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UN Agenda 2030 (15 Years of Changes) + MORE

21 H!t Me

Black jack

I love to gamble when the odds are in my favor.. And then I quit when im ahead.

UN Agenda 2030 (15 Years of Changes) + MORE



1/01/2050 =9

1/01/2060 =10=1

1/01/2070 = 11=2



1/01/2100 =14 = 5

5 books of moses


This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognize that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan.

We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet. We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets which we are announcing today demonstrate the scale and ambition of this new universal Agenda. They seek to build on the Millennium Development Goals and complete what these did not achieve. They seek to realize the human rights of all and to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. They are integrated and indivisible and balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental.

The Goals and targets will stimulate action over the next fifteen years in areas of critical importance for humanity and the planet:

long STORY SHORT, THERE ARE PEOPLE LIVING TODAY IN YOUR WORLD WHO ARE "HEALTHY' WHO will not survive the next 7 and 15 years because they won't change.. adults and children..

Fear of missing out or fomo is what will do many people in..

maybe i am lucky I did all my crazy stuff and traveling at such a young age and making the mistakes, testing the boundaries and exploring the world, when it was "safer"..

how do we get our kids and young adults to certain point of independence making wise choices and the mistakes, without dying from them?

i cannot tell you... i had to suffer to gain the substance that was held from me because back then, in the 80s, skinny was in, and skinny was attempting to cement in the programming.. the demon tortured me, until I was allowed to gain the weight and eat the food and explore what I needed to save myself..

managing balanced weight intelligence/weight/substance comes with suffering.

There is a reason why some animals became extinct.. They could NOT adapt to the changing conditions and another more fit species took their place..

Now, you will see certain types of people become extinct because they were not allowed to adapt to the changing conditions..

And, it will hard to pinpoint all the factors as we have been allowed to use plastic surgeries, diet regimes, drugs and medications to alter our hormones and so everything comes down to starvation and lack of intelligence and substance management..

Many have been programmed psychologically and biochemicals to be amazing in certain conditions, until those conditions change..

Once the conditions change and the programmed people are so resistant to change, it will be a died suddenly..

Only humans are "dumb" /genius enough to be given the option to evolve and survive and then advocate resisting evolution and resist survival..

that is how smart the human race is... they can program their own destruction.. And they have a whole audience around them that will applaud their destruction.. And even help them out In making their destruction palatable and acceptable..

As he watch the animal kingdom smarter than the human kingdom.. Animals will try to survive..

Humans say fuck it. Because they are too smart for everybody else. So the jump over the cliff in their party clothes..

Quite extraordinary to watch.. And we get the next seven years to watch everybody act out their programming.. And resist evolution and change. And of course in the process blame somebody else for it.

Adults who gamble with their own lives and their children's lives do not want to admit the house changed the rules..

In other words, allegorically, the slot machines paid out more 15 years ago, but now, in climate change, the slot machines are tight and people are losing to the house, bankrupt..

the house always wins ...

quit when you are ahead, or sometimes, do not play at all...

We have seven years of this bullshit

Last year was the indicators..

I hope you choose well for yourself.

But I do have to thank the frequencies for allowing me to make these connections much faster than I actually ever would have. So if i'm getting much smarter in a higher frequency environment.. Kids will realize their potential sooner.. But you hope they can survive their own potential.. Especially when they have not been trained how to manage their own energy.. Because parents haven't figured out how to manage their own energy..

That's why it's an adult world.. Save yourself.

I made those connections.. Because I had the substance.. And I was allowed to say no.

And I had to suffer for these connections..

It's great to resonate at a higher frequency but not everybody can handle it and it's sucking the life out of them..

I know I'm resonating at a higher frequency. But I went through the pain and suffering of releasing those demons to gain the benefits..

And being around people is insane because I do catch every single microbe they have.. And I either have dreams or am coughing sneezing blowing my nose and pulling out the offspring..

And I look like the stay puft marshmallow man relative to how long i'm in the presence of diverse company..

Which is why I pick and choose very carefully what im willing to risk and suffer for when it comes to social outings and occasions..

The energy healing world was definitely another religion using frequency as a way to deplete not only their energy but other people's as well..

That was all part of the 1960s.. Even the sexual revolution was all part of that frequency movement..

You must learn how to manage the frequency and the power you have plus the substance so it doesn't destroy you..

Different blood types are affected by aggressive frequencies and the mismanagement of substance in this highly accelerated environment causes extreme weight gain or losing so much weight.

It just depends on how your hormones have been programmed. And what kind of programming is influential at the time..

And I'll tell you the politics around food is what is causing the starvation in children and adults..

And if california is experiencing all those aggressive waves patterns, and the earthquakes are going on, you can only imagine how people are being affected in california as far as frequency..

And all over the world.. Though I would imagine some parts off the world are not getting as aggressive frequencies as other parts..

continuity of government..

In this environment if you don't understand how aggressive it is.. Your love and respect for people means nothing when they can't even survive your presence or expectations..

Love and respect means nothing if you don't understand the world you live in..

People think it's just the therapies offered.. That is a factor but not the only factor.. Because those therapies are just fertility as if you are exposed to people in your environment.. Or having sex with people.. Or going into a crowded room.. I feel it going into a crowded room. And a few hours later, i'm blowing my nose and sneezing and coughing out all the mucus from being exposed to almost everybody in that crowded place..

You are going to find not hanging out with people might actually save their life. Because that's one less foreign group of microbes they have to go and contend with..

And again the children the elderly and the immunocompromised must be very careful..

They have the weakest immune systems..

So if you claim to love and respect someone.. Be the one to say no.. And people will hate you for it..

And so if their love is more important than their life..

Do whatever you have to do.. To make you feel better..

Everything in this new world is the opposite of the old world..

If you don't have boundaries.. No one else will..

Do or do not do...

Everything in our world is measured by what we do or do not do..

In the old world what you did or did not do.. Had a particular meaning

In this new world.. What you did in the old world.. Will have a very particular meaning.. And it might actually work the opposite.. No matter how good your intentions are..

What we did before.. Trying to do it again today..

Will have the opposite effect.. And when you think about it.. It wasn't really good in the old world.. But you never made the connection.. Because the old world was slower..

In this faster highly accelerated world..

You'll see all the things you did you thought was good.. Is actually pretty bad..

Because when you fast forward.. You see the consequence of your actions happening sooner..

Even doing things for those people you claim to love and respect.... The outcome is not going to be as favorable as you think..

That's the thing with time.. It can be sped up.. Or slowed down..

Frequency does that..

People don't realize to what extent how influential frequency is until they see things happen faster.. And they can't get ahead of it..

Time is based upon what frequencies influence the objects in the environment..

And all of us are reasoning and acting at different frequencies.. But we don't realize all of us are affected by how aggressive the atmosphere is.. And so highly influential people will be extremely potent to whoever is in their cross hairs..

You just hope the receiver of that energy regardless can handle the lifestyle and the belief system..

And I will tell you children are most affected.. Because they don't have any boundaries yet.. They're not supposed to have any boundaries unless it has has to do with a creepy relative..

You just hope they have the substance to deal with their environment and their family and friends..

substance is everything in this environment.

To be a man or woman of substance, one must have the knowledge to understand how you affect the world around you..

Through the concept of Occam's razor..

You're starving because you're feeding so many kids/offspring inside your body and outside your body..

Fertility is deadly..

People die from starvation.

The most simplest solution..

Scale down..

Cut and dry..

Carl Sagan used Occam's razor, a rule of thumb that states that when faced with two hypotheses that explain the data equally well, the simpler one should be chosen. Sagan also said that if a hypothesis cannot be tested or falsified, it is not worth considering.

Simple is all relative..

Choose your own adventure..

And I ignore the toxic positives out there..

Who say if you don't focus on it it won't happen..

And then you wonder why they die suddenly..

I don't wonder I know why..

They don't focus on anything but partying and living the life until they die suddenly..

And then their family blames everybody under the sun..

No you helped them be in denial.. Because of your toxic positive bullshit.

It must be nice to be a toxic positive

When you understand thermodynamics and entropy..


You'll understand everything AND everybody is out to get you and is working against you..

Then you pick and choose situations worth the risk..

The First Law of Biology: all living organisms obey the laws of thermodynamics. The Second Law of Biology: all living organisms consist of membrane-encased cells. The Third Law of Biology: all living organisms arose in an evolutionary process. Dec 2, 2008

Occam's Razor

It's so simple it's complicated..

Humans complicate things.. Because they're easily programmed.. Especially when they regurgitate what was taught to them..

All of your beliefs were given to you by your parents and society at the time of your birth.. And you just repeated it.. And you'll repeat your beliefs to your children..

That was the curse..

religion and spirituality is built on the death culture..

And people are afraid the system is destroying them.. There are afraid of unvaccinated people and vaccinated people.. They're afraid of food air and water..

But they're not afraid of their friends and family or themselves..

That was a spell that was cast on you..

When you don't want to change to make people like you.. But you want people to love you because you don't change..

That's the spell of death that you cast on yourself..

That's why the system can't do anything for people who don't change..

Because they want people to love them and destroy them.. As you can see.. People are drunk with power from love.. And acceptance.. Until they are depleted..

They don't care about changing to be liked

They care about not changing to be loved and destroyed..

That's spirituality..

That's a religion..

People assume the influential kids from the parents born in the 1900s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970's knew what their parents knew..


Sometimes we're just finding out..

Don't assume any politician or current titans knew what was to happen.. We saw the indicators.. Some of us were given the playbook..or put the book together

They/We/You are puppets just like you and I..

Once we all figured it out we started warning people, based on our perspective..


Some parents will die with the secret they hold about everything they knew.

What did they know and when did they know it..

I will never be that "parent" WHO keep secrets from everybody..

That's why i'm an open book.. I hate secrets.

I am also very careful how I characterize ALL INFO!

And maybe that was EXPECTED..

Occam's Razor is PEMDAS

In simpler language, Occam's razor states that the simplest explanation is preferable to one that is more complex. Simple theories are easier to verify. Simple solutions are easier to execute.







Reduced down to addition or subtraction..

Turbo growth and maturity...

We will have a slew of child prodigies burn very bright, very early, then...

Blood type O+ kids will burn bright and potentially "longer" than group A B kids..rh factors could add or subtract longevity realizing potential very soon..

Accumulating microbial offspring will be their nemesis


Called JN.1

A laboratory incubator is a heated, insulated box used to grow and maintain microbiological or cell cultures. The laboratory incubator maintains optimal temperature, humidity and gaseous content of the atmosphere inside.

Climate Change= global warming

Large gatherings develop TURBO VIRUSES

Vaccines make the demons stronger in an INCUBATOR called climate change!!


So all those symptoms I had the last forty nine years was from fertility. Not necessarily a baby.. But microbial fertility that made itself a home and I hosted its existence for many years and it tortured me.

The last seven years I was purging those demons. Those colony forming units of fertile microbes that people are now dying from..

That's why you're seeing died suddenly.. It's the cumulative effect that finally is realizing itself..

Climate change will be brutal to those who don't understand what is going on..

Ignorance is bliss..

If you know you're too far gone please block me.

Because this information is intense.. If you only knew sooner.

All disease and death comes from fertility. Of course children.. FERTILITY also makes people EXTREMELY PREDATORY and SEXUALIZED

Cancer tumors everything is from fertility.. Life not managed correctly..

Morbid obesity, aging, emaciation DIAGNOSABLE CONDITIONS= fertility

Trillions of microbial offspring MULTIPLYING EXPONENTIALLY

When I finally released that major demon within.. Plus all of his or her little minions..

Clarity of thought.. A new lease on life..

Freedom. Without having to rest in peace..

Now you see why certain religions were encouraged to have so many families and children..

They were trying to destroy you..

Through the family..

And people will hate me for this information.. Because it goes against everything they believe..

Then stop resisting the government when you already expect to pass away and you want a billion children.

I can't even save the women out there or not that I could anyways..

They're under the spell with their family and mothers and friends..

So I just sit back and observe.

Remember, I've been trying to warn you for the last 7 years and I was hated for it. And vilified for it..

But I knew something was really wrong..

I finally have the words but it's probably too late for many.

I know why the government's doing what is doing and it sucks..

And I hope some of you have a chance to save yourself..

Climate Change= global warming

Large gathetings develop TURBO VIRUSES


Called JN.1

A laboratory incubator is a heated, insulated box used to grow and maintain microbiological or cell cultures. The laboratory incubator maintains optimal temperature, humidity and gaseous content of the atmosphere inside.

Fertility is deadly..

And it must be managed carefully..

Probiotics are pro life.. Able to grow in a stable environment..or REPLICATE, NOT develop offspring

Antibiotics are anti-life and when they are mixed with probiotics you get another offspring that is unpredictable and chaotic..

So it has to go through an fda approval to make sure that what you are fertilizing in your body is not gonna destroy you or anyone else.. Because any type of claims must be tested and approved..

Or else people will be using laundry detergent to get rid of aches and pains. RIP

All fertility uses up energy and some people don't have the energy to fight even their own offspring. Their offspring destroy them..


Antigen*Antibody=OFFSPRING (antibodies)


That's the power of three..

Everything is relative to how you program the offspring.. Ultimately the parents..

Guiding reproduction carefully..

Which is why i'm very careful on how much I fertilize myself with mixed company and even with my husband.. Fertility might be deadly but it is manageable.. Everything is entropy..

You just have to keep up with the fertility that you can't control..

We're so used to being around mixed company that fertility is nothing.. People use medicines all the time to manage the fertility in their body.. That is called medicine cures and painkillers.

Now you're gonna see what fertility does when it is on turbo power steroid acceleration..

Growth and supercancers and died suddenly.

Watching twilight again.. Humans were the "vampires".. eating animal meat vs human makes a cullen a "vegetarian"


Hauntings.. Disease cancer.. Paranormal And poltergeist activity..

I released demons and i've protected myself in my house with salt boundaries.. And positive energetic light.. I still have a fifty pound bag of salt in my house..

People are afraid of salt because the demons inside don't like the salt.. Because they either get trapped in or out..

And that's the thing about sexuality as well.. Developing fertility demons.. That could turn into children. Yes, but also be spirits inside your body and also fuck with you outside your body..

We live in an occultic world..

The system is always encouraging people to play with demons develop demons and tame them and train them..

And the system finds ways to flush out the demons called a great reset..

Oh i've experienced the demon world out there.. It's brutal. I've had demons in me for many years torturing the fuck out of me.. But i've released a lot of demons the last three years.. And definitely the last seven years..

If you followed my videos the last few years you would see my paranormal activity is less because I don't have as many orbs during my facebook lives.

The orbs during my facebook lives were a sign that there was a portal open and they were attracted to whatever demons I held within.. I finally sealed off the openings.. It took me a few years.. But I do leave enough room for them to come in and out but they don't stay. I'm too strong for the evil spirits.. I flush them out spiritually and Immunologically...

Spirits in your house are like spirits in your body..

I remember yelling at some of the spirits when they were making noises downstairs.. Even in my room.

Spirits always come by.. And sometimes when they see and feel situations are favorable, they try to stick around and take over.

Just like spirits inside people's bodies.. People hold demons in their body as well as house..

You may need to purge them out.. And maintain with salt as far as your food..

That's why you don't do my juice so much. Because it'll trap the evil spirits inside your body causing issues..

That's why the j world is a catalyst to purge out but not a cure.. Even the spirit world knows this..

Your house is the same thing as your body when it comes to salt.. salt can bring things together.. But you also want to have an option for things to leave.. Like a purge.. But not too aggressive.. and not too weak..

But you also must have major awesome intentions for your house and body to keep out the evil spirits.

It's a lot of maintenance..

Kind of like my world.. Spirits always come in but I always kick them out.. I don't let them stay inside my body too long..

That's like your house.. Spirits will always come in, but you have to have a way to shoo them out.




You will always be fighting to survive from the protection and the attacks..

Food is the answer.

Or else the protection and attacks will destroy you..

It's all thermodynamics

Words have always created worlds.. I've said this the last three years.. Even the last seven years..

Words have always controlled humanity.. Those in resistance, who also don't have the command of the English language will resist any one who does. And think you are brain washing them..

No, it's just a perspective. And then you can evolve the perspective if you have the ability.. If you don't have the ability.. And if you don't like the answer.. Or somebody else's perspective, whose fault is that..??

You are being given a chance to learn so much.. But you have to start from somewhere.. You learn somebody else's perspective then you evolve it.

To be fearful that artificial intelligence controlled by words, will dumb down humanity.. Are you sure you're not projecting your own iniquities?

Fear is always a projection of somebody else's deficiencies..

It's the one who know the words.. Will develop the worlds..

Unless you develop vocabularies.. Develop words.. Learn words.. Not THE word.. Which I see all over in religion.. Everybody wants you to learn their word..

Some people become smarter with artificial intelligence.. Some people will not bother to become smarter because artificial intelligence will do everything for them..

If mister musk thinks he can develop another artificial intelligence engine with his own answers to people's questions he still putting in his own spin on the information.. He still bought into elections and what that meant in the old world.. Always looking for a hero.. Waiting for superman..

Doesn't he realize that even the puppets are controlled by the opposition, and by whoever's controlling their strings..

It is not like they're acting. Like it's all fake.. People seriously do believe what they believe.. And people are manipulated.. Even the reality shows..

even the politicians.. Some realize they're not in control anymore.. So they just read what they have to read and deliver whatever message that needs to be delivered.. And if they go too far outside the lines.. Well, you know how that goes..

Some politicians think they will be the hero..

Maybe they think they can control the outcome of what was already set to happen two thousand years ago and after..

Nobody is infallible..

People are controlled by tradition their hormones and their regimented belief systems.. .

The internet tries to give off another perspective..

The internet is just a tool.. Artificial intelligence is just a tool.

It's all in how you use it..

When it comes to asking artificial intelligence questions and assuming the answers are one hundred percent correct, that's the issue..

Some people assume the answers from anyone is one hundred percent correct, or incorrect based upon their perspective..

It's only correct or incorrect relative to your belief system and how you want to characterize something..

Artificial intelligence doesn't give you all the stories and all the definitions of a word, term or concept.. I think it attempts to give you some of the arguments but.. There's always more arguments out there.. Because people can develop new arguments around the same thing..

It's the context of which you use it in.. What is your intention behind passing the information.. And maybe the question needs to be a bit more specific..

Just like when I asked artificial intelligence if your r h factor is contagious..

If it were to say it could be, then it would have to go down a rabbit hole that it doesn't want to go down.

And so then, you have to ask the question through the many layers of meanings.

That would then give you a yes or no answer, once you reduce everything down to its commons denominators..

And people have a hard time reducing anything down to its most simplistic form.

Going through the problems of reducing things down, does take knowledge of what you are reducing everything down to..

One must know all the factors to reduce everything down to its most simplistic form..

And most people that I've come across asking questions don't even have a clue of all the factors that must be processed to develop a simple answer for themselves

and some people who don't know the factors that make up the situation, have ALL THE answers for everybody else.. Those types of people are also in the died suddenly groups recommending remedies for people..

But they don't even know themselves ALL the factors contributing to the outcomes..

You're supposed to know every single factor out there for yourself.. Not for somebody else..

You seriously had to be personally knowledgeable about everything in the world..

And that takes time.. That takes self study..

some were never taught to self study.. Unless it was some kind of bible or something..

That's how people get radicalized.. Learning only one way.. One belief system..

They were taught to ask a question and get an answer. And it's usually black and white or yes or no.. Or I don't know..

In my opinion, I think religion developed that type of behavior because everything is about god and what they think is right or wrong..

And when you're dealing with elders and patriarchal and matriarchal societies who claim to have the answer to everything, then everything is black and white a yes or no..

And people don't have to critically think if someone tells them the answers all the time.

Cults and cult leaders always have to answer for you and the world.

I thought I had the answer for the world with my j juice.

Then I had to painfully evolve..

Because cults were built in me through politics religion and science based dogmas..

I had to leave society for the most part..

So I stay on my own and give you guys my perspective. And you do whatever you want because you will anyways..

I just won't be your scape goat or savior or satan.

I learned my lessons well.

Not everything is simplistic as people think..

That's why I don't ask anyone on facebook any questions or answer their questions..

I do my own research and develop my own thesis and conclusion.. And I use phd information.. Government sources.

I know when the government sources encourage you to go one way or the other.. The reason why is because there is a particular DESIRABLE outcome. And there are rules and laws.. And it makes sense..

Remember they are the balancing force.. They control populations.. They control life.. So it doesn't become so deadly or out of control causing all out human extinction..

So I just leave people alone, who are in the medical system that must be under a medical doctor..

And I speak about my situation and people will figure it out for themselves..

That's why you don't want to be the person who answers everyone's question and be the know it all..

That's why I don't run groups or have a huge following..

I'm not trying to lead a bunch of sheep behind me.. I don't want followers who worship my every word.

I want people to figure their shit out on their own.. Have their own successes based upon their own behaviors. I want people to find ways to save themselves whatever the hell that means.

And I also know biology and physiology and social constructs contribute to people's life or death..

I'm always happy when someone figures out how to put their eggs in certain baskets..

All I can be is representation..

So long story short..

I've stopped answering people's questions about everything..

Because the questions people will ask are so loaded that you don't want to answer it..

Because they will take that answer and use it against you relative to their intention..

You seriously have to know information to know how to ask artificial intelligence to prove whatever theories you have to prove..

Just like the Facebook and the internet..

It's all in how you use it..

And if you don't bother to have your own thought process and research capability. And you're also looking for someone to answer your questions, because that's what you're looking for is a pat answer, or some version of a definition, THEN the system will lead you down whatever road it wants to based upon the programming..

And that would be your choice..

Because you would have to study everything to critically think of the answer you're receiving is what you're looking for..

Which is AGAIN, why I don't answer people's questions..

Ask me no questions.. I will tell you no lies..

I just tell you what I experience in my background. And you will make your own choices..

Everything is based on perception..

Be careful asking anything a question.. Even artificial intelligence..

As far as this space object..

We will see what happens with this thing in space..

As far as this whole hunter biden thing and rigging elections because of censorship in the internet.. I don't vote.. Because it really doesn't matter anyways.. The government will always regulate.. And even if the puppets might be corrupt..

The puppeteers will always regulate..

The system rewards corruption because they want to see how much you will mimic and put yourself in a position to be taken down easier..

So I don't get involved anymore with the wars they have developed, Keeping people distracted from saving themselves..

Soap operas are for passing the time..

The world we had was never supposed to be forever and ever and ever..

It was supposed to change at some point..

People needed a story.. They needed to feel like they had some skin in the game..

It truly is now every man for himself.. Whatever that looks like..

Because when it's all said and done..

You're in a blood war..

It won't matter what you do if you don't have the capacity to adapt and change and evolve..

So people are spinning their wheels out of existence..

If you surely do not want to be a "sheeple"..

Say that you were never supposed to die someday.

Reconsider you never had to die.. And don't justify dying by saying that your body is a temporary vessel because your soul lives forever..

Tell that to the ghost on the other side trying to inhabit your body.. Yeah they're not living forever.. They're waiting for somebody to give up their meat suit.

The body is a vessel concept was a religion that was taught to you by those who had an intention for you.

Because all the activism against anyone you think is trying to destroy you.. Confirms they already won.. They won way before you were even a glimmer in your parents eye..

Your belief in your own demise now or in the future.. Was confirmation you already lost..

So what was it all for..

Vegan or not.. If you already believe you should die some day..

What are you resisting.

Those who don't resist.. And they are traditionalists.. Already acceptt whatever fate they think they have..

Those who do resist.. And believe they should die some day.. Already accept whatever fate they have.

Those who actually change the way they do things.. And they eat food.. And they stay home, and stay safe.. And they have the capacity to deal with pain suffering and food and rest and release..

Might have a glimmer of a chance..

But no guarantee because how much change can you do and deal with?..

And what's your life style or belief systems and what's working against you?

Time to take out your ledger..

And start doing biological financial and social capital accounting..

You'll find you are pretty much overextended overdrawn living on credit..

I hope you can pay your dues..

Those in resistance the most are in deficit over extended..

And they're not excited having to pay their first payment..

And sometimes it's with their life..

And the more aggressive the environment is, those who are closer to having to make their first payment or in resistance the most, the more fearful they become.. The more radicalized they become..

they are the ones that don't like to pay their taxes or think it's theft.

They think everything is for free.

No, you've been living on credit..

The pain is the dues..

If you can't pay your dues..

The "devil" will take it..

I'm telling you this world is not what you think..

You came in on credit.. Now you have to prove your worth..

I knew all those rallies during the pandemic was intentional..

They wanted you all to mix together and develop aggressive variants because you would anyways..

All the strong rh negatives who are probably also right wing, amplified everything that was going on..

But they would anyway you couldn't stop it..

Donald J. Trump is a powerful figure and very magnetic, that even I fell under his spell of rhetoric..

Today, I have no feelings one or the other about him.. he is just a man, a powerful one at that.

But even all the left-wing people marching and doing whatever they were doing, causing riffraff and whatever also caused a major surge and amplication of variations of these microbes..

You both were radicalized against each other..

It's no surprise the whole roe v wade came out the last three years as well.. Forcing everyone onto the street hanging out together protesting..

It was a set up.. It was always a set up.. You're in a blood war.. Influenced by politics and religion.

And now here we are..

It's going to be even worse during election season..

You see how many people are planning to get together because of the elections..

The system is rubbing their hands with glee watching people plan to get together.. For the new year and elections..

This year is going to be a shit show because of the election season.

And then look at all the protest against the middle east mixing the microbes..

Blood wars.

It's too fucking late.

I just hope you guys survive it..

But when people die suddenly that's exactly why they died suddenly..

From the last three years..

And I don't care what you blamed it on..

Protesting and resisting was never the answer for LONGTERM survival..

Protesting and resisting was the answer for the system to scale down the population.. At your own hand by your choices.. They're not going to stop you from getting together.. But they will warn you.. And you can choose to resist Or heed the warnings..

And it's a tried true method that's been used ever since fifty thousand years ago..

Why do you think it was in the amendments the first amendment..

Public gathering protesting.. Marches...

public gatherings and rallies..

We've all been had because we're children of our ancestors with a short memory..

Your memory is too short.. Because you believe in dying and reproducing..

And watch people will still take part in everything that goes on this next year..

Because now they're forced to.. They've invested the last 3 years of their life plus the last 10 years.

They can't afford to change their mind.. But if they do they better have a good story.. Because you'll be called a traitor if you do change your mind midstream..

I was called hypocritical when I changed my mind..

But you are allowed to change your mind about your belief systems..

That's how the system got you. Because you're so invested in your biases.. And all of your traditions..

The house always wins..

I learned that a long time ago.. It took me a while to actually see it in every single instance..

spike proteins from antibody therapies are supposed to act like a synthetic immunity of blood type a/b, but in a high frequency environment, it is very unstable. As you have seen..

Remember we're in climate change.. Everything is amplified and aggressive.. And growth happens very quickly..

Monoclonal antibodies are structurally identical antibodies produced by hybridomas. Mouse hybridomas produce anti-A and anti-B monoclonal antibodies.

That was their intent all long was the blood group a's and b's..

But no one has ever asked me what my blood type was when they were recommending a vaccination..

but, a vaccine is supposed to train your immune system to develop antibodies against the aggressive blood type a/b and rh negs, so even Blood type Os could "benefit", but what does that really mean in the world of expectation?? People are conditioned to be asymptomatic..

any type of aggressive symptoms are an unmet expectation.. esp in a highly amplified environment such as climate change.

Choose your own adventure.

Could my husband getting a vaccine make the payload to me less aggressive..?

In a lower frequency environment it won't matter. In a high frequency environment that may not even matter either..

The receiver and the giver must both be strong enough to deal with the antigen antibody programming

many blood type a/b ab receive blood type O because they need the antibodies/secondary antibodies..

blood type O should not get monoclonal antibodies, because they would trigger a major response.. incompatibility.. Blood type O already have a/b ab antibodies, but blood type a/b ab does not..

short term cell memory is the secondary antibodies, or vaccines or monoclonal antibody infusion..

Secondary antibodies are monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies that bind to primary antibodies or antibody fragments. They are often labeled with probes that make them useful for detection, purification, or sorting applications.

The reason why it's pretty much too late is because we've been replicating and developing so many new variants that the system and even people's bodies cannot get ahead..

Dying suddenly from overaccumulation of those antibodies regardless of their own immune system, thus trapping those beasts inside..

You really have to have an effective release process to survive even your own immunity..

And people are not..

The growth is happening way too fast..

And many people are being taken down, notch by notch by all the different infections and the remedies along with them.. And of course mixing in diverse company doesn't help but you can't stop people..

People do what they do.. They can't help themselves.

And then also the fear of food is the cherry on top..

You already have friends and family that have put the fear of food in everybody's hearts..

And when you tell someone that food is poison.. It's like telling a child they are stupid..

Now they are going to be afraid of food because you said you should be afraid of food..

That's how powerful people are to each other and their fears.

The system knew your friends and family and the people you follow will be the ones to take your ass out. And you will allow it..

The system warned you..

They warned me and I got right very quick.. And I learned my lessons and I took my licks..

I hope you survive your lessons and licks

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