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Trapping Primary and Secondary Anti-Bodies in Your Body is the Mark of the Beast

Trapping Primary and Secondary Anti-Bodies in Your Body is the Mark of the Beast

Secondary antibodies are the mark of the beast because those are the antibodies that your body has to protect itself from. That's from the Therapies. All therapies Public Health therapies or personal Therapies

And so the suffering is when people trap the primary antibodies and the secondary antibodies in their body and the body is trying to push it out and those antibodies attack the person and so died suddenly will be the only humane way a person can get out of suffering. Especially when they're employing proxies of protection. If you can't protect yourself nobody can not even the hospital system.

You are a bioengineered and you have been ever since the 1500s. The 1600s they had the ultimate population which was 500 million at the time and we're going back to that but with more advanced Society

What did the Georgia Guidestones say. Maintain Humanity under 500 million In Perpetual balance with nature. Be not a cancer on this Earth or in your body and leave room for nature leave room for nature

Your blood types was how the system programmed extremely smart people by giving them faster neurological Connections in their brain but they could not eat certain foods because they wanted to exercise their brain which gave us the analytics and the Stephen Hawkings and geniuses and the scientists.

Traditionally The blood type Os were a little bit slower in the thought process but they were strong in they could build cities and Nations. But there's always exceptions to the rule especially with bioengineering and genetic editing that you can have blood type O's who act like engineers because they were given nature and nurture

Now the system doesn't need the analytics or the scientist or the engineers so much because we have artificial intelligence and so blood type O who can also take on the capacity of neurological connections could be the ultimate Survivor. Could blood type A and B convert to blood type O

I couldn't tell you that.

That's why you need the weight on you so your body can convert and release demons and adapt to the environment without dying suddenly or suffering astronomically

Too much weight to you you're risking smothering your vital organs or having blood clots also known as human calamari

When the woman's immune system is so full of antibodies sometimes she has boys because that's physical stress and then girls are less stressful but that's all relative

You have primary antibodies which is your innate immune system and then the secondary antibodies are therapeutic. Sometimes that is your husband boyfriend girlfriend and sometimes it's the medical system inserting their information and even carving you out and up

The immune system doesn't have its own category when it comes to 12 different systems. Because the immune system are the white blood cells in your innate immune system but the Adaptive was developed by scientists using monoclonal antibodies and even using other methodologies to force a reaction such as the public health Therapies

I called the two halves of your body the upper and lower immune system because it's easier than trying to identify all the different systems like your respiratory system and your digestive system and then your excretory system because they're all connected and so if I made them into upper and lower you would understand why the North Pole and the South Pole must work together

The hayflick limit is when the immortalized germline cells used up their downline of somatic cells that can only redouble itself at 50 timeS over and then a new entity must be stronger and more adaptable to the conditions and to the lifestyle and develop another downline of somatic cells redoubling itself 50 times over.

But in order to do that the person must be able to release through their Digestive and excretory system and eat food all food and deal with the body pushing out the old world the, the past while dealing with the present so you can have a future

Your blood holds your immune system called your white blood cells and red blood cells. And then the rest of your body distributes and releases based upon the needs

These are the 12 different systems and there is no system called the immune system because you are the immune system, and the science community system adds the Adaptive but you have innate primary antibodies to protect you by attacking foreign Invaders and you have to release the demons. But you can't employ the hospital system to protect you. It's like the fox watching the hen house

12 systems and

the immune system is not its own system

They are Integumentary System, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Cardiovascular System, Lymphatic System, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Urinary System, and Reproductive System (Female and Male).Aug 13, 2020

Past present future

host antigen antibody

Pain is the body pushing out antibodies.

The use of antibodies was how they deployed Gene edits until it came out of control. Until the antibodies became the demons that controlled people

And you have so many of them. People are full of viruses which are made up of parasites protozoa proteins fungus and bacteria and they lay dormant and then they wake up and they're part of your body Mind and Spirit but you're also supposed to release them if they become too numerous. Different frequencies wake up different colonies. Which is why some people get affected by climate change more than others.

Anything from the medical holistic system selling you protection is propaganda

This is propaganda for the medical system to deploy "protection" This info is good to know how your white blood cells work when it comes to infection, but once you deploy a third party like anti anything in the medical holistic energy healing world, you are developing demons and fertility and premature death.

You don't need protection from something you should be able to release. The reason why they employ antigen to develop antibodies so that way they can see The Offspring and use it.

Antibodies can help "protect" against fungal infections by binding to surface antigens on the fungal cell wall. These antibodies can then act as opsonins, which can increase the phagocytic activity of immune cells. Antibodies can also neutralize fungal toxins and components, prevent fungal entry, and stimulate antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC).

Removing waste from the body has nothing to do with antibodies oh my f******

Key terms

Term Meaning

Digestive system The body system that converts food into energy and nutrients to fuel the body

Chemical digestion The breaking down of food using chemical agents, such as enzymes and bile

Mechanical digestion The breaking down of food by physical means, such as chewing

Absorption The process by which nutrients pass through the walls of the digestive system into the blood

Excretory system The body system that removes metabolic wastes from the body

Excretion The process of removing wastes and excess water from the body

This is the job of the excretory system. You remove waste as a gas (carbon dioxide), as a liquid (urine and sweat), and as a solid.

The kidneys remove metabolic waste products and foreign particles from the body, as well as maintain the water volume and the concentration of various ions …

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