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We are living on the edge of Hell called Limbo..

I have one last loose end to wrap up..

Now you know why on my Doctor Phil show episode, I said people could live to be three hundred or more.. And regrow limbs and organs and arms even if you're born without them

You needed all food.. And you had to stop treating your disease.. And you had to release the demons in the proper way..

Hell is purging on the front end while you rebuild on the back end and balancing out the life/death while still alive..

Which means the system is NOT purging out everyone ON THE FRONT END.. only those who are hanging by a string in certain biological/biophysical states of existence and even in heavy resistance while BUILDING BACK BETTER on the BACK END.

Foreign Objects

Remember when I said a long time ago about foreign objects.. The j juice could potentially work on purging out foreign objects.. Yeah that's immune system activation..

The salt was activating the immune system.. Activating it to work the way it's actually supposed to..

You're not supposed to be holding foreign objects in the body.. Or even too many opposing forces..

Your immune system is not supposed to be suppressed.. Your immune system is supposed to be activated.. And people reject immune system activation..

Inactivated immune system might hold on to foreign objects and even opposing forces until the climate changes aggressively..

Then antibodies get produced against that foreign object, progressively, over time...

Eventually you get around enough energy force and it will activate the immune system even more aggressively.. And then the monster is on the move.. And then your body is reacting to the moving monsters.. Then it becomes a war..

That's why I said those who have transplants.. I couldn't promise you if the body would try to reject it.. And you would have to eat large amounts of food to regrow the organ that transplant was used for.. Which is why I had no answer for people who had transplants on the j juice.. It was too early in the research..

And so.. When you are a "franken person".. With so many implants.. You couldn't afford immune system activation..

Which is why it's so important to understand the power of food.. Not be patched together by biotech.. Because that would mean you would only be temporary..

We are living on the Edge of Hell, called Limbo..

Will april 8th be the reprieve.. the final energy push..

The conspiracy community was the hell of limbo..

I guess we'll find out..

In Catholic theology, Limbo (Latin: limbus, 'edge' or 'boundary', referring to the edge of Hell) is the afterlife condition of those who die in original sin without being assigned to the Hell of the Damned.

9/11 was basically an immune system activation..

food mitigation diets = oncology

"starving out cancer"..("undesirable people")

people cannot see the depop agenda because they are the depop agenda.. their friends and family are the depop agenda selling their audience gluten free/food free lifestyles, joining in the resistance to life.. they are the one side of govt controlling growth and reproduction..

you can't stop it.. the train left the station.. so you just observe..

i observe..

i guess it is better that govt gives us access to food, all food, and then people choose NOT to buy food.. vs the govt starving everyone out purposely..

you chose to starve.. you chose to diet.. you chose..

so if you think milk is poison..

good, more for me...

you can fall apart.. and I will not..

you don't want to feel pain, the govt will give you all the pain killers in the world.. and you can fall apart in the meantime..

the govt is not forcing me to treat my pain/suffering..

lol, but if you ask to be treated so you can still gallivant everywhere..

you chose.

the beauty of choice is.. you cannot hold the govt accountable when you purposely chose to starve yourself, treat your disease and mix in with diverse company despite their warnings..

i get it.. believe me, i do..

You chose to take an ant acid.. This is what sucks.

At some point you can't treat disease anymore.. You have to release the demons and eat.

You choose take all those supplements.. You chose..

These are the consequences of our actions..

And they didn't even have a therapy to blame on.. They didn't get the vaccine.. But they stuck to remedies and supplements..

Thinking it was better..

No it's actually worse.

And there will be more of this.. There already is more of this.

That's why the train left the station..

You can't stop it..

I seriously tried to help people.. You can't stop people who are in resistance to life and energy.. Stuck in dogmatic principles..

When I get the hives.. And I feel it.. Someone else probably died frim them.

Two days ago I felt the demons rise up.. And I sleep and I eat...

Someone else died from them..

That's the world You are in..

That's what happens when you resist evolution..

People die from resistance

you have to throw up, poop, rest when you have stomach aches, heart burn, etc.. I EAT RAW CABBAGE WITH HEART BURN.. NOT PHUCKING MEDICINE. I MAKE A CABBAGE SALAD..



PREVENTABLE deaths come from treating disease and disabling your release process..

i have had only two cases of heart burn and each time I either shit my brain out and had yellow bile come out of my ass, or i ate a salad and pooped..



AND I NEVER SAY LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE BECAUSE THAT IS MISLEADING.. people think cayenne pepper and garlic is the food to use as medicine.. ackkkkkk

And some people have had heartburn attacks. And thought it was a heart attack..


They survived at potential died suddenly.

That was at the beginning of the pandemic when the climate changed aggressively..

When the climate changes again aggressively.. Heartburn will come up for people.. And people won't survive it.. Because they keep treating their fucking diseases.. And now their friends and family are suffering watching people die from preventable deaths..

And yeah i'm swearing.. Because I feel this woman's pain..

What if it happened to my husband.. What if it happens to your friends and family and husband and wives.

As you're shoving antacids down their throat.




I don't want to hear anymore how it's the government's fault of why people are dying suddenly..

Over time it's all of your remedies is what caused the over abundance of antibodies . Conditioning people to run away from pain and disease.

Bloods on your hands.

I repented and I changed my viewpoints..

I told you guys it was the remedies that would be the killer to your friends and family..

I guess you willl find out and get the proof where i'm coming from.

If you're looking for proof..

Don't worry you'll see the proof..

And it will be too late.

And I know people cant handle pain and suffering.. So it's a fucked up position to be in.

But I will not be a party to somebody else's death through my good intentions and love love love and resistance..

We have no business in other people's health issues..

I learned my lesson.. not only will you get blamed for it.. But you actually can contribute to it. And antibiotics is a contribution. Ant acids are a contribution. Cayenne pepper and Prescription drugs over the counter drugs is a contribution to died suddenly.

They turned your friends and families into angels of death..

That's why I walked away from the Health and wellness world because there will be a tipping point.

There will be a day of reckoning

We're in it right now.

That's why scaled down my whole lifestyle..

I can't bear to watch.

And you never know when the body is over ridden with antibodies it cannot release because of so many factors..

So I stay out of people's health world.And I don't recommend them shit. Not even the jjuice


Your reactions to pain and suffering will be died suddenly at some point..

They've conditioned you to run away from pain and suffering and to remedy it away. And of course , be on all of your diets.

IN THIS environment, even an antacid can be the straw that breaks the camel's back.. your spicy herbal concoction can be the straw that breaks the camel's back..

your cannabis and speed'em up supplements can be the straw that breaks the camel's back.. Of course alcohol..

over the counter drugs/natural remedies are like steroids during climate change..

they can be just as deadly, if not deadlier than prescription drugs because people are under the impression natural remedies are safer.. so they over do them.. abuse natural remedies.. even doing so much jj causing constipation and lack of release and loss of appetite..

It's out of your hands.. Because as you know. When the climate changes so aggressively.. And people feell symptoms

What is their natural reaction..

To stop the pain and symptoms. Then it turns to die suddenly

That's disease X

And you can't blame the system.. Because they kept telling you..

You kept resisting..

And you can't legislate morals. You can't tell people they have to have pain and suffering..

So people will be on a string of remedies until the last straw that breaks the camels back..

That's disease x .

That's the variable.. And you can put in whatever you want to represent x.

You can blame the air food and water.And whatever drug you want

That's disease x..

Sometimes it's food that's the straw that breaks the camels back.

It's all relative to your immune system.. And food allergies and anything else..

It's too late.

But at least you know. And you can also deny my information and live in your fantasy world..

That's the beauty of choice..

if my information is too painful..

You can believe in rainbows and sunshine.. And be all about love.

And then go to heaven

and that is also why people thought food/air/water/drugs were poisoned.. because some people were at their limit of antibody accumulation..

they either triggered cancer, disease, chronic illness or died suddenly.

that is the walking dead.. as people divide up into their factions of resistance against an "enemy" they hold inside their own body..

food/air/water/therapy allergies means you are over capacity.. and you refuse to release the demons the proper way... which is why you have vegan/vegetarians and an aging population intolerant to food, air and water.

If you want to survive this.. Convert your hard earned money into food shelter and water and climate control..

I hope you are in a geographically desirable area for survival..

I would never tell anyone to stock upon their medicine, because that could be the death of them.. But then that is a catch twenty two.. If they don't take their meds, it is the death of them..

It's over.

Will it be Self Evident, April 8?

Will we all finally be on the same page?

Even the truth or lies community.. Will we all finally be on the same page..??

I'm exhausted even warning them.. I'm exhausted even warning even the conspiracy community..

And they are the most formidable.. Because they think they have a patent on conspiracy.. Some are still asleep.. And they will stay asleep.

I am exhausted warning people... but again.. until I give myself a break, I will do the best I can to keep saying the same thing in a different way..

all evidence will be indisputable because we all see the writing on the wall or many will die suddenly, therefore, no disputes..

Arthur Schopenhauer once said, “All truth passes through three stages:

First, it is ridiculed;

second, it is violently opposed;

and third, it is accepted as self-evident.

And when you finally see the proof regardless.. Saying I told you so won't make a difference.

But it will be melancholically self evident..

I guess if you already see the writing on the wall party like it's 1999..

Because it is basically 1999..

We are in the final countdown..

I hope nothing happens on the eclipse..

I hope i'm fucking wrong..

And if I am, that is your one more lifeline .

But I assume it's not..

Again we shall see..

If I were you.. Stay home and stay safe. Convert your money into food water and shelter. And try to find a way to wean off remedying away your disease..

That might be your last hurrah..

Is it Too Late to Save Yourself?

I was thinking about 9/11/2001 and how young I was, still wet behind the ears full of hope for the future, despite what happened to the World Trade Center. I remember how much reading, writing, experiencing, emoting, eating, getting sick, traveling and rebelling I was doing to strive to the next level and in the meantime, expand my capacity. I was not one of the lucky ones who had a "bullet proof" immune system allowing relative energetic equilibrium and if the equilibrium was off, manage the dips or high with drugs, or other mediators. I was one of those who triggered extreme hormonal dips and extreme highs causing such chaos but managed to get so much done while "high" on my own hormones and then crawl into my hole of my apartment, or room, riding out the lows. During that time I would eat so much food, watch so many movies and sleep and sleep and sleep. Then, later on, poop so much and finally get on the "normal" routine I had to live on so I could make just enough money to cover my bills since calling in sick was frowned upon and I lost money calling in sick after all the sick days were used up. Once I left my apartment after sleeping, eating, feeling guilty I took time off to save myself, I would go into work and find a way to explain my absence and of course, if you are not diagnosed with an acceptable condition, bosses start making notes on absences and other "idiosyncrasies" and then one day, it is time to leave.

Ok, so then if I was asked to "leave" per se, as it was not working out, I would file unemployment and go through that process and sit for a minute until I found another job, perform an excellent interview beating out other candidates in the Temporary Agency and start all over again and again and again.

It was like Ground Hog day for more than 10 years. Job to job, class to class, different city, town, state and different roommates. Then it was about working for myself in the insurance industry and capitalizing on the two weeks I kicked ass in sales while I was able to crawl and go "downhill" for the next two weeks until it was time to be "sick" again and crawl into my hole and leave the world for a week, a few days, etc. I can attest during those "down" days, it was the time I was gaining my "life" back and replenishing the resources I used up during those two weeks of frenetic energy of so much coffee, dieting, and living on adrenaline until the tank became empty and then down to refill the tank.

Obviously, you know our society is NOT built on that type of roller coaster living. Obviously, you know anyone who exhibits such characteristics gets called lazy, mentally ill and stupid. The crowd and family and friends wanted me to be a drug addict, dieting, and "consistent" like everyone else. The system of family and friends wanted me to spend myself out of existence and even corporate America. I sought help for the condition and was prescribed Prozac, food mitigation diets and through that stress I took on smoking cigarettes during the most stressful times of my life. I said no to the Prozac, I still drank coffee and ate the food and was on and off cigarettes for many years. And I left California to get married and try my luck with a "stranger" in a different land.

When I was eating so much spaghetti 20 years ago during my bouts of "sickness" in my hole of my room or apartment and then feeling bloated and ugly and then pooping it out later, is exactly what I have been feeling the last 3 years. Each time I experienced those symptoms, I actually shat away, sweat, and seeped away all the potential cancer, disease and chronic illnesses that could turn into either a died suddenly or an excessive condition. Which is why I had a PMDD type of chronic condition that was not deadly, but if not understood, could psychologically deteriorate someone and or caused them to disfigure themselves by asking doctors to surgically take out my uterus, which almost happened right before the Jilly Juice World.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Great Pandemic of 2019. Every single symptom I experienced at some point during my down days when I was sick not only came up, but all the "habits" I practiced for over 10 years of battling hormonal imbalances saved my life. And I developed the freedom to stay home, NOT try to keep up with anyone out there who frowns upon my way of self preservation and I have the latitude to make observations and explain myself. I finally was able to purge out what could have been even more aggressive deadly cancers, disease and chronic illnesses and even forgo the aging process so as long as I had food, rest and release and a safe place to do that.

My habits of saving myself is what is saving me now during climate change while other people are treating their diseases, gallivanting all over the globe not even realizing the microbes in diverse company are highly activated and or dying suddenly. I have NO issues with any food, sleep or release and I know when to rest when the environment is even more aggressive.

I fall asleep so quickly and sleep mostly soundly if I am not trying to release recently acquired foreign microbes. I feel stronger, smarter, clear headed and very aware of major indicators of deadly climate change.

I know we all are trying to survive with the tools we have at the time and I also know I come off snarky, holier than thou and even a little judgy. Parts of me still feels the sting of "judgment" in my past and parts of me "enjoy" giving it back and then other parts of me are trying to release the demons of trauma as I watch others deteriorate from what I had to save myself from by staying home and eating, resting and watch movies and feeling the pain of whatever...

The West has more choices than most people and I am just one of many representing a survival technique that may or may not work for you. I represent not only to give hope to those who are similar to me, but to also look back on the last 30 years of my life and realize my habits back then is what is saving me today.

That, right there, is amazing for me.

Is it too late to save yourself.. Only you know

I felt what COVID people felt like in smaller circumstances the last thirty years.. I had all types of symptoms that people with diagnosable conditions had the last thirty years.. And I took the time to release the demons..

That's why i'm surviving without a diagnosable condition and without getting treated..

I released most of these demons during the time that I had to, when I had to call in sick.. When I said no to prescription drugs.. Even when I stopped taking over the counter drugs..

When I was in the holistic world, I think I messed up my system.. But I had room to mess up.. Because I did not royally mess up myself years before..

And it was still brutal reconciling everything..

The over traumatized explain themselves

Or they are ACTIVISTS drug addicts and alcoholics.. sex addicts.. Or go into mental health professions.. Or have large families.. Heavily into religion politics and science, to absorb their trauma. Of course addicted to love.. Beauty.. And fantasies. Probably have many pets.. Very sociable.. Probably even funny with a dark wit about them.. Or constantly looking for distractions and adrenaline seekers..

The ones who can explain themselves are probably lucid and not drug addicts and alcoholics..

Trauma doesn't always manifest into words and explanations..

People put on a good front to distract away from their projections diagnosing others..

Pretty much 99.999999% of society..

True, trauma makes you weaker.

But if you react to trauma with more trauma.. Then this observation doesn't mean anything.. You are stating the obvious..

Trauma only makes you stronger when you realize what you have to do to make yourself stronger despite it.. And not only survive it.. But don't keep retraumatizing yourself using the latest forms of therapies.

That's the issue with trauma.. People keep retraumatizing themselves.. Expecting a different result..

What is insanity.. Doing the same thing over again in different ways.. Expecting a different result..

If your whole point is to run away from pain because of some trauma that was out of your hands.. And then you keep doing self harm through fda approved protocols and surgeries.. And then you keep running away from the pain..

That's called insanity.. And that's another voluntary trauma..

And people keep weaking themselves because of that..

Many people underestimate the power of food.. That's why their digestive system is shit..

They don't eat their vegetables.. They don't eat their meat.. They don't drink milk or dairy products.. They think most food is poisoned..

And so they're in a state of hypervigilance because they're starving and hosting a demon within called opposing forces.

They keep traumatizing themselves holding on to the trauma..

They never let it go..

Everything in biodiversity is reduced down to fatty acid., amino acid, prohormones and minerals.

Mammals are sentient beings with thoughts and feelings.. They are our friends.. Our family.. Even our neighbors.. Squirrels.

Reptiles can be our friend.. They can be family.. Pets.. Even neighbors.. They are also sentient beings

Amphibians/fish/birds.. Same thing..

The insect world.. Oh the insect world.. I don't think i've ever had a relationship with an insect.. I don't think i've ever felt close and had insects as pets. I don't doubt insects have thoughts and feelings.. But I don't feel particularly connected to insects.

Guess what insects are reduced down to.. They're reduced down to fatty acids.. Amino acids.. prohormones And minerals..

Who doesn't like a good steak aside from vegetarians and vegans? I don't mind taking a tumor from a cow.. Grow those cells in a lab.. Developing some type of steak..

Who doesn't like a good glass of milk and cream with coffee and cereal and pastries, aside from the lactose intolerant people..? I wouldn't mind them finding a way to make milk in a lab from yeast. And it would have all the necessary nutrients as well as the creamy texture..

Survival is survival.. Food is whatever form it needs to be in to keep us sustained without abusing an animal making it fearful for its death..

If we say we love animals.. And we respect life.. We can take the nutrients in one form and transfer our targets to another form and also develop the forms we have become familiar with in a lab.

That is biotechnology..

I don't really care where my food comes from.. So as long as it's FDA approved for its intent..

And I don't have animals at home.. I respect the squirrels in my backyard.. I respect the feral cats in the backyard.. I like watching groundhogs race from hole to hole..

And I will let my government control the wild animal population.

I'm not a cow.I don't just graze on plants.. I'm not a deer.. I don't just eat plants..

I'm a human.. A mammal. I need actual animal protein.. I can get my protein from insects once it reduced down to it's most common denominator.. I can also appreciate the lab created foods in the familiar forms that i'm used to.. And I don't have to torture any animal to eat.. I don't have to raise animals to eat them.. And they know they're getting slaughtered.. Or going to get slaughtered..

I can still be a well fed balanced person and still respect the animal population..

All I need are the items below in the forms that are recognizable to me.. I will let biotech develop that..

Even if they're not recognizable to me.. So long as I have all the necessary nutrients from my environment.

Fatty acids.

Amino acids.

Pro hormones.


By the way.. What if that argument about cow farts was just to make you mock the situation and you didn't see the actual logic behind lab created food and insects as a baseline protein nutritional source.

And then of course this plant lady is going to save the planet by starving herself.. She will be deleting herself.. Therefore saving the planet.. She is the one that argument was about.. She will take herself out of the GENE POOL. And she will also employ others to take themselves out of the gene pool..

That is strategic.. That's TAVISTOCK!! I must

hand it to them once again.. You guys are fucking phenomenonal.

It seems plant-based people don't have a lot of the thought process because they're missing the valuable meat.. Animal proteins.. And you need animal proteins to think extremely advanced.. In my opinion I think plant based people are highly emotional. And very subjective..

In my opinion.. I think plant to based people are temporary people.. They don't realize they need the animal proteins for brain functions .. And all system functionality..

But that's just my opinion. But I think also science backs that up.. Of course everything is relative.. But if I was going to put my life in the hands of somebody, it wouldn't be in the hands of someone who was starving their brain functions and all system functionality.. It would not be any one who was intolerant to food , air or water..

I would want to know that person had no issue with air food or water.

I can understand intolerance to certain people relative to the situation.. But if I was going to depend upon someone with my life and i had a choice.. It would not be someone who was vegan or vegetarian..

Because I know longevity and sustainability cannot function when malnourished..

All food.. Even lab developed animal proteins are necessary for survival, even insect proteins..

I remember when I had the massive headaches three years ago.. I ate so much animal proteins!! I had to rebuild my brain.. Because it was going through a major change..

Animal or insect proteins, same thing, are so important.. Extremely important.

I convert animal proteins into human proteins.. Therefore reunforcing my vital organs..

Thx Vic CKki

As much as I don't like the thought of eating bugs I know thru my bird coco that the bugs outside she eats are very high in calcium . How do I know ? Bc she is an inside bird and I supply her diet . I give her meal worms , mice yes she swallows a whole mouse in one go . She will eat any bugs that come into the house . She will steal any food we eat . Sometimes I will buy crickets but they are really annoying to have in the house so I don't do it alot . And sometimes I buy the great big worms can't remember their name . And formula that is for her species . I supplement her worms in the stuff they live in with multiple things . All this is not enough she lacks calcium bc she was loosing feathers . I tried many things to help her with feathers . I did find what she was lacking and it's calcium . So I grind cuttle fish lots of it and add calcium drops to her water and formula . So it's mind boggling how much calcium is in bugs . Her species we have a family of them outside and they don't suffer feather loss bc they are getting the calcium from the bugs outside . Very interesting that's for sure

Venison.. Which was a game kill done by licensed professional.. Converts to my vital organs.. So as long as I don't have too many opposing forces diverting nutrition away from myself.

I don't eat too much chicken nowadays.. I bought a bunch of chicken thighs and I didn't really have a taste for it really.. I remember eating so much pork chops a few years ago.. About maybe year and half ago.. I could probably eat a good steak Or venison about once a week.. My husband needs a lot more because he is more active given his job..

If you don't have some kind of animal proteins in your intake of food.. Your body actually canniblizes itself..

That's the orobouros.. The snake eating its tail..

When people are on gluten free.. Mineral free.. fat free.. Sugar free.. Meat free.. Milk free.. Intakes of food..The body is just eating itself alive...

And then all the diverse microbes are also cannibilizing the person as well.. Because the person cannot handle the pain of the release..

That's why it's not just eating.. It's also releasing the aggressive opposing forces people have trapped inside..

Eating flesh from an animal gives you a better opportunity to convert that flesh into your vital organs.. All the conditions must be right of course..

I could not live on plant based proteins.. Because i'm not a plant.. I'm not a deer.. I'm not even a cow..

There's a lot more going on in my brain than a deer or a cow has going on in their brain..

Pigs are slightly smarter.. Which is why some religions don't eat pig because it resembles so close to human flesh.. But it's not human flesh.. It is pork..

I don't need as much red meat unless it's very aggressive and I have to convert energy aggressively.. Then I am eating a steak.. Or a bunch of eggs.. But even eggs are not enough..

Sometimes a good round juicy steak is called for..

But jillian.. What's up with all these body builders on vegan diets.. Or vegetarian diet.. Because they're super inflating their muscles.. Causing so much resistance.. But eventually those muscles deflate.. Those hormones get depleted... Then it's sagging.. Breakage.. Even died suddenly because not enough fat.. Not enough protein from animals to reinforce their vital organs... Too many hormones inflating their muscles to look a certain way..

Which is why those who are super muscular with hardly any fat tend to die suddenly in this environment.. Athletes in the environment tend to deteriorate faster.. Aggressive hormone production.. And they channel it through their craft.. And then they deplete themselves..

Which is why I don't play those games..

I must have room for respiration in all of my vital organs.. I don't need too much resistance.. And I don't want very little resistance.. Now my body must react to the environment.. Not my environment react to me..

Before we had to produce our own energy for whatever.. And find a way to release energy..

Now this environment is not only giving people the energy to produce very quickly.. But also become released very quickly from this lifetime.

Aggressive growth can mature you faster... And give you the opportunity to think quicker.. But also deplete you faster.. If you don't keep up with the right foods.. Meat milk cheese eggs fruits vegetables cabbage..

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