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Trusting Strangers are Why You are Suffering and Dying

The only way you break new ground is if you count out the reasons why the old ground needs to be reconsidered..

You have to support the reason why you are promoting and sustaining change..

Not many people will want to look at why others are introducing change..

I wish I didn't have to be so blunt and in your face but since I get so much resistance to this information then you have to understand my reasoning..

It's not pretty reasoning because it shows all of us what we accepted when we otherwise wouldn't accept in a different circumstance..

Why is it that we expose ourselves to strangers in a clinical professional setting but we wouldn't out there

and people are all the same the only difference is some hold a degree and others don't.

A degree in any kind of subject matter does not automatically make you safe.

Having a license doesn't mean you're automatically safe no different than having a badge upholding the law.

If anything having licenses, badges and degrees are a great way to get in the door without going through a vetting process..

People will just blindly trust you and some pay a huge price.

The only way to a 100% protect yourself is to be relatively self sufficient and to be wary of all strangers because even your friends are strangers to your body..

Having a license or a badge doesn't automatically make you a safe person to be around..

Introducing autonomy and self sufficiency is not popular..

People think they're free and they're independent but when you think about it they aren't.. If anything they are dependent on strangers..

And that's a dangerous position to be in

That's a tough pill to swallow..

The system knew someone was going to break the programming especially during climate change..

When the particles accelerate faster people will make connections faster and they will see the outcome of their intentions realized faster..

Then you can accurately say a correlation equal conversation.. Because when Reactions are immediate after the initial action, which was a reaction to something else, it's hard not to connect the dots. It deserves a conversation on the whole process.. Years and years have led up to the outcome.. Anything can Be the last straw that broke the camels back

And it's hard to ignore.. If you have to work that hard in ignoring something then you are purposely ignoring the elephant in the room..

Then there is no one to blame

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