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We are In WW3

WE ARE IN WW3!! (per Yuval Noah Harari)

The evolution of immunological indicators.. You hope they will save your life during aggressive changes..

Make sure you have an eclipse buddy.. Or know how to save your own life during a heart attack if you are by yourself.. Which then led me to confirm that everything i have been advocating as far as coughing sneezing, and blowing nose was how I was able to clear the pipes and save myself from potential cancer disease and chronic illness and heart attacks and strokes and aneurysms.

My gut knew everything was wrong about the world.. But how do you get through to people who are so in denial about everything.. The suffering is just watching it happen.

The conspiracy community might have a better chance of surviving if they dont stay so homogenized.

 Even they must evolve..

You can Evolve without developing children to carry on your genetic line and still stay alive.. But the process of change is brutal, which is why you have all the different remedies, herbs, religions and politics to give people absolution. That's why the therapies market is the largest depopulation agenda.. There is your absolution. You don't have to feel a thing.. And you can justify anything you want so long as it's legal and its FDA approved.. And you can be surrounded by your friends and family and religious belief systems..

Africa is splitting in half. Scientists have found large crack on the eastern side of the continent, essentially adding yet another ocean to develop, therefore, more oxygen.. Consequentially, more oxygen added to the environment, more life, and larger animals/humans/plants

So yes, the ocean is responsible for about 50% of the oxygen produced on the planet. But it’s not responsible for 50% of the air we humans breathe. Most of the oxygen produced by the ocean is directly consumed by the microbes and animals that live there, or as plant and animal products fall to the seafloor (AI Generated/google)

While I am evolving, I feel I am developing larger lung capacity as my right nostril has opened up and who knows what other evolutionary changes I will experience during this climate change. I am extremely tolerant to pain and suffering and I eat all food with no qualms around the "type" of food I ingest as all food is necessary for nutrition.

Humans are made to adapt if they can handle pain and suffering and they stop starving themselves and disabling their immune systems.

Died suddenly means your immune system was ill equipped to deal with sudden and aggressive changes in the environment because it takes pain/suffering and all food to condition one to handle immune system activation.

All cancer is life.. But when it starts competing for your life is when you have to attack it and people do and they don't survive down the road.. They did not know how to manage the life in their body..

 Not only were they in starvation, but they disabled their immune system and of course were addicted to the remedies and the therapies.

Anyone who has to take a therapy has already said they were intolerant to the environment and they needed help from the government to stay alive until the government can't help them any more. That's called palliative care.. Then eventually hospice.. The justification for public health therapies were due in part to blood types and lack of antibody production.. Because they couldn't handle evolution..

You're supposed to evolve AND adapt to your environment.. That's called URACIL.

But many humans refuse to evolve and change and some are so greedy for money, they will sell their own family down the river so they can still have that social capital..

And I understand the addiction to fame fortune and social capital.. That was intended..

It's hard to resist when you build your life around everyone worshipping you..

Enjoy it.. It only lasts so long.. Just look at hollywood.. They had a good run..

By the way, yesterday was the first time in over a month that I felt energetic clear headed and I didn't have to take a nap. I still feel slight tinges of a stitch underneath my right diaphragm aound my rib cage.. And I do feel the pressure of blowing my nose.. But now mucus comes out of both sides of my nose not just one side..

Which means I am developing more of a lung capacity and clearing the pipes.. Maybe I'm waking up parts of my body that were asleep for many years or never was able to wake up due to genetics..

In this environment people who are asleep will eventually wake up some wont even survive being awake.. To them its information overload.. They are over capacity.

In this environment parts of your body will wake up and some of you will slam your immune system with reme/dies drugs and alcohol to put it back to sleep again.. Until you can't resist anymore.. And then it's a died suddenly..

Waking up is brutal and it's painful.

So that's why they didn't like the salt seven years ago.. Many people are fucking zombies and they don't want to wake up.. Literally their body does not want to wake up. They want to be rest in peace eventually.. Because remember they are afraid of pain and suffering and food.. ELECTROLYTES are part of your food supply.. But people demonize salt and sugar and gluten and carbohydrates.

AND YOU KNOW how deficient most people are.. Sugar free. Gluten free. Milk Free. Sodium free. Food free diets..

No wonder heart attacks and strokes are the number one killer of women and men.

They put their immune system to sleep in starvation mode. And then ask licensed therapists to frankenstein their whole body.. And since money is attached to a therapy.. The system will never say no to you unless it is physically impossible to treat you for your disease .. HOSPICE

That's why I have conditioned myself for pain and suffering..

I never want to dig a hole so deep, I can't get out of it.

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