutting anything out damages your immune system..

Adam/atom, Noah, Abraham, and Moses..

In the Jewish tradition, Abraham is known as 'Avraham 'Avinu, “Our Father Abraham.” As the father of the Jewish people, he is not simply their biological progenitor (and, as the tradition would have it, the father of all who have converted to Judaism as well); he is also the founder of Judaism itself— the first Jew, as ...

It really doesn't matter where adam came from.. Or the first atom..

What matters is can you sustain life and stay alive..

And this is the thing where I have an issue with the old testament..

The first original giant.. The one they call god.. Where did he come from or she.. That's the trillion dollar question.. We know what happened after life was given to the first human.. Whoever it was..

But at this point.. It doesn't even matter..

What matters is when you know where you came from.. And then you strategize your survival.. immortality is not out of the question..

Abraham and moses was the first humans allegedly.. But noah was the one of the giants.. The nephilim.. Even though people said he was not a giant.. But to live to be nine hundred and fifty years old. Again you had to be stronger than the average human.. And you had to have access to a a lot of resources. And why would NOAH be that special to be living nine hundred and fifty years old with that much access to resources. And if noah had a white beard, he would have died way before nine hundred fifty years old. Even when there was no electricity.. People still had to work hard to live.. Electricity makes up for the work.. But you still get the frequencies.. Modern day humans just found other energies to cause the rpms.. But you still live in a world full of rpms.. Which add to the energetic process of consumption..

NOAH had to have been a giant.. That's the only way I can see how he would live that long.. Especially with a long flowing white beard.. Sean connery lived to be ninety years old with white hair. Men who are fifty nowadays are gaining the white beard..

The highly accelerated environment has increased the aging process. Especially during modern times like today.

Imagine 7-8 thousand years ago.. or 5,000 bc the flood times

The amount of energy it took to live.. Tending to cattle and building and share cropping.. Fighting off giants and other predators.. If you have white hair.. It would be a human with a lifespan.. Or a giant who lived a lot longer than a human.. So moses lived to be a hundred and twenty give or take but noah was older.. And noah came away before moses..

And was a giant and probably save the humans.. Warned them of the flood..

Then the slaves of egypt and moses parting the red sea..

How many years between the flood and the exodus? From the said flood of Noah, unto Abraham's departing from Chaldea, were 422years and ten days.

The garden of eden was all the nephilim. Rogue giants eating humans.. Then you get all the fairy tales.. Everything is algebra.. Everything is algebraic equation solving for x..

So much conception can equal death.. That's why you're in a controlled decline..

You want to know why humans die and what happened to the giants..

X(micro-macro conception)+1(humans)=2 (human death/extinction of giants)

When You procreate so astronomically.. You destroy yourself..

2-1=1 Death/extinction -human = conception

That's called global warming.. That's called climate change.. You are living the days of noah right now..

To solve for x, bring the variable to one side, and bring all the remaining values to the other side by applying arithmetic operations on both sides of the equation. Simplify the values to find the result. And yeah, you could say that giants were called vampires. Because they enslaved women to have the babies and then the giants ate the children as FOOD. And some women have been used as slaves to develop food for the vampires or the giants, as well as slaves to the men who capitalized on that. And those are old cultures and traditions. And women were never looked at as anything but cows And slaves.. And most of all sex slaves..

That's where you get all the fairy tales from all those oral traditions.. Putting fear into children to keep them in line

And so mankind used the same strategy to find the strongest prototype.. Because eventually the old traditions must go to the wayside.. There is so much misery in rampant conception and reproduction.. And there's so much brutality in families. And families will never tell you because it's those well kept secrets.. But you see it in the behaviors of a children who turned into the adults Who are predatory and out for blood.. What am I trying to prove.. Immortality is possible if the conditions are stable. And you know how to deal with physics biology and chemistry. And you don't starve yourself or use remedies or antibiotics or surgeries.. And you slow down the micro level and macro level conception.. This is just a very small slice of human history.. From ten thousand b c or twelve thousand years ago to current modern day.. Or the birth of america..

And you know the giants were destroyed during the time of human history.. Gilgamesh and imhotep probably lived around the same time..Accordingly, Gilgamesh was a demigod who was said to have lived an exceptionally long life (the Sumerian King List records his reign as 126 years) and to be possessed of super-human strength.

However, enslaving cows to produce milk is why we are finally turning to lab created meat and milk because slavery is miserable and BRUTAL.

this information alone leads me to believe even Noah ate humans to live to be 900 years old.. which is why the giants do NOT exist anymore and why humans can be a pestilence if NOT regulated.

Some would disagree..

But to live to be nine hundred years old. You'd have to be stronger than most humans out there.. And strength comes from size.. And access to meat.. Even today.. Without understanding my information.. They could have lived to be a hundred and fifty years old as a regular human.. And so my educated opinion is they were giants to live to be nine hundred years old..

So all the ONCOLOGY and herbal remedies and direct energy technology are also how the giants were not only regulated, but eradicated, as well as the starvation and fear of food..

now look at your families diagnosed with cancer using ONCOLOGY AND FEAR OF FOOD and of course all the herbal remedies and surgeries.. that was also how your ancestors were eradicated.. WHEN YOU think about the holidays and birthdays and gift giving is all about buying yo/ur children for the sla ughter.. like the giants of the passed, like santa claus buying children via gifts.. or buying children via the gifts to the parents who sold their ki ds to the system..

Nothing is satanic.. It's just the fact we are celebrating events that were whitewashed for the future.. And we are denying the past..

But there is a reason why for all the different holidays.. Even their religions.. starvation leads to heart disease...and died suddenlies... An ancient nuclear blast eradicated the largest giants and then climate change and human strategy finished them off..

I bet you it took the last 4000 years to eradicated all the GIANTS from this earth.. and now, it is eradicating their intolerant children by their own hand through their politics, religion and science dogmas..If nuclear reactors were discovered from 2 billion years ago, you can only imagine the last 10000 years what nuclear energy has done to different civilizations.. You can only imagine what different civilizations have done to galvanize this energy and use it as a direct energy technology.. The ark of the covenant..

The only way to survive nuclear energy is to feed it with all food available to you.. And nuclear energy can come in many different forms.. It's not always world war two.

The fact you're so weak against any kind of evolution speaks to your intolerance and what your ancestors also endured many millennia ago.

Were these ancient reactors in Gabon the only ones ever to have formed on the earth? Two billion years ago the conditions necessary for self-sustained fission must not have been too rare, so perhaps other natural reactors will one day be discovered. I expect that a few telltale wisps of xenon could aid immensely in this search. Now I understand why the men here in Ohio are like huge giants and built like brick s*** houses. They ate a lot of meat just like the Giants did. But of course in order to survive you need the meat and the milk. Those who are vegan and vegetarian turned into nothing.

The humans had a strategize starving the Giants out as well as psychologically giving them all the herbs and extracts and concoctions against disease.

That's why America is one huge experiment.

Look at the men in Ohio and then the men on the coasts.. or the men who are vegan and vegetarian who weigh next to nothing..

It's not even about being jewish or christian . You're the one that starved yourself.. You're the one that decided to be traditional about everything and not learn anything new.. You're the one that blamed everyone but yourself .

But the answer is in the ancestors.. They died from starvation.. They died from traditional.. And look at you are repeating history. And you're starving your own children.. Your own fucking children.

Please read about why we are at War in the Middle East

Inaccuracy: Hamas must be part of any Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Israel’s refusal to deal with Hamas doesn’t make sense. After all, Israel eventually negotiated with the Palestinian

Liberation Organization after decades of enduring its terrorist attacks against Israelis and Jews.

Response: Hamas is committed to the elimination of Israel's existence by whatever means necessary. This commitment is articulated in the Hamas Charter, and is regularly reiterated by its leadership. The Hamas Charter is rife with incendiary anti-Semitism. Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with an entity that espouses hatred of Jews, seeks its destruction and uses terrorism and rocket attacks to further that goal.

Israel and the international community have been clear, Hamas must recognize Israel’s right to exist, renounce the use of violence and terrorism, and accept previously negotiated Israeli-Palestinian agreements. Until it meets these requirements, neither Israel nor the international community will engage with Hamas.

Israel does have relations with the Palestinian Authority and its leaders who were former PLO officials. However, this only came about once the PLO met similar requirements by recognizing Israel’s right to exist, renouncing terrorism, and pledging to remove clauses in the Palestine National Charter that called for the destruction of the State of Israel. The PLO/Palestinian Authority and Israel’s other Arab peace partners – including Egypt and Jordan – have done what Hamas adamantly refuses to do: accept the reality of Israel’s existence and reject efforts to eradicate Israel.

Hamas is well aware of the steps it must take if it is interested in negotiating with Israel.

Naveed Anjum WHY WERE the giants eradicated, because they ate humans and CHILDREN.. you could NOT procreate enough cows to feed the giants, but humans procreated so much during those times, they became food for the giants and all the POWS were food for the giants during those different wars..

starvation was the only way to destroy the giants..

now look at your mom and dad and friends and family either too obese and starving or too emaciated and starving...

starvation is the number one reason why humans and the giants died...

why did noah live to be 900 years old.. well.. i can assure you they were not vegans .. they lived off of meat, too..

cancer and the aging process is from too many minerals and remedies, and starvation...

that is also why those in concen tration camps died.. from STARVATION..AND TOO MANY MINERALS AND REMEDIES.. AND FOOD MITIGATION..

IT WAS NOT just THE FLUORIDE THAT DESTROYED WW2 VICTIMS, it was the lack of food..

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