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War Proxy is when you attack yourself and you cheer for someone else being attacked and also justify retaliation..

War Proxy is when you attack yourself and others, supporting Aggressive Retaliation

War Proxy is when you attack yourself and you cheer for someone else being attacked and also justify retaliation.. Justifying deadly aggressive retaliation.. Even more than what was done initially..

I would be very reticent cheering for Iran against Israel.

Because now israel will have a justification to destroy even more than what you think. Because now you will see a proxy for a major war.. And every situation will have their own aggressive war against their body mind and spirit.. The system wants the west to hate israel so much that somebody attacks them.. They might suffer some casualties but the retaliation will be even worse..

You don't realize retaliation is their justification..

You don't realize that when you poke the bear literally.. It justifies the bear to become even stronger and more aggressive.. That's what you're doing when you're cheering for someone's destruction.

You can't stop what's coming or what's here.. You have to fucking survive it.

Those who have been so reactive to what's going on in other countries , they want you to take a side.. They want you to hate somebody so much that you react and do something.. So then it justifies even a more aggressive retaliation..

All of you reacting to everything have been eating out of their palms ever since day one..

As soon as you took aside you became just as bad as those you were against..

You have no idea what you're seeing. And even if you think you know what you're seeing. Your reaction is their power.. Your hate is their power. Your everything against whatever's going on is their power and you are taking the focus off yourself and you gave it to somebody else. And now the system will use your power you gave away to somebody else against you .

The psychology of war is get people to hate somebody so much that they do something.. And when you do something they will retaliate so hard , you won't survive retaliation.. That's no different then climate change and people using remedies and surgeries against their body. The system changes the climate you attack yourself with diets remedies and surgeries and cannabis.. .

And you still won't change. People keep attacking themselves.. And the system gets you to hate someone so much you support them attacking and retaliating..

So while the west attacks themselves with remedies and surgeries and unchanged behaviors . The Middle East and third countries develop storylines so you hate or love someone.. Supporting death and destruction and retaliation. Not to mention all the weather wars.. the aggressive weather wars..

That's war proxy.. Stay out of somebody else's war because you have no idea what's going on and what the intentions are at the end.. And even if you do you still don't know what's going on..

Save yourself.

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