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Those who don't know the history of America.... Will be doomed to repeat their cave man history..

What's the main take away.. Those who don't know the history of America.... Will be doomed to repeat their cave man history.. And they will keep reinventing the wheel.. And they don't survive the wheel..

And if california is falling apart... The residents and the rest of the world don't stand a chance.. Unless they learn how to evolve.. If california can't even survive their own engineering.. You're doomed.. Unless the parents take their head out of their ass and start evolving.. Their children might have a chance..

Parents make a break themselves in the world.. And they will definitely make or break their children.. And if parents cant evolve..

Their children do not stand a chance.. Just look at your facebook..

Parents stunt their children's growth and children stunt their parents growth. And then it's mutually assured destruction.. That's the family.. That's the vampires.. That's The manson family.. How will children survive.. once parents and people admit they made a mistake and then encourage evolution supported by all food/gmo as well..

Again, I have yet to see ANY PARENT EVER ADMIT THEY FUCKED UP not only with their kids but also with themselves.. You know why?

because the system made sure you had a god complex and aggressively enforced the death programming so when the time comes to realize their intentions, the parents are more than happy NOT to change and let their kids deteriorate, suffer and pass..

all human/animal relationships are built on mutually assured destruction until SOME ONE WAKES THE EFF UP IN THEIR VAMPIRE FAMILY..AND becomes humane..

that is what YOU all signed up for when you encourage NO change or NO evolution..

when your beliefs are more important than your life and the life of your community..

the challenge will be when you finally understand my info, allowing someone to destroy themselves while YOU save yourself.. that is also the issue many people will face..

How do they change when their vampire friends and family frown on change and could potentially freeze you out....

that is the jail all of you are in..

some broke free.. like myself..

but many of you are still enslaved by image social capital.. parents to children=god complex where evolution stops and destruction begins

Family=Mutually Assured Destruction right now during climate in the old world trying to survive the new world order.

family=whatever group you associate with acting as a "family".. and it could be a group you are loyal to on facebook revering a cult leader who never pisses you off or intellectually challenges you without insulting you.. When a boomers raises you, you have an issue with changing.. because boomers were told to repeat the party line..

when silent generation raises you.. YOU change, because they had to or pass away.. silent gens were the babies pre WW2 and Post WW2.. they fucking suffered..from war, holocaust.. etc

But even then you could have two people raised by the same silent gens. And one will toe the line and the other one will rip away the line.. And you hope their kids survive..

But when they toe the line they won't survive.. Not in climate change.. How soon is a crap shoot

and that is why the Generation X people are crapshoots..

My husband was raised by boomers and I was raised by Silent Gen..and that is why we are both relatively independent but think very differently..

boomers do not ask questions, really..

and silent gens had to..

So generation x.. Might be raising the alpha and the betas online because the boomers and their children, the millennials, may not survive .

Just watch your facebook.. watch the boomers.. and watch the Millenials.. two sides of the same coin..

boomers were given all the educationa and insight.. spoiled their millennial kids.. who never had to "suffer" really until was forced to by the world.. and these alpha and betas will suffer under the slavey of their millennial parents and boomer grandparents..

That's what happened.. That is what is happening.

The greatest generation developed the problem.. The silent generation figured out the problem The baby boomers were employed to fix the problem.. Generation x were the experiments.. The millennials were taught to replace their parents.. Until they aren't needed anymore.

The alpha and the betas.. We'll see. It depends on who raises them... Physics understands all arguments and experts fail to acknowledge all arguments.. Only theirs..

Everything has to do with physics.. Biology.. Chemistry.. Math.. Language..

You have the inverse square law. Theory relativity Laws of motion Laws of thermodynamics The elements on the Periodic tables

Every argument is credible of so long as physics can support the thesis.. Or someone's opinion..

Remember.. Particle acceleration and the ionosphere.. And frequencies.. All influence the internal and external environment as well as all different atmospheres..

Experts need to learn how to evolve.. And they are not god.. Experts were trained in a few arguments relative to what they are intending for an outcome..

So experts need to learn How to evolve.. It really does matter who you are raised by.. And what values your parents taught you..

And that will determine your survivability..

What's great is.. My husband has baby boomer parents.. and silent generation grandparents.. His grandfather taught him so much.. I know he misses his grandfather.. Taught him fishing.. Taught him mechanical work.. He learned a lot from his grandfather.. And his grandmother woke up at four in the morning and baked breakfast.. He had the west virginia lifestyle with his grandparents.. That's why my husband is very downhome and built like a brick shit house..

So he has the stability of a boomer.. And the innovation of a silent gen..

I have the innovation of the silent gen with the activists scientific intellectual side..

And then I also notice I have some generation alpha characteristics as well.. Because I released my demons.. And assimilated to the new world.. I am more solitary.. I love accessing new information to me.. However where i'm different is i'm aware of the past.. Generation alpha probably doesn't care too much.. Of the past..

Since i'm from generation x.. The past is very important to understand.. When you believe or disbelieve the government..

You fail to think for yourself.. Somebody gave you the arguments to believe or disbelieve.

Maybe provide or UNDERSTAND another credible argument.. Instead of believing or disbelieving..

Because believing and disbelieving are both correct.. Relative to your intention..

That could be a silent generation argument.. And a gen x argument..

If you don't change you will die..

That's why people pass away.. They fail to change to adapt.. Some of you are missing your parents.. Maybe your parents were never there... Maybe you had uncles and aunts and other guardian figures..

No matter what.. They taught you certain values.. And then it's up to you to find out what other characteristics are available..

The internet is full of information.. You can see the type of people on the internet and what they believe in..

And then decide for yourself..

Not having parents around.. Or not having the parent you want around.. Does not excuse you to be ignorant about the world.. Bemoaning that you never had the parents you wanted shows you still live in the past..

And you have not figured out your future or the present..

You're still a ghost..

And ghosts just float around in the same loop.. Once the infrastructure is built.. What does your life mean..

Information is at your fingertips..

Ignorance is a choice..

Or you have a cognitive disability

and i'm sorry..

I'm sorry your parents won't let you evolve..

And i'm sorry the doctors won't let you evolve.

If you are relatively intelligent person.. And you're on facebook posting everything under the sun.. You have the ability to learn..

Ignorance, in the age of information also means you're lazy in the brain.

Because if you can read.. Learn how to comprehend..

If you don't know how to read.. This information will just be gibberish to you anyways..

Those who don't know the past.. Will repeat the past in the future.. And then no evolution.. You'll pass away as a ghost.. A temporary person..

Generation alpha and beta will be those types who don't care about the past or the future.. because it's instant gratification..

Unless a generation x person helps them understand the past.. Then help them temper their entitlements.

Millennials might not be much help either..

They are too concerned with social capital.. And looking for prince charming or the one.....

Still brainwashed by disney

My advice.. You learn the past.. Make significant changes today....

The future will be different.

And amazing..

And maybe you don't have to be a temporary person.

And then you can say you had a hand in the future..

Because the future is words..

If you don't understand words.

You'll be like a parrot..

You'll be somebody's pet until they don't need you anymore..

Then they will send you to the pound and the veterinarian.. And then see you later.

You know it's true..

What do you do with your pets when you don't know to do with them.. You give them to the vet..

What do you do with pets when you don't know how to take care of them. You give them to the pound..

What do you do with pets when they fall apart.. Because you never understood how to keep them alive. You give them to the vet for trauma..

When the vet can't fix them.. The vet has to kill them.. And you know that is true..

How many people collect souls on their mantle..

What do you do to your parents when you can't take care of them anymore.. You give them to nursing home.. Or you take care of them and it becomes a suffering for everybody..

That's what happens when people don't evolve.. Life is disposable.. Just like their own

They valued ignorance..

Polly want a cracker.. Polly doesn't want a cracker.. Because the cracker is poison.. According to polly. Why do people become monsters..

The amount of violence they grew up with......

All The corporal punishment.. And lack of discipline.. And so many demons.. Inherited from the parents..

The images of death and destruction and violence... That shapes a person..

That shapes a child into an adult, who might have capabilities to reenact what they've seen..

Everything in the environment influences a child into the adults we see today..

Now you see how media can be so influential..

Parents, who are afraid of the internet raise a child with no no access to all arguments.... only biased information..

The kid plays outdoors all the time.. Not realizing how aggressive the environment is.. And how much predispositions they hold inside..

Do parents have enough time to monitor how their children receive information..

Nope they're too busy.. This is why the government raises your child.. And so if you don't raise your child to sustain their own life..

The government will raise that child to self destruct someday when they're not useful. Just like the parents..

Even home schooling parents.. Are not saving their children from suffering.. Their child still must have some sort of curriculum.. And the kids are still starving.. Getting even more biased information..

The only upside to home school is you don't have somebody coming into the classroom and mowing everybody down..

That's why parenting is not for everybody.. Because a whole lot of suffering.. unneeded suffering.. And the parents aren't saving their children really.. Because the parents haven't saved themselves.

So the kids who survive climate change.. Willl be mostly indoors.. Using social media and the internet.. Getting smarter and smarter and smarter and smarter.. And if they have amazing parents who will let them release the demons.. And eat all food.. They could potentially live indefinitely..

If not.. Those kids who survive climate change.. Will pass away at some point, when all the conditions are right..

All the parenting is relative to intention.. The government taught you how to self destruct..

It will be up to the government to keep people alive indefinitely.. When the time comes..

Individually people will figure it out..

But you know everybody listens to the government.. They either rebel against the government.. or they listen to the government.. So everybody listens to the government.

Once the government acknowledges terrestrial immortality..

Everything will change..

Even the hospital system will change.. And the morgue won't be the only option..

But we have too many dinosaurs in the medical system..

Especially in the holistic system..

Dinosaurs do become extinct.. Violent genetics..

When there's so much conflict in the genes..

Could you have a loving family.. And a violent offspring..

Nature and nurture...

You could have predisposed issues making your genes incredubly violent .. Because of prescription drugs and other conflicts in the past from the parents.. And the child inherits all of that..

And yes nurture.. Stuff seen on t v..

Both nature and nurture develop the outcome in children and adults..

The last hundred years was major experimentation..

All children are unpredictable.. Which is why the government wants to guide reproduction carefully.. With all the experiments, they have reenacted every possibility. Every factor that would develop an adult we see today.

I guess it had to be done..

And so the government is a reflection of the people.. And the people are reflection of their government..

If the people don't change.. Your government will never change.. My mother said, i wish you would start dreaming again when i was in my 20s. ( First, i must release the demons, mom, before i begin dreaming)..

Dreaming for a better world starts within.. Wizard of oz Adventures with diverse friends who come and go w dorothy solving her own problems.. and dorothy never has to rely on prince charming

Dreaming and finding your place in the world.. L. frank baum opened the eyes of imagination in children..

The parents of the Greatest Generation lived through this..

Belief through deception was also focused on.. the wizard.. religion.. then the film industry.. hollywood.

The judy garland and michael jackson version contrasting the racial times given baums background around his conflict with homesteading and the native americans at the time..

He was the epitome of the American Experience.. set backs, dreaming and perseverance

He died from complications from gall bladder surgery may 6 1919

Boomers and Silent Gens were raised by the Greatest Generation..

Return to oz has a darker message to it..

May 15, 1856 Frank Baum, in full Lyman Frank Baum, (born May 15, 1856, Chittenango, New York, U.S.—died May 6, 1919, Hollywood, California), American writer known for his series of books for children about the imaginary land of Oz.Jun 30, 2023 L. Frank Baum | Oz creator, children's books, fantasy | Britannica L frank baum, the author of wizard of oz, was a post civil war generation baby..

The Lost Generation was the social generational cohort in the Western world that was in early adulthood during World War I. The generation is generally defined as people born from 1883 to 1900 and became of age in either the 1900s or the 1910s. Wikipedia

The Greatest Generation, also known as the G.I. Generation and the World War II generation, is the Western demographic cohort following the Lost Generation and preceding the Silent Generation. The generation is generally defined as people born from 1901 to 1927. Wikipedia

Americans naturally tend to think of their presidents, like their families, in terms of generations. This may have started with the news that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had both died on July 4, 1826, half a century to the day from the time the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence they jointly drafted.

The Founding Generation (born 1732-1767) held the presidency for nearly half a century, from 1789 to 1837. Five of those presidents were adults during the American Revolution; two had childhood memories of it: John Quincy Adams, who watched gunfire smoke from Bunker Hill at age 7, and Andrew Jackson, who was slashed by a British officer’s sword at age 14.

Less than a month after Jackson left office, a 28-year-old Abraham Lincoln gave his Springfield Lyceum speech, venerating the Founders and warning of mob rule. He was part of the Antebellum Generation (birth years 1773-1809), which held office between 1837 and 1869. It grappled with the fissiparous issue of slavery and its expansion. After a bloody civil war, this generation abolished the “peculiar institution.”

The Civil War Generation presidents (birth years 1821-1843) all fought in that war, except Grover Cleveland, who paid $300 not to do so. Regarded by historians as undistinguished, they presided over amazing technological innovation and tumultuous economic growth in the years 1869-1901. They were followed by the post-Civil War Generation presidents (birth years 1856-74), all college graduates, who led America’s emergence as a world power between 1901 and 1933. While everybody is worried about spirituality and death.. Or race relations and trying to convert somebody.. Or trying to change people who absolutely have no intention to change..

Why don't you learn your history.. Learn about your parents.. Learn about the world they grew up in.. Learn about your grandparents.. Learn about the world they grew up in..

Learn about yourself.. Release your own demons.. Release all the trauma.. Look at how many years of trauma of history your grandparents parents and great grandparents went through.. That also has influenced your genetic line and your perception of the world..

Even if you think history is written by the winners.. It doesn't matter... What did your parents think about the world they grew up in..

If your parents were never around.. Youtube people who lived through those times.. Google stories about peoples conflicts around those times.. So when you go outside.. You don't just see an old person.. You see a person full of history.

Adults today.. are full of history but that history is weighing them down. They have so much history in their body they can't make any room for dreaming.. It's left up to the architects of society they think are unreachable..

What people don't understand.. What children don't understand today.. Once they release those demons of post traumatic genetics and they learn the ways of the world and learn about the history and the times their parents and grandparents and great grandparents experienced.. Maybe they can dream how they can participate in the future..

They can write the future.. The future can be in their head eventually out there in the world..

It seems the average children are weighed down by the annals (anals) of history and there's no more dreaming..

Just regurgitating.. Resisting and just being a clone of their parents or grandparents..

What is the future of children nowadays.. If you're not being groomed for greatness.. Are your best years are your childhood playing sports or studying for something..

Are you going to be channeling al bundy. When the best years of his life was high school football..

Some people are channeling that.. High school was their best years.. They never suffered through high school.. And so that was their claim to fame.. And then they spend the rest of her life reenacting their glory days in high school.

I see cliques do that all the time today.. With the same people they knew in high school.. Never ever getting out of that homogenized world.. Diversity is not in their cards.. And their children reenact what their parents do.. And will they survive.. Not likely because parents don't like diversity. They're afraid of new people and they're afraid of change and they're afraid of different. That's why they stay behind close gates..

And cliques

They were elitists in high school.. And they are still elitists today and they are dying together..

When you hold so many health predispositions. Will your best years be your childhood.. And then your adult years is just trying to climb out the hole your childhood gave you..

The suffering..

Parents: What do you really have to offer to children today.. When you haven't even faced your own childhood.. Or learned about the history of the world you live in.. At least in the place you live.. And then look how the world is changing..

What do you offer to your own children. Except to keep up with the girl next door and the boy next door.. Dreaming of fame and fortune and prince charming or the perfect wife. Or your personal politics about the government.. And other culture.. Or lifestyles.. And belief systems..

"A good life", they say.

What does that really mean? Prince charming? Stressful academic competition? A family? Winning the war against the government?

Come on.. That was the old world..

How does a parent with their own conflicts and issues with resistance know what a good life is for their child in this world that is changing so drastically?

They haven't even released their own demons.. And yet keep developing new demons.. And calling it life..

What do these children today have to look forward to when their own genetic demons will eventually rear their ugly head.. During this very aggressive climate change..

Right now, it is about survival and looking for indicators to move, so you don't get caught up in floodwaters... Right now maybe not focusing so much on making a family.. Because taking care of a dog and a child, especially in america and all over the world, is going to be extremely hard when the climate becomes even more brutal..

We have enough millennials who will keep the infrastructure going even if their kids may not have a future really.. Because they have their parents predisposed issues and grandparents trauma.. And no one's releasing demona.. That was intentional..

And people suffering catastrophic devastation.. When you have a family and so much responsibility.. Yeah you are stuck..

I hope you survive this..

However.. There are kids that are fifteen sixteen seventeen.. Not really understanding the world we live in.. They are going to have to navigate a brutal world.. Climate change.. Predatory people.. Economic down turns.. And their own predisposed health issues.

So much to think about.. Strategy..

If I can give advice to the world today.. Strategize your survival.. Forward thinking mature kids might have a chance if they understand what's going on today. And even in the future..

History is so fucking important.. I don't have history of vietnam. Except that the french colonized it.. And then left. And then the vietnam war.. That's my history of Vietnam.. And the vietnamese religion all about vietnam horoscopes.. Traditions.. And worshipping the elders...

But I live in america.. and america is where the world wants to be.. Fought to get into.. and america is still that shining pearl.. Even though we're going through a major aggressive climate change.. And we are fighting our own countrymen..

But we have a history.. And the people here have a history. A major one..

What happens in america.. Will happen all over the world.. We are the indicators.. Of what's to come..

Learn the history.. And learn the future.. That will determine your present day and your strategy of survival..

When I posted those generation descriptions.. And possibly what each generation will have to endure and deal with.. And potentially make a living from.. Those are indicators of what the future holds economically and environmentally..

Aim to figure out how you will achieve what the future is looking for.. Aim to figure out how you can have all the great characteristics of prior generations with evolution.. Because there's definitely characteristics that are wholly desirable for not only yourself but for your community..

That's why it doesn't matter if you didn't get raised by the parent you wanted to get raised by..

Now learn about the world you live in an unbiased way.. Even if you did not get raised by the parent, you wanted to get raised by..

They would have given you another bias to deal with..

The current parent that raised you, gave you their biases..

Now it's up to you.... Do you have what it takes to understand everything.. Not just what was told you by somebody you respected.. Who could have been the town drunk..

Do you have what it takes..

Note: I moved to a town where football is revered.. The football hall of fame weekend is going on right now.. In canton ohio.. High school football stars reliving their childhood in the major leagues..

Or the nfl..

Married with children.. Was poking fun.. They knew what system they developed.. And they knew what these parents were going to channel.. Their glory days in high school.. John Oakes said: For me, the simulation theory plays down the realness of existance.

Ive thought long and hard and tried to get inside the minds of the type of intelligence that would create such a thing and i just dont see the point, life is a lot more complex than a computer simulation.

I said:I agree.. It's more than just characters on a screen.. Engineering people.. Engineering religions.. Engineering your society.. Gives you the matrix. But the people in it.. Are so complex.

People can be programmed for a certain amount of time.. But that programming breaks down.. That's what i've discovered..

When that programming breaks down.. Are you going to die with that programming.. Or are you going to reinvent yourself based upon the new matrix coming up..

We are in that world.. Where the old programming is breaking down.. And now you have a choice to either die with the old programming.. Or are you going to reinvent yourself..

Which means they must be tolerant of everything.. And abide by the laws. Not believe all the bullshit stories out there all over facebook and the internet.

Understand history.. Understand everything..

If not.. You will be jaded by those who are suffering.. And they will take you down with them. If you're extremely spiritual today regardless of whatever religion or spirituality you believe in.. That was the absolution death programming built into you once the system needed to release the demons.. According to them..

Now look at your facebook.. Everyone in fear of apocalyptic scenarios and they should be.. But instead of promoting meeting your maker.. Or giving up..

Maybe it's time to release the demons and strategize your survival..

Or else that death programming will take over.. And it is for many people..

Third world countries are hugely subject to that death program.. Because of how much religion has embedded themselves in their culture..

even in parts of america..

I see it everywhere.. Nature and Nurture

You must dea with the nature of your body.. And then nurture your own intelligence.. Or else you'll be subject to somebody else's intentions and they will take advantage of you.. And then dispose of you..

Naturally i released my demons.. And I am nurturing my own intellectual intelligence..

Because I can read.. I can listen to youtube videos about history.. And what gets me.. People in california think youtube videos are bullshit .

There's so many youtube videos that are well made to brainwash you, yes.. But also give you a glimpse of somebody else's version of history.. Which is just as relevant..

It's when you only listen to one type of version of history is what makes you intolerant.. Now look at your facebook.. All the biased people.. In their politics in their religions and science dogmas..

And there are people in california who you are extremely intolerant.. That's ironic..

Given all the different engineering in california.. Claiming to be very open minded and tolerant..

Yet you find so much intolerance in california..

When californians are intolerant..

That's the indicator of a great reset.. When california looks like a small town.. With small town values that don't bring in evolution.. Now you see why we're in a great reset.

That's why I left california..

Because even academics don't seem to want to evolve..

That's also why we're in a great reset..

What happened to me seven years ago.. Is why we're in a great reset.. Reenacting the civil war again.

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