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Virtual Modern Day Lynchings via Social Media (White Hoods/Anonymous Fake Accounts)

Grim reality: the KK_K also wore hoods/fake accounts/profiles.

When lyn_ching someone, they could not very well expose who they are..

The fake profile on Facebook used to virtually lynch people are why we are in climate change...

Just remember that when someone justifies being anonymous and then virtually lynches/defames people (anonymously), they are the modern day hoods of the past.. even those showing their face virtually lynching people are those who are proud to take their hoods off..

All in the name of their burning cross... literally.. trying to burn evolution virtually out of existence in the name of their beliefs, their truths, their way...

in plain sight....

wearing hoods/masks and surgical coats represents a sterile environment so the hands do not become dirty when doing the dirty work..

cutting into people is a grim occupation.. It is psychologically, intellectually and biophysically damaging to the cutter and the patient.. it is butchery at its finest..

Thank you NWO for exposing the people behind the hoods... Thank YOU Facebook for giving people enough latitude to expose their true personalities if we were to throw them back in time...

Abuse people in submission/conversion (politics/religions/science based medicine)

Kill them with kindness (you love your doctor/surgeon/nurse/vet)

Love them to death (all family/friends anxious to stop someone's pain, instead of supporting their pain with food, rest and space to be whole)

When you "anonymously" or outright call the authorities on someone and lying about the situation, you have exemplified a modern day white hood using the law to lyn_ch someone's reputation..

You see how and why human can be so cruel.. first it is spoken, then written, and when given the opportunity, the cruel humans will do horrible things to their family and friends and pets, in the name of their religion and beliefs.

Remember: if it is that easy to defame someone on Facebook, belittle them, insult them, make fun of them, imagine what they do behind closed doors.. it is worse than you much worse than you can imagine.. so if those types are hiding behind fake profiles, it was for their protection so they get absolution for doing the dirty work.. that is why they defend the medical/holistic/vet system.. guilt free destruction..

Now, take a second look at who you are defaming out there in the world in politics, religion, and science.. and do you exemplify what I am talking about?

Everything is in plain sight.. we finally see things how they really are, not the PR around it..

Take a look in the mirror. History does repeat itself..

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