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Written to those who say the JJ world is "hurting" people and her dog, Sugar..

This is Written to those who say the JJ world is "hurting" people and her dog, Sugar..

First, examine your own lifestyle and belief systems. I am done with strangers poking me and examining my orifices. I guess if you are ok with strangers with licenses poking around your body and children's body, more power to you.

ummm.. who willingly gave up their kids to surgeons and anesthesiologists to first drug their children/pets to cut into them so they do not hear them screaming, even if the cells are screaming and then take out organs and flesh, their defense systems and evolution... (that is what you did, condone, are actively supporting).

ummm.. who gave you anti-inflammatories to stop your body/children's body/pet's body from releasing??

Umm.. who withheld food from you/your child/animal ..putting you and them on diets, asking for fecal samples for the lab so they can study yours and their microbes???

umm.. who is actively starving you and your kids/you/pets by forcing them on diets..

ummm.. who told you that you are not smart enough to take care of yourself/your kids/your pets and so you need a professional body businessmen to use you and your kids and pets as experiments with your (cons)sent.

Did you really know what you were (con)senting to?

and they have the gall to say I'm "hurting" people when you are voluntarily taking "knock out drugs" to go under the knife and allowing the medical/holistic system of remedies to stop the body's natural release processes and when the body cannot release thus producing growths, you are forced into surgery and those growths are used in science based medicine.

omg.. lmao.. can you hear yourselves.. omg, read back what you wrote to me and what you wrote on your wall about me..

maybe you are pissed because you allowed the system to damage you with your consent and now you need a scapegoat..

blame yourself and blame your parents, not some stranger on Facebook.

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