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Weaponize Resistance to Life Weaponized love

Disease x.. Coming soon to a theater near you.. You are the theatre.. I hope you survive it.

The future is coming fast..

Weaponize resistance to life Weaponized love

Anti government people are resisting themselves out of existence.. You are the government .... You have been gaslit by your peers.. And by your government..

And if you're not working with a clear head, everyone is your friend or everyone is your enemy.. Even yourself.. And you can't tell the difference..

Died suddenly.. resisting the right things and allowing the "wrong things" in your house/body/temple/life

regardless if you are in the Jworld or have done my protocol, or do it every so often, etc. (i don't do jj anymore) your family and friends are taking you down, notch by notch via physically in your presence, or by their pain mgmt. recommendations via the internet..

you were programmed to be so socially dependent on everyone, you failed to see the "devil" or demons torturing you..


which is why modern women need to learn how to be relatively self sufficient or else she will invite the "devil" into her box.

Weaponized resistance weaponized love..

Some people are literally trapped..

They can't get out.. They are trapped in the jail of expectation.. Their own and everyone else around them..

So while people are looking up.. at the lines in the sky.. They failed to look at what's right next to them destroying them..

And i'm so aware of microbes and growth and I know how to handle it and control the growth..

And I can release the demons and eat food with absolutely no issue. I've conditioned myself for this environment and the world..

People out there have no idea what the hell's going on.. Because they are under the influence and cured and in so much pain because of resistance..

I knew

The strategy.

Weaponizing resistance and love..

Fucking genius.

the system fooled you.. made you resist them with remedies and surgeries, but made it almost impossible for you to resist your sexual urges, needing to be around so many people, and your friends and family.. They made it almost impossible for you to resist drugs and alcohol and the pleasures and paradise..

Weaponized resistance means you resist the things not out to get you,

but you let the devil into your living room....

I knew everything was inverted... I knew the system programmed people to love the things that destroy them..

That's why they weaponized love..

Because love is impossible to resist..

They made your resist pain so much that you invited the devil into your living room..

And when you resist pain destruction is imminent..

When you resist your own self inflicted pain and you invite everyone into your world to take away the pain.. And they only make it worse and they add more to it.. Even your pets add more to the additional microbes that you have to release..

That was how they weaponized resistance and love against you..

And then you're easier to convince you need someone to surgically take everything out of your body little by little . Or stop your immune system from releasing .

The system made you soft with children and animals and needing to be around people.. The system made you soft with family and friends..

So then now in this environment.. You're like putty in their hands.

The system made the grip of your friends and families so tight you couldn't resist them.. They made your friend so manipulative that you couldn't resist their advances.. And then when you're so lonely, you would find a way to get back into the circle.. Only to be destroyed by the circle..

They programmed you to attack the things that would help you and invite the things that would destroy you..

They made people so adverse to change that any one that they perceived threatening the way they lived, would be the enemy..

At first it was the outsiders that were the enemy..

Now it's your inner circle..

And you can't tell people that t because they are SO programmed they can't stop whatever they're doing. It's out of their control now.. The environment is so influential people cannot change. They are literally robots.. It's freaking fascinating to watch

And SO now the outsiders and the insiders are people's enemy and they are "attacked" from both sides.. Even though the outsiders have done nothing to them.. But it was their friends and family who've done everything to them..

Yup duped.. We've all been duped..

So no matter what i'm the enemy to everyone whatever.. Because I will always be an outsider

But I don't care but I do but it doesn't even matter..

I'm saving myself.

People in weaponized resistance will attack first and that's how you can prosecute them.

That's why you saw january sixth the government did not stop people's intentions..

The people did it to themselves..

The government did not resist what people were intending to do. So you saw what the people's intentions were when given the oppurtunity.

The clue is not to be so radicalized that you attack first putting yourself into position to be prosecuted..

Now you must be smarter than everyone around you. It pays have discernment of what actually is an attack against you or what you think is an attack against you.

And if no one is coming into your house.. And no one is targeting you specifically. You have no room to attack anyone in "defense".

You always defend yourself. But that does not mean you attack somebody else.

And when you defend yourself you better have evidence that someone attacked you.. You'd better have evidence to justify attacking somebody else in DEFENSE.. You better be in imminent danger.

And simply disagreeing with somebody else does not warrant a personal attack against them..

That childhood schoolyard behavior.

You can discuss issues and concepts..

But it's time to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled adolescent


Your peers gas light you into weaponized resistance.. Your peers aren't benevolent..

Your peers will get you in trouble.. And they will have you attack yourself and others to the point of a prosecutable offence..

And your peers are also your government..

So... It will take an extremely discerning person to make choices for themselves based upon their personal intentions and the law..

If you choose to attack yourself.. It must be through fda approved protocols.. And you're making a choice for yourself.

And the government tries to regulate people who recommend others to attack themselves through cures surgeries and remedies.. Obviously they can't control all of you.

But maybe that was not the intention..

So that's why I don't listen to my peers anymore.. I only listen to government when I have to pay my taxes or follow the laws of the road and licenses.

Because nobody is benevolent.. Everybody has an angle.. It's up to you to figure out what it is..

We've been trained very well by the system to manipulate each other and gas light each other...

It's time to get smart.

When I tell people to think for themselves..

I mean walk the fuck away from everybody.. And provide an argument against those who you used to hang out with and support..

If you truly want to think for yourself..

one would leave society. And leave all activist groups..

And even provide an argument for the government..

And realize your peers are also government..

That's when you know you must be an island unto yourself.. Watching and observing people destroy themselves and other through legalized government sanctioned methods..

Weaponized resistance is a psychological methodology to destroy people who don't want to change..

Who would destroy you if given the chance.

But you don't want to give them that opportunity And so you give them choices..

People who hate others.. Who hate diversity and evolution, can't handle their own evolution.. and they would destroy themselves over time.

and they find like minded people to do the same thing by gas lighting their friends and family into such resistance that they would destroy each other..

That's called family and friends and ACTIVISM

You're in an environmental psychological and also a bio physical war...

The war is different for everybody out there.. The west is in a psychological microbial war.. And their lifestyle has also been weaponized against them in a different environment..

Africa is in a sexual war of family and dating.. And they are being given choices to read books and better themselves through capitalism and influencing.. Repeating what we did.. They are being given opportunity to study philosophy and western ideals..

The war is different for everybody..

I saw right away what we were in when the pandemic first came out..

Some third world countries are in an actual physical war..

Recognize the war you're in.. Act accordingly..

History always repeats to those who don't know history..

And you're seeing people doomed to repeat it..

I'm not repeating history..

That's why I walked away. I must have been here before in a prior life. Or given the glimpse of the world before this..

I don't know. But i'm not playing with everybody else.

I'm trying to save myself

How do you survive biological attacks from your friends and family and environment..

You defend yourself.. And survive it. Become stronger.. Sometimes that requires you leaving the group mentality.

Sometimes it's physically disengaging yourself from society. And only going out in public when it is necessary.

You can't prove anything as far as biological attacks. And even if you think you can.. It doesn't matter if you can't defend yourself and survive it.

We're in darwinism. Survival of the fittest..

This has been in plans for decades.. You've been out smarted..

Evolve or perish..

Learn about the world you live in..

Read all the comments in the original post..

I learned a lot about him on youtube.. And read so many different articles about him.. Government as well as op eds..

The irony is.. The government TODAY is trying to over throw the people in favor of a new system

In the 1960s the people were trying to overthrow the government.. Because they were tired of all the different issues of discrimination, war, women's rights and whatever..

That was through the Weather Underground.. You know, Bob Dylan.. The beatles..

The people of his generation.. My parents generation. Silent gens and boomers..

But you can't do that.. You can't just overthrow your government and have all out anarchy and extinction..

You have to learn how to work within the system and condition people for change..

Today.. The government is trying to overthrow the people who live in archaic times.. And they have been conditioning you to change for years.. And you and your parents resisted.. But you were still conditioned.. Predictive programming..

Your peers were also conditioning you. They told you climate change was coming..

The system told you.

(climate change is AN ENVIRONMENTAL forcible overthrow of ARCHAIC SYSTEMS, some of you) And they warn you of inclement weather and potential flooding of the coastlines.. You could choose to ignore the warnings and stay where you are.. You have no ONE TO blame but yourself.. Or you could behaviorally change and make the effort to go somewhere safer.. Relatively safer..

As the resisting people are going back to the fourteenth century to justify the twenty first century..

This is not your parents revolution..

The Children.. Have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on.

I just sit here and observe while I chuckle..

Millennials don't impress me.. Neither does generation z..

Boomers are on their way out the door..

GEN X are the variables..

They are either dying suddenly or trying to fight to stay alive DESPITE the millennials and the boomers.. And gen z..

Just look at the died suddenly groups.. Fifties.. People in their fifties are dying suddenly.. Those are the x. Generation x. Along with boomers and millennials..




a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system.

"the country has had a socialist revolution"

I don't barter my beliefs.. They aren't for sale..

Just to let you know since my book is five dollars or twenty bucks or thirty bucks..

My book is not a bargaining chip so you can ram your beliefs down my throat..

No different then if you support me you think I should support you..

That's a manipulation...

That's when people suck up to you because they have a business or BELIEFS they want promoted. And if they suck up to you, maybe would promote them..

My world is not an negotiating piece for your politics or religion or science..

I don't care if you bought my book or not..

I really don't..

Save your money because you would only resist my book..

But thanks for the free energy I appreciate it..

Support someone because you support them because of authenticity.. Not because you expect something back..

That's manipulation..

Ideas are not something to barter..

They are something to consider..

I'm not for sale.

What is bartering in simple terms?

Key Takeaways

Bartering is the exchange of goods and services between two or more parties without the use of money. It is the oldest form of commerce. Individuals and companies barter goods and services between each other based on equivalent estimates of prices and goods.

That's why I stay in my world.. Nobody can accuse me of imposing my beliefs onto anyone.. Or pressure them into buying my beliefs..

That's left up to the religious folk to try to proselytize and force convert people..

You will find religious folk will drive by my page And attempt to force convert me..

I'll play for a minute.. And then when i'm bored..

See you later.. It's the same old fucking story.. Anti government this anti government that..

Yeah yeah revolutions go round and round and round and round..

Been there done that..

We are in exciting times..

The west is in the race to see which evolution will meet whatever intended outcome, faster..

No matter what...

Time is the ultimate equalizer..

Because we are in a marathon..

This is not a race because you have no idea what other people's intended outcomes are..

This is a race with yourself..

People are in such a hurry to prove something such as life to somebody else that they die suddenly.. Because to them life is being asymptomatic..

I on the other hand have a completely different thought process around life..

So we are in different races..

It doesn't matter what kind of information you have, when you are competing in different races..

Piece out..

Before you compare yourself to others.. You better figure out what your comparison is..

You might be comparing apples to oranges..

But that's not for me to say to you..

You will figure it out..

Some of you are right-wing republicans in the religious world and you hate handouts, but you can't seem to UNDERSTAND why you pay your fair share of what you use, such as taxes.

And MAYBE IT IS TIME TO acknowledge WHAT the system built for you didn't happen without people behind the scenes.. It wasn't fucking magic.

Children want handouts and a free ride.. And they protest rules.. And they rebel..

Some of you are Children..

In my opinion.. People don't need friends.. They need someone to tell them another perspective that would counter beliefs..

Friends have done enough damage..

And you don't need enemies..

So what's left..

We need people to represent something completely different to give you a choice.. You can call them friends Or enemies.

Call them whatever you want..

But we need people to give us choices.. Not confirm our beliefs..

Even the people in the j world can't confirm my belief system. Because you have no idea what they're confirming..

We live day by day..

Get stronger through the suffering.. Trying to make changes. And there's still no guarantee anything..

But we keep building and evolving..

It becomes dangerous when you're not allowed to challenge your friends..

Friends don't challenge you..

So you stay in your corner and you give people the option to observe you and consider your thought process..

Because friends have a habit of trying to convert you.. And it's involuntary..

A stronger friend will overwhelm the weaker ones..

Then you see who is left standing..

I don't want to destroy people.. I don't want to be your friend.. But I also want to interact with you on an equal level..

It is possible.. But you must have the ability to communicate through the written word.. With a little bit of respect. A little bit of respect through communication goes a long way..

In other words..

I want to know that someone can strategize their survival despite everything working against them..

I don't want something to do it for me. Unless it's really out of my expertise..

But I want to know people are surviving adverse conditions..

I want that hope.. Even if it doesn't pan out the way I expect..

Hope is what keeps people going..

Change is what potentially can help them survive..

Hope and change..

Oh boy

I remember how cold this was a few years ago.. I'm glad I have some weight to me.. I'm glad I have strong vital organs..

Remember the extreme temperature plus the frequencies.. This is not going to be a picnic.. This is going to be deadly.

OH YEA, suffering is inevitable.. will you survive it?

conditioning.. it takes conditioning to survive all the inevitable suffering..

welcome to the next challenge..

the polar vortex.

here we go... this will be/is bad..

women/men prepare yourselves.. firewood, water, heat, etc..warm clothes, blankets..downsize..

how will you survive on your own when shizz gets real bad.. people cannot keep you warm, only YOU can keep yourself warm..

do you have the body, the blankets, the tolerance level?? Have you been conditioned to suffer from extreme cold/heat and no "creature comforts".. can you hunker down and lessen your movements, lest you might get marooned in a third world country ..

survival skills in not just hunting and fishing and setting up tents.. it is biologically adaptable to extreme conditions... I MEAN EXTREME CONDITIONS

yeah.. heart attacks and strokes happen in extreme heat/cold..

can you handle high protein, high fat, carbs etc to survive EXTREME CONDITIONS??? or are you food intolerant???

the coasts might be "spared" the polar vortex, but middle America and the south will be tested.. the 3 coasts will have their own day of catastrophes, but Middle America and the south will be blasted by extreme conditions and I hope you have strong vital organs, food and a well functioning immune system to handle this extreme climate change..

which is also why I am NOT so skinny, trying to look hot and sexual for strangers or anyone.. the weight that I have, is my climate control station so it can expand and contract when the barometric pressure rises and falls.. Blood type O has that capability so as long as they have food, etc..

not only does your home need to be conditioned for extreme weather, but also your body... your temple..

A modern woman.

it takes an extremely STRONG person to be on their own..

I mean extremely strong...

The men who allow women to do things on their own to learn things on their own without them.. Are fucking amazing men..

They're not making you dependent on them.

Men who allow their women to spread their wings are the fucking most amazing men in the whole world

Thank you my husband..

Because way in the future I do not want to depend upon friends and family.. I will pay my way through society if I need help.. Or do shit on my own..

There will be a day where no one is there to help you. And what will you do on your own.

This world is a conditioning process for the women not to depend upon their friends and their family or their husbands or wives to do shit for them.

You think you're an independent woman.. And you're not married. Why don't you stop asking facebook to help you with shit.. Stop depending your friends to go drinking and doing drugs together..

And be on your own...

Literally do shit on your own.. Without relying on your friends.

So I don't want to hear how independent you are. When you rely on your girlfriend to hang out with all the time when you're lonely..

I dare any single woman to post they have no friends. And they can pay their way.. And they don't have to depend upon people to survive..

I dare you..

I depend on my government to give me an infrastructure.. And if I don't know something I will pay someone for their services..

But i'm not looking for a hand out from anyone

I don't ask my facebook to help me with shit..

I fucking do it on my own and i'm married... My husband I have division of labor.. And then if one or both of us have issues we will pick up the slack..

The key thing is not to survive on the kindness of strangers or your friends and family..

The key thing is to be relatively self sufficient in a community of people..

I feel weird asking facebook anything.. I feel weird asking somebody for help.. If I have to have somebody else help me maybe I shouldn't do it.. Maybe it's my problem not theirs..

If I have an issue with plumbing or car trouble. I will elicit a professional or someone I know who knows how to do it and I will pay them..

I don't suck the life out of my friends and family.. And I don't expect a good deal from people. Whatever it is they charge based upon what they can afford..

That's how women should look at themselves. In my opinion..

A modern woman.

And if I can't get the help I need at the time that I will suffer and learn from my mistakes.. And never make that mistake again.

I will fucking suffer before I ask any one help because it's my responsibility..

I reap what I sow..

And I will pay my dues..

Pain is an amazing learning tool to survive this fucked up world we are in..

That's how i was able survive so far..

I face the pain. And I suffer from my own mistakes. And I intend to learn things on my own..

That's a modern woman to me..

modern women reap what they sow..

Thanks mom

you are in it.

and the other side of it, when mothers resist their family's intention to change and the family leaves the mother so they can change, people have saved themselves from dying BY LEAVING

because their mothers TRIED SO HARD TO HOLD ONTO THE KIDS NOT ALLOWING THEM TO CHANGE AND EVOLVE.. She was sucking the life out of them

MY MOTHER was not like that.. but you see other parents and mothers exactly the opposite.

mothers and fathers so in fear of their kids changing to save themselves..

the depop agenda was all about resistance to change via holding onto family and friends so tight

or aggressing so hard causing resistance..

phuck.. wow.

yeah.. good luck.. we all have been outsmarted..

non of us can save anyone, some, not even themselves..

i was the fluke... literally..

i walked away from all of YOU all aggressing so hard or holding onto so tightly..

i had/have to be mostly on my own.. or else get sucked into the vortex of desperation...

NOPE , not me.

That's why all the wars were people so desperate in their religion to make connections with everybody.. So desperate in their activism to be connected to somebody. Not realizing what you're connected to

Not realizing who you are connecting to.

That was the depopulation agenda..

People are so desperate for connection they'll connect to anyone who will take them. And then all logic goes out the window when you're that desperate to connect with people.. And some people do not know how to intellectually connect with people.. Only physically.. And physically connecting with people in their presence will be deadly.. If it isn't already.. And it is..

And that's how the dominos fall.

That's why women and men need to cultivate their brains. So they know how to interact with people on an intellectual level, not a physical level..

If you're all about the physical you will be destroyed. If you must hang out with people in a physical presence.. You will be destroyed and you will destroy somebody else over time if not already..

That's why the family was so cultivated. So eventually you will destroy each other when all the conditions are right in the future or right now..

That was the depopulation agenda..

Don't say I didn't warn you.. People have warned you for many years.

resistance to evolution/change/sickness = THE depop agenda KICKED OFF IN THE 1960's

some resistance develops strength, however, how much is too much, how little is too little.. died suddenly says lack of balanced resistance.

I was raised to RESIST TO HARD and was expected to die suddenly.. the system expected me to resist myself and them OUT OF EXISTENCE.

but.. but.. my own protocol and change saved MY ASS..

I WIN, MOTHER.. or did you win? was this what you expected, the J world...

what was your intention, MOM???

i will never know...

gen x..

we are the variables...

i am just glad i was not loved to death..

thank you mom, your programming and mine saved MY ASS.

that govt programming saved my ass... thank you govt.

my own govt saved my ass..

thx America.

My protocol and evolution.. Gave me a clear head to become the evolution and prototype I can respect.. Even if you don't respect me.. I fucking respect myself

cern is the vortex of change people are resisting..

People in resistance are the casualties of the vortex of change...

called died suddenly..

all medicines/operations/remedies/diets and even lack of change in lifestyles are people in resistance to change..

some of your blood types and bmi and mineral/fat deposits give you a better chance to survive change, but not all the time..

you were given life by the viral ancestors who invade your genes over and over and over again..

many are the walking dead who refuse to evolve and change and are actively in RESISTANCE... they wear a sign of resistance through their lifestyle, belief systems in their politics, religions and science dogmas... the families, public gathering, the use of medical/holistic system the lack of evolution and NOT supporting the evolution with drastic changes, is a resistance..

people do not survive resisting...

just watch the died suddenlies in your world.. watch people resist self inflicted pain and suffering always going back to the doctors, remedies and naturopathics only to revisit their situations again as they are taken notches and notches down further and furthers until, died suddenly or hospice..

just watch..

In this society and world, paying women compliments as a stranger is viewed as an aggressive manipulation..

Men.. pay attention..

some women want to relate to their peers on an intellectual level, not a sexual oh, you look good level...

Some women do NOT want to be viewed as a sex object or baby maker..

"third world societies and third world people" living in the first world fail to understand this concept...

some women thrive on men cannibalizing their body, mind, spirit and image... i am not that woman..

Some women of the first world have taken women back to the dark ages, making her a target for predators who only live off of sexuality and sexual reproduction.. That's why many men are confused as to how to treat women. Because so many women have different ideas of how they want to be treated.

Plastic surgery family, and the diets and the sex industry has made it very difficult for women to survive without being targeted by predators..

That's why I fear for the daughters and sons out there forced into these institutions..

And when men are resistant to evolution that's what the automatically go to.. They go to the family.. And then go to sexual orientation.. And that's how they choose the people they hang out with.. And that's why these young girls think that's how they should fit in is to be sexually appealing.. They don't get the luxury to work their brain because their family worked their body.. To make them a target..

It's fucked up out there for girls.. And they're told they are nobody until somebody loves them..

Men are told they are nobody until somebody loves them.. That's why so many men are so lonely. Looking for the one and they get taken by women who are trying to eat them alive.

People lack respect for themselves..

Many people lack evolution.. in constant resistance to everything..

That's why you get to see the next 7 years what will happen when these patterns finally come to surface. It will be very difficult to dispute..

I'm just giving you the playbook..

People will figure it out or they won't..

Some will have the luxury to figure it out and save themselves. And they will have to watch everything play out..

And it will be a suffering like no other..

I'm suffering watching it but there is nothing I can do about it..

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