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Understanding How to Really Develop Both Sides of Your Brain

Exercising both cranial hemispheres

Making both sides of the brain strong and dominant relative to the needs at the time..

If you do not use both sides of the brain and condition them, you might lost both sides of the brain relative to how much or little you use either of them.

Intolerance to diversity, or the creativity of biotech and lifestyles probably shows an embedded if/then logic in the left side of the brain with lack of conditioning the right side of brain to see the creativity in another parameter.

The system can condition left brained people to build/develop whatever they want using already given arguments, but when the arguments change, their right brain was not conditioned enough to see the value in the arguments requiring the use of their right brain or creative side.

That is the VERY ESSENCE OF intolerance..

You were made to think you are/were "creative", but not in the larger sense. You were made to be "creative" relative to the needs of the company and the government/academia.

You may think you have full use of both sides of the brain in your career field, but in actuality, intolerant people regardless of what they are not tolerating have atrophied their right brain from acknowledging the creative side to the world..

They are still run by the programmed logic of their left brain if/then formulas they were given at birth and accepted by the system.

Which is why sports, sex and activism and fear based activist campaigns are all about the "body" and "spirit", but exclude conditioning the mind to evolve.

The mind of humans today in the mainstream/alternative mainstream society were not actively programmed to evolve, but to regurgitate, defend and offend.

Which is also why so much suffering and all the wars.

When people's minds do not evolve, and their body does and they don't understand why their body is in immunological response, and so they destroy..

it is happening right now..

they are either violent, and/or all about love or using fear campaigns or they are under all types of therapies and food mitigation defending one's lifestyle and control over whomever...

that is the misalignment of the body, mind, and spirit.

phuck your love and intolerance, what about evolving your mind, and then maybe the world will change, for the "better"..

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