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Too Much Influence in Body Mind and Spirit is Population Boom and Bust and Wealth Never Passes 3 Gen

The vaccines could have been the missing link between neanderthals and homosapiens..

How do you bio engineer someone to be extremely smarter.. And more adaptable..

Nature and nurture.. And if you resisted you would die.

Oh look at all that died suddenly people out there.. Resisting themselves out of existence And using remedies against evolution.. And screwing each other to death.

And i'm exposed to everyone who has been in a therapy.. And i'm doing fucking amazing. I'm not immune to my environment.. I've been around the public. And i'm doing fucking amazing.

Conflict: Deagal Report says projected US population decline vs US Census the US POPULATION will go up in the future

Clarity: Immigrants at the border with big families will replace you AND your small family. Because you and your family will die suddenly now in the future.. Possibly even sooner. This also includes the united kingdom and the west..

Main take away.. When you get too comfortable.. The system will pull the rug out from under you Moral to the story.. Don't become too influential . And don't let things in your body become too influential..

Or ELSE You'll pay with your life

When you or your microbes become too influential it becomes a died suddenly and there's a patsy.. Either lee harvey oswald Or air food and water THERAPIES.. Most people will never look at their lifestyle or belief systems . They will always blame somebody else.

Moral to the story.. Don't become too influential . And don't let things in your body become too influential..

Or ELSE You'll pay with your life

Don't be greedy.. I'm serious.. Don't be religiously greedy . Don't be politically greedy.. And don't be scientifically greedy.. And don't be currency greedy..

Don't be family and friend greedy.. Not only will you have a type of DIED suddenly or..

you might get a disease .

And there's also a patsy . That is oncology.. Disease means there is something influential in your body tearing down your infrastructure.

And that's indicator of FUTURE dying suddenly . And you've already accepted that.. So you should not be activist against it when you are already signed on the dotted line .

That's why you understand balance..

That's why you learn how to live with almost nothing.. And still be influential to yourself.. But you balance the energy in your environment.. And if not.. You'll be food for the vultures.

Population boom population bust and wealth never passes three generations..

What are the signs And indicators.. People are falling apart.. Dying suddenly.. And managing disease.. And people are diagnosed with conditions..

Those are the major indicators..

2023 middle east/infertility/cancer/died suddenly-2045 infertility (ww3)

You want to become smarter.. Hang out with people who are smarter than you.. Don't hang out with people who are dumber than you.. Or you will become dumber..

When I was in China back in two thousand three.. They were reading books on entrepreneurship . Africans are reading books on American entrepreneurship and philosophy..

I was hanging out with people who are smarter than me.. The last forty nine years.. I was fucking hungry for knowledge.. I don't make a habit of hanging out with people who are dumber than me.

You want to survive this great reset.. Look at your friends and family and who you hang out with the most.. Are they pulling you down or are you lifting them up.. But even then that could destroy you.

Learn from people and move on . Because you don't want to be pulled down.. Unless you're okay with dying suddenly one day.

Population boom.. When you're so rich.. With family and friends and big houses and cars and nice vacations .

Obesity is being surrounded by so much energy that destroys you and you die suddenly. When you're so skinny, it means everyone in your world fed on you until you became a skeleton.

You could be skinny rich with family and cars.. And they're all feeding on you.

You could be rich with OBESITY .. Until that fat and collagen melt off your infrastructure. Or everyone in your circle eats you alive.

Population bust. When you the infrastructure of all of that.. Die suddenly.. And then the vultures descend

When you are rich you will attract vultures . And those vultures feed on you . And that could be all your friends and family . And all of your cars houses and addictions .

When you get the taste of the good life.. It's highly addicting.. 21 years between ww1 ww2 There were 21 years between World War I and World War II: World War I: Ended in 1918 World War II: Began in 1939 and lasted until 1945

Approx 20+years between 1945 and 1965 Vietnam war (Vietnam War/Period November 1, 1955 – April 30, 1975)

Approx 21 years between vietnam war and 911 1975- 1995/2001

Approx 21 years between 911 and covid 19 2001 -2019

The Vietnam war.. The ritual of depopulation..

Sexual revolution civil rights and women's rights And the conservative Movement.. Building up the family..

Was the depopulation agenda...

We've only just begun..

We've Only Just Begun / Lyrics We've only just begun to live White lace and promises

The population boom will turn into a population bust.. Africa will have their own population boom and they're adopting our western ways. Modern medicine.. Natural remedies. Surgeries . And of course all the wealth. They're getting slicked up.

Saudi Arabia has their own wealth experience.. Mainly because of oil.. But they have to support these rising/declining countries like africa and india and asia. Until those populations burst.. And saudi arabia will bust as well..

When the population does increase in the future it will be mostly out of africa.. Because the west is actually Declining.. Gen x was the proof. Baby buster..

Universe 25 was also the proof

Climate change cancer remedy surgeries then ONCOLOGY MORE REMEDIES DIETS Population boom..

Then population bust.

I was fooled for a minute when I read the future projections in science articles. Because they project 12.9 billion in the future.. But again africa is up and COMING.

And with their robust bodies and harsh climate.. They will surpass the west in life expectancy without even doing my protocol.. The average life expectancy in africa in the future, or even now will be probably one hundred fifty. And they will also have a lot of children..

And they will also be lost in pleasure and alcohol and drugs.. And massive amounts of wealth.. I already see it in africa. And they will travel the world and throw money at everybody..

Just like people in the west..

Flaunting their wealth..

Worshipping the almighty dollar..

And of course immigration is high in america to replace all that died suddenly adults.. That's why immigration is so prolific right now.. To make up for you guys who are died suddenly.. And to make up for your kids who may not make it in a harsher climate.

Because the weather is extreme and it's hotter and COLDER.. and these little frail kids.. Who are on diets afraid of food are going to have a hard time in climate change.. No different if you were to move to africa right now .. Most people in america could not last long in africa.. Because you would have to really b very strong to handle that kind of climate..

The sun is harsher in many parts of africa. You would have been really strong. Strong caucasian strong black people.

So now that I understand remedies and surgeries and offspring and cancer And all the died suddenly's out there And the promotion of families sex and children. And climate change..

now I read for what's not being said. I read from the agenda of the rosicrucian

You have to understand how people control populations.. You have to know what the culture is and what people do and response to the culture..

You have to know what the intentions are and also listen to indicators of future projections and solve for x..

Algebra was always useful.. But you had to know how to use it so you can critically think..

History will always repeat to those who are greedy for wealth, social capital and to never look at the past. Present. Or listen to Future indicators.

The picture below looks just like beverly hills but it's in africa.. And you will see people worship the influencers in africa.. Religious figures.. Political figures.. Even science figures..

And they will have their own activism.. Just like you..

Just like hollywood bollywwod

They will come up.. And the most strategic will survive..

No different than the west. As americans and the west are declining.. Immigration will increase..

You can't trust the fertility rates of sexual reproduction in americans/West nowadays..

And there's no guarantee the children are going to make it to adulthood.. Especially when western fertility rates will be almost zero.. Sperm count is down..

And then childhood diseases and adult diseases and died suddenly are now an ongoing trend.

And the treatments out there in the holistic and the medical surgical world are even more aggressive.. causing a personal over population in the individual and then an aggressive decline..

How many people are on diets or taking weight medication or getting surgeries or staying away from food. trying to control reproduction.

That right there is population decline..

And they are projecting again by 2050 fertility rates to be almost zero..

And so that's why they must rely on immigration..

There's already so many able bodied people dying for the american dream..

With migrants in need of housing, safety and economic opportunity continuing to enter the United States, the overall number of migrant encounters with U.S. authorities this year has already surpassed last year's total.

And that number is expected to keep climbing. You got to understand this. Africa is growing by leaps and bounds.. Immigration is up.. The more the population increases the more it will decline for those who are weaker..

And so just because you see, the numbers go up by 2050, universally all over the world.. It can mean more births in other areas.. But more deaths in other areas..

Especially when you see a trend in your environment of people dying suddenly or contracting cancer..

Over population is leading to declining in specific people..

Cancer and disease is over population in a specific person

You have to understand physics.. When the gain equals more of a net loss..

And how many people are treating disease right now.. That right there is the start of over population..

Overpopulation leads to population decline, but each (individual) area can be encouraged to overpopulate individually to cause a decline at the micro level and macro level.

So the government is regulating the resources in each of their countries.. But each individual is responsible to regulate the resources within their body.. And if you can't manage the resources in your body mind or spirit or family..The government will. And you know what happens when you give your body mind and spirit away to people you don't know or people you do know.

They will fleece you ...

So we may all disagree that the world is not overpopulated based upon whatever perception we have..

However, the system can encourage your body overpopulated to cause a decline.. And your friends and family encourage extensive chaotic growth in your body mind and spirit..

And if you can't manage those resources..And those resources run away from you..

You'll become so overpopulated you'll be declining.

It's like being given a million dollars and you spend yourself out of existence.. it is like being given a thousand beautiful girls.. And they screw you out of existence.


What a way to go.. But it's not always beautiful on the way out the door.. Unless you die suddenly.. You won't suffer but everyone around you will.. But it won't matter to you because you're not here anymore. According to an ancient Chinese proverb, “Wealth does not pass three generations” -- the first generation builds the wealth; the second generation is inspired to preserve it by witnessing the hard work of their parents; and the third generation, having never witnessed the work that went into the creation of this wealth ...

there you go.. wealth=life spoiled adults and children destroy what their parents and grandparents built..

time for a great reset..

NOW you understand why this great reset.. If you do not understand why, you might be one of those adults/children who never witnessed what it was like to start from scratch.. you inherited and spent yourself and the wealth out of existence..

Even some Gen Xers I know think that is what life is.. spend until oblivion.. "greed is good".. lol until you die suddenly Threes It doesn't have to be the end for you.. But to those who refused to evolve and change. It will be the end for them.. And beginning middle and end happens in stages of three..

10k bc to 2050 ad

They are playing the long game.. If you don't wake up.. You'll still play the short game and you'll lose.

Many of you refused to understand the long game.. And you'll play the short game.. And blame on your way out the door. Or you'll die suddenly. This is the scale down.. LILLITH = FERTILITY=Infertility

2045-2050 = INFERTILITY

22 YEARS OF INFERTILITY AND DIED SUDDENLY.. It's right around the corner.. Wake the hell up. So many of you are not prepared for that.. Kids are cute until they are not.. Until they die suddenly.

The environment is not getting any calmer..

A 15 year old might not make it past 40.. Or they die before forty.. Or die in there twenties.. Or in their teens..

You see it in the died suddenly groups.. Forget what they blamed it on.. Kids are not surviving their young adulthood.. Puppies and animals are not surviving this environment..

My information gives people, who have a chance, hope, to survive the scale down..

But they would have to stop worshipping fertility. Literally stop worshipping offspring.. Literally stop worshipping aggressive sexuality..

You would have to stop worshiping the medical holistic energy healing world.. You would have to stop worshipping Love..

You would have to actually embrace food and relative painful release..

You might even have to acknowledge that your politics, religion, and science will do you in... Worshipping your family and religion might do you in..

That's the reality.. You would have to temper the extreme emotions you hold inside if it's even possible..

Everything happens in threes..

And you might have to acknowledge that resistance is futile..

Or watch your activist friends spend themselves out of existence. quelling the Lillith within me 3rd times a charm

ALL Food yup

medical nope holistic nope jilly juice nope

ALL food yup

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