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"What if God Was One of Us"

"What if God Was One Of Us"

As far as the three explosions.. Don't assume they will be on the same longitude..

They could be at different longitudes.. So everyone experiences a wave action and immediate action At different parts of the globe.. Because those three rockets will be done during the solar eclipse.. They have three hours.. And you have no idea where the EPICENTER WILL BE For that explosion..

I hope you survive it.

So I couldn't tell you how long to be in your bunker or basement.. Because the third explosion or the second explosion could be 6000 miles away building up steam to hit you two days later or a day later or who knows when..

May the odds be ever in your favor..

You had to change to survive.. I hope you survive..

Remember tsunamis build up speed over time.. Infrasound tornadoes are undetectable energy that builds up speed using the particles in the environment from the kem trails.Or contrails aka water vapors..

That's how everything works together.. That is synchronized chaos. Two are more systems causing a dissipative event.

And once that wave hits you.. You will know it. It will bring you to your knees.

Science and the Science of God

Well.. as we are heading into one of the most influential times of our lives, the system will finally prove to you that science is what runs your world and the system is going to put the piezoelectric squeeze on EVERYONE!!

If you did not believe in Science, you will once the system is done. Science is Math, numbers, formulas, concepts, patterns and stories we develop around them. Science is EVERYTHING about your world and what you say about your world regardless of the person, place or thing you think is in ultimate control.

Just think of your world is like nesting dolls. The innermost doll is you relative to the social constructs and you must answer to a "higher" power called your local officials, who answer to their bosses and the bosses answer to their bosses and so on and so forth. Relative to how deep the that rabbit hole goes, "who is pulling the strings", it does not even matter. We all must answer to a higher power called another human being belonging to a collective set of humans beings who run the world and ensure humanity does NOT destroy itself out of "good intentions".. Essentially, the system gave you just enough power to see what you would do with your power as "god" in someone else's life and look around you. Look at what people have done with the power they were given by the system, by their friends, family and co-workers. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and then EXTINCTION, OR DIED SUDDENLY.

Next week will be brutal because those who have not felt anything, will feel some shit that will bring them to their knees or if they are lucky enough, they will die suddenly.

Yesterday I was so pissy because I feel like I am the ONLY one on my facebook aside from a few lucky enough to feel shit, who is feeling tortured by the environment and getting stronger, smarter and definitely more aware. I characterize what I am going through as a strengthening process conditioning for change and evolution. I zeroed in on the "culprit" per se, called ULF, but ULF is not "dangerous" per se, but it does activate particles and yes, YOUR sluggish immune system. The upside to ULF is if you can handle the changes in the frequencies, you can become stronger and more adaptable and smarter. If you resist the changes in the frequencies and you are malnourished, intolerant and sensitive to everything, the uptick in the ULF will force the anger/crying/emotions out of you, but also even force your bowels to release, your stomach to release as well as pounding headaches.

If you weigh more than some people, you probably did not feel too much pain the last few years except for a symptoms like a cold or flue. I weigh less than most people over here in Ohio before the pandemic and so when those frequencies shifted, the monster within woke up and wow.. I was suffering.. My husband felt stuff and it might have taken him down a few notches, but he bounced back extremely quickly. I had to deal with so much residual crap and even now, but not as bad as before. Which is why I cannot understand those in California NOT feeling a damn thing gallivanting around like they lived in another world so far removed from reality, UNTIL IT HIT ME.

Many in California are not exposed to the same ULF upticks that those in different areas are exposed to, hence why my husband and his crowd feel almost nothing and I am from CA feeling everything..

Next week will be brutal. Throwing up for people, shitting their brain out, headaches, just like we did when we first were on the Jjuice. We activated our immune system before the system was ready for us to do that, but my system knew we had to get a preview of what is to come..

it is here.. it is here.. and it will be brutal..

I can only hope those who have something to convert during the Eclipse, can survive their energy conversion even though they threw up, shit their pants and have pounding headaches with hives and rashes and blurred vision.. Some people will die suddenly from heart attacks and strokes and aneurysms. Expect that..

Which is also why I mentioned your basement and maybe some open celled foam layers to line your windows and doors and hope for the best...

your world is run by men/women, not god.. it is the time for science, and it is time to understand how science can destroy you or save you if you understand who and what you are dealing with...

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