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Verbal or Written Contracts = Spell Casting

Verbal or written contracts= spell casting'

Be very careful of the company you keep because they could be casting death spells on you all over the place.. And it's done verbally and through written words..

And even virtually.. And I will tell you parents are the biggest spell casters.. And most the time it's casting spells of death onto their children..

That's the kicker

That's why I focus on parent child relationships because if you're going to carry on the human race.. You better understand the kind of spells you cast on to yourself and your family..

Main take away.. There were universal contracts in politics religion science forced upon you as a child and even as a young adult or adult.. Every time you speak you enter into a verbal contract with the universe and most people enter into death contracts.. And they cast those contractual spells onto their children.. All spirituality is about casting contractual spells of death onto anyone around them.. When you claim to be spiritual that's exactly what you're doing regardless of what kind of spirituality you belong to..

You now have the power to renegotiate the contracts because you were not of sound mind when someone entered you into that contract on your behalf.. A child cannot make their own decisions and so someone else had to until you are eighteen..

That's why you have the power to get out of those legally BINDING contracts forced upon you as a kid in politics in religion and science dogmas..

Some people will not renegotiate the contracts because they don't have what it takes to deal with the new contracts.. Their family and friends and belief systems have forced them into the old contracts because they don't have what it takes to understand the contract they were forced in..

As a baby and a young adult..

Everything you do in this universe is legally binding.. It's just to what degree are you held to account for the contractual obligations within that universal contract..

Some people don't realize the contracts that were forced upon them was not to their benefit and was never to their benefit.. And you can't tell them that because the other party made sure you never renegotiated their own contract..

That's why those were forced in contracts they didn't know is destroying them are resisting..

They didn't realize that the contracts they were entered into cause them stress and so they're resisting everything.. Until death.

If you keep resisting.. The stress and the breakage will destroy you and your family..

Temporary Microbial and legal remedies..

You might neutralize a little bit of stress by countering somebody else's negative energy or blocking it..

But you can't stop the universe and the powerful machines that are giving off the positive energy and then you try to use negative energy blockers because what you're advocating is equilibrium.. One hundred percent cured or death..

At some point you must understand assimilation..

Orgone amplifiers Energy radiation and energy blockers.. Energy blockers are No different than using antibiotics... Your intention is not to assimimlate.

You must condition your body for the environment.. Using energy blockers can make you weak because it's still energy coming at you..

Energy cannot be created or destroyed only converted.. All you're doing is using up more energy to convert energy you think is poison..

No different than scaring people away from Air pods..

Radiation is not bad unless you have no idea how to convert that energy to your benefit.. Most people cannot convert energy to their benefit.. Yeah you're alive but for how long..

Obviously vast amounts of radiation from an atomic bomb is not good..

But little bits of radiation through a conditioning process causing, yes stress and evolution, but it is not bad as long as you know how to feed it and reconfigure yourself.. Release the damaged cells..

Because you're always surrounded by different types of energy and radiation.. Even your friends and family give off amounts of radiation based upon their influence..

Activism is a type of radioactive energy..

Because of how much energy you take in causing stress and then distribute out..

Even if you unplugged everything in your environment and use so many energy blockers in your environment.. You still have to go outside and take on the radiation from different places..

No one ever stays in one place forever.. They have to go shopping.. They have to go online.. You have to condition yourself for the lifestyle you choose.. Or else you're setting yourself up for failure.. Di(e) ag nose


When you ask somebody to cast a spell of death on you when you ask them to diagnose you..

.. Cold and flu season was always in between October and March.. as you know spring allergy season overlapped with cold and flu season..

Covid nineteen will never be over.. Instability is the new normal.. Which means you'll always be constantly adjusting until you can handle the conditioning process without dying or getting a diagnosis..

That's essentially the crux of the jay world.. Not entering into any MORE disease contracts with your government..

Dont play the case play the man..

Don't play the odds play the man.. Man writes contracts.. He enters into them not realizing what's involved.. The case can be spun, the man is emotional, image oriented, triggered and biased

Contracts The offer is the proposal that is made by one party outlining the terms of the contract, the acceptance is the approval of the proposal (sometimes after negotiation) by another party, and the consideration is the exchange of value as stipulated in the contract.

And whenever you communicate with someone regardless if you respond or initiate you have just entered into a microbial communicable contract.. Or virtual contract..

If you don't like the terms of the contract don't enter into them or voluntarily engage with anyone.. Or anything you don't agree with.. Because once you do you have entered into a contract..

When you worship someone who ends up in a certain way you have signed a contract.. You have verbally signed a contract until you renegotiate that contract..

On your terms..

That's the beauty of the J world. Is you find the way to RENEGOTIATE contracts you have entered into for many years.. Not realizing it was never to your benefit or on your terms.. Until you choose to realize.. The loophole is you were not in sound mind when you negotiated a specific contract.. Especially when you entered into them as children.. When you're eighteen you can renegotiate the contract..

Because you were not of sound mind

When you're very sick you can renegotiate contracts.. Microbial contracts because you were not of sound mind

Religion is a contract. End result..figure it out

You take something to trial/try when you know you can win . You only settle when you are weak and leveraged..

The jay world is going through the pains of the trial of your life of judgment.. And you know you can win. People who choose not to do the jay world know they have already been leveraged.. They're not ready to lose in the court of life..

Because you have to fight for your life when you're in front of a jury who are the executioners if you can't prove you're worthy to live indefinitely

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