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To My 1* Amazon Reviewer: Thank You For Proving My Point (unverified purchase)

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Thank you for "reading" my book on kindle, 1* reviewer and the 5 who found their unverified review "helpful"!!! If you allow an unverified review control your ability to evolve, this is why the world is in a great reset.

Too many people give their power away to hearsay. Which means, more food for us, while you are on your diets, etc.

I appreciate all reviews because it means I am making a difference. If you think any FDA approved food is poison you are the problem and I'm sorry you have issues processing foods. That is not my problem or anyone else's problem but yours, and your alone.

When someone who has never read the book in question and gives a review, their review is personal (I have never met the person), not intellectual not based in any intellectual thought process, you should read the book now because people take the time to develop a review. They take the time to follow me and that means so much.

I mean this book was barely out yesterday and I already have a review so you know how amazing this journey is. Not everybody can do it.. And when someone feels they can't do something nobody else can too. And boy will many people slam it when they realize they don't have what it takes but some do.

I could think of worse things than putting McDonald's in a blender but it means they're paying attention to my videos on Facebook and YouTube.

At this point people's health are deteriorating for so many reasons.. And when your health deteriorates you have only 1 of 2 choices keep deteriorating AND DIE or redirect with all food.

By the way I mentioned sexual orientation in the book and where it comes from, so you cannot use the past to slam me anymore. HA! You see, I came from a biased world on one side, while YOU on the other hand came from a biased view on the other side and you still have not forgiven me for having a point of view in 2018. Read the book.

And so you can see the one review have not even read the book because they are still living in the past in 2018 from a TV Doctor. So you see my proof that I can evolve (read the book, I contradict everything I said in the past and can prove it) and my fans some of my fans do NOT evolve and it is apparent. And they are very proud of it!

Therein lies the problem people's lack of evolution and they are emotionally smug about it. And they're telling you to watch my videos and watch the TV Doctor and read the book.

I can't ask for anything more.

Thank you

Thank you fans I appreciate you

all fans..

Note: When you contradict yourself, it means you knowingly or unknowingly understand both sides of an argument.

Contradiction is extremely fast evolution or progressive evolution.

It is when you are biased that contradiction is a pejorative.

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