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Treatments and Starvation Against Evolution Pave the Way for Cancer and Died S_uddenlies

If you're coming into the middle of my world.. And you choose to activate your system.. You can't pick and choose what you want to treat while you are transitioning because you may not survive the treatments... Do you know how far gone you really are..

This is why you must understand your weight.. Understand your fear.. Understand your predisposed issues.. Because you will have to face every single one of them.. Because you have ran away from them through the medical holistic energy healing world..

When it's time to pay the piper.. Do you have what it takes.. That's the crucks of the j world.. Becoming whole is not an easy venture..

And it's worse when you're a child.. Because you already came in at a deficit.. And mamma only knows only to take away the pain.. In this environment she is taking away your life..

Children don't have a choice.. So when they die suddenly.. They will always have someone to blame . But I guess if mama wants to survive.. That absolution might save her as she takes care of herself.. Because she knows she can't save her children.. Or anyone else for that matter.. Because maybe her kid is too far gone..

At this point mama can only save herself.. If she even knows how to..

So now you're seeing 19 year olds Deal with conditions that the system will keep treating.. Until that kid does not exist any more at the hands of the parents.. The parents keep begging for aggressive treatments.. In the holistic world and in the medical world..

Just watch the parents on Facebook.. They brag and beg for treatment, and brag on how they have treated their children with holistic and allopathic remedies and surgeries.. These parents brag about how many herbs they shove down their child throats.. How much elderberry.. They brag on the holistic professionals they have commissioned to treat and destroy their own family line..

Now you see the depopulation agenda.. At the hands of the parents and the grandparents..

Everything is in plain site and nothing is hidden..

Just watch the grandparents.. They are advising their children.. The same traditional ways..

It's extraordinary to watch... Because you can't penetrate them.. Remember you can't tell them how to raise their children..

When you know this and you can see this.. You can't go back.. There is no fucking way when you finally see what's going on.. You can't go back to the old world..

Now you have to survive the knowledge of what's going on.. And you can't resist it.. Because resistance is futile and it will destroy you..

And when parents finally do wake up.. They can't even say this on Facebook.. Because someone will call cps.. Because you are finally realizing what it takes to live.. And you can't be the one say it because you have children..

I can say it because I don't have kids so no one can call cps on me.. I am no leveraged.

But you know how aggressively tunneled these mommy and me groups are.. You know these crunchy mammas will destroy you.. They did it to me,

They will do it to you if you give them the chance.. They already have the enemy in their mind.. Anyone who questions their methods are the enemy. It really sucks.

That's what the holistic people did to people.. They radicalized mothers against their own kids..

That's the psychological operations.. That's California.. That's innovation..

Just watch the mothers who brag that they give their kids gluten free food.. Just watch the mother's brag they starved their children by only giving them organic.. Just watch the mother starve their children demonizing processed food..

It is crazy to finally see what's going on.. It's crazy to watch mothers starve their own children their own family..

And one major indicator of starvation.. Bone breakage..

It's fucking crazy..

At your own hand..

I appreciate honest recognition..thank you for some of your comments and posts. Some people are realizing I am NOT out to harm or misinform anyone. I just impart information and a perspective that is also science based and now you have a choice to consider the information. I do not subscribe to physical abuse, intellectual abuse, or verbal abuse. You could have the capacity to understand my thought process if you choose to and condition yourself to welcome evolution. My neck is definitely sore in the back.. lol Swollen, too

Oh boy

Another energetic evolution.. growth

I keep blowing my nose!! Release the demons and pressure

I do not post this to get sympathy.. or for anyone to recommend a doctor or any home remedy.. Please read my book in my website and watch my videos.. I'm not looking for sympathy or any treatment.. And please do not wish me a speedy recovery.. I will recover from evolution in my own time.. I will not have anyone cast spells of speed onto me..

That's why people have cancer.. Disease. Chronic illness.. And death.. Because of the medical holistic energy healing world.. During climate change.

I post this to show you that people can recover without the treatment.. But everything is a process.. And I am seven years in the process.. Many of you are way behind the eight ball..

And since you are you must understand my book..

See a doctor, if you must. Everything is a transition.

I do not subscribe to treatments.. Or sympathy.. or anyone trying to recommend a doctor a nurse or any medical, holistic energy, professional or lay person.

I have built up the capacity to deal with symptoms and pain without turning to cannabis or anything else.. And I will not induce trauma on my body from any medical, professional or holistic person..

The difference between me and the rest of the world.. I do not attack growth.. I release the growth through my lymphatic system.. And I have opened up my system.. But I will not Treat growth. Or traumatize it.. Or starve it..

I release the demons.. Read my book if you want to understand.. If you don't please do not tread in this world.. It's not for you..

Why are my occipital lymph nodes in the back of my neck swollen?

Swollen occipital lymph nodes are not usually a cause for alarm. It's easy for me to circulate in the mainstream world.. Because drugs and treatment are fun.. Until they don't become fun anymore.. Then it becomes constant torture..

So that's what stops me from going back into the mainstream society.. I know what happens when you do..

People who have been conditioned not to deal with evolution will have a hard time circulating in my world if at all.. Most people will stay in their world of pain free destruction.. Very few will try to redirect..

I hope some of you figure it out..

But to understand my world it is a transition and a commitment.. Because you will torture yourself if you are not committed, if you're not committed to understanding intellectually biophysically and intelligently..

This process is made for future thinkers..

To understand my world.. It is a systemic transition.. Twenty steps forward fifty steps back.. Ebb and flow ebb and flow..

Closed immune systems, blocked lymph nodes develop cancerous situations and aging out process

I saw a few things come to surface on my skin and itchy.. They disappear as they get processed through the system.. I had itches on my shin. Gone now.. Now my head itches while my body is releasing through the lymph nodes and sweat and poop..

And now i'm hungry.. My body needs fuel.. My nose is clear.. And my neck is not as sore

I was feeling better towards the end of the night yesterday.. I had to take a nap . And then I had to release demons after my nap.. That's usually how it goes.. After I sleep I have to release demons.. Because that's how the body processes out the invaders..

Even when I was suffering from pmdd many many years ago.. I had to take a nap and sleep and sleep and sleep..

Got over the neck pain.. Oh yeah I feel the heat.. Heart palpitations happen over here.. But I keep resting and feeding and releasing..

It doesn't last forever, but you have to take it easy and feed and not get scared and try to treat it and stop it . Some people will have to get things treated.. But at some point, you're gonna have to deal with it without having so much treatment.. Unless you plan to pass away..

And I make sure I release those demons.. That's ninety percent of my survivability of this..

When those demons become coordinated people don't survive the coordinated attacks within their immune system... 2nd Screen shot Now you see what's going on.. Now you see why I am conditioning myself to deal with the changes. I'm not begging for treatment.. I'm not starving myself.. And i'm taking it easy.. And i'm surviving..

..My husband is doing an amazing job surviving.. Will it catch up to him I don't know.. I'm just trying to catch up to him..

But I feel the frequencies way more than him because I am half his size.. I am fully open on either end of my alimentary canal.. He is halfway open.. On some level..

In this environment you cannot get away with being cured.

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