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We are in a time where we get to witness why we go to war and why the system is regulating family..

We are in a time where we get to witness why it is we go to war.. And why the system is regulating family..

And when you look at yourself.. And you really look at yourself by looking at your peers.. You will be so ashamed of what you supported for many years.

SELF HARM leads to LACK OF SELF REGULATION leads to PROJECTION/TRANSFERENCE leads to POLITICS RELIGION SCIENCE Giving you an enemy and a SAVIOUR leading to Self extermination..

But people will try to destroy others until the system regulates them.

Welcome to humanity..

A tail/tale as old as time.. Humans who fail to regulate themselves, will always find a scape goat when shit doesn't work for them..

They became too big for their britches..

And when people worship all plants/spirits to take away their pain.. Not only do they leverage themselves.. But they also leverage everyone around them.. They also leverage their children.. It's called self harm.. But it's regulated by the government..

And they are also looking for an enemy. Now you see what the system is doing and why.. The system is giving people enough allowances so you see what people would do when giving the chance with absolute power..

Absolute power corrupts absolutely..

That's why you need a system of checks and balances..

America the last greatest experience/experiment

Yes the system allowed it to happen.. Because you had to see what people would do.. You had to see what women allowed other men to do to them..

You had to see what people would do when given the chance..

You also have to see what women allowed other women to do to each other.. That's why these women's groups of cliques can be so deadly especially to other women.. And of course it's all about supporting the man.. So the women cannibalize each other.. And the man cannibalize the woman.. And that it's mutually assured destruction.. With offspring..

With the nod of the man the patriarch of the family.. Even in that religion..

Which is why women need to stand on their own two feet and make observations.. And look at themselves.. away from the INFLUENCES OF other women..

Add the system had to do this many times over..

Because imagine if you're so well protected.. You won't know why THE system have these rules..

You'll think the system is being stupid or overly powerful..

Now you see why there are laws and rules... Now you see why there are checks and balances..

Now you see why people need regulation..

And when someone becomes too powerful.. You can see a whole society fall into decay.. CALIGULA, for example

Now look at the music industry after the executives made their money.. Look at aspects of Hollywood..

The executives made their money and they showed you how bad humanity can get when given the chance..

And so when you want to clean up society... You give certain people a certain amount of power to clean up society.. And then regulate them when they go too far..

Because you're only stacking the cards against your own deck when you fail to understand the other story..

Just because you're not breaking federal or state laws, does not mean you're actually helping people..

Especially when you are playing with surgeries drugs alcohol and antibiotics and remedies and supplements..

You are helping the system clean up the system..

The system thanks you for your service..

And the system also relies on ignorance and people taking sides in ALL religion politics and science..

Because without your biases. You would have a bird's eye view of the whole intention.. But since people are so biased and tunneled and greedy.. They don't see what's coming.. And they don't care to until SOMETHING happens to them and then it is too late.

And then everyone blames somebody..

They find a scapegoat.. They look for one..

It happened in WW2..

And when you choose to close your eyes to any other story. You'll allow things to happen to yourself.. And then you'll look for a scape goat.

But the system WONT ALLOW YOU TO exterminate people.. You will do it to yourself.. Now look at all the activists and the anti whatever campaigns.. Some of these activists are developing growths.. And could potentially die from cancer.. And the people who support them will accelerate the process with all of their recommendations.

Just watch these groups.. Anti whatever campaigns.. They all have the same playbook.. And it was for a reason..

They all have the same issue the same problem with the same solution..

When you finally are on the outside looking in.. It is as plain as day..

Look at everybody giving UP their kids up to the hospital and holistic system..

It's people's greed for money and their biases is what makes them so easily led..

And then also never take accountability..

And of course the love of family.. When you have dependents who are not trained in the way they needs to be trained for the system, you'll be easily leveraged.. Because you allowed it. You wanted the easy way.. When you take the easy way then you leave yourself open.. And when you are left open.. You suffer... That's when people blame.. And they try to exterminate somebody else.. And they teach their children this..

Some have admitted to me what they have taught their children.. They teach their children to bully other children or other adults, who are different.. Who say things that are a different. Yes some parents teach their children to exterminate other people when given the chance.. Spiritually physically when they're given the chance..

That's human's projecting their own bullshit. That's why WW2 happened.. Projection AND transference..

That will never fucking happen again.

That's why the system is cleaning itself up.

We've been down this road before.

Many thousands of years ago and even a 84 years ago..



You did it to yourself and your family..

And I will tell you everybody was black 200k years ago

And somebody had to learn slavery somewhere.. Who taught the first homo sapiens how to torture AND enslave others..

And so if we came out of Africa.. Somebody in Africa found a way to destroy and torture bully and beat mankind through remedies, surgeries and war.. Then those slaves escaped..

Then people evolved.. Not everybody..

Our species, Homo sapiens, appeared only 200,000 years ago, following a procession of others in the same genus. Mar 4, 2015 Dawn of man: Ethiopian jawbone fossil pushes back human origins - Reuters


Be careful what you wish for.. Be careful what accusations you put out there..

Everything can be traced back to a single ancestor..

And skin color is only BASED ON geographical location and hormones called melanin.. And then people actively dying and reproducing developing a culture and a belief system.. And yes some people from Africa moved to the northern European countries..

And over many many years you have evolution and phenotypical characteristics based on the geographical location and where they were relative to the equator..

Be very careful what side you take on nowadays... You could be answering for your ancestors and you may not survive it.

By the way.. My immune system is so on point.. That when I leave public situations and I'm eating.. I release the demons before you even go to bed .. My body forces me to take a major poop before I go to bed . So I'm not sniffling in the middle night.. My dreams are vivid.. And I wake up refreshed the next morning..

That's how fast everything is.. In my world and I'm not suffering. No pain.

Everyone came out of Africa.. it was centuries of dying and reproducing and assimilating to the environment is what developed the skin color...

If you brought someone from Africa to Northern Europe and they were allowed to evolve, get sick, eat all the food and change with the climate and conditions, maybe over 200 or 300 years their skin and phenotypical characteristics would assimilate to the predominant genotype of the area..

and vice versa... if you took someone from Northern Europe to Africa and allowed them to evolve, be sick and eat all food, they would eventually develop MORE MELANIN, BECOME DARKER and even take on local phenotypical characteristics predominant in that region..

More melanin protects you from UV rays, less melanin takes in UV rays relative to your geographical location..

it is the short memories and the dying and reproducing is what caused all the wars, cultures and division because humans did self harm to themselves, their children and family and so memories are short with long genetic lines repeating history like ground hog day..

maybe evolve and live beyond 300 years and you will see we all are the same based upon the geographic location.. near the sun/or further away...

it is all biology..


IT WAS YOU.. and your lack of evolution is why you are suffering..

And when you are looking for a savior or an enemy.. You have just given away your power.. Now you are a slave..

You did it to yourself.. And you did it to your kids..

Now watch the parents out there traffic their own children.. Into relationships.. And there are some brutal men and women out there..

Looking for someone to feed on. Just read all the accusations from these girls enduring the brutality from these men..

And you want to marry your daughters and sons off to a stranger.. Are you fucking kidding me.

That's why p diddy was allegedly able to do what he did.. Why r kelly.. Did what he did..

It was the fucked up parents looking for fame and glory

With no accountability.

And they are blaming the democrats or the republicans..

You did it to yourself AND your children..

And people do it to themselves when they are that greedy.. Greedy tunneled and don't give a shit..

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