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We are in the days of the Microbial Manson Family Cult Leader Depop Agenda

This is why I stay mostly on my own. I have no active groups and I am not force converting anyone to do anything. I just raise awareness.

You want to who the cult leaders are.. the main ones.. Every single parent..

You wanna know who the enemy is... Not only yourself but your friends are family who have been radicalized against life.

That's why they promote the oncology.. Extreme sexuality.. Remedies and herbs and drug use.. The enemy is not your government..

It's the crunchy mother cult leaders.. Who are also the squares and the sex bombs.

It's mothers who will never admit they've ever made a mistake.. And their children are the social capital... To be exploited..

I have yet to see anyone in the Jay world admit they've ever made a mistake without blocking people from that post. I have yet to see anyone on my Facebook ever apologize to their children for the kind of hell they put them through in childhood .

Can the black culture the African culture question the cannabis . Question all the drugs and alcohol in their community..

Once they question that then could they question the medical system..

But I have not had any black person in the j world ever stick with my information.

Which means will the black people save their own culture from being weakened by the medical system and the drugs ..

If any one in the jworld, who is black hasn't even figured out how to stay with my information.. What chance will they have to save their own culture..

I might be asking for too much..

As far as society and the Jworld pointing the problem..

Now you see how hard it was to pinpoint where the problem was.. Because everyone was raised to be a cult leader.. Which is why I run mostly alone..

When you have a family.. Friends and family and associations.. You become the cult leader..

And some of you are very deadly.. And you don't even know it.

The system has weaponized parents against children and society.. Just watch your Facebook.

The system has recreated the Manson family.. Look at all the activists and the crunchy mothers and all the politicians.. And religious scientist folks.

It's everywhere..

I would love to see the black folk save their culture and themselves.. And not through cannabis or herbs or the medical holistic system..

Black folk of America.. You realize you're being taken down by the medical and the holistic system..

Africa is up and coming.. And they will be subject to the same thing you've been subject to. Your culture is going to be marginalized at some point. If you don't save yourself now during this time and your culture .

Africa in the future will be under the same type of slavery.. The drug slavery.. The alcohol slavery. The religious slavery.. And the medical holistic slavery..

Remember.. The Georgia Guidestones.. Maintain humanity under five hundred million..

throw away your diffusers.. NOW.. lol, or else suffer food/environmental allergies now or later..

essential oils = chemotherapy

History always repeats.. But what time in history is being repeated..

Some of you don't even know the last fifty years..

Squares, hippie chicks. And the sex bombs. When you get all three in one person watch out they are even more deadly.. When they use their powers incorrectly..

Ironic that hippy chick square sex bombs in the nineteen sixties left their small towns to go to the big city..

I guess I would be called a hippie chick square and sex bomb.. And I left the big city.. For a small town..

It's come full circle fifty years later..

When the system developed so many different cult leaders who may be deadly in their actions.. Resisting everything.. Surveillance society.. Yeah fifteen minute cities.. They knew what they developed they knew what they raised.. And you guys are just proving to them why they need to do this ..

Beauty used as a weapon.. Even the system knew lonely people would eventually get absolution through the other side.. Rest in peace.. Drinking from the silver cup means drinking antibiotics.. And riding the highway in the sky.. Going to the Proverbial heaven..

This is for all the lonely people..

The answer is in you.. Not anyone else.. So i'm going to say.. All you oozy oozy love love love people.. It's uncomfortable to watch.. You are showing you have been traumatized to such an extent.. Severely traumatized..

Not only are you leading with your wounds.. But you're wearing your emotions on your sleeve..

And now that love and trauma has been weaponized against anyone in your cross hairs.. You will love everything to death..

Why did my gut tell me it's dangerous for people to fall in love with you the way they do. Or say they love you.. Envelope you with oozy sticky love.. Because people kill for people who are in love with them.. People destroy people through love..

Love means oncology. Love means getting aggressive surgeries or non aggressive surgeries.. Love means using aggressive anti life protocols against their child's immunity.. That's all the holistic and medical remedies.. That's love to these parents..

Save the children.. Save the animals..

As far as surgery.. I wouldn't cut someone when they're awake.. I certainly would not cut anyone when they are asleep..

That's what love is in this world.. It's destructive

Save the children

Save the adult children..

Save the animals..

Save the men from the pretty women selling them a dream.. Save the women from the aggressive men selling them limitations...

Maybe it's time not to embrace hippie/sex bomb/squarechicks.. Maybe it's time not to become a Manson cult leader.

Maybe don't assume beauty is intelligent.. Or intellectual.. Sometimes people use their beauty as a weapon..

Remember the Manson family.. The women were beautiful.. And they sold death.

Maybe it's time to save yourself.. Now you see why I get very uncomfortable.. When stranger say they love me.. Why all the empaths made me feel very uncomfortable.. I can feel their desperate love channeled through Charles Manson..

The desperation for love and connection.. To be heard and belong... That's why people are desperate to have families.. Their own cult following.. And someone to break apart the loneliness.. That's why people are so desperate for friends.. They can't be by themselves.. Do they even like themselves.. When you're around people constantly you never have to pay attention to yourself..

The irony is when you have so many demons you are the loneliest.. When you release the demons you are well entertained by your own intellect..

This article represents the weaponization of parents over their children.. To the point of death.. The mothers and fathers loving their children and animals to death..

When love is all you need... People are willing to destroy their own family and friends through love..

That's the moral of the Manson story..

His followers.. Have been reincarnated into the hippy world the hippy MAINSTREAM crunchy mother world..

That's why it's dangerous for children..

When people realize what they have done to the friends and family..

Mic drop..

Is never too late to change... It's not about love

it's about respect.. Respect for life.. Respect yourself..


October 10th, 2018

The Summer of Love makes me queasy. I’m stuck on the swastika-ed Manson girls singing psalms on the LA courthouse steps while the press, the pigs, and Mainstream America everywhere sighs in ecstatic horror at these small-town girls on the TV news—how it stuns and knots my errant heart. Just to be clear.. I'm not religious.. I just know how religion has been used against people..

And the funny thing is.. It is impossible.. to not be religious and embrace family.. You need to believe in cults to have a family and religion.. Because it's the dying and reproducing and the blind following is what's required..

That's why we're in kind of a shitty situation.. A no win situation.. When most people are cult leaders with their family and friends.. Blind followers over the cliff to death..

That's what cults are today..

Which is why I am mostly alone.. And I have no group.. And I want no one loving me or hating me or Worshipping me.. I will question everyone and I do not discriminate..

And you won't like me.. Because i'm even questioning your tradition and culture..

Again people hate me with love. And they love me with hate..

That's the Manson way.. All the empathic love people.. Once the black population wakes up.. They will be a force like the black panthers in the 1960s..

Save your culture..


Not oncology or cannabis.. or HERBS

That was programmed into you a long time ago.. That was the DESTRUCTION of the black culture..

If you guys can save yourself.. The white population has a chance as well.. As well as the asians hispanics and everyone else.. And I know the reality that most people who are in the prime place to fight the medical and the holistic system.. Will never ever fight them.. Will never ever question the doctors or the herbalists..

Because they have fought for all the different treatments.. That are just as deadly.. And when you have to face your family after all of what you fought for.. And realize how much you have destroyed your children.. Through all the remedies and surgeries.. That's like a vampire getting their humanity back..

Some don't survive the truth.. It's too painful..

That's why I don't count on people going up against the medical or holistic system.. I don't count on cultures to save their own family and friends by doing something different..

It would require people to think for themselves.. It's better to be right dead right.. Than alive wrong.. Having to apologize to everybody on your Facebook and your children and family..

I don't see mothers and fathers doing that at all..

Because they were taught.. Never to admit a mistake.. Never to apologize.. And never to change.. Because they are the guru the cult leader the all knowing mother father..

That's what charles manson left behind.. That was his legacy..

And i'm watching it all over my facebook.

What happens when a person goes through oncology.. Their head is shaved..

Now you see.. This is why I am so vocal.. It's devastating to experience i'm sure and it's even more devastating to watch.

In this environment.. During this aggressive global warming climate change oncology.. People's hair are falling out and going gray..

I know my hair is thinner..

In this environment.. I might eventually go bald.. And look just like a manson cult follower..

So why is it black versus white when there's asian and hispanic and middle eastern.. Why did mister manson assume it's a race war. Because it was.. The system pit the races against each other.. So they both are distracted at both getting destroyed by the medical holistic system..

And you have fallen for it...

Because black people and africans are very strong..

And skinny white or asian people are not as strong

So all the different strengths in between black and white.. You'll see how easy it is to take out someone who is weaker..

Which it doesn't surprise me that someone I know from back in high school who was also japanese, get taken down by oncology in less than six months..

The system perfected there direct energy weapon through the love of the family and friends..

That's the manson family cult mentality..

I knew charles manson had something to do with all of this.. I just didn't know how he was involved with today.. but he's very significant today.. and he is not even alive.. But all of his followers are alive..

They are wearing the outfits..

That's the freemason way.. You must understand the game being played and use the legal system appropriately.. And understand science..

And be willing to question the cannabis world.. And Question the herbal world..

But if you can't question any of the remedies and herbs, then you will never take up for your own culture and fail to save your own culture and family..

The system banks on you never facing your demons..

That's the strategy.. If you don't fight for your life.. The system knew what they were doing..

You must learn how to play the game.. Remember they use the law and they understand science.. Most people are not willing to understand the law or science..

They just get triggered.. They get programmed and triggered.. And then it's game over.. When the system wants it to be game over..

That's the world you live in..

Your silence around this.. Is the approval..

You really want to be an activist.. You're gonna have to question everything. And the strategy is in the law and science..

The medical and the holistic system are violating the hippocratic oath..

That's your fucking key to victory.. If you can wrap your mind around this information..

If your family is that important to you as you claim ..

We'll see..

I dropped some major fucking seeds..

We'll see.. And so while many of you are very distracted being anti v*ccine or prov*ccine..

You fail to observe the elephant in the room.. Yes the therapies may activate the immune system and stimulate it.. Causing symptoms..

But it's all the treatments in the medical holistic energy healing world is the elephant in the room..

That's what you failed to see.. When someone gives you an argument and triggers you and activate you as an activist.. They are distracting you from the major elephant in the room..

Some of you are way too invested to ever change..

But that's how you see cultures get taken down.. Because they were given arguments and highly distracted and fighting amongst each other..

Now you know.. Maybe the stats will tell you the truth..

Look at the racial disparities of cancer and treatment mortality rates..

That will tell you everything..

They perfected what they needed to perfect..

I'm sorry it's not my fault.. Wake up people..

I'm not the fucking enemy here..

Population-based studies suggest that while survival rates for women with breast cancer have improved over the past two decades, survival rates in black women have lagged behind, and the observed disparity is increasing. 3–5 Black males have a significantly higher incidence rate and are almost 1.5 times as likely to die from lung and bronchus cancer compared to white males. 2 Similarly, black men and women have a significantly higher cancer incidence rate and are almost 1.5 more likely to die of colorectal cancer compared with their white counterparts. 2

Remember even when you're getting treated you're still fighting cancer.. You are still a cancer patient..

When they say treatments have certain types of outcomes between black and white.. The ultimate stats of mortality rate btwn blacks and whites with cancer tells you everything..

Don't let the system think black people are disproportionately underserved with no access to treatment.. And then black people fight for treatment centers.. Which means fighting to die..

fighting for stronger oncology

a stronger poison..

The system wants you to ask for your own destruction.. It's all in the words..

That's why I can't even believe the world I live in today.. Which is why I stay mostly alone.. So many people are suffering and destructive..

Henrietta Lacks Immortal Germline Cells: They used her cancer cells IMMORTAL GERMLINE CELLS to see how they can destroy it through oncology..

The system used her cells to figure out how to destroy life.. John's hopkins should be shut down.. Because of what they turned humans into.. They turned humans against each other..

The fact that she is african american makes it even worse.. African americans and Africans are extremely strong.. They are a force to contend with..

the system figured out a way to weaken african americans threw oncology..

If the different poisons work on her immortal germline cells... That was the barometer for all other cultures under oncology..

She was used.. And people don't even realize how bad it is.. what her cells were used for..

Once people wake up to that.. Oh my gosh.. But right now, people don't realize how bad it was. Using her cells for ONCOLOGY!!

How many african american and interracial couple activists are willing to even touch this.. Many are too worried about Racial relations.. But they dont even realize medical system is destroying them.

Again I can't really speak for the african americans around this.. It will take the african americans to speak up for themselves around the medical system.. And the holistic system..

I'm not sure many of them are ready.. Civil rights has taken up so much of their time..

And many are still stuck in the herbal world... That's why i'm thinking they're not ready for this.. To save their own culture..

But this is really a pressing situation....

This is another project to give away.. I can't fight these Battles... I can only produce awareness..

Replace all the cancer centers ..with


Again i'm not in the medical system.. So I can't develop that because i'm not in any contractual agreement for anyone to bring me back to life..

I have brought my own self back to life.. But some of you need help from the doctors to bring you back to life, not take it away.. This is your battle.. Many of you are not strong enough to fight it and so you won't.. It will take a strong patient to take up for themselves with the help of the doctor system.. It probably won't happen for a while.

What were Henrietta Lacks cancer cells used for? They have been used to test the effects of radiation and poisons, to study the human genome, to learn more about how viruses work, and played a crucial role in the development of the polio and COVID-19 vaccines. What the system did to the conspiracy world.. Is what happened to charles manson..

Apocalyptic scenarios.. They told manson what they were going to do..

And then the system watched how manson and his followers interacted with the world..

Then the system recreated that same thing from what was done back in the nineteen sixties and seventies.. into what we see today..

Now watch your facebook.. Watch all the male and female gurus.. Selling you herbs remedies and drugs. And of course surgeries.. And fear..

History repeats..

It is interesting..

How am I different.... Just look at all the likes on my facebook.. A few..

Look at all the followers in groups and other facebook posts on other people's pages..

That's how i'm different.. To all the mothers out there who blame egg/nut allergies on the vacci ineses..

What do you think all your fruit and plant Essential oils are doing to your children in the diffuser. What kind of chemicals do you think are in the essential oil's mothers..?? And it's not even being injected into you.. You're breathing it in and using it on people's skin..

What do you think all the natural remedies used against that child's skin is going to do to their immune system later.

Wake up crunchy mothers.. Your children are not doing any better than those kids who have been veed..

If you have to use iv er mectin against any virus...

Your children are not doing any better than those in the medical system.. I was once a child.. so I am speaking for all children out there..

everyone in the veterinary medical and holistic, surgical, energy healing world are ALL trauma victims..

I am speaking for all of YOU and your children and animals... SOMEBODY must speak for you because many of you are too traumatized to speak for yourself. I will say this.. many of you are channeling not only Charles Manson, but also his followers...

i cannot even tell the different between families today and the hippy people in the 1960s..

it is UNCANNY... and scary..

AND of course all the crunchy mothers and grandmothers channeling Susan Atkins.. microbially...

How is what susan atkins did any different than what parents do to their own children today. All for the sake of their government.

Not only people are worshipping their government.. But also self proclaimed healers will sell you everything under the sun. And they take food away from you. And sell you sexuality..

That's why we're in a very scary time now.. Beautiful people who seem gentle encourage euthanasia through the herbs and the extracts and the surgeries. That's why it's scary for children..

Parents need to wake up.. Save your own children.. Because they need it the most from you..

The sound of freedom was a distraction from your own foibles..

Let the government save the human trafficking victims..

Parents you need to save yourself and potentially your own children.. Because now you see how scary some women are. Especially around their own children.

These mama bears.. Need to really learn how to protect their own children.. Because they don't.. They give away their children to this system.

Who needs to be saved.. All the children and yours.. Unless you wake up. In the manson world.. A scalpel to a patient is like a manson follower to sharon tate.. It's still stabbing and cutting someone..

The only difference is.

Sharon Tate was not Under any anesthesia...

And your friends and family are. But they still suffer.. Anyone going through the medical system.. Surgery system.. Are suffering astronomically

And people still think it's okay to get surgery. Voluntary surgery..

not Triage out there in the field from a car accident..

That's the microbial manson way..

And people do this to their own animals.. In the veterinary system..

That's the manson way They employed Charles Manson To be the jesus of the holistic commune hippie world..

The fourth awakening was intentional obviously.. That was mk ultra

Now look at your Facebook.. Many people in california are subject to that.. And many people in the midwest and northeast and SOUTH are subject to charles manson jesus ways

Everybody in the whole world is...

The great awakening. The fourth great awakening.. Is putting many people to sleep..

Now you see why religion can be very deadly

Who are they channeling?.,shift%20in%20church%20music%20styles Time to read your history, humans.. stop reinventing the wheel.. The system keeps taking advantage of your beliefs.. And they destroy you at the hands of the parents.. Who are in deep belief..

And ignorance is intentional... Because again everyone's a cult leader.. And nobody wants to evolve except for a very few people.. Who might have the ability to face their own pain.. A few people in my world

And nobody is putting their hands on anybody.. Nobody is employing strangers to tell them how to live their life.. And I am not advocating people take any remedy.. And I don't advocate starvation or turning children into breeders and sperm donors for the system..

I'm advocating you save yourself.. Because you're so important.

Good luck..

What A Fool Believes

The First Great Awakening began in the 1730s and lasted to about 1740

What was the religious revival in the 1960s? The Fourth Great Awakening is a debated concept that has not received the acceptance of the first three. Advocates such as economist Robert Fogel say it happened in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Jesus Movement is cited as evidence of this awakening, and it created a shift in church music styles.

Now, you see why families today, are deadly..

I don't want a family.. I'm not trying to be a cult leader using my child... And I don't want blind followers like children are to their parents..

It's very hard to watch.. That's the depopulation Agenda.. Through the family.. The microbial manson family.

Are you wearing the hippy clothes reminiscent of the Manson family? Clones do exists as people keep copying fashion icons trying to uphold images to belong to a person, place, thing, religion, politics, and science dogmas..

Remember, the religious revivals also happened in the 1960s.. the doobie brothers are the evidence.. as well as all the jesus cults, communes and organic living..and then all the cannabis....and the drugs..

so who is the system destroying....plainly obvious

The system developed manson family clones all over the world.. That's why we're in a great reset.

You can beat the system but it's going to take work.. They have weakened so many people.. But you can become strong and you have the time some of you do.

Save yourself.. But you see the agenda now.. I'm not the enemy.. It's not gonna matter what I say for some of you.. Because the train has left the station..

But you have a chance to save yourself.. Even if your kids don't survive you could survive.. And then one day in the future when you're whole again.. You can have a kid and they will survive the environment..

When I see people today.. They look like clones of the 1960s..

Many people look like jesus today.. The hair.. The body structure.. Their religion..

Some people even look like they are channeling charles manson..

Because the aging process is so universal around cannabis and drugs.. Like watching so many cheech and chong people.

I see people look like the manson women.. Gorgeous.. Skinny.. And very religious and love you to death..

It's creepy and uncanny..

What were the core beliefs of the Manson Family? Manson claimed that he was Jesus and believed the string of murders would help hasten an apocalyptic race war.

His cult of about 100 followers was deeply engaged in drug use and included many naive young girls lured in to help carry out his mission.Nov 20, 2017

How many men out there promoting faraday cages, cannabis and remedies and how many naive middle class women are their followers..glomming onto their every word.. alex jones, etc etc etc..... How many men out there are promoting organic food and starvation.. acting like manson.. No different than the dumpster diving he did..

The costumes are unmistakable.. People love you until you cross them by questioning who they are channeling. And why.. They think they're saving the world with their cannabis and herbs and organic gardens....

But all are doing is acting out charles manson family at the microbial level..

Again the costumes are unmistakable..

Hippy man hippie chicks.. They are telling you what their intention is.. Are you clear enough to see it.. If you're under the influence. You'll act like a manson follower At the micro level..

Save yourself.. There is no money in destroying people really.. Because you're destroying yourself..

Now I understand why hippie men back in the nineteen sixties looked like jesus christ.. ..They were channeling manson.

Men today may have shorter hair. Acting like a guru and a savior..

They are channeling the manson way. And even though cannabis may be associated with cheech and chong and comedy..

It's not really funny in reality..

The suffering is astronomical..

The 1960s Was all about destroying people through drugs medicine and saviorship.. Through religion Spiritually and family..

That's why people look like sex objects back then and even today.. It hasn't changed.. And now it's at the hands of the mothers and the fathers.

That's the depopulation Agenda.. Through the family.. The microbial manson family. How do you support women.. Tell them they don't have to die some day.. And having a kid doesn't make you a whole person..

Support the wholeness of women.. Don't turn them into breeders.. They have a brain..

How do you support the men.. Don't turn them into sperm donors..

Maybe avoid circumcision because it makes some very hypersexual.. And help them release those demons of genetic diseases so they're not dropping seeds everywhere.

But when you advocate your children develop a family..

You're turning the women into breeders and men into sperm donors..

And then the suffering..

It is astronomical right now..

How do you support the l g b t q and non binaries... Tell them they don't have to model themselves after the heterosexuals.. And they don't have to die someday.. And they deserve a long life.. Like everybody else.. And you don't have to be a breeder or a sperm donor..

Everybody has a brain... Not everybody has to be a body to somebody else..

Allow people to utilize their brain..

Hypersexuality does not discriminate.. Having a billion kids does not make you an expert in raising kids or other people.. Because look you're still suffering..

It is easier to fool parents than to convince them they have been fooled..not my quote.

Yep, this main world is all about the family, which has the intention to destroy the parents and capitalize on their child until that child is NOT useful anymore.. The family, today, is pretty deadly.. because even some parents cannot afford to have children, physically and economically.. that kid is suffering, turning into an adults who will suffer..

remember Charles Manson and "The Family".. parents become cult leaders and the family becomes cult members and now we have a repeat of the Manson family via the medical, holistic, energy healing surgical system..

Even though manson welcomed outsiders.. But if you did not repeat the party line, the manson family got rid of you.. And they destroyed people they thought were the enemy physically..

While people on facebook hunt people spiritually and try to destroy them.. Financially and defaming them..

Today, outsiders are unwelcome and the mother is the all knowing person who loves her family to death. (never question the momma bear, who is the epitome of the depopulation agenda, as she will refuse to change and never admit she was fooled) And the grandma's support this as well.. The grandma's are the biggest culprits because they are the supposed wisdom of the family..

The current manson family..

just watch all the mothers out there..

. they will tell you and show you, they know best..even if their kid does not survive or their kid is suffering from all the remedies and surgeries.. now or in the future.. and when their child passes.. they will blame someone or something..

There are Mother's out there with so many Kids promoting pharmaceuticals and herbal remedies against specific viruses.. And so their kids become the social capital as if they know better how to take care of people..

The fact that you are suffering parents doesn't make you the expert.. Repeating what the doctors did to you does not make you a better person knowing how to take care of people because it came from you because you have a billion kids.

Your kids are suffering or will be suffering in the future. Because this environment will not get any better and they have your predisposed issues.

So that's what a cult is..

Big families who think they know everything..

The manson family was the first family the system developed for the families to model after During this great reset..

Just look at your facebook..

Watch people act like the manson women.. All about love.. Under the influence.. Repeating the party line.. over and over and over again..

The j world was never a cult.. But mainstream society made every family a cult.. So it would be easier to depopulate you when the time came to do that.. You already bought into every remedy and surgery..

It's easy when people do not question everything.. And then beautiful women make it harder for people to question stuff.. Because men become weak around beautiful women..

And all the drugs make it easier to control people.. Look what manson did to his flock.. L s d and amphetamines.. And of course the cannabis

The Manson Family (known among its members as the Family) was a commune, gang, and cult led by criminal Charles Manson that was active in California in the late 1960s and early 1970s.[1][2] The group consisted of approximately 100 followers, who lived an unconventional lifestyle and frequently used psychoactive drugs like Benzedrine (amphetamine) as well as hallucinogens such as LSD.[3] Most were young women from middle-class backgrounds, many of whom were attracted by hippie culture and communal living and then radicalized by Manson's teachings.[4]

Look at the hippie chicks and mommy and me groups and the crunchy mothers.. They act like manson women... They love you until you cross them.. And then it is virtual SHARON TATE..

If you're not a hundred percent sober.. You become easily lead..

When you have the strength to face your own demons.. Nobody can take you to the other side purposely.. You wont be afraid of climate change or food or even the government.. And you won't feel the need to lead a bunch of people.. Because you definitely have to lead yourself..

Becoming whole again takes a long time.. And then you don't want everyone worshipping you or getting ahold of you.. Because now you know what the world is.. Many many people suffering.. Many of them are predatory. Remember, love can also be predatory...

People will hate you with love.. And they will love you with hate .

You will have more discernment... Whence you realize how the system has compromised your hormones

Turning you into a manson family cult member. Using fda approve drugs and remedies and surgeries..

There are many predators out there who will hate you with love and love you with hate..

this is why the great reset.. many damaged humans manipulating people out of existence.. the medical/holistic surgical shortcuts in childhood will develop LONG cuts in the future for these kids who grow up, eventually..

yes.. parents have MUCH to answer to.. Now is the time for parents to finally change the way they respond to symptoms..

if parents, today, do not change, it is questionable if those kids will survive or we are developing future serial killers when the kid becomes triggered..

this is why the surveillance society..

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