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We Are In Universe 25 Right Now_Behavioral Sink

We are in Universe 25 right now..

Fifteen minute cities is Universe 25..

If you can't extricate yourselves from the crowd.. The crowd will destroy you.

If you can't settle down and be more autonomous.

Your friends and family and cohorts and associations and all your travelling and activism will destroy you.. Your children will also destroy you as well.. The group mentality in your politics and religion and science dogmas will destroy you..

Societal collapse is based on you always catering to somebody else but never to yourself..

When you supernova so will your children, and also your friends and family will follow close behind.

Those who can't evolve or change.. Who are gluttons for pleasure.. Absolution.. In their politics religion and science dogmas getting vindication for whatever.. Will extinguish themselves like the outcome of universe twenty five.

Behavioral sink!!

What a f****** amazing revelation.

If you can't be by yourself.. If you can't deny yourself all the pleasures in the world.. And learn how to value people money and your own health.

If your intention is a die happy with a prostitute on you. With big lips and skinny body and a bunch of people following you and worshipping you because of your beauty and muscles and money.. You will supernova.. Bye

If your intention is not to advance yourself but always help other people and advance them and make them better.. You are a tool and you will destroy yourself..

Make yourself better. Who are you to make somebody else better. And convert them in your image if you haven't even taken care of yourself and made yourself better.

You have been misled..

Which is why they want everyone in close quarters. When everyone is in crowded cities they will cannibalize each other until you take yourself out of the craziness.. Universe twenty five.. That's why I stay home and stay safe..

I don't need everyone to entertain me and I don't need to be entertained by other people.. I don't need the alcohol or the drugs or the social capital..

Because the environment is f****** insane.. I don't need to travel either.

Universe 25, 1968–1973 A series of rodent experiments showed that even with abundant food and water, PERSONAL SPACE is essential to prevent societal collapse.

UNIVERSE 25: John Calhoun crouches within his rodent utopia-turned-dystopia that, at its peak, housed approximately 2,200 mice.

Calhoun was studying the breakdown of social bonds that occurs under extreme overcrowding, a phenomenon he termed a “behavioral sink.”

Wikipedia.. Wikipedia Is a crowd source of information that is based upon the main perceptions at the time. It doesn't mean it can't change but it reflects the reality of the day.

It's not up to Wikipedia to correct their perception if they still hold it. They don't need to give both sides of the story if that's not their intention.

Their intention is to cater to the lowest hanging fruit those who have absolutely no discernment or critical thinking skills at all easily led and highly emotional.

And of course malnourished!!

The strategy of the system is to destroy you by you destroying yourself with your belief system and lack of awareness by the way they juxtaposition information people make correlation equals causation because of how the words are put together and how close the words are put together.

That's simple minds. Simple minds make correlation equal causation until you can prove how everything is connected and why and understand why it is necessary to have all sides of a story not just your side or one side.

And that goes for mainstream media.. To encourage something universal is irresponsible.. To blame something universal is also irresponsible..

The system can always say oops.. But if you're not discerning then you'll be on the wrong side of oops..

A system can always come back.. And change..

But can you?? Most people refuse to change.. Even when they know they should they won't because their family and friends won't let them . And they rely too much on validation from their family and friends..

So now YOU know that it takes a long time to get into hospice. A lifetime of making antibiotic choices and not evolving.. And always following the crowd.. Right over the f****** cliff.. I don't care what country you're in..

You are not any better if you don't understand where I am coming from.

If you do not pass away right on contact from a drink or exposure.

Then it's all the choices between the first time you did something and when actual death occurs..

Remember I was drinking the j j's.. And so were people in my group at the time and also their children.

Nobody died.. Remember that.. The only one that died that was linked to the j world was a guy in f****** hospice, Einstein.

Shut the f******.. About him.

You guys put him in f****** hospice.. Your lack of evolution..

And if you're too far gone and you've already been diagnosed to be in Hospice..

You will not bring in a lifetime of pain. You will practice your traditional methods until they destroy you..

Now you don't need j j.. Anymore.. Because the environment is highly ionic.. Now you need food.. You need rest.. Eventually you need to wean off the alcohol and drugs... And also address your food allergies.. If you want to survive in this world..

The millennials the gen z the gen y Are either programmed for academics or they are programmed for sex and reproduction.. Those are the only two choices in our society..

You are programmed for academics or your programmed for sex or both, if you are lucky.

Don't let their religions fool you into thinking people are chaste.. Because they're not.. They have kids, and promote grandkids.

They are promoting sex, etc. regardless if they choose to have children or not. The alpha and the betas generations, most likely will follow in their parents footsteps.. Until the system turns around.

You are either jealous of your daughter or she's making up for what you are not and you want her to be better.

Offspring is absolution.. Will you survive absolution..

Meiosis= sexual reproduction = senescence, unless you redirect and develop mitosis

Mitosis is immortality

Meiosis is senescence, is deterioration..

Which is why they wanted to develop people to have relationships with inanimate objects.

So they can get off and release themselves without developing children and literally release themselves..

When you constantly having to trigger your sex hormones you are releasing yourself.

Which is why all the genetic editing of people making them so gorgeous and hot.

Which is why p*** sites are a dime a dozen.

Which is why P*** and drugs was so prevalent in the nineteen sixties and seventies..

That was the height of the kick off.. Which is also why planned parenthood was developed.

Even promoting the family developed deterioration in the family..

All the while developing innovation..

Of course all the wars..

Holy s***

That's the big picture

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