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  • Jillian Epperly

Traumatic Experiences

Traumatic experiences

Anytime you go under the knife and you want to finally face your demons and the past the given life which has been bestowed upon you, you must revisit everything you did to your body that was violence against it.. You must revisit almost every traumatic experience.

In a closed system, whenever you cut into something it grows back stronger and a little bit more deformed.

Keloids which is scar tissue out of cutting into something and it growing back exponentially.. It is a disease.

So many humans are a mess nowadays because they did not have the nutrition and the programming and the open system to assimilate to their society.

I can't see someone who went under the knife so many times because of aesthetics or health issues to want to become whole again because it will be extremely painful.

I'm not saying it's impossible but you will have to really grit your teeth through the process.

Giving birth to yourself especially when you've damaged yourself or allowed someone to damage you is going to be extremely hard..

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