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We are in another 100 years war. 1960 to 2060.. The second US Civil War and World War III.

People are being slimed to death by their friends and family.. Harboring boa constrictors in their body mind and spirit.. Cannibalizing themselves from the inside..

And this environment is only going to get worse.. Especially if you can't control your public exposure..

People are taking a immune system kill switches as a therapy against cancer.. And it is floating in your environment.. And if you don't have an open immune system. You will cultivate immune system kill switches.. No different than children dying suddenly not replacing the parents.

If you don't understand the wars you are in.. You will be a martyr and fall on your own sword.. While your friends blame the government.. As they take away all your resources because you are now giving away everything to everybody.. The pay it forward religions is about mass casualty events.. Bleeding everybody dry.

1860 US civil war Slavery of black people States rights versus federal overreach.. Checks and balances..

1960 family civil war slavery of women.. In the home or out there is in the population.. Is it really sexual freedom or is it sexual slavery.. The family versus the single hot chick..

2060 continental civil war Releasing all the slaves in the world on some level after the infrastructure has been built..

We are in a type of civil war.. microbial civil wars.. The gettysburg address is very fitting right now.. During this climate change..

It is brother against brother.. Sister against sister.. Mother versus daughter and son and father.. girlfriend and boyfriend and husband and wife.. Wife and wife husband and husband..

History repeats

Your home is gettysburg right now.. It is the battleground you are fighting on right now.. And the injured and the casualties of this war are ending up in area hospitals and the morgue..

That should tell you you are in a great civil war. Because no matter what.. When you are at home.. You're either fighting with your own demons.. Or you're fighting demons of the other people in your home.. Along with your own..

Your home is the battleground.. Silent wars..

And casualties end up in the hospital..

The Gettysburg address.. Notice the number seven.. Appears again.

"Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting-place for those who here gave their lives, that that nation might live.

It was ALWAYS THE 3 GENERATION RULE GEN x the forgotten generation raised by the silent gens probably have a better chance..

boomers raising gen x and millennial.. nope..

millennials/gen z and boomers and gen x raised by boomers, are the weakest..

boomers are the third leg of the great wars.. weakest generation in their set..

1. greatest gen 2. silent gens 3. boomers (weak and most prolific raising millennials/and some gen x) and they did not see how hard the greatest gen had to work to survive.. they reaped the benefits and lived HIGH ON THE HOG.. THE MOST SPOILED, even spoiling their the point of destruction.. that was the 80s..drugs alcohol and family and sex.. so much sex..and war..

i am gen x raised by silent gens.. which is why I do NOT hang out with millennials or boomers.. they do NOT understand me or even care to.. they were raised differently.

that is the difference.. it is ok.. i am ok with it.. it took me 7 years to be ok with being a minority..

if you are and have been raised by boomers and millennials.. good luck ..

some of you can break the mold once you realize it.. others, see ya..

YOU SEE how weak these generations are by observing parenting styles and the children...

it is right in your face..

the theory is: it takes 3 generations to lose wealth in a family.

the first generation built the wealth via strategy and innovation

the second generation maintained it and saw how hard their parents had to work to build the wealth

the third generation destroyed the wealth and spent all the money and have no real respect for working hard and building the wealth to sustain..

joe kennedy built the wealth jfk sustained it jfk junior was spoiled by it and died.

most of you are jfk junior...

there is NO way to change the educational system run by generations of people who are not strong enough to suffer for the consequences of their actions..

you must save yourself and let it all play out..

it is out of your hands..

understand my strategy.. my world is not built for boomers or their milennials, really.. unless you are already relatively self world is not even for some gen x raised by boomers..

save yourself

when people are gluttons for pleasure, they will screw themselves out of existence.. that is their own undoing..

you cannot save people from that..

save yourself.. it is out of your hands..

just observe the patterns.. and watch people..

if you were lucky enough to be exposed to and raised by a silent gen and greatest generation as a gen x, you might have a chance... you weren't "infected" by the boomer mentality of greed is good..

as a gen x raised by the two older generations, the two older generations had the opportunity to see how wealth, drugs, sexual excess ruined an entire generation but society did get the innovation,

but at what cost?

now watch the future generations of alpha/ beta generation be ruined by the millennial parents and boomer grandparents through excess..

died suddenly.. etc. just watch your friends and not intervene.. the spells are too strong..

just watch the boomers and milennials and even some gen x raised by boomers..

the programming of excess is there..

once you choose to be aware of this.. then YOU have the power of choice..

that is why the system is making things economically harder so you learn how to strategize and prioritize if you can take personal accountability..

suffering made me so strong and adaptable.. the power of suffering supported correctly is the super power..

remember: i am trying to help and save you via my background.. what i am saying is not meant to shame you or insult you.. i am not your enemy.. i was just trained differently.. I am NO different than you.. remember.. we all were built from survival and trying to save each other from a "common" enemy..

no one in your world will give you this info.. even the system is NOT giving you this info..

hugs. i so respect EVERYONE ON MY FACEBOOK.. or i would not stick my neck out daily..

Adaptable and reinforced immune system can push out cancerous cells before they become out of control.. Weak and sluggish immune system need therapies and be subject to auto-immune disorders as the body develops ways to assimilate to the programmed therapies.. ie immune system kill switches.. imagine disappearing parent cells via age and degradation and the juvenile cells that could have turned into their parents replacements be neutralized by the immune system.. stopping evolution and adaptation asap...

kill switch can be installed in a discrete location and block power from getting to the car.

all of your cancer research campaigns and money went to developing an IMMUNE SYSTEM KILL SWITCH

THAT is what you financed.. the destruction of your own family and you..via the alkaloids, etc..

people are financing kill switches vs a defense system..



NO.. i do not want to hear how the system is destroying anyone when all the died suddenly groups are promoting dog dewormers as a remedy against disease..or supplements or diets developing fertility and growth..

you laid the groundwork for a fertility immune system kill switch..

immune system kill switch should scare the shit out of you..

but it does not.. people will take those therapies and breathe on YOU.. and then you cultivate the immune system kill switch via inhaling ectoplasm and now your body, a closed immune system, will house immune system kill switches.. and then people blame everyone.. lol omg..

and you have no idea the kinds of therapies people are on.. and so if your immune system is not strong enough to defend against an immune system kill switch floating in your environment, then died suddenly..

wonderful ( sarcastic)

you should be scared shitless hanging out with your church groups and party goers..

this is why i stayed home the last 3 years.. why I did wear a mask in the beginning..

many of you laughed at me..

how does it feel knowing you could be incubating an immune system kill switch..

understand my world, if you can..

it is downright scary out there.

are you giving birth to the colony of boa constrictors in your gut (eating your infrastructure)

or are you giving birth to a baby who will work against you

what are you giving birth to?? anti-biotic resistance = too many creepy crawly offspring overwhelming the body causing obesity or emaciation, aging process and potentially died suddenly

aggressive fertility is the aging process and disease management..and VIOLENCE love through alkaloids developing fertility from the environmental ectoplasm, to sexual slavery and then death..

love was the weapon against humans...boom.

respect gives you a chance... respect yourself first.. or you will love everyone to death..

and most of all people love themselves to death.. they love their animals, to death..

and they will LOVE you to death, if you allow them to... love is an addiction.. and you can feel it from people.. and if you do not return the love they give you.. then they hate you... I've been slimed so much the last seven years..

It's a very sticky situation to be in.. People are raised in slime..

i speak from experience.. when you stop loving the people in the j world, they hate you, unless they learned how to respect themselves.. Most people are under the influence of the slime in their life.. That's the only way I can put it.. Because I felt the slime five years ago.. And I resisted it.. Until I could walk away from it..

which is why only a few people in the j world stuck around.. they learned how to respect themselves... trying to balance out the old world and this world.. the new world.. Many people in the j world are still slimed..

They haven't shaken that addiction.. And many of them will not shake that addiction..

when everyone loves you.. you have just been slimed.. and it is hard to wash the slime off your body.. It's hard to wash the slime from within your body..

love bombing anyone is sliming them to death.. you will see it.. both the left and right slime themselves and each other to death.. and then blame the govt..

It was all through the remedy system..

spells and curses of love are so hard to shake.. the slime of love is in family, religions, politics and science..

cannabis..the ultimate love drug..

ohio passed recreational cannabis use for a reason. and it was not benevolent to the cannabis users... it was benevolent for the society who will watch people love themselves and family to death..


And you won't be popular pointing this out.. How many people are addicted to cannabis right now..

This is not a popular view point.. People are suffering astronomically.. And love is the only remedy for them.. Until they die suddenly..

It fucking sucks. People think I am against Christians.. oh no.. i am trying to show you how the system used Christianity's own religions to off themselves.. I swear I am NOT the enemy... It is so unbearable to watch Christians hurt themselves as well as all other religions.. but I see so much of the programming in Christianity.. omg.

it is insane..

When paying it forward regresses you back.. Rethink pay it forward.

It's a death programming. Indicators of a mass destruction of your community and family..

when you must make others feel good.. you have an addiction to sliming strangers to make you feel better about yourself..

that is the death culture.. people cannot help but slime perfect strangers... like a person who gives away their most treasured items before they off themselves..

it biological...why some goths turn to Christianity.. converting themselves into sliming themselves and the world..

that was the balancing force of apostle paul... from life to death..


very biblical..

Religion Rosicrucian

apostle paul even switched sides from the "bad" self righteous pharisees, to the "good" self sacrificing love and emotional Christianity..

remember: balance... one must balance out law and emotions..

but the system weaponized your perceptions around love and laws.. and weaponized the love via the love drugs..

the system played both sides off one another.. and people die for their beliefs.. wanting to be the saints in their society surrounded by family so they die suddenly..

one must rise above the programming.. if possible..

People think i'm hard hearted.. No I won't die for anyone.. If that makes me the enemy.. What does that make you and your friends.. Wanting people to die for their beliefs.

And when you have a mixture of people in both christianity and judaism and all religions ALL dying for their belief systems.. Everything has been reduced down to love..

That's how they got you..

That's how I knew I was up against a major force that some people will not be able to penetrate..

That's why I was facing so much hate.. Because people are dying for love.. Literally dying for love.

Good luck.

According to the Acts, Paul lived as a Pharisee and participated in the persecution of early disciples of Jesus, possibly Hellenised diaspora Jews converted to Christianity, in the area of Jerusalem, prior to his conversion. Giving away prized possessions and other personal things

Paying it forward..

Is all programming for mass community unalivedness People go bankrupt paying it forward in body mind and spirit.. This is why I won't die for anyone. People who pay it forward will die for everybody. And then blame the government..

And they're easily manipulated.. That's in all religions.. That was the brain washing by the cult leaders.. Religious leaders..

Pay it forward is a way to take from both the giving/receiving party.. benefitting a third party..

Because without your money the receiving party wouldn't be able to pay for whatever item they want..

In the end, the government makes out

When you give away your time to everyone.. They are using you up.. Until a died suddenly..

And the government doesn't have to pay your social security..

You just saved the govt millions of dollars when you're so needy for your friends. And family..

brainwashing people into "good works" taking away their personal life force.. all very religious.. very. And the government makes out in the end.. And your children don't get any benefit from that..

Because they will buy into pay it forward.. Or using everything and consuming everything.. Until they die suddenly..

The concept is old, but the particular phrase may have been coined by Lily (lilith) Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight. Robert Heinlein's 1951 novel Between Planets helped popularize the phrase. "Pay it forward" is implemented in contract law of loans in the concept of third party beneficiaries.

omg. so if you are all about pay if forward.. nope, i do not support s u i c i de.

and you have addictions and issues you readily project on others..

Because if you truly wanted to help humanity and other people.. You would respect yourself a thousand times more than what you are exhibiting today..

dying people give away everything.. They give way their body their mind and their spirit and their prized possessions..

They also give away their time to everyone who will take it..

That's how you know society is dying..

It's horrible to watch. Staying alive, indefinitely, is the ultimate rebellion against the death cultures..

"bad boys" and "bad girls" fall into turning to the "good boy" and "good girl" programming..

it is all programming... all of it..

you are neither bad or good.. you just were programming.. and you can always redirect without falling into what society deems as "good/bad".. falling into the "good works" or "pay it forward"..

cover yourself, and get away from the social constructs, if possible..

the programming runs very deep.. very...

this is how I knew the Christians and their sympathizers were targeted.. through their religion of good, bad, etc.. even the Hebrews who fall into the same ideology..pagans, hindus, muslims, etc..

oh boy.. jim jones was the programming back then shapeshifting into activism and religion and gurus and of course, LARGE FAMILIES AND influential friend base.. all cia driven.. of course it was.. religion and politics are basically deadly cults giving power away allowing absolute power to corrupt absolutely.. check out the queen bees and king bees in all circles of influence..

impenetrable.. they chase out outsiders.. or they try to slime you as the outsider, to death.. And if you don't return the favor..

You're kicked out.. X communicated..

Some People who are free will put themselves back into captivity.. Because slaves cannot function on their own..

If you have nowhere to go on thanksgiving.. You're free.. But you have been brainwashed into captivity that you'll find a family to join.. And they will take pity on you .

And there you go a slave to the life..

That was how the system got to you.. Through the holidays and families.. To the point that you'll even conscript your children into depending on somebody else.. Until the system takes their life away.

what happened to the people in the People's Temple.. all unalived..

now look at the cult of friends and family... all loving everyone to death.. unalived..


if you are alive.. you have a chance to counter being unalived..if you so choose, if the slime you are addicted to isn't overwhelming you.. My world removes the middlemen, the MICROBIAL AND mainstreames OFFSPRING

Straight to your life source.. maximizing your nutritional profits..

People are feeding too many mouths in their body, mind and spirit and even in their family.. And they don't get the maximum nutritional benefit.. They have too many offspring in body mind and spirit..

When you feed so many mouths you are entertaining way too many people.. Spreading yourself too thin..

When I released all those demons my life became so simplified.. Everything became Simpler..

Digestion and Disease is simpler and easier to get over..

Hardly any drama.. If at all.. The only drama I hear about is consumer drama..

That's peace without rest in peace.. Death does not have to be the ultimate outcome so a person can get peace..

Your life becomes a vacation..

Something you don't have to take a vacation from..

What people say to me if they could.. It must be nice when you don't have to work and your husband works.. Yeah I don't spend a shit ton of money.. And he doesn't have to work as hard as he does.. He chooses to work hard so he can afford his lifestyle of fishing And hanging out with the boys.. And I have no problem with that ..

He's pretty responsible..

How do you maximize your life force. Release the demons and lessen the amount of mouths to feed in body, mind and spirit and even your social capital..

That's the key to Longevity.. optimizing your whole life.. Maximizing every resource available to you..

Avoid bleeding heart republicanism.. And bleeding heart liberalism..

That's people's downfalls.. Bleeding hearts.. So many young people.. If young people in their mid forties are dropping like flies..

Imagine what it will be like in five years when people in their mid twenties drop like flies ..

You see a pattern here.. There's no guarantee your children are going to live to be 44 if 44 year olds are dying suddenly..

When they want infertility by 2045.. Who is they.. The system has told us.. 2045 and 2050 infertility..

Progressively in 27 years people will not live to be in their forties.. Unless you learn how to redirect..

Redirect your children's trajectory if possible..

2023 to 2025 the 44 and 50 and 70 year olds dying suddenly

2025 to 2028 the 25 to 35 to 44 and 50 to 70 year olds dying suddenly

2028 to 2035 15-70 dying suddenly

2035 to 2045 the 0-15 infertility and died suddenly

Stillbirth are increasingly becoming more prevalent

2050 infertility

You will see it happen a lot more often with people younger and younger plus a lot more accidents on the road.

Right now the youngest generations out there are very skinny.. Very sickly looking.. I noticed that the last five years.. People's children are looking very skinny and sickly.. very fragile.. Both men and women need to drink a lot more milk and cream.. And they need to blow their nose.. They must release those demon. Through milk and food..

People are being EATEN alive from the inside. The "boa constrictors" in their body are snacking on their infrastructure..

Fertility.. Antibodies.. Are all different types of life forms in the body.. Sometimes those life forms turn those blobs into babies..

All the different parasites in your body turn into a baby when triggering fertility.. Sexual reproduction.. Or all of those blobs turned into seamen or seeds.. And then they encourage you to go hunt for someone to inseminate.. That's the dating pool..

That's the war you're in right now.. We have men women and non binaries hunting each other to inseminate.. Even if you have no intention of having children..

Because now it's pleasure hunting.. And people are lonely..

That's why you never attack what you think is parasitic.. You feed and release the demons

Right now it's a horror movie for everybody..

And it's all happening internally to people who are aging.. And falling apart..

And its all normalized.. People are feeding the demons but they are keeping them inside.. Those demons are trapped in the body because people are afraid to release.. They are afraid to feel the pain of release.. And they are afraid to shit. And they use laxatives so they break their own blood vessels.. They're afraid of food.. And they developed more offspring making the offspring stronger from all the remedies..

So they are being eaten from the inside out..

You're watching a shit show right now..

Just so you know.. Eating worms in your food and benefitting from the nutritional delivery is so much better than feeding the worms and keeping them locked up and trapped in your body.. As they divert nutritional resources away from you..

Because right now people are feeding colonies of parasitic infections in their body.. And they're too afraid to release the demons.. And so they feed the demons and they trap them,

and now they have continents of parasitic cultures in their body.. And the bigger you are the more of them you have.. But if you get small and you age, those continents of parasitic cultures are eating you out from the inside..

Can you imagine what children deal with right now in this environment.. That's what i'm saying this is not a children's world anymore.. They're up against so much..

Woe is to anyone who's using animal prescription dewormers.. You're just turning those microbes into boa constrictors.. They don't appreciate the attack and they will become stronger..

So in the beginning of the j world.. My information did release people's demons.. I know I released a lot of colony forming units of parasitic cultures..

I'm not saying use the j juice indefinitely.. And you could also be waking up other things that will wake up anyways.. And you know you have to eat all food..

But people were releasing demons.. And you almost have to also pull those demons out of your Body.. Especially when you get very sick .

That's what's running you.. That software full of diversity.. And fertility.. That's why people are huge right now. Or extremely skinny

That's why milk is so important.. It has the testosterone hormones that women need.. To release those fucking demons out of their body..

Women are lactose deficient.. And they are highly estrogenic . And yeah probably very parasitic.. Don't trigger them..

These microbes give you the dreams and the nightmares.. And the deja vu.. They give you warnings they give you clairvoyance.. These microbes can be the life of you or the death of you.. They can eat your memories.. Or they can replicate and develop new memories and connections.. They can also make you very skinny or very obese..

These microbes are your life.. Or they are your death.. And they are intelligent.. Extremely intelligent.

You respect life

you never attack it..

You free the life you don't want in your body, from captivity.. And you also make sure you keep yourself alive..

Because when you hold prisoners in your body they will torture you. And they will overthrow you if you let them.. Yep living in hawaii for 6 months it was off the hook sometimes.. I saw people beaten up at bus stops.. you don't want to go in some areas of the island.. It really is not a place to live for a long time.. It's a place to party.. Figure out your direction. And then leave.. lot of methamphetamines and marijuana.

I'm sure it's worse now.. Yeah oahu is where ninety percent of the population of Hawaii live..

I've met nice locals.. And it was a great transition place.. It wasn't good for me long term.. You do feel trapped after a while.. The earliest documented hospital was in iraq..

Baghdad The earliest documented general hospital was built in 805 in Baghdad. The earliest documented general hospital was built about a century later, in 805, in Baghdad, by the vizier to the caliph Harun al-Rashid.

The hospital system is a system of casualties.. Domestic and foreign wars.. From Family all the way to outsiders and strangers.. microbial wars hand to hand combat to virtual wars to rocket propelled grenades..

Humans have been at war with itself for thousands of years.. The hospital system is proof..

A system full of casualties of a domestic or a foreign war....

Just like the american civil war of the eighteen sixties. when you are in a civil war of family and a tightknit group of friends, the children and the parents are competing for resources..

there is only one winner...

the govt..

remember that before you conscript yourself and children in the civil war of survival called family..

one winner..

the govt.

all of you end up in the morgue.. i mean all of you and faster in this environment.

Do you really think a small child can compete with a relatively substantial adult in a highly accelerated environment??

i guess people choose to gamble for love...even though love has been proven to be destructive.. but hey, have fun.. i guess.

the j world is the new culture.. and I was never intended to know what I know.. I was intended to be destroyed or enslaved by a paramour and be silenced through disease..

How many husbands out there would allow their wives or girlfriends to speak out and change.. How MANY people right now ARE silenced through THEIR disease..

They have basically given up.. And they would never dare say anything DIFFERENT on facebook because they would get bullied by their friends. So people stick to what IS safe..

So they play it safe and toe the line and act like some fucking drone clone.. In the meantime they are dying inside.

Trying to put on a happy face.. Even through their own anger.. Many people do have anger issues..

BUT they also have no more fight left in them to save themselves because they have exhausted themselves in politics and religion.. There's nothing left for themselves. They have big families.. They have a huge friend's base.. And that's the war.. Managing so many mouths to feed.. Because friends are dying for attention.. And friends are hungry..

And family cannibalizes family.. No different than an aging person.. When their own body destroys itself..

People are spent.

If I was not trained as a fighter.. When you think about it... And I don't mean causing harm to anyone in retribution.. Like in tyler perry madea family reunion.. If I had not fought for my voice.

I would be dead.

i am the monkey wrench in this bullshit game of civil war.. but it is necessary, but I was NOT intended to survive with this type of memory..

you have a chance..

But you are in a great civil war.. And this is a formidable war.. And it's not just 4 years 1 month and 2 days.. Like the american civil war..

Now you will discover you are in a hundred years war since the nineteen sixties.. It's the domestic war..

The sex and family wars..

And your home and body are the battlegrounds..

your family and friends are the enemy.. Even though you love them.. It is survival of the fittest

All of you are competing for resources.. And people are dropping like flies

When you finally realized the the war that you are in..

That's when you can potentially win it..

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