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Violence was always in the population way before the power elite and the cia and mk ultra..

Violence was always in the population way before the power elite and the cia and mk ultra..

If you didn't have the indicators that something was dangerous and is dangerous.. You would walk into a crowd of killers with a smile and be destroyed..

If you didn't develop a fight or flight syndrome early on in life.. You would never recognize danger for what it was..

And you will watch now the saviors will turn into predators.. If people can't save themselves , what makes you think your activism is gonna save other people.. Then you turn into a predator.

And we're watching predators develop themselves on Facebook everyday trying to save someone six thousand miles away..

If people can't save themselves in war.. What the fuck makes you think you can save them with your activism.. Who gave you the right to go save someone who has failed to save themselves.

We don't need another hero.. Talk to your law enforcement.

and, when people do self express with so much damage inside, they shit on the world with violent aggressive energy that when given the opportunity, they could do physical harm to a race of people.. even "screw" them to death..

which is why the system wanted people's "damage" to be filtered through sexuality but any type of aggression via violence or love leads to destruction and also predatory behaviors that one cannot tell the difference between predator and prey.. they both are hunting each other..

which is also why they are guiding reproduction/children carefully, as the system has observed people reproduce deadly clones of themselves activating their own families to destroy others who do not fit within their socially acceptable paradigms.

But the system wants to know who you are and they want you to self-express so they know who the intolerant people are and to watch out for them because they would do damage to someone else if given the opportunity

They want to know what race and culture and belief systems that you would destroy if given the opportunity and your violent speech against a person place or thing or race Creed or culture or religion just confirms why they're doing what they're doing and that's why they don't feel bad because you don't feel bad about your thoughts about a person place or thing.

You have failed to protect yourself and so you think protecting others from some enemy well then give you the justification to target somebody else..

People who fail to protect themselves will always be a victim to someone a person place or thing or idea even if no one is around them

People who fail to protect themselves will always blame someone else for their own failed protection. Or they find absolution .. Always pointing the finger essentially never taking personal responsibility for their part in any situation that they have deemed unfavorable in their world..

Which is why the system doesn't give a s*** if you love or hate them because you've brought it on yourself..

And it becomes easier to hate people as you fail to take responsibility for yourself. If it comes easier to be mad at people when you have not made any attempt to understand the other point of view because you feel you are entitled to get whatever the f*** you want whenever you want it.

That's why I don't deal with Millennials or Boomers because they think they're entitled to whatever and they don't give a s***. And even Gen X people don't necessarily respond to my information because they were raised by Millennials and Boomers around them.

And so that's why people stay on their own away from society because they can't deal with the b******* that's out there.

And when you're on your own it's so easy to see it

When you constantly surround yourself by people they will be your physical spiritual and biological vessel or punching bag as you see fit . That's why people love to hate and hate to love

Which is why people like me are very misunderstood because we don't need people around us to be a vessel or punching bag or target of ABSOLUTION. EVEN pets

People like me are dangerous to those who justify destruction through absolution.

Because there goes the politics religion and even the biased science dogmas

And when you don't have those lean on anymore to justify your behaviors then you finally have to look at yourself.. And take personal accountability which is missing in most of the world.

And that is scary for a lot of people who depend upon everyone around them to justify their existence

They haven't even justified their own existence and so yes being on their own is impossible. Who people are are based upon who they surround themselves with until they release everyone. And then they realize they are nothing without the people around them. Because they never developed their own way. It was always based upon somebody else who told them who they were and ARE..

That's what politics religion and science does.. Develops clones who don't think about anything but what their group wants and needs.. Even if it's their own destruction

That's why it's easy to destroy people because they surround themselves by people who told them who they are and how to be..

That's why it's like shooting fish in a barrel in this Society.

Just infiltrate the groups and you will get the answer on how to control them and regulate them. And if you speak their language they will allow you to destroy them

Climate Change Bringing Out the Worst In People and Their Inherited/Acquired Diseases

Many of you have observed, experienced directly or indirectly how Climate Change is affecting yourself, your family, friends and even co-workers. You might not make the correlation that climate change is bringing it up in people, but you have experienced and even "blamed" other things you perceive is causing society to go into a controlled chaos.

Controlled chaos or controlled demolitions are necessary when a "product" that was once hailed to be the "the next thing" turns out to be completely the opposite and also dangerous to the future. Examples of controlled demolitions resulting into a type of controlled chaos could be planned building demolitions, war in specific regions, pandemics, and diseases leading to died suddenly regardless if it was "expected" or someone notices an increase in "frequency".

As you may or may not know, many people in the population have experience some kind of trauma in their background. Where it be violence in the family, domestic violence, aggressive addictions, inherited diseases or voluntary/involuntary experience in war, and work place violence. What is not always readily known are "sleeper" cells, or people who have had violence in their background and not consciously aware of the violence they experienced all of "sudden" start getting triggered by people, places and things. Why does that happen?

Memory cells develop from little experiences to aggressive traumatic experiences, images and noises. Relative to how influential they are, the body can purge them naturally over time, or metastasize those memories when all the conditions are right. Disease is usually the first indicator of some kind of traumatic memories people hold and people are encouraged to cork up their diseases further compounding the situation. However, over time those corked up memories trapped in the body, NOT allowed to release become a monster people cannot ignore. Sometimes the system can manage that monster with drugs, and coping mechanisms as that "monster" is now part of a controlled "demolition" of that person as the person gets treated time after time after time until hospice. What many people do not anticipate is, relative to the trauma, the "sleeper" cells go undetected until the climate shifts SO AGGRESSIVELY, people supernova or are HAIR TRIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is when you realize how dangerous society can be when triggered by people's person to person interaction with one another. Strangers and even co-workers can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable which is why you treat all people you interact with daily in each other's presence, with kid gloves...

The system knows what kind of PTSD the general population holds and they also know how climate change will bring out the worst in people, which is why I stay home, stay safe and I rarely mix in with strangers and why I am also polite and act "defensively" on the road.

It is BAD out there.. very bad out there and it will only get worse and we will be heading into a time when the environment will bring out even the worst in your community, which is why you listen to the sheriff when he says stay home April 8 if you are in those areas viewing the Eclipse.

Men and women who have been through some crap will start "waking" up and you do NOT want to be caught in the crossfire..

It is dangerous for children and unaware adults..

be mindful.

Genetic markers do not have to become influential..

They can be caught and inherited..

And they can also be released.

Ticking Time B(ombs)

Climate change can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Climate change can lead to an increase in the frequency of disasters, such as floods, which are associated with PTSD, which secondarily would be associated with psychological distress. The possible effects of mitigation measures on mental health are also discussed. The paper concludes with a discussion of what can and should be done to tackle the expected mental health issues consequent to climate change

Increased exposure to heat is likely to become more common with the rise in the global temperatures. It has been suggested that there is a relation between temperature rise and aggressive behavior.[10] Increase in rates of criminality and aggression have been observed during the hot summer months, suggesting a link between aggressive behaviors and temperatures.[11,12] With global warming, it is possible that the rates of aggression may increase over time. Association has been also been seen with the rates of suicides and the temperatures. It has been seen that suicides, especially violent ones are more common with the recent increase in temperatures.[13,14,15]

Heat waves have been associated with mental and behavioral disorders. A study from Australia suggests that heat waves are associated with increased rates of admissions for mental disorders also, in conjunction with other disorders such as cardiovascular and renal illness.[16] Such heat waves have been associated with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, dementia and anxiety related disorders among others.[17] Extreme heat exposure can lead to physical as well as psychological exhaustion.[18] A study from Thailand suggests that occupational heat stress is associated with greater psychological distress among the workers.[19] Similar other studies have found an association between increased temperatures in the work place and greater psychological distress.[20]

Individuals who have been through the experience of climate related natural disaster are not only at a higher risk of developing PTSD, but also at a greater risk of developing acute stress reaction and adjustment disorder.[26,27] These disorders are anxiety spectrum disorders which can subside over a period of time with rehabilitations and/or treatment. Other stress exacerbated disorder includes development of acute and transient psychosis and relapse of bipolar disorder. Faced with the loss of home, environment, social structures and loved ones, an individual may develop a bereavement (grief reaction) or depression. The depression is likely to be more pronounced in those who live in small rural communities, than those living in big cities.[28] As the impact of climate change seems to be increasing over the time period, it is likely that a greater proportion of the population would be impacted by the mental health consequences of climate change related disasters.[29]

Either way both sides are storylines..

How deep will you go into each side

When will you walk away from the war trying to prove your storyline..

At what point does even the red pill become something to choke on..

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I don't believe or disbelieve everything.. Some things there's nothing I can do and there's no point in getting mad. But if you must get mad , find a way to channel it to your benefit without making accusations..

Be the one to survive.. And find a way to move forward..

Because what will happen once you catch the rabbit..

People don't want to ever catch the rabbit because the chase is what they're addicted to..

People are addicted to chasing rabbits down the rabbit holes...

They never want to catch the rabbit.. It was never about catching the rabbit..

It was the chase

it was the story..

It was the justification for their life.

The only time the story ends is if they end that story with another story or they end their own life voluntarily..

Because the rabbit was never meant to be caught..

They were only meant to be eaten.. Or as a pet and then the pet dies..

At least you're getting warnings.. Heed the warnings..

When you channel Alice in Wonderland you'll go down endless rabbit holes until the queen chops off your head..

We are going into new society where all of that mess that people were injured by will be in the past or so underground, you'll never find it..

It's time to move forward.. I celebrate no deaths..

I celebrate life..

The new world order means all that mess needs to be put behind you.

You are alive for a reason. Because somebody gave you that spark. How will you use that spark of life?

Only you will know..

You can spend your life chasing rabbits and end up over the cliff with everyone that you're trying to claim justice for..

Or you can be the one who survives..

What purpose does it serve to believe the power elite are baby eating reptilians who want to suck on the loosh. Even if it is true.. I treat them no different than any predator in my neighborhood that was convicted of a crime.. And set free.. Because even allegations are almost like a conviction in this day and age.. People believe everything.. Especially when they love to hate..

So what do I do.. When I see convicted criminals in my neighborhood who have already served their time.. Or when there are allegations rumored all over the internet..

It's really none of my business.. And if I see something I will say something.. But.. There is no point in going on a wild goose chase.. Hunting people you think are the satan or the devil..

And I will never put myself in a position to be used and abused by someone who I think t could get me ahead..

The reason why people are victims is because they're either so naive and they walk into danger.. Or they're so overly ambitious they're willing to sell their soul.. And their parents help them sell their soul.. When your own parents sell your soul it's kind of hard to avoid that situation..

Desperate people.. Find themselves in unfavorable situations..

Protect yourself protect your family.. And try not to believe everything you hear see and read.. Because even then you don't know what's behind any sound bite.. You don't know who's behind what somebody is doing.. And anyone can make accusations and claims and write stories.

So then it's time to have discernment and develop your own storyline.. Or you will fall for somebody else's..


When my husband and I got married..

We are 1

You have 2 collective stargates..

Each individual has their own stargate..the 3rd collective one..

But the only way you can access the third stargate is if everyone is under one alignment and story.. Or else you get chaos..

What if your mind channeled through pain and suffering is the stargate..

Some of you haven't really "decalcified" your pineal gland but you forced your pineal gland to move when it was not conditioned to move..

That's the psychedelic community attached to the energy healing world..

And that type of thing ages the person aggressively fast..

Potential symptoms of a calcified pineal gland may include insomnia and migraine attacks.

And you know what people do.. They take a bunch of melatonin.. Or they're taking all these anti headache medication..

Further damaging themselves even more..

When humans finally stop pretending they are happy and wonderful.. And they finally admit how fucked up they are and the world is..

They might have a glimmer of a chance to save themselves..

If not they will be corked up pretending happy happy joy joy.. Hiding behind fake smiles and family and friends.

Yeah the emperor is naked.. But you think he has clothes..

The facade is wearing down..

What does corked up mean?

to not allow yourself to express your anger, worry, or sadness.

So we know people are not truly happy when they are fighting all their diseases with so many different supplements and remedies. And in denial. Which leads to died suddenly..

No you're not really at peace.. Or you would be rest in peace and prove it..

Resistance equals breakage and died suddenly..

Pretending to be happy and peaceful and loving is resistance.. Under the influence so you could be happy peaceful and loving is inauthenticity..

What's your intention here jillian why do you want to bring down the world.

The world already is coming down.. Because people are in denial.. They are pretending everything is wonderful knowing fully well it's not..

Maybe if they finally admit that they are not as happy as they claim to be.. And they finally allow to feel the feelings they've stuffed inside.. When they stop medicating their feelings away.. When they stop working themselves and everyone around them to death..

Maybe they could save themselves..

Yeah.. That's not popular when people are under the influence. Trying to run away for everything..

Now you know why people stay so busy.. So they can avoid to feel anything..

Because once they do feel.. All hell will break loose and maybe it needs to happen..

So the system will do a controlled hell.. and may be some of you who will finally preempt your own hell and figure out you can survive it.. You might actually survive it..

The best and worst thing about me is I never truly ranaway from my feelings or the past.. When I finally stopped running and I stayed in one place.. I was able to face everything.. It helps when you finally sit and look at yourself..

It truly does help not to be so busy.. It really does help not to be so lovey dovey to everyone in everything..

The magic is in the pain and suffering and ALL OF the food..

That's where the true genius lays within.. That's TAPPING into the universe... That's accessing your pineal gland.

I decalcified my pineal gland..

I had the magic in me the whole time.. I never had to use someone else's magic..

I was the magic.

And you know, people will overly medicate their animals so they don't release. And then they destroy their animals.

As an adjective, glib means easy or unconstrained, often thoughtlessly, superficially, or insincerely.

You see that lord rothschild died just like any other person..

Having a little bit of money or lot of money doesn't make you any less immune to situations out there unless you have something more than just money or NO money

Because you can't eat money people.

Denial is the opiate for the masses..

Make sure your peace isn't really rest in peace..

People who are not at peace have to convince the worlds they are in peace.. Because they cannot survive chaos to develop peace, not RIP.

You know how you prove you're at peace in peace..

Death certificate.

I never want to be at peace one hundred percent..

I'm not looking to die.

If you truly want to be at peace, go live in a mortuary..

When i'm sleeping I am at peace.. Sometimes..

My aim is never to be at peace one hundred percent.. That's called rest in peace..

It is surviving the chaos is what gives you the ability to earn your small bouts of peace without rest in peace.... To truly survive your society you cannot assume you will ever be at peace.. Unless you want to end up in the mortuary..


Which is why I don't promote cures because I don't want to cure someone to death so they are looking forward to being at peace..

That fire that fight within you is what will keep you alive , especially when times are tough..

It's those who have to depend on others to give them the fire to survive because they can't ignite their own are those who run away from difficulty..

Do I need all of you to survive.. Not necessarily.. Whatever triggers I have based upon what I observe is the examined life.. The unexamined life is not worth living..

So I examine my life and everyone else's

I don't want to be cured to death.. Other people want to be.

And to them being cured means you are peaceful.. No, you're just developing a pathway to rest in peace.. Selling it like a drug.

The more you have to convince everyone your world is so amazing that you're so loving and at peace and everything is beautiful.. The more you are exposing how much the opposite is actually true..

Because when you finally admit how fucked up the world is you realize you don't have to be as fucked up as the world.. And you do things differently..

The people who voice how messed up the world is.. Are probably the ones who are most at peace.. Without rest in peace.. And they actually show you they do not have to be as fucked up as the world..

And they look at what mistakes they've made..

And they see it in other people.. And they see it in themselves and they fix themselves.. And they are not in denial selling people how beautiful and wonderful they are..

Those are the people who are really truly at peace without rest in peace.. Because they know there is nothing one hundred percent chaos free..

And they know in order to survive in a f***** u* society. They have to be fucked up themselves and keep to themselves. So they don't keep fucking up society.

So they leave society.. Because if you can't beat them then you have to join them. And you don't want to join a fucked up society.. Playing the same games they play.. And if you try to beat them you end up just like them.. Just look at the activist.. Acting just like who they think their oppressors are.

So you leave..

And then you observe how fucked up you where and how fucked up society is..

And of course , when you're in it , you cannot ever see it until you walk away.. People can't face who they are so they can never walk away..

When you're on the outside looking in it's tough to see yourself.. So if you cannot handle the mirror, you stay in it and justify selling an image like a reflection in a mirror....

And sell to the world how wonderful you are. Until someone breaks the mirror and exposes you for who you really are.. By exposing themselves..

Even though I married my equal we are not equal in all the same ways.. I'm not better than him and he's not better than me. But we have different strengths and weaknesses..

When you equally treat everyone in your family for the same issue with the same type of methodologies, you will get equilibrium..

Or zero kelvin..



Remember, the equal ) sign means that each side is equal to the other. Anything you change on one side must be changed on the other, or they will no longer be equal.

Every family is an equation that must be solved.. Just be careful what kind of solution you're chasing after..

Before we force academics down our children's throats make sure they have the capacity to take on intelligence through their gut and release demons or else you are going to torture them. Because in this highly accelerated environment cancer disease and chronic illness will manifest first and then all the treatments will take away the intellectual capability and intelligence over time and then that kid has nothing really to work with to develop a future.

That kid must understand the importance of all food and release. And so while they might have great successes now are they able to sustain those successes they exhibit today? Do they have the infrastructure to develop a sustained intellectual intelligent capability and future

And I don't know how you would do that except to look at your own world and what you have passed down to your children and what kind of deficits are working with right now.

What kind of food intolerances are they dealing with as well as neurological issues. That should tell you the indicator of future issues that may or may not come up relative to lifestyle and predisposed issues. And I will tell you the politics around food is the biggest hurdle these kids have to deal with..

Especially those who were forced to be vegan and vegetarian.. They are missing vital nutrient and then people become very predatory in the future.. Because they're missing vital nutrition.. And that's why kids are dying suddenly and adults are dying suddenly because of malnutrition. The politics around food is what destroyed them and their family. They never understood why fda approval is so necessary in the food supply. So that way you don't think the food is poison.. It's you who has the intolerances.. It's you who holds so much deficiencies within and negative forces or overly excessive positive forces..

Yes the intellectual capability of women and men needs to be focused on and fostered and it also develops an awareness of what we are producing in our society and what roadblocks people are dealing with And sometimes we have to focus more on the biophysical or releasing demons and taking on substance before we tap into intellectual capability because what are you working with here? You can't make something out of nothing.

Children right now come at such a deficit and they need to have substance to develop that intellectual capability or else they will be hunting to destroy and all about the sex and the body and death and reproduction or they're used as a tool for a very short amount of time until their body gives out

You see what happens when adults get treated constantly later on in life they lose life force and capacity to remember..

Imagine children getting constantly treated what kind of future will they have or not have.

What you do to Grandma later on in life and then applying that to young children you will see the outcome which is less intelligence less future possibilities

You will see less tolerance to diversity and aggressive climates

When you see a whole family is treated the same with their cancer disease in chronic illness.. They end up all going over the cliff together..

Because what you do to one side of the equal sign and is also "what you do to the other side" they will equally be done.. Finished.. That whole family will be finished.

Finished off.

Complete annihilation of that family genetic line.

it really felt good to speak/"shit" on the world, today.

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