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Weed the DEVILS lettuce Coupled with alcohol and herbal remedies=Died Suddenly =Reefer Madness

Weed the DEVILS lettuce Coupled with alcohol and herbal remedies=Died Suddenly =Reefer Madness

Reefer madness weed demon..

Weed the DEVILS lettuce coupled with alcohol and herbal remedies and all the different distractions contribute to died suddenly..

Now that you're seeing more people dying suddenly regardless of who you blame it on.. Regardless of what you blame it on..

Your addictions are not helping you or anyone else

That's why you must understand and consider my information.. If you can

if you have the stomach for it.

I can finally talk about marijuana and alcohol without sounding like a judgmental prick..

Because the evidence is right in your face.. People are dying suddenly because of every single offspring.. Trapped in their body.. And people are falling apart.. Our society under the influence are the victims of ancient history..

I could not say what I am saying today, 3 years ago.. I would be SO ATTACKED..

but now that you are seeing many people around you drop like flies or die suddenly.. from heart attacks and strokes because the alchemy market and alkaloids and yes, even pot, and alcohol.. you might examine my information a little closer..

you saw my journey.. esp around the cigartettes... the demon of addictions no matter how accepted they are, and some are more accepted than others, all stems from out of control suffering, trauma and the need for company...and lack of future purpose..

when you think you are supposed to die someday, people will either do what they are trained to do and perform or they got lost in addiction and pleasure replacing one addiction with the other and playing judgment game.. heavy narcotic addicts who kicked opiates turning to smoking pot or drinking alcohol or just smoke pot, think smoking pot is soo much better until, died suddenly... heart attack..

sigh.. that was how the system got you..

MY information is important because it gives humans another avenue to go down.. if they have the guts for it..

no matter what.. if you want to live.. you will have to face the pain.. all of it..and feed it and release it the way I have in my book.. or else, you will replace one addiction with another and justify it.. and think interventions on people will "save" them.. nope honey, you still have the issue, you just found a different way to keep those demons at bay until those demons turn on you. and trying to save others via interventions and confrontations ensure those demons attack you .. and they will..

i learned the hard way..

when you do not release those demons, not only do they attack you, but it is also called died suddenly. You inhale the devils lettuce.. You might be giving birth to "demons"..

This is not satire..

Alchemy is what descended society into madness.. Marijuana is one of the biggest alkaloids.. The most influential.. And people defend their marijuana like Oh my god..

This is not your fault this has been going on for thousands of years.. You just happened to be a victim of ancient history..

Once you're aware you have a choice..

Even the pharmaceutical market uses the alkaloids developing different demons but very similar..

There is nobody in the world who is immune to the remedies market..

And their children are affected.. All children are born from alchemy of demons.. Some are more deadlier than others.. It is possible to release the demons And survive the purge process....

But it is like a biological exorcism.. It's not for everybody.

I am living proof you can release those demons but it is a bitch.. And it's painful. And it is a progressive release process...

I've smoked on and off the last seven years and finally done the last two years. And I have no desire for marijuana, cigarettes or alcohol at all whatsoever.. You saw me fighting that battle of cigarettes.. That was an extraordinary battle.. That demon really was a bitch to release.

I'm not suffering any more.. My dog was a source of suffering.. My own immune system was a source of suffering..

That's why I don't want an animal.. I can't bear the suffering watching it die or having to put it down.. The cost to have an animal outweighs the benefit.. So I don't get pets..

So I get my very short facebook reel oxytocin boost.. so I don't get addicted to oxytocin the love hormone from animal's children and addictions..

When there is so much suffering you can't control..

That's why marijuana and alcohol are so prevalent.. Everyone is suffering astronomically.. And misery loves company.. I'm serious misery loves company..

When the people you love are suffering.. And you're not strong enough to deal with that suffering.. That's when people use..

That's why releasing the suffering out of your world that is voluntary is paramount..

When you don't suffer as much and you don't have children and so many people around you suffering astronomically .

There is no need for alcohol or drugs..

Parasitic energies love addictions.. And that's what is inside your immune system..

And that's out there in your family and friends and group associations..

It's a very hard loop to release yourself from..

It's easier to be clean and sober when you're on your own away from all the influences and the suffering around you..

Suffering can be a route to strength.. And it also causes people to descend into the gates of hell..

If they don't figure out how to release those demons..

Parents who are addicted to herbal remedies, giving them so much energy or something to calm them down.. It's going to take a lot from you to release yourself from that addiction.. You might not even survive your lifestyle.. That's why you need a partner to help you.. If they're even on board..

The jail of lifestyle might be people's undoing..

The 1980s drug culture, enforcement and racism..

And here's a thing about selective enforcement even back in the eighties.. If you weren't making the system a shizz ton of money you would be arrested.

You could not be a drug addict and do nothing for society and take from society..

If you were to be a drug addict back in the seventies and eighties, the rich people did not ever really get punished unless it was major trafficking.. Poor people who are drug addicts do get arrested.. Because then crime goes up.. That's why they sat in jail..

And so the reason why the wall street caucasians weren't sent to jail, but the black population was is the fact the wall street caucasians were still making the system a lot of money despite their addictions and drug usage.. And most of them paid their taxes..

Money was the root of all types of perceived racism.. It is a crime to be poor.. And so if you are poor you can't break the law.. I'm not saying racism doesn't exist because of course it does.. But around the drug culture.. If you're not making the system a lot of money.. You're sitting in jail.

Now look at the music industry.. acting industry

Remember that.

Which means you know how the system uses people.. Squeezes every bit of resource out of them.. Until they cry uncle.

And even though I say addiction is a rich man's disease.. It's all relative.. You could be poor in america and be drug addicted and not be rich.. But living in america you would be rich to somebody else..

Now with this legalization of marijuana in ohio. If you're working.. And they do random drug test on your profession.. You're not supposed to get high. Other places they don't care what you do..

They just want you to go to work everyday.. Or chill out.. You all know alcoholism can be perceived as worse..

I mean when you have to choose between two Devils.. The system would rather have people who are high on pot at home. Not behind a wheel versus vs a raging alcoholic..

And pot is a love drug.. And right now they want everyone hanging out together all in love with each other.. It makes the death process easier.. People are all loving until they die suddenly.. This has been a human problem for thousands of years... And I will tell you. This probably was one of the demons I released the last seven years.. And i'm sure one of my sicknesses, the aggressive sicknesses was releasing the weed demons..

And everything about that movie reefer madness is true.. Just because your society has always descended into madness doesn't mean it had to ..

The 1950s may have looked so sanitized.. Until the system brought everything out in the open via movies and everything else.. Even looking into the world of Hollywood...

Yeah everything was behind closed doors.. And women were enslaved back in the '50s

The alcohol demons and the marijuana demons are so hard to release.. You can keep them at bay.. But for only so long.. Then they shape shift..

And then the demons turn on the host.. It's a brutal way to go.. But the system is trying to make it easier through marijuana and other drugs..

It's out of their hands.. No it's trying to stop the bleeding. Oh I get it.. Men will be infertile in the future and the women will be hot, causing them to release their seeds.. And no babies.. Women will live on.. Men will spend themselves out of existence.. Man will die off if they don't stay alive today.. And stay alive..

Fertile men with high testosterone getting with fertile women with high tes tostrone are what develops boys..

When the men aren't fertile.. The stronger girls will stay alive.. But they will tempt a man to release himself.. That's called the Porn industry.. Men won't lose their sexuality they will just lose their ability to procreate

That's how the man will spend themselves out of existence.. They really have to get control of their hormones if they want to carry on the male gender.

Or else the hot chicks and their wives will suck the life out of them.. Or the hot men will destroy each other..

because even in the l g b t q industry the men are highly sexual..

There goes the male gender..

That's how they will become extinct.. The women will destroy men.. And the men will destroy each other.. It seems that artistic expression comes from trauma and drugs..

What will happen in the future when people stop being traumatized and stop being under the influence..

At this point we don't know because even those who are not under the influence and not actively being traumatized live in a traumatizing world who are under the influence..

Guilt by association.. Yeah creativity is possible When the system speeds up the atmosphere and chronic pain sufferers try to slow down their body. Yeah they're going to be smoking pot.. Development of microbial offspring.. Microbes.. And overtime men will become infertile..

Yes so drugs slow down or speed up your body relative to the environment.. And when people get caught up in habits and the system changes the atmospheric conditions.. It also changes how those drugs affect the person..

And the outcome could be very different..

Boys or men who get their girlfriends pregnant very early.. Also have their own health conditions.. Which caused them to be fertile to begin with.. Will be dealing with chronic conditions in the future and most likely not have any more children. Their child is exposed to the culture of cannabis and the environment of ectoplasm..

And then these kids become infertile..

In a very slow environment.. Disease develops fertility and potentially families.. Overtime there is menopause and erectile dysfunction.. And then not too long after that death and heart attacks and strokes..

In a highly accelerated environment on a third generation who has been procreated rampantly the last fifty years.. A few kids might be squeezed out.. There might be a few colds and flus, but any aggressive diseases will turn into a died suddenly..

Is there an environmental algorithm and the massive use of cannabis that makes all the conditions right for an acceleration of a mass casualty event....

DALLAS, Nov. 6, 2023 — Using marijuana regularly may raise the risk for heart failure, stroke or heart attack even after accounting for other cardiovascular risk factors such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, according to two preliminary studies to be presented at the American Heart Association's ...

But on the other side you could be smoking so much pot and become very skinny.. Because those microbes are tearing down your infrastructure.

If one didn't have so much diversity within, they wouldn't need to turn to any drugs..

If you open your system.. You wouldn't get heart attacks or strokes.. But then you might not have a need to get high..

So could a person open up their system and survive smoking pot.. They probably wouldn't want to smoke a pot to begin with of they have an opened system..

The high would be short.. Because immune system activation would cause growth in the body pushing out the toxic stuff..

In fact, men who use marijuana more than once a week have nearly a 30% reduction in sperm count and sperm concentration, and this has been shown to last five to six weeks even after they stop using marijuana.

Grass Is Greener follows hip hop legend Fab Five Freddy as he uncovers the history of cannabis prohibition in the United States. He interviews many other popular artists, such as Snoop Dogg and B-Real from Cypress Hill, as well as attorneys, influencers, and people who were personally affected by drug convictions.[2]

The timeline starts in the 1920s jazz era where Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Billie Holiday were all targets under racist policies; and moves into the modern era where cannabis is a booming industry with an uncertain future.

Was it racism or did they have a sixth sense on the future of this plant..?

My theory So if this plant is good for cancer.. Relatively good for cancer.. Maybe that's a reason why men become infertile..

They weren't ready for people to be infertile yet.. So they played both side to the fence.. After prohibition regulate alcohol.. Criminalized weed until they understood how they could control fertility..

And then the georgia guidestones 80s..influenced by the 1960s

Could I say The system knew what they were planning as far as u n agenda twenty one or twenty thirty..

What did they know and when did they know it..

So yeah the war on cannabis was they still needed fertility.. And so they incrementally legalized it in different places and studied the people..

And you know california was a huge petri dish.. And I am not a puritanical moralist..

This is pure survival.. And quality and quantity of life..

When they recut the film reefer madness to be more satire in the 1970's..People didn't take it seriously.. They were used to their environment and community descending into madness..

And people are run by demons..

Choose your poisons..

And so you thought it was bad back in the 1960s 70s and 80s.. Yes it will be bad.. And people won't survive it.. Very short life..

The eighties was proof how bad the drug culture was in the sixties and seventies.. excess and greed.. and of course rampant reproduction.. And getting those kids hooked on pharmaceuticals and prescription meds and cannabis..

So mainstreamed..

And so instead of madness we are descending into.. It will be a little bit of that on a controlled basis.. But you'll see the body count go higher.. one last thing..

i knew marijuana was a major part of the depop agenda.. I just did not know in what aspect.. infertility makes complete sense along with climate change and alcohol abuse.. and family.. each generation procreating making each generation of kids weaker..

i knew it. which is why you do NOT push your daughters and sons into marriage and family.. nightmare.. there are some pretty sick individuals out there and who is to say your daughter or son will survive some of the guys and girls out there looking for a someone to let out their aggression on... the environment is getting more activated..

i feel it. and i see the accidents and died suddenlies..the sorrows and the anger and depression and violence..

help them save themselves. do them a favor.. set them free from all of that..

27 years of died suddenlies, shootings, violence, rape, anger, hunger, trauma, ... is that the future you want for your child??? son or daughter.. turning into an extremist looking to pound someone in so many ways.. You think you had it bad.. Your children will get it worse.. If they even survive.

ok, gotta go.. omg.

R.I.P Julia Black

Julia Black, a junior in the Orchestra program at Harrison School for the Arts, unexpectedly passed away due to sudden cardiac arrest caused by a pericardial infection.

Died: Age 16 (October 27, 2023 - Lakeland, Florida, USA)

Cause of Death: Cardiac arrest the movie and cast of characters that destroyed a generation.. the doped out surfhead was the programming.. yikes turning high schoolers into love/sex addicts

breakfast club more in your face, sixteen candles, even more so..

it is generational programming.. and NO religion or political thought process is immune to this programming.. NONE..

it is BAD... once you study history, it is bad.. everything is in plain sight.

the system is telling you... long tone, beep.. hives.. 59 and sunny. i feel great.. making the connections..

once you study history.. you will figure out, unless you change and consider my info.. your kids will have NO future.. and even your future, moms and dads out there, is questionable.

i will be honest.. 27 years goes by very quickly and all the died suddenlies are not ending anytime soon, regardless what you blame them on.. in fact, they will increase in acceleration.... So you have alcohol on one end causing domestic violence, and car accidents, etc.. to reefer madness

prohibition and reefer madness lol geezz

Nationwide Prohibition lasted from 1920 until 1933. The Eighteenth Amendment—which illegalized the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcohol—was passed by the U.S. Congress in 1917.Sep 29, 2023

Reefer madness was circulated around 1936..

take it away, everyone wants what they cannot have, so alcohol is controlled, weed is controlled.. weed was loosely regulated

now that everyone is suffering.. most are addicted to weed, spirits and music..

we did NOT stand a chance..

good luck purging out those demons..

j world, sit back and watch.. eat popcorn.. shit show.. stay off the roads.. many are under the influence.. more accidents, etc.. 1930 reefer madness to 2030 depopulation via sex drugs music and family

One hundred years to change society..

That was the plan all along.. America is the last greatest experiment..

Good luck trying to survive it.

The programming runs too deep.. The system told you long ago what their plans were.. The nineteen thirties was the beginning.. The nineteen sixties was the kick off.

Nobody is immune to any of this.. Now you must survive this type of society..

Reefer Madness (originally made as Tell Your Children and sometimes titled The Burning Question, Dope Addict, Doped Youth, and Love Madness) is a 1936 American exploitation film about drugs, revolving around the melodramatic events that ensue when high school students are lured by pushers to try marijuana – upon trying climate change and cannibas.. Quick fertlity leading to Infertility. And it will happen so fast the male will not produce sperm. Especially exposed to cannabis and other things over time..

And when all of your society legalizes recreational pot.. And medicinal pot.. You just have to survive your environment and you won't be procreating children in the future..

That's why my world is so important.. So fertility and infertility doesn't kill you.. This is for you j world..

Marijuana will be everywhere.. It is everywhere.. That's predicting the future.. What's going on right now.. Even what they did back an ancient egypt..

And when you think about people managing disease and becoming antibiotic resistant. And they're afraid of the pharmaceuticals turning to cannabis.. This is what will cause the downward trend.. And of course all the immune system kill switches.. Climate change.. People afraid of food..

This is why sperm counts will be down.. Even the host the male.. Men will also not survive their drug addiction.. And they won't conceive..

Women in different areas will be used as baby mothers to populate the future And then die suddenly.... And she will have a nice life.. But she will die suddenly.. Because managing that disease of getting her life back from procreation will be too much

The system is not going back to cancer again.

And other women will stay alive indefinitely..

This is why there will be a mass level infertility.. So much fertility causing the attack of sperm count. Coupled with all mainstream prescription drugs.. People are in pain and they're turning to natural means and that includes cannabis..

There is a body of evidence today that supports this finding and studies now suggest that the impact is multi-factorial. The use of marijuana can lead to:

Reduced sperm count Reduced sperm concentration Changes in sperm motility and morphology Hormone changes Reduction in libido and sexual performance Reduced sperm viability

And when you're around people in society breathing in all of the Environment.. Everybody is affected..

It is what it is..

And the 1960s was the kick off.. Egypt knew..

Sperm count down infertility..

1930s Reefer Madness “It maybe has been happening since the late 1930s all the way through today, to the 2010s.” The last paper published that’s included in the meta-analysis is 2019, so it’s probably 2010s. i would so appreciate to see most of you on my friends list thriving without dying or managing disease or so skinny or too obese 27 years from now..

that is what I am working for.. to have company of people I know today, in the future.. I do not want to hang out with your kids knowing their future, if they even survive..

I want to see YOU in the future.. not managing diseases or dying suddenly..

i would so appreciate having coffee or dinner with you in the future, 27 years from now and you regained the life you lost and you know how to evolve and change.. i do not want "strong" people in my world of the future, I want adaptable people who I can count on to be out there connected sharing a common past..

i have NOTHING in common with your kids.. but I have something in common with you..

That's what i'm working for and it is purely selfish..

Absolutely i'm looking out for my own best interest..

When the world is infertile.. I want to see you.

In the last 50 years, average sperm counts have fallen by 50 percent. This isn’t just happening in the U.S. or Europe or Asia. It seems to be happening everywhere. If the current rate of decline continues, researchers concluded, the average male sperm count will fall so low that the typical guy in every advanced economy will be infertile by 2050. Harvard’s Jorge Chavarro, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology, breaks down the data on declining sperm counts and tells us what it means, what might be causing it, what men can reasonably do to avoid it, and how bad it could get.

release the demons..

they might have been "selfish" in their youth, so now, as they age, they will martyr themselves and give away their soul to anyone who will take it..

so they fall on their sword..

you were always GOOD.. ALWAYS..

GUILT IS DESTROYING men... men, you were just programmed, do not feel bad about anything regarding yesterday..

women you are amazing, stop feeling guilty about shit and stop falling on your swords.. your children should NOT be guilting you or manipulating you into human sacrifice.

do not die for your kids, family or friends.. that is a death programming most of you exemplify my info.. never take me personally.. even if you resemble my info..

we are in a transitional culture.. we, the west, get the luxury to learn and change.. parasites in the body attract friends/family

that is the war.. when you harbor so much diversity of parasitic energies.. you have a HUGE FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND ASSOCIATION BASE.. how could you not.. you are breathing in their ectoplasms and developing offspring causing cancer, disease, aging and died suddenly..

when you finally release the demons and save yourself.. watch your influence drop, watch your kids finally become self sufficient, watch your husband/wife take care of themselves NOT bugging you.. watch you scale down your hours in your job and consumerism and religious fanaticism..

life is harmonious and peaceful without rest in peace..

that is longevity..

watch your addictions to herbs and herbal drink for energy disappear..

watch you finally gain the mental clarity you never knew existed..

I went from a 60k person group to just my fb of 1k or so friends..

my life.. just my hubby and me and all of you without being messaged to death..

my expenses are doable on one income and i am NOT diagnosed with any disease and i get the freedom to learn..

that is freedom, imo

when the future is so exciting.. omg.. when you have NO fear of dying suddenly or catching disease.. when you finally are free from saving other people and you can finally pay attention to your own world.. no ONE is guilt tripping you into supporting them in emotions or dependency...


IT IS THE BEST FEELING OF ALL.. the fact my family are spread out and SELF SUFFICIENT IS A GIFT TO ME AND MY HUSBAND.. we can take care of ourself without being caught up in other people's wars and demons they bring onto themselves..

and i do purposely chase away drama and needy people.. and yeah, that is NOT POPULAR IN THE DEATH CULTURE OF OUR SOCIETY..

WHICH means being on your own with one or two people who are also self sufficient is extremely hard to find.. so many people are forced to play the game and buy company and support, at the expense of their own life.. they buy family, they buy friends and they buy group acceptance.. and it is expensive..

very expensive..

people pay with their life..

scaling all of that down.. saved my ass.. and it was a fight.. and it was a long transition.. an extremely painful one..

not everyone can do what I have done the last 20 years.. but now you know it can be done and why some will walk away from the old world..

it is too deadly.. way too deadly..

people are trying to save themselves.. and some of you are not helping them save themselves..and so they have to get mean and chase you away..

it sucks.

being forced to be mean to save yourself means you are willing to take the bullet of perception to live.. you will be the satan to everyone who you chased away to save yourself..

only the strong/adaptable can take the bullet of being the "bad" guy to save their own family..

I don't mind taking the bullets for people that I respect.. It doesn't make me a martyr.. It's understanding you're role in this world and being strong enough to play the role.. Not everyone can play the bad guy.. It doesn't mean you're bad.. It just means you're willing to walk away from the peer pressure..

And set an example for the world you live in..

The jay world is not for everybody.. But it can be done for those who have what it takes.

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