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We Need to Leave the Old World Behind and Welcome to the New World

The Mirror definitely has two faces.

Main takeaway:

It's tough to look in the mirror.. Which is why I face the demons and the mirror.. I don't hide behind anything. I'm so fucking transparent people can't handle it. But I will let you expose your belief systems. I will let you expose yourself supporting butchery and death.. And then cheapening life.

Because you will admit it at some point. And when you're proud of it you will admit it.. My trolls have. when you think you are exposing Jillian for being a "monster"..imagine what you are admitting to the world.. you have just exposed yourself.. just because everyone is doing it, does not mean it was moral or ethical.. it was just accepted and justified..

the devil is the accountability.. and when accountability is all around you, it is time to face it.. and some people will and some will keep blaming..

but remember: what is the argument? death, destruction and suffering.. and who supports that? those who believe in treatments, anti-life protocols and surgeries ..

i walked away from all that and exposed the system for what it was.. i am sorry you cannot face it..

but i did.. I live with the pain and suffering and I am NOT under the influence and taking on more life only to be destroyed later and I do not intend to pass away absolving myself of the sins committed in the past or present..

How many of you can say the same thing?? How many point the finger at me and yet still keep traumatizing your family and animal's body mind and spirit with endless treatments and then justify with euthanasia..

face that..

So I learned a hard lesson.. You can't save anyone but yourself not even your animal..

So why entertain things that you're going to kill anyways..

That's why we're in a great reset..

I just hope whoever is dependent on you survives your lifestyle. For those who are wondering what happened with my dog.. When you get caught up in having slaves such as animals. And they have already been treated and traumatized by prior owners and the veterinary system.

I learned you can't save them from the suffering of becoming whole again.. I learned and saw what the medical vet system did to those prior tumors..

I saw the trauma when she was spayed.. I saw the two gaping holes.. Yeah that's what you do or did your animals .. And you can't face it but I did.. I saw the horror and the reality..

This is why I will never get an animal again. Because I cannot possibly enjoy an animal knowing they will suffer in this environment to live.

I will not be forced to take them to the veterinary system.. To get surgeries.. Antibiotics..

When we're down 5 hundred million. And we have very stable strong animal genetics.. And we don't deploy surgery or antibiotics to any of these animals.. And we let wild animals be wild. And we don't enslave animals.

Then I will visit the animal sanctuaries.. And enjoy watching them be free.

But we all got to suffer and see what happens to these animals after they leave the veterinary system. With fucked up owners of the past. And these animals are in shelters.. Traumatized.. And not very well cared for.

And then we have to put them down. So we don't see what damage we've done to them.

I never used the vet system on my animal.. And I stand by would I have done and did around not treating my animal.. I have principles and I am consistent.. And many of you are not consistent.. You say you respect life and you destroy it.. Butcher it.. And then ask for absolution.. Fuck that

But I got a shelter dog with prior trauma. And of course I didn't know any better.. And I wasn't the one that got the dog. It was a gif from my husband and his friend. So I didn't even get the choice in the matter. Not that it matters my dog was my everything.

Sometimes it is learning the hard way so you don't make the same mistakes.. Sometimes you have to sit with suffering and pain. To never make the same mistake again..

All of you who watched my animal.. And me during that time.. Saw what you have done and supported for centuries.. And it fucking hurts doesn't it.. What do you think the animal go through when they go to the vet.. They are in extraordinary amounts of fear.. They are getting butchered.. And antibiotics shove down their throat..

And then there with families who eventually give them away or destroy them. When it's too hard.

That's not the world I want to live in.

But you saw the world you created.. Through me..

I'm sorry that the mirror fucked you up.

That's why vampires don't like mirrors.. They can't stand to look at themselves.. But they sure as hell know how to point the finger. Now look at yourselves.. Look how you view me..

You're just pissed off at yourself you supported that bullshit for so long. I showed you what you did to your animals. And what you do your children and what you do to yourself .. Butchering your family. Through the medical system.. Veterinarian system.. Surgical system. Shelter system..

Believe me i'm ashamed of the world I came from.. I'm ashamed I ever wanted an animal as a pet..

People justified by saying you give them a good life.. Some animals might get a good life.. And then get destroyed when it becomes too hard. And people purposely commodify animals and torture them through forcing them to have babies..

And sell the babies.. And destroy the mother.. That's the fucking world you live in .. You fucking support that. .. The slavery of animals. You fucking support that.

I'm not supporting that world anymore. That's the old fucked up world..

If I have to be the bad guy. Because you can't face reality of what you have done and supported. And then get absolved by giving them back to the vet and having them destroyed. Then looking for sympathy..

So be it..

How many of you will never learn your lessons? Because you just run through animals and humans as if they were disposable. Because that's also how you think of yourself.. So of course you think animals are disposable after you've used them up. Energy vampires.. Sorry I have to call it like I see it. I know there are people in the j world who have animals and I hope they survive.. We all are in transition.

The world I want to live in.. That many of you refused even face.. Life is not disposable.

But to many people life is disposable to them.

And so I was the pain you refuse to face.. Because you killed it before it happens before you have to feel.. People who are cured have zero empathy for pain.. They don't understand pain.. Of course they don't understand their animal .. How do you understand pain when you keep killing it.. That includes your animals and children over time. Your killer pain you kill their life.. And unsupported pain is just as bad.

And so do you really think humans are fit to understand how to mature when they keep killing life around them.

I will be that fucking reality check.. And it's all over my page and my old page..

And you will see I took personal accountability and responsibility for my actions. It was only when I realized none of us can handle the process.. I had to destroy her because we watched the fake healing disappear. All those antibiotics and surgeries that were given to her. At the time, the fake healing had to leave and she had to actually organically become whole again. None of us were equipped to suffer that much..

So now when you take your animal to pretend everything is great.. You don't get to feel what it's like to be an animal getting butchered by a veterinarian.

You become too desensitized around life.. After all is just a commodity.. A passing memory.

Fuck that world

Again vampires don't like looking at the mirror.. That's why they cover mirrors..

Sorry facebook is a mirror.. If you don't like looking at yourself.. Get off of social media.

And when you send your parents to hospice you supported death already.. When you send your animal to get destroyed you support death already..

Who's the killer here.. People are all about saving the children.. Why don't you save yourself because you're still a child.. And why don't you teach your child how to survive.

You have no idea what you think you're saving out there.. I mean children animals pull the heart strings tug the heart strings.. And yeah, there are evil people out there in the world. And you call law enforcement if you see abuse.

But remember you were once a child. And you're an adult and you're dying.. And you're trying to save things that will end up dead eventually.. You think if you save them they will have a great life.. You can't guarantee that. You can't guarantee they will not suffer so much and then die anyways..

So why dont you save the child within you. Give yourself half a chance.. You can't control these kids lives out there even if you save them.. Because it's only a temporary stay of execution.. You don't know what kind of truama these kids have been through .. You don't know what kind of damage is in their genetic line.

But what about you.. Aren't your children and the child inside of you important.. ?

You have a better chance as an adult set up correctly to save the children in your world. The juvenile cells and children within you need mature parents cells to teach them how to keep you alive..

Otherwise you're saving things to die.. You're saving things to be a temporary slave to somebody.. And then youre being used to do that..

But again do what you want.. Temporary or even a scalable MEMORY LOSS, is to be expected while the body is pushing the demons to the exit point.

Then choleric release after energetic memories are unlocked

Yesterday after eating just minimal food because I wasn't really hungry, I took a nap and I woke up maybe after an hour and a 1/2 2 hours later, not even remembering what time of day it was, what day it was, or why i was awake.. I got up and moved around and then everything came back.. I talked to my husband he said he was coming home. So I laid back down again. And then all of a set on my stomach rumbled. I fart like I usually do. And nope. Wow. So I had to go and clean up .. And it was irritatingly yellow and it was residual memory.

The four humors. Those are the demons. It's not a coincidence I had in the last few weeks in areas that I knew I had some kind of trauma in from wherever infection . Or childhood experiences from my peers.. And so all of that came out. And it came out through the exit points and memories, things I remember that could have been traumatic or were traumatic..

It seems kind of crazy.. People will be like ewwe.. Yeah when you start releasing the past and becoming whole again it's not pretty. It can be really messy sometimes.. Oh well..

im not even doing my juice.. But my immune system is working the way it's supposed to.. It's activating through my environment.. My very aggressive environment

The release of the 4 humors from your proper exit points are what's plaguing you. That's disease.. It's traumatic memories.. It's infection.. It's damage.. Everybody carries it.. It gets passed down genetic lines..

Everyone must pay for the sins of their fathers.. Sins of their mothers.. Somebody must pay for the abuse endured over the last 6000, 7000 8000 years.

Every single belief system you hold and anger and happiness and sadness did not just occur in your current lifetime.. You also carry those memories over ever since day one.. Ever since you were hybridized .. And then that genetic line kept reproducing.. Even programmed. Gene edited.

That's why you might have memories of the past.. Before even your parents and grandparents.. You might have memories of things that your genetic line have done or did.

You are the nephilim..

How do you become whole again and release those demons.

In my opinion.. If you can handle it.. You have to go through what I've been going through the last 7 years. And some on a more aggressive scale. Of course, I can't tell you you must feel pain because you may not have the support system or the wherewithal..

And you most definitely need food.. Especially milk and meat.. And of course cabbage and fruit.. And you can't be afraid of sugar and salt and gluten .. And most of all you need rest and sleep.

I feel so peaceful after all of that release.. I sprained my ankle a long time ago. And then I reinjured it in two thousand ten.. I feel it today.

But there is no coincidence that when you go through a release process, you will have memories.. Things you hadn't even thought of until that day . Things you haven't even put together until that day.. And then even your intestines release those demons.

The four humors. Sometimes they're very angry. That's the yellow bile. You can call it infection. You can use clinical terms and think it's something that needs to be treated.. And people do because they are scared. But that's the old memories.. The old angry memories.. And when children release those angry memories.. And of course they have to keep feeding the body.. That's them trying to get a different platform othee than living on the anger of their ancestors..

You see we hold the anger of our ancestors.. We hold the trauma from our ancestors. We hold the pain from our ancestors.

And what have we been taught to do.. We've been taught to compound it.. Bury it like a mud flood.. And then some scientists or archaeologists goes and digs for treasures.. destroying you destroying earth..

The key to who you are is not only the past. But also working with the government to develop the future. But you have to understand what the government is doing. And you can't expect that you won't be fighting some really aggressive battles.. You will be in the battle of your life. . Your kids are on their own you can't make them do anything.. They are government property.. Even if they try to copy you there is no guarantee any one will survive.. So you be the best copy you can for everyone around you, even your children.

Hopefully you are in the right place at the right time.. You have the mobility.. Hopefully you don't have too much baggage..

But I tell you.. Facing those demons. Because everybody has them not everybody wants to expose them. That's the key to immortality. So as long as your environment can hold life..

That's why I say.. Not everybody can do what i'm doing. Because they are not set up correctly.. Their infrastructure will not support them to do this

But maybe you might have a chance..

And when you have been paralyzed in the past and then came back from that.. If you're doing what i'm doing.. You will have to revisit the past..

Nobody escapes judgment day in their body..

Just because you were cured.. Does not mean that it will stay that way. You have to face the demons. If not you will pass away with the demon still inside of you.. Eating away your soul..

Welcome to the days of noah.. Somebody said radiation levels could go extremely high because of all the phones going off at once.. I wouldn't doubt it.. I'm prepared for it.. I will eat my way through it.. I will keep feeding the energy.. And release any potential damage..

Make sure you have enough food, people in my world.. And be prepared to be sick.. Release those demons..

Frequencies do not discriminate.. Nobody escapes the environment.. I don't hide frequencies.. I don't hide machines that are part of my environment.. I adapt to my environment.. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. And you have to feel the pain.. And you must release and repair.. More yellow anger left the body today.. Gotta love the four humors. Yep we're in another frequency shift.. Pushing out more damage from the past

No matter what, you never knew better. The system knew better.. And the system took out insurance.. You can say whatever you want.. You can even question the system.. At a cost.

And so if you want to question the system.. The system can also look at what you have done.

What is it those in glass houses shall not cast stones..

That's the pot calling the kettle black..

You can't make money off of destroying the reputation of your employer..

Consequences.. Actions have consequences..

The system knows who went to epstein island.. But that's their insurance..

Now you understand how the world works..

And since most people have found ways to cut corners somewhere.. Or they have done things when they were teenagers or even young adults or even adults.. But it wasn't public knowledge..

The average joe will not always be outed because it not always worth it for the system outing people.. Until you make it worth their while..

If you want to play with the big dogs.. You better have a clean garden. You chose. Once you save yourself.. You'll know you have no power over anybody else..

That's the irony.

Then there is nothing to resist. Some of you already saved yourself.. You know who you are.. And of course it's all relative to what save means.

Yeah the war was pretty much is over before it began.. It's just now laying down the last brick..

Everybody has chosen where they want to be.. Just look at where you are.. Look at who you surround yourself with.. Look at how much you resist change..

I just figured it out.. But there was nothing I could have done even if I tried..

The war has already been won.

Now it's just a matter of time.. The system already has everybody where they want them..

I just wanted to figure it out.. Because I understand strategy.. And there is no other joy than to know not only did you beat the system within the system. But there was consistency within the strategy. The clues were in the numbers and words.. In physics chemistry and allegory..


I'm just fucking impressed.. The alpha generation might be strengthened through this aggressive climate change and economical changes..

The beta generation would have been beaten down by the environment and finally submit. war separates the men from the boys and girls from the women..

maturity could be the outcome, not aging out..

maybe war was necessary.. maybe.. to strengthen the human race..

Maybe having silicon valley next to all the gang warfare was to see how the children of the community interacted when they crossed the rrailroad tracks.. There was definitely a lot of different integration with those in the inner cities bussed into the suburbs..

Gangs back then especially in the eighties were so prolific in the bay area.. And there wasn't really a dividing line.. There was but there wasn't..

So I can see social experiments happening even during those times in the san francisco bay area..

How were they going to survive and assimilate to each other.. every moment will force you to decide who you will be now and in the future..

every moment is the opportunity to redirect..

in my last video I outlined and described the moment I chose not to retaliate on someone who brutalized me in summer camp, summer of 1988..

that moment determined the rest of my life....

all of you will be faced with those forks in the road.. and it will be your choice..

when you remember those moments of choices.. that is a power like no other..

but you must be lucid to tap into the power of memory.. family will either prepare you for war or make you too soft to survive war

And here's the thing.. How much is too much protection.. How much suffering can a person endure.

That's why it's the government who must regulate..

That's why parents and adults must save themselves.. Most were not prepared for the war we are in right now..

That was for a reason.

Which just why I'm giving you indicators and clues who it is the agent for the state of destruction via resistance

And it's not who you think..

Everyone who resists evolution.. In body mind and spirit.. Selling you their version of absolution and peace.. Those are the agents of the state..

Agents for the state will be beautiful.. charismatic.. Angry.. Well connected and well educated.. And potentially even highly religious. And of course very spiritual.. showering you with platitudes.. And beauty..

And they will worm themselves into your life.. They will find a way to worm their way into your life. And be your savior .

And they are everywhere..

This is why i'm mostly alone.. I know the tactics.. I know all of the psychological operations..

I've had seven years of experience..

My mother prepared me well.. Thank you mother. when a father must keep his son in line because the son disrespected his mother.. the son was just copying what the father had already done.. the father did NOT like looking in the mirror..

the mother allowed her own husband to be the representation of how women should be treated.. and her offspring copy what is in the home..

while tv can influence, the parents have an emotional attachment to their offspring and vice versa..

who did they learn their behaviors from... their parents..

now look at the people in your community.. and look at what was taught to you.

now you see why we are in a great reset..

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