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Trauma Equals Fertility and the J World Flips the Script Developing a Cruelty Free Trauma Free World

Trauma equals fertility

The j world flips the script developing a cruelty free trauma free world.. And it's a transition.. And this type of thought process will be met with MUCH resistance.. Humans have been massively brainwashed in their politics in their religion and in their science dogma.. And you will have to face your inhumanity, if you want to live indefinitely or survive climate change.... Some will not survive facing their demons.. And so you pray for died suddenly and no suffering..

What does the j world promote.. Giving people the option to become whole again..

We promote to finally understand what trauma does to the children..

To give people that option.. Of understanding..

To understand what the old world was built on.. The old world was built on trauma fertility drugs sex rock and roll and escapism.. And then always scapegoating somebody.. In politics religion and science.. So you never have to face your own personal responsibility and accountability for your life and your children's lives.. Somebody will always give you an excuse to destroy life.. Relative to the laws and the intentions.. That's the depopulation agenda.. Some of you are in professions that cater to the depopulation agenda.. And yet you're resisting the depopulation agenda and you are part of it.. That's the kicker with the activism against the new world order..

Some people are making money off of destroying their friends and family.. But blaming the government..

Ironic isn't it..

Now it's time to face the demons if you can and save yourself..

trauma equals fertility..

marriage can be a mutually assured destruction..

So if mama hasn't figured out how to save herself.. She's pimping her kid out to the next person who will destroy her..

That's a main take away..

In this environment, I don't eat as many vegetables because I need the meat and the milk and the collagen the gluten.. In a slow frequency environment.. In a slower lifestyle.. You could sell the vegetarian diet.. Potentially.. But people still died anyways..

And this environment you cannot afford to eat only vegetables.. Or have your intake be predominantly vegetables.. You need every single piece of food in the food supply even the pork.. You need the collagen.. You need the life.. If you say you want to live.. Nobody wants to pass away today or next week.. Nobody wants to die someday.. They just don't know how to future think.. Remember people are under a very aggressive addictive programming.. Many will not survive their own programming..

Some people are getting out of the programming.. And there are transitioning out of the old world.. And they realize they cannot save anyone but themselves.. They can't even save their own children.. Time will be on your side.. If you're still around a hundred years from now.. Potentially indiscretions from your past could be wiped clean if it has to do with the law..

But you must put in the time.. Prove how the j world released those demons of predation

You can always introduce new legislation a hundred years from now.. The defined life.. You will define your life.. You will give birth to yourself..

My current book cleans the slate.. If you have the opportunity.. My next book.. You define yourself.. You define your own life.. I'm in the process of defining my life.. It may not be your life.. But now I could show people you can define your own life if you want..

The new world is cruelty free life is a drug free life..

All food is the answer.. An effective uncruel release process is the answer to a peaceful world.. Without rest in peace..

If people realize that cancer is life.. They wouldn't attack it.. And when they use cells from an animal to make your food.. It's still cruelty free..

Lab created meat is made from cells of a chicken or a cow or a lamb or any other animal..

And maybe we should stop attacking cancer and just find a way to release it.. Safely and effectively without using surgical ways, machines or herbs..

That's why you must understand my method. Because that's the pathway to finally respecting your life. And life in general.. You don't attack life or surgicall6 take it out..

Cruelty free life.. Is the pathway to peace without rest in peace.. Cruelty free life.. Can't just be in one area..

If you want to be uncruel.. Now you have to reconsider your politics your religion and your science..

Once biotech introduces lab created meat with collagen I will transition..

Regarding the food supply Biotech is replicating animal proteins so we don't have to enslave animals and put the fear of death in them..

I applaud that..

If we want to become civilized.. Free the fucking farm animals.. Free the animals in the zoos..

Unless they are injured.. Then I understand taming them..

As far as pets are concerned well.. Put yourself in the position of your pets.. Would you want to be a slave to you.. Would you want to be left somewhere all day long.. Would you want the vet system to butcher you.. Would you want someone shoving antibiotics anti life protocols down your throat.. But you would have to be mature enough to even ask those questions about yourself.. human farming Remember.. Initially you were bred to have children.. For all the different human experimentation.. Which was why people's bodies started shutting down after fifty..

The j world is flipping the script..

The desire is not to be fertile.. Immortality is not about how many eggs you can drop..

You only drop eggs when it's absolutely necessary.. Like a major climate shift.. Or a catastrophic accident.. But not because the season change.. Or worshipping youth..

In a slower frequency environment the lunar changes might trigger menses.. But that's way in the future..

Maturity without aging out is the j world.

Then you have wisdom you can use.. And it won't have to die with you..

The old world of human farming..

Because many eggs start to develop but die off before being ovulated, a woman goes through roughly 300,000-400,000 eggs in their reproductive years, but only ovulates 300-400 eggs. The average woman runs out of eggs and starts menopause around the egg of 52.Sep 13, 2021 How Many Eggs Do Women Have At Every Age - CNY Fertility Having just fat and muscle is not enough.. You must have the collagen, the connectivity..

Or else you have cottage cheese..

When the collagen cannot keep up with fat, you get cellulite..

Collagen is a protein structure, and when it comes to cellulite, it's responsible for essentially keeping fat where it belongs. It's almost like a protective band. If this band tightens too much, fat can escape and rise up to the surface of the skin, causing what we know as cellulite. Nov 26, 2020 Again, I am not promoting collagen supplements. Just showing you where I get my info from. Jessica S. is developing a condition for a died suddenly.. She is promoting young girls and women to starve themselves..

This is the depopulation agenda.. And mothers teach this to their children..

She doesn't have enough adipose tissue to protect her vital organs.. She probably has food intolerances..

This is sad.. This was promoted in the 1960s and 50s.. As the curvy Marilyn Monroe became an icon of sexuality... Then icons became skinnier and skinnier and skinnier and skinnier and skinnier and skinnier. Now you see why people pass away.. No matter what kind of food they eat.. As they get older they become tunneled and intolerant.. And they can't deal with life literally.. They have not been conditioned to evolve with life..

But some cultures.. Might live a long time relative to other cultures.. But they still are nutritionally deficient..

Friendship is undefined.. It's not something you force and put someone on the spot to prove their love and devotion to you as if you are a god..

Marriage is defined.. contractual obligations are defined.. Friends and acquaintances are not defined..

When you have to employ aggressive means to prove people are real friends.. You're trying to have a contractional relationship without the contract..

You can't have it both ways.. If you want real friends then marry all your friends.. And develop by laws. Or else your friends are just distractions that you're trying to hold hostage hold prisoner.. Through guilt.. And I see that all over Facebook..

Real friends don't challenge real friends to know something about you.. Real friends don't put their friends on the spot..

Real friends don't have to prove shit to anyone..

If you're a real friend you would marry them..

Be a friend to yourself . Be kind to yourself... Allow yourself to suffer a little bit so you can survive.. Stop traumatizing yourself..

Then you don't have to feel like you need proof from other people they like you.. Or are a real friend.. Because you become a real friend to yourself.. Then there's nothing anyone has to prove to you..

You are secure in yourself.. Collagen To not only be heart healthy but to strengthen your immune system..

Can you handle the evolution..

You can't get the healthy collagen from leafy greens or soy.. Because look at vegans and vegetarians.. They are either very skinny.. Or have a lot of fat but hardly any collagen..

You need the meat.. You need the organs..

Biotech will help you out (developing lab created meat/milk).. So you don't have to torture animals to do that. This is defining the difference between questioning.. And explaining why you're not the same.. because you have a different intention..

When you resist... And you haven't found the opposite outcome of your intention. You've accepted whatever it is your resisting.. Because you cannot articulate an opposite outcome..

You let the psychology manipulate you into resisting something that will destroy you no matter what..

Whether you do or do not do whatever you're resisting it will still destroy you.. Because you have been psychologically manipulated..

When you accept death as an outcome regardless.. Your resistance against WHATEVER is one hundred percent futile..

When you actually promote life.. You'll stop resisting what you think is going to kill you..

Because you will know the laws not believe all the fucked up stories..

99.99% Of the world out there believes everyone should die someday. And they will make it happen for themselves and their followers.. So what the hell are you resisting.. Why are you resisting something that you already believe is going to happen to you anyways.. You see how ridiculous that is..

High frequencies.. The dead will contact the living... Some people are not prepared for their retribution.. Protect yourself release the demons.

I know when frequencies change so aggressively. And the dead are contacting me that even my refrigerator goes hay wire..

Pictures fall.. People get diagnosable conditions or becomes so entrenched in their politics their religion and science ... They become even more sexual..

Watch your Facebook.. Everything is in plain sight..

Even the dead can destroy the living. Because people hold so much damage within and they allow the deadly spirits to control them and possess them. And you see people are hungry for power..

Why do you think children are out of control.. Why do you think they are giving you options for delivery services? So you don't get in the way of someone who has allowed their demons to control them become out of control.

That's why the medical system and the surgical system exists.. Because doctors are allowed to cut out the evil spirits. But then it causes the body to be even more traumatized and compromised.. Then the evil spirits metastasize.. Died suddenly or major deterioration..

Herbs and remedies make a spirit stronger and deadlier..

The world is not what you think..

Be careful of the sexually aggressive hot girls in our society.. They are made to literally suck the life out of weak men.. Nothing is by accident..

I'm not puritanical.. Far from it.. But I understand the programming.. That's why the nineteen sixties was a major turning point..

The weaponization of beauty and the family.. and the medical system and holistic system causing more trauma.. People can't get ahead.. Not when they are surrounded..

That's why the jay world is a minority.. Because once you face that demon.. You will literally stop selling sex and beauty on the internet... You will stop advocating people cause trauma to themselves..

You will look like and sound like a puritan..

Ironic isn't it.. That was literally the birth of America was from the puritans.. But even the puritan's became impure.. Absolute power corrupts absolutely..

And now you see how compromised even those who claim they are trying to take America back.. Having so many children is the issue... So many children with trauma to their body, mind and spirit is why we are in this situation..

You don't take your country back.. It's already gone..

Now you have to take your personal life back.. Some of you are not equipped to do that..

You are still too traumatized by old destructive relationships.. And you have major hormonal imbalances..

And you are dropping platitudes of survivability because somebody wronged you around love and sex.. You are still so deep in trauma that even your religion can't save you.. They can only give you absolution. Because that's what you're looking for.. You're not looking to change or evolve..

I can't save you... The jay world can't save people who are too far gone..

I could only observe and hope that some seeds of my information will reach you.. If you have the intellect.. To be reached..

But again, the temptations of money, power, and wealth, and social capital is far more lucrative than realizing how much of that addiction is going to destroy you

Good luck.. All of you will need it..

Remember your sperm and your eggs are you.. When you produce so much sperm and so much eggs, you are taking pieces of yourself and releasing them.. And so when men are around beautiful women.. They become a weak.. In so many different ways..

During climate change women drop so many eggs.. And then they get menopausal.. Deteriorate lose collagen. All under the influence of politics religion and science..

I only drop a few eggs when the climate shifts.. There was three months in between my period.

And you know predatory men out there will be looking for someone to procreate with..

Be careful of predatory men and women.. They will sell you sex love and beauty and image... Why.. Because they can.. siphoning off your resources..

They are selling you something.. You better figure out what it is.. And you better figure it out fast..

They aren't selling you life..

And if they're not selling you sex love and an image.. They will sell you absolution through their tinctures and remedies and surgeries..

That's the destruction of mankind.. And people don't even know it..

Once you know it... You cannot unknow it..

Which is why people don't like me.. Which is why the spirits don't like me..

Now you see the world for what it is... And it's painful.. This is why I stand alone..

This is also why it must be necessary to be on your own. Once you discover what's going on...

You really can't go back..

Again i'm not trying to convert you.. I just want you to be aware of how this world operates.. Everything is in plain sight..

Everyone deserves a choice in the matter.. I mean everyone..

I'm just getting better at explaining it and observing what I observe..

The Rosicrucian Order

In the J world

You don't want to just descend or ascend.. You want to balance both.. That's why I don't promote ascension.. Or descension.. Both end up in death.. and it is spiritually justified.. Or why would you promote that.. Life is just life.. It doesn't need to descend or ascend.

You don't want to be so high and be unrelatable.. And so low to be unrecognizable.

You want to fluctuate with the environment.. And stay alive..

The journey in the jay world I had so many dreams.. So many awakenings.. So many realizations.. So much freedom..


This is probably the best explanation representing where i'm coming from.. I still am not spiritual by promoting death as an absolution or a preferred outcome.. Believe me if people can choose otherwise they would not choose death but they do.. But they don't understand the laws of life and death, so they inadvertently choose death even when they think they're choosing life..

That's the deception of humanity.. But since death is so lucrative.. Because you get money and power and wealth and pleasure. People choose death because the path to death is so pleasurable.. And that's their choice.. they get addicted to the path to death..

When I experienced covid many times since 2019.. Every single UNTREATED sickness was an awakening..

I seen things, felt things, dreamed of things.. I became STRONGER in body, mind and spirit.

I know the difference between life and death..

I don't fall for the stories..

I know the power of the mind..

My method not only saved to my life.. But it also broke the spell.. And believe me.. Breaking the spell is not what you think... Most people will stay under the spell. Because breaking the spell would make them question everything about the world they live in.

I know the laws..

exotic food = nutritionally deficient

trendy death process

Religion = you only have one life, and that is it..


that is brainwashing..

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