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Turning 40 and 50 Can Be Life Changing If You Are Open To Reconsidering Your Beliefs

Turning forty and fifty can be life changing if you are open to reconsidering your beliefs..

It will be very difficult to save your children.. You have to save yourself and if your kids survive childhood and adolescence, are you willing to be a representation.. A new representation..

Riddick (understanding immunizations) Energy conversion (Do you have what it takes) Understanding Symptoms

The jay world Climate change.

When you turn fifty.. Or close to it.. You look back on the fifty years because the spell has been broken.. What would you change what would you do differently..

Would you reconsider somebody's different lifestyle and belief system.. Would you be open to hearing suggestions.. Would you research and listen to indicators if someone warns you about something.. Are you willing to look at both sides of the argument or three sides of the argument.. Or would you consider looking at all sides of the argument

When you turn fifty.. Or around fifty.. Are you willing to look back on what you were programmed to do and what you programmed your children to do and then what will you do differently..

Sometimes it's too late your children are programmed and now you parents have the opportunity to save yourself..

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