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Treat Your Body Like You Are A Bank Loaning Out Money

What is the main take away.. You have to treat your body like a bank... You must understand finances... Physics.. Chemistry.. Biology.. Math.. Language or english.. Nobody but you and the food supply can save you.. There is nothing in the medical or holistic system that will save you from what you already intend to do is pass away. This organic food will not fucking save you..

You need the processed food the refined food.. Because people's bodies are in such deficit.. They need to release those demons and build up substance.. Organic people are starving their friends and family.. Anti gmo people are starving everybody around them. When you're giving away more than you're able to sustain.. You will go bankrupt..

When you allow the environment to work against you. Because you're not assimilating to it with more food and relaxation. And you're always using the medical system or the holistic system. And you are resisting evolution and the environment.. Died suddenly.. Or aggressive diagnosis.. We're in aggressive climate change right now.. You can't afford to resist the government.. The food.. And the air.. You must assimilate.. And the food supply is not poison.. All your activism is taking way more from you.. Intentional ignorance will surprise you later on.. When you're not ready..

Last year I was suffering and I could barely even walk or move for about a month.. This year it is so much better.. I'm hoping the pattern is every year around july fourth, my ability to adapt gets better.. Hives.. Excessive heat and All food will bring up so many different allergies and growth.. Keep eating all food.. You need non spicy appalachian food.. You need the soul food the substance.. You cannot afford to starve.. That's why died suddenly.. Hispanics take away all the spicy food and eat your beans and rice and tortillas and meat.. You need the lard.. You need the corn tortillas and the flower tortillas.. Stay away from spicy food.. You cannot afford to resist any symptoms..

Every single time you treat a symptom with anything in the pharmaceuticals or holistic world.. You are a developing a died suddenly situation or an aggressive diagnosis.. You can't blame the government this time.. Everything in the medical holistic system will take you down several notches.. Gnight The food is pushing out the damage. Going down my timeline...

I have sixteen entries I have to get through.. On my timeline... It's just too much to keep copying pasting.. I'll develop a main take away..

Wearing metal suits lined with metal because you think that metal is protecting you from e m f... Those metal suits lined with silver or copper will trap heat.. Causing your own personal global warming.. Converting energy faster than you can keep up with then that's a died suddenly.. Fara day cages are only good for microwaves.. But not for your daily personal world.. You're just trapping heat.. However in the winter time when it's cold I could see it being valuable.. But in the summertime.. wearing a faraday cage. You will boil yourself to death..

You must understand physics.. You must understand all the laws not believe all the stupid ass stories.. Because someone's trying to sell you a bullshit fucking remedy or surgery.. Or protective gear.. Ignorance is humanity's downfall.. intentional ignorance is horrific.. And then you blame because you choose to be ignorant.. That's the kicker. Really skinny people will have a hard time regulating their temperature. Because they don't have enough house to them to regulate their temperature thermodynamically. They are subject to the heat.. And they will be energized out of existence because they don't have enough substance to convert energy and to burn.. Skinny people in high high climate change will burn their own house literally.. They don't have enough substance.. The sun and the heat will burn up their house.. Their body.. Their vital organs.. That's physics.. That's thermodynamics.. That's entropy.. Bigger or larger people.. Have enough substance to burn but they must deal with symptoms and release the demons.. Larger people will have a better chance in surviving if they understand how to deal with their alimentary canal..

I'm not saying it's impossible for a skinny person to gain the pressure.. But do they have a desire to understand they need more body to them, so they can handle aggressive environment, taking so much from them.. As far as imhotep.. The sacred chamber was a special life promoting environment where the dead was revived. And incredible surgical procedures could be carried out safely...

That's the operating table during surgery and the person is under anesthesia..

This act of surgery, this technology was specific to Africans simply because white skin was too reflective and would not allow enough energy to be absorbed.

From what I gather Africans were stronger.. So they could take the surgery better.. Over their counterparts the Caucasians..

The first pyramid was built by Imhotep.. The African multi genius whom the geeks called Asclepius their god of medicine..

Remember medicine will destroy you.. Surgery will destroy you even more .

Not all traditions are meant to be used forever.. Especially if you want a different outcome.

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