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We are the aliens everyone is talking about and we had to mimic Earth.. In order to keep the balance

See a pattern: Intentional Deadly Energy Conversion aka Starvation in Climate Change (accelerated particles to increase metabolism) Mimic Plot: In New York City, cockroaches are spreading the deadly "Strickler's disease" that is claiming hundreds of the city's children. Due to an inability to develop a cure or vaccine for the disease Dr. Peter Mann, deputy director of the CDC, recruits entomologist Dr. Susan Tyler. In response, Dr. Tyler uses genetic engineering to create what she calls the "Judas breed", a hybrid between a mantis and a termite that releases an enzyme which accelerates the roaches' metabolism, with the effect that the roaches burn calories faster than they can nourish themselves and thus starve to death. The roaches carrying the disease are successfully eradicated, and Peter and Susan later marry.

We are the aliens everyone is talking about and we had to mimic Earth.. In order to keep the balance, Which is why we have politics religion and science which is a programmed self destruct contrived simulation to keep the balance on Earth..

All the current politics that are popularized And religions and scientific dogmas all have incorporated a self euthanasia.. The reason why you think everyone should die because they told you that.. And you accepted it without a question.. Because you love your mommy and daddy and your favorite rock stars and they are influencing you to annihilate yourself at the right moment. And so when you're mimicking a person who is in self destruct guess where you end up, in self destruct..

Called personal euthanasia

So if we are the aliens then we were never meant to die but yes things on Earth go through a life cycle and we had to incorporate and contrive a life/death cycle So we don't destroy all the resources on the Earth, which was probably why the giants were eradicated because they were destroying Earth..

We had to mimic Earth.. And the biodiversity.. Maybe we are the aliens that are learning how to assimilate to new civilizations and we have to learn hard lessons on how to assimilate to new environments.

So if we had to develop a death cycle such as a dying and reproducing type of thing then we can do the reverse and develop a life cycle a continuous and indefinite life cycle for those who can handle assimilating and evolving..

Take away all the politics religion science and just understand that everything must adapt to each other and we are alien to those who have never had to deal with our energy before.. We are not alien when we finally assimilate.

So yes all the politics religion and science and all the history is loosely based on our arrival here on Earth and then what we have to do to assimilate and yes many of us are being punished for violating the laws of nature and some of us are in extreme amount of pain and I had to pay the Piper too believe me I didn't escape my punishment For violating the laws against my body using the medical and the holistic.

When you think about it.. Science is explained in politics and religion.. And right now we are experiencing judgment day.. That much I know and some of us are witnessing the rapture of those who cannot handle the environment.. And that's also another suffering is watching people deteriorate..

Everything makes sense now..

And yes in order to survive we had to mimic each other.. When you want to be something you have to mimic it.. Whoever you admire the most you'll end up like them.. Because you will mimic them..

People can mimic themselves out of existence or mimic themselves into existence.

Whoever you revere and worship you will end up just like them..

When you master that power of intention You can move mountains..

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