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Trauma Bonding is the Foundation of All Politics, Religion and Science Wars Developing Unification

Developing countries and trauma bonding.. That's what made america so great.. All the wars.. Is trauma bonding nation building patriotism.. Then the disease.. Then all the death..

So much death is trauma bonding.. When there's so much death it means there's a war... It's not always on a battlefield.. Sometimes it's a microbial war.. Political religious scientific wars.. All Trauma bonding.. The explicit movies on netflix tv youtube.. All NATION building tiny nations of social influencers..

Who then destroy each other with their ignorance.. With no discernment on what to believe or not to believe.. So they go to the lowest hanging fruit.. They take the easy way out.. They religiosify everything.. Building and developing platforms of love and hate.. The religions of love and the religions of hate..

Two sides of the same coin who lack respect for anything but gaining followers believers.. Building up their patreon account.. that will CON Firm to them they have believers..

No different than the crypto scam market.. Scams are people who want to take your money.. And they keep taking it and taking it and taking it.. Until there's nothing left of you..

If you can't discern between what's a scam and an idea that goes against your belief system.. You don't deserve evolution.. You deserve to be scammed by those who claim there are scammers while taking your money your time.. Your first born your animal.. By selling you everything under the sun.. They sell you hate they sell you love..

They sell you acceptance they sell you group think..

So you will see the developing world fall into that.. You will see all the religions the new religions in the developing world crop up from youtube and social media..

You will see what america started out from.. The developing world is like watching your child grow up and make the same mistakes you did..

Not everybody in the developing world will fall victim to this but many will..

You will also see people in america still fall into the group think the group hate and the group love..

It's a diME dozen and it's all over f****** social media.. Right now new religions are popping up..

We don't need artificial intelligence to do that because it's already being done on facebook youtube and everywhere else on the internet..

It's f****** phenomenal to watch.. Watching people hate the j world and love it.. The new religions of love and hate..

Which is why I don't want you to love me or the jay world.. I want you to save your f****** self from those who mean to destroy you..

If you can't then you will join the groups of love and hate.. And justify it.. And you become an avatar.. With filters and make up and botox and surgery.. And justify it.. Selling an image..

With a product attached to it.. CLAIMING everything under the sun

When you are in contact with people you are in a contractual agreement

Your word is your bond.. Your signature is your life.. Are you signing your life away.. Or are you signing your life in force..

Usually when people sign their life away they already verbalized it.. They bonded with the notion.. Then it becomes written.. So let it be written so let it be done. From the king and I..

You can take on people's gifts and s*** out their spells and curses..

If you're okay with dying at the hands of a professional... You've already put a curse on everything you touch..

When you have allowed a holistic/medical professional or a veterinarian mark your animal or child.. When you adopt an animal or a child who's already been therapised by the system heavily..

That's just a ticking time b0mb..

When you adopt any entity that's already marked for death.. Now you get the "joy" of watching it go through that process.. And you hope you get a little bit of joy out of it before the end..

Because the suffering is astronomical watching something you absolutely love go to s***..

Then you will find everything to blame.. When the animal dies when the person dies.. or develops complications extreme complications

When you try to give yourself and your animal a second chance of life and they have been marked for death..

You lost before you could even begin to win..

Most people and animals are marked for death..

Some people mark themselves for death because they don't understand life.. Some milk life for everything it's worth and then.. They don't care where they end up..

And some will do hail marys thinking they can bring themselves or their animals back..

It's all relative to how much trauma you underwent when you are marked for death..

To convert death into life is a painful venture.. And it's not for everyone..

You will find people will try and they won't succeed..

Some WONT even try because they know how much trauma they or their animals underwent from irresponsibility to mismanaged issues that could have solved itself but they forced a veterinarian to intervene... And they also don't have the support of the people around them..

Most people/animals are marked for death...

You will know who you are because you know how much trauma you underwent or forced your child/animal to go under trauma at a young age..

I will never be duped into trying to save a person place or thing or animal.. Because it's a trap.. And now you get to suffer..

Peace out

I hope those in the j world with animals who have not been marked for death.. I hope your animal survives

I hope you can be the one.. To prove to the world.. What I couldn't prove.. Because my animal was already marked for death.. Given the trauma she underwent in the veterinarian system..

But at least now you know what happens to animals when they go in for surgeries.. When they are bred over and over and over again. Dying and reproducing on top of compound predispositions and genetic anomalies..

And so if the exposure of how I tried to save my animal shows you the treachery and the butchery of the breeding of animals and then the veterinary system feeding into both ends..

F****** so be it.. You all will see how that system develops both angels and demons feeding off each other..

I'll expose the f***** u* industry on both ends.

All All for the love of money..

I'm not getting involved anymore with angels or demons..

Until the system changes the way they do things. And it's not going to happen for centuries..

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