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Trial by Nature and Trial By Jury

A Case for Life

Main takeaway

I would avoid using Beauty and sex as leverage because you could be used as bait for predators and families who put so much emphasis on beauty and SEXUALITY are producing bait for the system and that is right along the lines of using love fear brutality bribery shame humiliation all the ingredients to politics religion spirituality and science

Then people end up being victims and perpetrators and in the court system.

Used as entertainment for other people

Like America, watch africa go through a major population boom because they keep reproducing babies on bodies at deficits, and each generation will become weaker and weaker until the population decreases.. Just like you're seeing in America.. Each generation is weaker and weaker and weaker and weaker

That's why you're seeing a case for disease. And why people are promoting disease deficits. And glorifying handicaps.. Because when you keep producing reproducing children on bodies at deficit. The only outcome will be neurological issues and physiological issues.

That's why people main stream deficiencies.. Because they were never given a choice to reverse that situation..

Their friends and family who don't want to change will glorify deficiencies and then keep applying oncology and surgeries and remedies.. And food mitigation.. And fear of everything.. And then of course massive amounts of weakness..

Africa will be going to the same thing we're going through watch them..

So parents why don't you encourage your children to become whole again and not encourage them to get married and have a family when it's not only going to make them weaker but also the children weaker..

You see the patterns, or are you just too distracted..

Why don't you encourage them to become whole again before they go into certain studies.. Because what's the point if they're just going to die anyways at some point and you don't know when because the environment is that intensive and aggressive and you haven't conditioned them to handle a very aggressive environment

What are you setting yourself and your kids up for if you don't understand this Aliens.. SUITS How influential television is and it's not a bad thing.. It's what you feed your mind.. The tv will offer you different types of programming.. But if you can pick up the jewels to back up your claims.. Tv can be quite influentially positive to your intentions..

I do not pathologize life and evolution, but the system does

That's the difference between the j world and EVERYONE ELSE..

If you really understood where I was coming from you wouldn't ATTACK HUMAN life or starve it..

When you have finally saved yourself..

You realize trying to save others is a losing venture..

You can see those who haven't even saved themselves trying to save others..

It is an exercise in futility

but it's interesting to watch..

Like watching mice in a lab

And while i'm analyzing the world.. You know the world is analyzing me..

But I know what system I belong to.. And I know what system those who are analyzing me belong to.

I don't pathologize life..

The system i'm up against does..

Any kind of courtroom drama is like a disease trying to leave the body and somebody is stopping it, arguing a case.. applying a remedy or a cure.. Legal remedy.

Or it's a disease trying to enter into a body and the body is resisting.. And somebody is arguing a case applying a legal remedy..

Everything is about contracts and negotiation

Offer Consideration Acceptance

Someone is either convicted or set free.. Innocent

Action Reaction

Motion to Motion to

Deposition.. sworn evidence

Filing... all action reaction motion to

Virus vital information resource under siege

Protein or intellectual filings

Antibiotic = opposing counsel = objection = sustained

Trial = symptoms

Judgment= conviction or not guilty

Not guilty = probiotic Guilty = antibiotic

Prison = CURE

The medical holistic system keeps you in a prison.. With occasional trial by jury and conviction.. Sometimes people are set free.. But for a minute..

Eventually they end up in the morgue.. The ultimate prison.. The ultimate cure..

When you defend people you put away so you can cut a deal with somebody else. It's like taking antibiotics so you can get temporary stay of execution but it will bite you i* t** a**..

That's the legal system mixed in with the medical system and the holistic system..

Basically it is like using your enemies as your friends using them as a tool for your own agenda.. But the enemy you are using also has leverage over you.. Using you as a tool as well..

Mutually beneficial quid pro quo

The media and opposition uses tactics of using shame, fear, bribery, brutality, humiliation, love sex to make somebody move or develop a perception and leverage over someone..

Not everybody's cut out to be a parent.. Stop shaming people into parenthood.. Yeah they did the deed but you know how hormones are out of control.. The system set everyone up to fail right out the gate.. Fairy tale weddings prince charming.. And hypersexuality..

And not everyone wants to be connected to their x.. And the children used as a weapon.. Because we know that s*** exists..

Make it OK to give up your kids to the system if you don't want to take care of your child..

It's okay..

The programming runs deep for people to attack their potential evolution of longevity and potentially immortality.. People are voluntarily getting their parts body parts cut out of their system because they've had their evolution mischaracterized..

I almost agreed to a potential hysterectomy when my pmdd got in the way of my job.. In twenty sixteen..

I almost died for a company.. I almost disfigured myself for a company..

I saved my own a**..

Severe disease means the body wants to live and you keep attacking it's desire to stay alive..

That's why you have to feed disease and discomfort and understand my process.. AND NO it's not the j juice PEOPLE CLAIM IS THE savior.. That's THEIR abuse of using something that has a relative curative effect temporarily.. And it's so good that people get constipated and ...

Which is why food milk meat cream and staying off the probiotics when you are skinny..

And increasing probiotics when you are obese.. But not salt probiotics..

Sugar milk kombucha grain probiotics because it gets converted into proteins..

You see how women get radicalized into thinking they are disenfranchised and they beg for the system to destroy them..

If it's a "man's world" in the medical holistic system I could give a s***..

I don't need the medical holistic system..

And you've been made to think some of you need it but even then they can't cure you and make your life pain free especially when life wants to live and you constantly attack it.

And then your friends and family badger you into seeing a doctor nurse Or be under the influence

This is just a friendly reminder how death is SO SO SO FINAL.. and if you lost control over your body, mind spirit in fear using shame, humiliation, fear, bribery, love, brutality and intending to convert people by being "right" with your politics, religion, science activism... it won't matter what you do when you intend to pass away, anyway..

this is why parents leverage their kids future..

So then what was it all for if this is where you intend to end up anyways.. You're not saving anyone Because you haven't even saved yourself..

The making of a babylonian society.. if parents cannot change, they are leveraging their kids future..

love, fear, brutality, bribery, shame, humiliation all the ingredients to politics, religion/spirituality and science programming..

all the ingredients to leverage the bait in our society or predator/prey or victim/perp

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