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Viruses are Hertz Frequencies from Climate Change Affecting Biodiversity

Viruses are Hertz Frequencies from Climate Change Affecting Biodiversity

Correction: terahertz not tetra lol

If you want to survive..

Stop buying into the fear campaigns around your food..

And take inventory of your geological and climatological location.. And get into action very quickly.

Some people don't get the luxury to be in hospice. They just die suddenly.

VIRUSES are just biodiversity.. how you manage the ledger of your immune system is YOUR responsibility..

some of you are so overdrawn or over abundant attracting "parasites" doing damage to you trying to get their "piece of the pie"..


wow everyone has been so duped.. i mean everyone..

not me.. lol

But I guess it doesn't matter . At this point I had seven years of really engaging myself in my own information. Some of you barely even scratch that. Your resistance was your own undoing.. The distractions everything else..Was your own undoing.

Now more than ever you have to deal with your symptoms so differently.. And you can't be afraid of food.

It's like i'm talking to a bunch of anorexic bulimic people. I'm probably talking to a bunch of brick walls.

But you can't tell people.. They have to be the one to tell themselves..

Anorexia is when you starve yourself.. Bulemia is when you throw up food that is underprocessed on both ends.

When you don't manage your immune system correctly you're not getting the maximum nutritional benefit..

You're either starving yourself or your body is throwing it up without taking in the benefit.

That's why the elderly who are eating are not getting the benefit. Because their body is just throwing it out.

Your ass has thrown up food it should be processing.. And you don't even know it.

Alright.. Here is the thing.. You've got to choose which word to use.. Organic. Synthetic. The world is either organic and you're just playing with all the different possibilities. Or the world is synthetic and you're just playing with all the different possibilities.

Those two words cannot reside together because then you're causing war.

Evolution is m r n a.

That's the very nature of uracil. It is evolution it is change. Change into what.. Look at me. I breathe in everybody's stuff, and i'm taking in all the messenger rna in the food supply.

There are a million ways to have a baby. There are a million ways to make a baby.

Lab. Nature.

Both still reside in a lab. Both still reside in nature.

Why do people continuously want to declare war on each other.

When someone declares war on you because they told you something is different. And told you, you should be afraid.

You walk away from the war.

This is why I say religion is what was used to destroy those who believed in all of the fear stories.


Be careful following the fear campaigns.. And this video is the epitome of a fear campaign.

I hope you all survived this great reset..

Listen to the video and make your own choices..

Remember my world.. You don't have to die.

But if you choose to resist your own evolution.. This video will be your own personal self fulfilling prophecy.

The video I was referring to was taken off a facebook. Now you see why facebook censors you.. Bunch of little freaking henny penny. Running around with their heads cut off.

And the reason why they're changing the derivation of the food supply from the world you recognize.. Because we're changing how we eat our food and where we get it.. Cruelty to animals.. And then the best way to get the nutrition without damaging the earth is why they are doing what they are doing ..

And since most of you don't want to evolve.. And can't handle change.. The campaigns are genius..

Intolerance does not discriminate.. People who are intolerant can't handle change through their body, mind and spirit. And their intolerance manifest in their politics religion and science..

Fda approved food does not put you in this type of situation. Sugar salt and genetically modified does not put you in hospice..

This is from years and years of resisting your own immune system..

Eventually, something's got to give when you don't allow your body to work the way it's supposed to.

Many of you.. Are sending your children to hospice.. One day.. sending yourselves to hospice one day.. Many of you will also die suddenly..

You're starving.. You're working yourself to death.. You're resisting.. You are in fear.. And you're also addicted. How can you possibly fucking evolve in a very dynamic environment..

Many even in the jay world will not survive what's coming what's here.. Because you can't handle the rays/raise in frequencies..

Fucking genius. We are in the days of noah.. Literally.. That's why I say pay attention to your geological surroundings.. Listen to indicatora.. Strategiz your survival..

Remember the waterfalls.. And i'm not saying you should be doing so many..

But we are in the days of noah, and the water is going wash away the earth of people who don't want to change..

Flood to clean Freeze to bring back

When the earth is cleaned

a new ice age..

Then a new world..

Survive the flood..

Striking during the time period known as the Pleistocene Epoch, this ice age started about 2.6 million years ago and lasted until roughly 11,000 years ago. Like all the others, the most recent ice age brought a series of glacial advances and retreats. In fact, we are technically still in an ice age.Feb 18, 2021

A video of an end of life story.. She's lucky to even be facing this.. Some of you will just die suddenly.


Oncology at the micro level destroying cancer cells or live cells.. Is no different than climate change global warming by HAARP AND CERN and DEW

And being afraid of any kind of food that is FDA approved is fucking deadly..

Whoever thought of making you afraid of food was fucking strategic.

And whoever thought of connecting and merging the m r n a from va x and saying it's in your food supply.. Which could very well be..


Most people don't stand a chance.. This is some high level psychological operations. Wow.. Even people in my j world fall for this shit.

I can't help but laugh at this point.. henny penny..

The sky is fucking falling.. And it very well is.

And i've been telling you you guys this. But even people in the j world don't fucking get it.

still caught up in the fear..

I hope you survive You could you have a lot of fear to shed. And shit out.

What does terahertz do to your body?

Terahertz radiation can produce thermal effects and raise the temperature. THz radiation with higher power and longer duration can provide the first thermal effects to affect the cells of the animal, and then it is possible to destroy cancer cells by using the thermal effects of THz radiation.Dec 30, 2021

that is going to hertz many immunocompromised people.

Listed by the WHO as a “priority pathogen” with pandemic potential, it can rapidly attack the respiratory and central nervous systems.

The bug - which inspired the blockbuster film Contagion about a global pandemic - attacks the brain causing it to swell and has a fatality rate up to 75 per cent. The climate change models and articles and Forbes future maps of the worls is why I'm telling you, in my honest opinion, please pay attention to the Forbes future map of the world.

While everyone is working on their short game..

I'm working on the long game..

2030 projections. Don't assume twenty fifty is the target time..

Just pay attention to the weather and the indicator

New Orleans, Louisiana Norfolk, Virginia Galveston, Texas Atlantic City, New Jersey Charleston, South Carolina Annapolis, Maryland Long Island, New York Virginia Beach, Virginia San Francisco, California Wilmington, North Carolina Savannah, Georgia Boston, Massachusetts Houston, Texas

By 2030 Amsterdam, the Netherlands New Orleans, USA Venice, Italy Basra, Iraq Kolkata, India Bangkok, Thailand Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Savannah, USA Khulna, Bangladesh Georgetown, Guyana Malé, Maldives Dandong, China Nagoya, Japan Banjarmasin, Indonesia Port Said, Egypt

More than 125,000 people pushed out of coastal counties by sea level rise are likely to end up in Nevada, according to new research.

How climate change will affect New Mexico?

In the coming decades, our changing climate is likely to decrease the flow of water in the Colorado, Rio Grande, and other rivers; threaten the health of livestock; increase the frequency and intensity of wildfires; and convert some rangelands to desert. Our climate is changing because the earth is warming.

Which states will be hardest hit by climate change?

Coastal states like Florida and South Carolina are most at risk of the impacts of climate change.

The graph in the link is probably very accurate for today.. But the system might be looking between now and twenty thirty.. What about between now and twenty fifty.. When the area is at the bottom, start filling up with water or be decimated by wildfires... Then you'll see who's next. Who's next.. Who's next..

If you're at the bottom fifty.. Start looking to be at the top fifty..

Better be at the top than at the bottom.

I don't even see Hawaii on this graph.

Will Oklahoma survive climate change? In the coming decades, Oklahoma will become warmer, and both floods and droughts may be more severe. Most of Oklahoma did not become warmer during the last 50 to 100 years. But soils have become drier, annual rainfall has increased, and more rain arrives in heavy downpours.

Check to make sure you're not in a flood zone

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