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Vaccines were the reason for the population explosion. They are the fertility.

Vaccines were the reason for the population explosion. They are the fertility.

1776 America, the last greatest experiment and then the first smallpox vaccine to induce a population boom in 1796, 20 years later..

America, the largest petri dish ever.

I made this video short because my arm is sore and I didn't get a lot of sleep. I was sweating last night. It was hot

But whenever you grow any company or a person too fast they will die.

Now look at these children maturing so fast and getting phds at 15 years old. Babies walking at 2 months old. Girls who are 15 and 16 looks like they're 40 and 50

Not only is the environment accelerating their maturity but their family is making sure they get trapped in sexuality and social capital

When girls and boys mature so fast they will have a very short life and that's exactly what's going on because parents can't change and they have to keep up with everybody else as well as repeat the traditions of their own parents

If you didn't get the vaccine then all the sexuality would then cause people to get immunized by the community. Early sex as well as sharing drinks and then sharing space in a highly accelerated environment

And then when you have too much infection you get another vaccine to control it fast thus developing another child or a new virus for the system to play with or cancer or aggressive aging

I told you this was planned way before you even knew the plans

this was planned in the Middle Ages

And you thought I was crazy

So the fact that my mother held me back and she didn't allow me to to mature as fast as my peers saved my f****** ass

I thank God I was never a Teen Mom or a single mom because that would have destroyed me and killed me

What is sad is watching all the hot mothers out there groom their children to be teen moms and so they're destroying their own genetic line and they're grooming their boys to basically burn through their community and have a bunch of women literally

What's also very evident are how weak these children are today because they have been procreated on aggressively since the 1700s or they kept getting highly vaccinated and had natural remedies used on them on a continuous basis because of intolerance to symptoms and pain and suffering and evolution. And many of these children have food intolerances and they can't handle any kind of food and that's why the system is cleaning itself up

In the Middle Ages and even in the early 1900s

the vaccines were the marketed as protection just like today but they were always the fertility and the antibodies were always the reason why you had the diversity in children and in adults and that's why you have such a diverse talented society but then that also can bite you in the ass.

And when you trap the antibodies in your immune system because of all the remedies and intolerance to air food and water you cause even more highly aggressive sexuality and if you have a kid more diversity and sexual orientation and sometimes you get cancer

actually right now you're getting a lot of cancer out there

If you look at the attachment as you can see the population had trouble redoubling itself before the 1700s but when you start adding in so much DNA from all types of people not only do you make them very fertile but you also make them predatory and very sexual and you get the diversity and you get the weak kids and the strong kids and the system can play genetics. Holy f****** s***

And yeah the pandemic of 1918 was another population boom and then World War one and World War II was the bust because of the death and then the boom in the 1950s.. that's where you get the Boomers from

The pandemic of 2019 will be the population bust as you can see people are dying suddenly from too much fertility and they are dead set in having their kids have sex at early age and have a slew of children

And when you lined up to get the covid-19 test you basically offered up your DNA for them to use and then also the 23andMe and so the scientist purified those samples and then used the key parts of those samples to develop new vaccines and that's why people are not surviving their Community their friends their family

And when you have so many women highly sexualized under so many diets and who can't handle air food and water and then you'll also have a very fertile community the fertility will destroy the woman and the man who can't handle immune system activation and even the children

Yeah this is crazy s***

And so yeah the vaccines were like a phallic penis injecting people with so much information causing immune system activation and antibodies and then making them very fertile and then they want to have sex or make a virus or they have cancer disease and chronic illness. And of course hanging out with different people you mix DNA and then you get aggressive microbial replication

And so the 1960s was all about sexualizing children and everybody else so that way you had not only the vaccines plus the people and then you had the Christian Revival advocating family and then you have the Hebrews advocating family patriarchal society and the religion and that's how the system was able to get to you and you wouldn't even know it and then have you fight amongst each other because you're all under the same programming

The Obelisk of the Vatican and the Washington Monument was the symbol of a phallic penis from the rosicrucians based out of Egypt way back when

Now look at all the men out there priding themselves how big their family is and how sexual they are and how many women they burn through at any given moment and that is the great experiment and that was all from the vaccinations

And then look at all the single moms out there trying to make the best of situation they had zero control over

You are the host and you host both the antigen and antibody in your body and you will either allow the EXCESSIVE antigens and antibodies to destroy you or you will release the excess so you don't fall apart from aggressive immune system activation and particle acceleration leading to excessive growth

1796 was the first time a smallpox vaccine was administered and it had the intention to eradicate the virus and if you were full of smallpox infection, the excessive antigen and the antibodies also known as infection would also probably destroy the person because when you have that much infection and you are already compromised you wouldn't survive the therapy and even the infection.

If you're relatively strong person and you had a small infection potentially the vaccine could eradicate it. But remember the environment has everything to do with how fast infection and microbes replicate. That's what the anti-vaxxers are missing as well as the Pro vaccine people

Climate change and particle acceleration can make the growth astronomical from the infection as well as the antibodies to fight it and then the person is overridden by both defense and offense and and they get destroyed by both teams destroying each other. It's called mutually assured destruction.

And when you the host has two teams fighting each other and then you make it easy for them to destroy each other by trapping them inside your body through the medications and disarming your immune system, you're making it easier for them to annihilate you, the host

Which is why you have to have a third option which is your immune system opening up to release both the Demons of offense and defense so you don't get destroyed during a war that you knew nothing about.

The Body must be able to release and express both the antigen and the antibodies then set those microbes free from the body because too much antigen and antibodies will cause all out annihilation.

People die from strokes and heart attacks and blood clots also known as human calamari or drowning in their own mucus

But the slower destruction of too many antibodies and antigen in the body, and also trapped in the immune system, is the person falls apart.

First, the person breaks bones because the aggressive immune system weakened their tendons and muscles and bones,

Then they get shoulder surgery.

Then they get operations on their ankles and knees.

And then they're on blood thinners.

And then they have headaches and migraines.

And by the time they figure it out their body is falling apart

Infection is both

negative times a negative equals a positive

and a positive times a positive equals a positive.

It doesn't matter if it's antigen or antibody

when you have too much of both in your system and you can't release the excesses, then those microbes become deadly to you and they can turn into fast moving Cancers and chronic illness and chronic pain and autoimmune disorders

The integers of biology has everything to do with infection and your immune system of both positive and negative of antigen and antibody.

And I don't care how you characterize what's an antigen developing an antibody. Immune system activation implies there's an antigen developing antibodies which is called growth and sometimes in an accelerated environment that growth is deadly

And when people cannot release demons and they are intolerant to air food and water, they are also suffering and then died suddenly is the only humane way to let a person leave this earth.

you can't blame the system for what you've already accepted as far as the outcome. You already accepted death and that's why you have so many nursing homes and hospice. How many of you have buried people like your grandpa and Grandma and even your parents or children. You already accepted Grandpa should die someday and at some point somebody won't be able to handle the environment and sometimes it's somebody who is 50 30 12 11 10 9 or 5 years old or it's a sudden infant death or sudden adult death syndrome.

Climate change and aggressive therapies, regardless of where you get them from, causes sudden death.

But at least they're not suffering.. because you hate people who make people suffer.

There are people like myself who took vaccines 20 years ago and we were relatively okay. I was strong enough to handle that fertility of antigen and antibody. I had many vaccines as a child. I wouldn't take vaccines now because I'm already exposed to people and I have a husband who's the ultimate vaccinator. Because we're married.

I'm married to his Spike protein.

I can handle the climate and I can handle immune system activation and I can eat all food

And you can't force people to assimilate or evolve or eat all the food. Sudden death was the gift the system gave to all family and friends so people can move on with their life and figure it out

Defective procreation is what's destroying future generations

If you're adopted you have a chance to save yourself from the mistakes of your parents and their predecessors. You have the gift of other DNA that you could tap into.

If you're not adopted and you have a close-knit family it will be very difficult for you to break free from their traditions and culture. You're relegated to whatever your parents and grandparents ended up. I'm not saying it's impossible but many people have a difficult time breaking tradition

Adoption is when you are trying to override nature with nurture

I understand nurture can be just as strong as nature but sometimes nature can be stronger than nurture.

My original DNA before it was nurtured into american programming is what's probably saving my ass.

I don't know my genetic history and I probably will never know my genetic history. But I can assure you I don't have a long line of trauma and defective genetics from so much procreation.

That's what saving my ass.

If I had a long line of aggressive genetic defective DNA I would have already been under hospital care getting surgeries and everything else people are doing to stay alive and to sort of compete with other people. No matter how much programming my parents gave me through nurture, my DNA was always going to carry me through or destroy me

Sometimes you have to start from the beginning to understand why the ending will be the new beginning.

Defective procreation is what's destroying future generations

Let me paint you a picture

If everybody in the United States had aggressive Down syndrome with the average IQ level between 20 and 35. Do you think the United States would survive. Do you think humans would survive. And this is nothing against Down Syndrome people at all whatsoever.

I would never put the future in just myself or the people on my Facebook. There's not enough intellectual capability and tolerance to Evolution for survivability to put the future of Humanity on the people in my Facebook much less those who have intellectual disabilities.

The future of the human race depends upon intellectual capability and the ability to learn abstract concepts to the point of understanding how necessary evolution is and supporting evolution correctly by respecting and honoring life, and not being forced to attack it, carve it out and destroy it

or breeding life EXPONENTIALLY without any responsibility BY not having enough resources to support it

Humanity must progress, not regress in intellectual capability.

And if humans do not understand the necessity of all food, pain and suffering and change and supporting change correctly by not violating the laws of life, there goes Humanity.

It will go extinct..

and if the smartest person in the world has an IQ of 35

Humanity will go extinct

I can guarantee THAT.

Defective procreation will extinct humans if they don't smarten up. So the system must step in

I don't want you to die and I hate to see you suffer.

I'm not allowed to take away your suffering or force you to suffer.

It's out of my hands. I tried to help Humanity. But Humanity was stuck in the loop of the logical fallacies until the system could find the right prototype to develop and propagate

Remember I tried to save humanity and save my dog and I could save neither but only myself. You can never ever save another human being in body mind or spirit

I don't care what your religion says

When animal or a human intends to die you cannot force them to live

Animals don't intend to die but they don't have what it takes to live if they've been damaged so much by the system already. You can't force any animal to eat enough to save themselves. And they don't have the intelligence to take themselves outside and go to the restroom when they need to especially if they're suffering through regeneration. And so the caregiver doesn't have enough infrastructure to give the animal a chance a second chance at life.

Again that's why I hate the butchery surgery system.

To finally tap into the second part of your life you have to revisit every single thing you've ever done to yourself and pay penance

And your children are the lessons that you never learned and if you're teaching your children they will never learn the lessons unless they find a way to separate themselves and I don't know how many kids can do that in families who are so close knit.

If you're adopted you have a chance to save yourself from the mistakes of your parents and their predecessors. You have the gift of other DNA that you could tap into. I understand nurture can be just as strong as nature but sometimes nature can be stronger than nurture.

America was the last greatest experiment

Death and died suddenly is the ultimate cure for cancer disease chronic illness pain suffering and viruses

And so if you and your children can't handle air food and water and you and them are suffering, death and died suddenly is the most humane way to go

You can't force people to eat something they have pain from eating. You can't force them to live if life is painful. So death and died suddenly is the most humane way

People already do that in oncology and remedies and surgeries and herbs and extracts. This is not new. But eventually fertile generations practicing oncology remedy surgeries and herbs and extracts develop an aggressive frequency in the future of suffering to the point that the herbs the extracts the oncology the remedies and the vaccinations are so effective that you really can't complain because you already developed a case for it.

Just remember the veterinary system and the doctor surgical medical holistic healing world are the representation of the executioners in your Society one microbe and life at a time.

How was I different when my dog was alive. I knew how deadly the medical holistic system truly was and I didn't realize that her PREVIOUS visits to them will come back and haunt me when I try to GIVE her her next life

I am true and consistent to being against the death and destruction of life.

The fact that you used proxies such as a medical holistic energy healing world to absolve yourself from the act of executing your animal in Body Mind and Spirit at the micro level and macro level does not relieve you of your responsibility of owning something that you had no intention or awareness how to keep it alive..

The fact I faced the life that I chose to take on and used every attempt to keep her alive without trying to destroy it through the medical vet system is a testament to my ability to handle suffering and she was still alive.

Suffering yes but she was still alive and I did not have enough help to keep that infrastructure of food going in as the damage was leaving the body.

Whenever you have anyone cut into you or into your animal you have just potentially ruined their chances to gain a second chance at life. And that animal is suffering from the veterinary system from you giving them to a butcher to cut into them regardless of the reason

Coming back from that damage is an aggressive suffering. And then what happens is those animals become disposable. And that's why you see so many people have so many different animals because life is disposable.

I learned the hard way what happens to animals when they suffered through the Butchery of the vet system. They don't get a second chance at life because the suffering to come back from that butchery is far too much for anyone to handle.

I saw the holes the vet system did to my animal before I even adopted her.

You want no kill shelters but you want endless suffering then you don't want suffering anymore.

You can't have it both ways.. people should not be responsible for life when they can't even be responsible for the life they have. And so when you keep burning through lifelines of animals and children and your own family you become disposable and so do animals and then you become deadly to people because of all the suffering

And people burn through life like they're eating their way through a fair. They eat the life and they s*** it out and they keep continuing consuming life until it's all gone.. and during that time of that lifespan that animal suffers from all the treatments because inevitably you'll have to treat that animal again because the suffering became too much until you have to put it down and you're forced to put it down.

By proxy you become the Executioner.. Even when you employ the vet system to put your animal down. Or oncology or hospice to put your friends and family down

That's the slavery system of humans children and animals and if you can't face that then yeah you're going to have to die suddenly because you'll never face what you've contributed to

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