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Useful Suffering not Useless Suffering

One thing about suffering... useful suffering

You don't ever take anything for granted... You realize how hard it is to keep up on the most simplest things you take for granted..

This is why suffering is necessary to remind you to take care of yourself.. To remind you that the shortcuts are never shortcuts because you will pay a very dear price for them..

Many people have figured that out and are suffering for it and many people will find out when they do start suffering for the shortcuts they've underwent because they were sold a dream...

I embraced the suffering of taking everything back to square one...

I embrace the suffering so that way I understood what it means to keep something alive..

To keep myself alive..

To appreciate the most simplest things in life which is the bonding between you and another life form another creature dependent on you..

This is probably one of the most valuable lessons I've ever had to face.. Life is so precious..

And it truly takes a strong human to keep itself alive and to keep its dependents alive...

It's easy to bring a life into a world or save a life from potentially near death.. The hard part, the extremely hard part, is to sustain life and keep it alive despite climate changes..

We've given ourselves excuses to allow life to die within our family and body because it was too hard to change.. We've also allowed ourselves and our community to oncologically attack life, and call it healing..

So we chased endless cures until the pain became too great that nothing else was left except for hospice or addicted..

Climate change is taking everything back to square one and many people are suffering for it and so are all of biodiversity..

Life on Earth has been traumatized by the shortcuts, the experiments, and the surgical traumas along with all of remedies world.

And we are now paying for the sins..

Some have learned and got away from those industries..

others will find out and it will be too late..

The pain will be too great..

But I can assure you I've learned many lessons from Earth's trauma, and the life that she holds in her womb..

The notion that what stands between you and death, is food..

And if you don't feed yourself, or feed your animals, when you don't physically bottle-feed your animals, your babies or otherwise, when they stop eating on their own, they will die..

When you see the intelligence in the creature.. When you know there is a soul who wants to live.. Who is desperate to live.. That dependent soul needs your guidance, your patience, your empathy.. When that soul has professed dignity in its natural processes..

It would take a very cold person to snuff the life out of an intelligent creature, a soul..

Playing God is destroying a life when you have the means to take care of it.. Or why commit yourself to any life form if you don't have the means to take care of it..

Suffering doesn't mean that you're in pain.. That's not the only meaning of suffering..

Suffering is when your usual routine has been modified to make room for the changes in your environment..

Change is painful because it means that other things have to go to the wayside in order for you to make room for that change..

People use the word suffering as if pain was the only definition so that way they don't have to change and it would excuse them to release burdens they don't want to face when the time comes to face them.. I embrace evolution I embrace change.. Change is difficult but it is survivable..

It's easy to give up.. And let me tell you, you will get a lot of praise for giving up.. People will send you sympathy hearts-and-flowers and then you're welcomed back into the cult of death with open arms, and some will still punish you because you didn't give up sooner.

No matter what you will not win in the eyes of the world.. So you actually literally be the evolution be the change because no matter what the world wants you to give up sooner..

You have to want to live and you have to want to keep your family and your dependents alive.. If anything show them, if they are relatively autonomous.

A consumerist society just consume things.. No reverence no loyalty.. Consume without regard.. To them, life is empty and meaningless.. To them life is just something to consume.. Poop out and then die..

Now I see the difference between disposable and sustainable.. Sustainable means you will take the time to change and evolve..

Disposable means that when it doesn't suit you anymore it is thrown away like yesterday's trash.. Like a passing fad..

If upholding energy conservation using electricity as the predominant energetic source, then obviously we are against rap(ing) mother Earth of all of her resources aka fossil fuels, maybe we should stop rap(ing) humans for all of their resources using the medical surgical holistic system.

However if they said it was OK, make sure you characterize what you're doing correctly and not dress it up with deceptive marketing practices..

Maybe it's time to be consistent in our lifestyle and belief systems..

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