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To the Illuminaughti Youtube Video

To the Illuminaughti Youtube Video不不 I should be honoured I get this kind of press by people who think i'm the illuminati..

Laughing my apps off不不 The new world order is making sure that those who don't have discernment will believe everything about me and that's okay.. That is called social darwinism. Videos made about me to demonize me are to make sure that people don't take in my information.

Which inofitself is an intelligence test.. If you believe all the stuff about me you're not very intelligent. If you think I killed my dog you're not very intelligent. If you believe videos about me without looking to the source, me. You don't deserve my information and I don't care because I don't know you and I could give a f*** if you think I hurt my dog. Or not..

You will destroy yourself with your belief systems.. And since you don't know how to look at other information and look at other scenarios and believe only what somebody tells you and not consider other credible information.. You will not get the pleasure of new information. That was all by the design. And so yes those videos are doing their job.. Just like those who hate bill gates. And you saw how much hate he is getting from so many people who don't understand biology. Those videos about me ARE the depopulation agenda..

Those who understand the j world.. You were meant to.. Those that don't.. You weren't meant to.. You were meant to be temporary.. So.. Believe whatever the h*** you want it's your funeral.. But I will never get a dog and be leveraged like that until the new world develops stronger genes in a more stable environment. I want a world with no shamans no veterinarians no doctors no alchemist playing with your hormones.

I'm tired of animals being commodified and traded on the open market as if they were not sentient beings only something to own and then Butchered by the veterinary system.. And so yes.. We are entering into new world where animals and humans are going to be set free.. Even if I have to take the rap for it.. To make people hate me so they don't understand and they destroy themselves because other lack of discernment.. Bye.. Bye temporary humans..

Humans and animals will be free in the future.. I learned the hard way how to be a master and enslaving an animal.. To be leveraged by strangers.. And you want to save your dog and then strangers want to destroy you and the dog at the same time.. I don't want to be the master of anyone's life much less than animal.. Unless they have enough freedom.. Stable environment. And understand how to deal with growth not destroy it with surgeries and pills..

And i'm tired of the backyard breeding.. Constant breeding of animals.. Look at the f****** shelters look at what I had to save from somebody else.. I adopted my dog from a f****** shelter.. Because someone else was irresponsible with animals.. Who commodified animals had no respect for life.. Animals and humans will be set free in the future.. And i'm free today.. If bill gates can take the rap for biotech.. I can take the rap for animals and humans..

Oh well.. And so now we get to examine our participation in the enslavement of humans and animals.. And then the butchery of humans and animals Medical holistic and veterinary world F****** a let's make this a national conversation.

Anytime you pay your health insurance premiums/visit a doctor/nurse/veterinarian/therapist, you are in a contractual agreement with eventual death of your body.. as your spirit and mind can be housed in a disk, or lab aka artificial intelligence.

If you are paying health insurance OR paying for any remedy.. your issues with the vaccines, etc. is POINTLESS. You have already signed a monetary contractual agreement with your government and or their agents, that outside entities have control over your body, mind and spirit. You hold zero responsibility for the sanctity of your body, mind and spirit, therefore, you have nothing to complain about.

no reason to be upset at the jabs...

if you are still on the anti-vaccine bandwagon.. that is exactly where the government wants you.. taking no responsibility for yourself.


I self insure my own body, mind and spirit... meaning I do not seek anyone, or take advice from anyone in the medical/holistic/shaman/ energy healing/diet world.

I take my own advice and I take personal accountability of all proteins and energy my body is in contact/contract with.

Anytime you engage with anyone you are acknowledging a verbal or written or protein contractual agreement. Just make sure you understand the fine print..

Why do you think politicians are usually Lawyers.. They understand the nuances of the language and the fine print.. Add in psychology you will get f***** if you don't understand..

This is why I self insure my life and health..

That is who I am. That may not be who you are.

Do you even know who you are, or are you still using the labels and ideas someone else cursed/gifted or put a spell on you?

The NWO is trying to set the animals and human free from their own parasitic enslavement, but the humans are resisting.. astronomically...

Watching me and my struggles.. everyone is NOW identifying the jails we have forced our friends, family and animals into indentured servitude.. serving us, feeding us and therapizing us, etc.......

the world is changing.. look at the zoos, theme parks, etc..

the world is trying to set shamu free.. the lions free, farm animals free.. and bill gates is also trying to set animals free from being food so.. lab created meat/milk/fat, etc..

do you even get what is going on??

when you finally become awake.. you will be sick at your own lifestyle and belief systems.. you will be absolutely sick at what you forced your kids, animals and friends to endure because of needing acceptance..

you will be sick.. some of you will not survive the awakening process...

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