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We Need to Offer Ontology in Healthcare along with Oncology so Humans and Animals have a Choice


If there is not an ontological wing of healthcare, I do not want to be part of any of it.. When your only option is oncology you know you're f*****. Ontology should be an option

What you don't face and feed and release "organically", will always come back again and sometimes stronger than before. When you face "it" the next time around you can't do the same thing you did before and expect a different result..

You can't just cut something out of your body and not pay the price for it later on. People are punished for the sins of their father.. Animals are punished for the sins of their father. Part of me is very angry the fact that we have overbred humans and animals and they are suffering..

Suffering could mean fear.. Meaning fear of the worst case scenario. Suffering for people is the fear of what could potentially happen not what it is happening..

Suffering for people is not realizing that the only thing you really can do if you don't want the same result is to systematically remove the fecal programming and feed the body and let the body work everything out..

You cut something out you cut something off.. It will grow back again.. Too bad we don't have the same mentality when people lose an arm and a limb but we have the same mentality when it comes to cancer disease and tumors..

Humans are now paying the price for their violence against nature.. Their animals are also paying the price for it too..

To all my critics who need to state the obvious because that's all they can do is state the obvious .

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