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Watching Africa Come Up is Like Watching Western Civilization Become Reborn

3rd World Influencer Cast just as many death spells onto their audience no different than the Western World in politics, religion and science.

If you cannot handle the triggers in your environment, it will not matter what you do or do not do.. We thank you for your service.

Politics, all religions and spirituality and science develops predator and prey, victim and perpetrator roles that always get reversed. And people get caught in the loop. Saviors who saved people to death are predators.. Victims are always trying to stop the saviors from destroying them.. And everyone in politics in religion and spirituality and science dogmas at war with each other and themselves..

You will see africa go away from the tribal wars and enter into the intellectual psychological self, destruct wars.. They will learn how we have destroyed each other by leverage and financially ruin people and destroy at the micro level through surgeries and remedies and shamans... Get absolution and then new religions will arise out of Africa..

Clarification for completeness in my thought process. I didn't drive the point home because I got distracted..

How do people explain why somebody is suffering from a sudden death or a disease.. And they didn't get a vaccine..

They will either say they caught something from somebody who was vaccinated.. They will say someone received a vaccine but it was never recorded.. or another therapy laced with ingredients from a vaccine was oops.. Or.. Something else.. But you will never see a parent admit they raised a deficient child because of their belief systems..

You will see people reach so far to keep their belief system in line and intact..

The system cannot convert that type of entrenched belief system..

So the environment will hold you accountable because you won't hold yourself accountable.

Just so you know. I never received any vaccine and I had so many predisposed issues come up... Not only was I paying for my past life, the last 48 years of using remedies..

But also the sins of my father and mother.. Adopted or otherwise.. or biological..

I am adopted.. nature and nurture come into play.. I had predispositions.. I overcame them the last three years.. And I also was raised with sugar and salt off the table.. I was raised to demonized junk food.. I was raised not eating steak.. A lot of it.. I was malnourished..

I changed all of that around.. And I have no issue with genetically modified.. I have no issue with public health requirements if they are required.. I have no issue with climate change..

Deficient people do.. They have an issue with everything.. Those are the activists.. America and the first world is giving you seven ways to pass away.. And also give you absolution.. And we are watching Africa go through the same growing pains we went through..

And the summer of love.. And all the spirituality science politics religions are giving people a path to pass away from the seven deadly sins and then also get absolution..

Every generation is getting weaker which is why we're in a great reset.. Which is why the vaccine's schedule is so aggressive every generation.. Because people are such deficit they cant afford aggressive exposure..

But at some point, it's not going to matter what you do or do not do if you don't have what it takes.

And people are finding out right now. There are children who do not have what it takes to compete in an aggressive environment... Not only are they nutritionally deficient.., but they are so allergic to food.. And if that kid is not getting all the food in the food supply.. It might be now or later they won't survive an energy frequency shift..

Will it take twenty two years for that child for the parent and the child to realize, they didn't have enough of the internal infrastructure to compete in an aggressive environment.. Some will find out the hard way. Sirens.. been hearing them

The seven deadly sins the catholic church..1

Nineteen sixty summer of love..

Microdosing L s d.. Or any drug just causes another addiction.. still develops addictions and died suddenlies when all the conditions are right.

Pregnancy robs mothers much of her resources

that is how the Greek system controls the human zoos..

The Greek system the college system exploits the young and the inexperienced.. This is why human trafficking is at all time high. This is where alcoholics/addicts are born.. And sugar babies thrive..

Traditional college.. Will be a war zone for those who are unaware..

human/animal captivity and enslavement the grid is heating up and the air quality is baaaddd... you can smell the burning electrical grid

No the system is not poisoning you.. You just can't handle evolution Or any kind of change

both arms are in pain, pushing the excessive growths through my lymphatic system. all supposed to happen.

i feel the energy today..

What you do as a child and the kind of parents you have as a child will determine if you will survive young adulthood..

This child was made for a less aggressive environment.. But people are not prepared to evolve or ever taught how to evolve..

More of this is going to happen.. Prepare yourself When you try to do good in this world you get screwed at every turn

Moral to the story.. Mind your own business. Follow the law.

Take care of yourself and your dependents There are African influencers who are casting death spells onto their followers in Africa..

No different than America.. People casting death spells onto their friends and family.. You see they are actively programming the population.. It's like watching time go backwards..

Casting spells of a lifespan.. Which was done to you.. now you get to see where it originates in Africa . It just takes one person who is influential to plant a seed.. a spell.. He has a lot of follower. People who are dying to evolve. Literally..

I see them also quoting Aldous Huxley..

Why is it Africans in Africa will live longer than most of the first world.. Because they are stronger.. But you will also see them adopting western medicine and remedies.. And have a large families weakening their genetic line..

The researchers found that when hair starts to gray varies by race. The average ages are the mid-30s for whites, late 30s for Asian people, and mid-40s for Black people.

Additionally they might live longer.. Over a hundred fifty give or take.. Because black people are extremely strong.. Very durable.. And they can handle high heat out there in Africa..

But the weather will change in the future, getting hotter.. As the population increases it will get hotter.. And genetic lines will get weaker from procreation.. Until only the strongest survives..

Remember the science magazines.. Projecting humans will have longer than one hundred and fifty or so.. It's not just the j world.. Once africa becomes online.. They will beat the first world.. As far as longevity..

But we have the j world.. Interesting What he saying is the Statue of Liberty is the symbol of lucifer. Seven points on the crown, The seven deadly sins The light the torch is the light bearer.. Of course this person's spin is speaking freedom from god.. But you know how that could go.. Freedom from A death culture.

Or freedom from the reward punishment programming.. Freedom from the man made conditioning.. The environment will punish you not the people.. The people hold your accountable.. But the Environment will punish you .. And if your kids don't know you better and you don't know any better, the people will hold you accountable. And the environment will kick your a$$.. It's already happening..

..America is giving people the choice.

They are giving people seven ways to pass away..

The irony is.. You get absolution for every single one of them in all religion.. To make it okay..

What are the seven deadly sins? According to Roman Catholic theology, the seven deadly sins are the seven behavior's or feelings that inspire further sin. They are typically ordered as: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. Jun 13, 2023

The researchers found that when hair starts to gray varies by race. The average ages are the mid-30s for whites, late 30s for Asian people, and mid-40s for Black people.

I can't wait till I turn all silver.. My original hair color

I realized that we all had either white or silver hair.. The color of our hair the first forty something years of our life.. Or longer relative to programming and melanin.. Finally does break down.. And the original hair color is not the colors you see.. It doesn't mean that I am aging out.. It just means those phenotypical characteristics are like a temporary cure..

When you're allowed to evolve and break the old programming.. You break from those specific programming characteristics..

You are the gods..

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