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Vaccines are Not Poison and Yet I Never Did Get One.

I have never had the vaccine.. Just so you know.. My husband and I were pressured into doing it because of how much instability was happening a few years ago.. We made the appointment at walmart..

But never showed up.. Both my husband and I never had the vaccine ever.. Ever.. But yes we were pressured into it and my arm hurting meant that the last few years the lymph nodes were opening but they had nothing to do with me getting a vaccine because I never received a vaccine ever within the last five years..

My husband had a Tetanus shot in 2020.. Because he had glass in his eye from 1ofhisjobs.. He didn't get a vaccine reaction really at all.. But both him and I had never had the covid vaccine ever..

Ever ever ever ever

scapegoating is as old as time.. better to scape goat medical than people..


If I had received the vaccine and also understood the necessity of reactions to it and also deal with climate change, I would have been leveraged and the antivaccine community would say gleefully, see, I told YOU.. lol and then would feel vindicated..

but ahahahah i never did get the vaccine and I know how frequencies and the herbs/tinctures and other remedies develop demons of instability in people so you cannot use the vaccines as to why I have been evolving and feeling shit for the last 3 years.. and I do NOT blame the vaxxed, either..

i take personal responsibility and I need no absolution...

if you are desperate for absolution, you are compromised..

bye.. i don't need your comments on my page..

you can feel "vindicated" on your own page because the system is "allowing" you to feel vindicated ahahah oh boy, those who need government permission to feel validated

well.. you are just proving how much you need to be led by the government..

again.. activists are transparent in their need for govt control and guidance..

you have NOT proved a damn thing except how much you need the govt to give you your beliefs..


now i cannot help but lmao.. seriously..

if this makes you hate me.. well, it does NOT take much to make you hate someone.. just challenge people's beliefs even if they get the allowance for their beliefs for just ONE day.. ahahah


lmao, i am so laughing right now people's heads are spinning ahaha

ok, it is not nice to laugh, but I am proving my point.. when you allow the govt give you all beliefs to hate/love people, all they have to do is just switch up the vaccine argument and make losers the winners and winners the losers.. like bob dylan said.. times are a changing and rapidly..

lol, the latest "discoveries" in therapeutic science is proving my point.. ahahah ya think a check from the govt is vindication or absolution.. aahh oh boy.. greedy for money is your downfall.. people can be bought.. obviously.. lol have fun being right and wrong.. i hope you survive climate change... not likely if being right is so important ahaha

again, I am just proving how much people can be bought.. just

wave a check or possibility of "money".. and boy, they do not care.. greed is the human downfall..

i cannot imagine that is Christlike.. if you are Christian..

the govt system is making fun of everyone..

you did not die from salt or dehydration, you died from lack of water..

ahah .. get it.. if you cannot see all sides of a physics, chemistry and biochemistry or social argument, you are and have been compromised.. and easily leveraged and easily manipulated and led.. what are you teaching your kids... hmmmm....

proves my point about everything...

i left the wars a long time ago.. and questioned them..

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