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What is a Demon?

Demons=memories to be released is:

sound/data dumping poop mucus pee

put that all together/demon/a version of you being released

but you must have the substance, the body to do that.. and if you are skinny/obese made of mostly muscle, that could be difficult, if not, impossible..

when those demons are constantly being released.. what did they leave behind, more demons if you are aging out/deteriorating or still bitter and you lack evolution/intolerant..

many of you have generations of demons running you and your beliefs and those demons will destroy you if they have not already..

south park knew: mr hanky was not just some phucked up humor.. they were telling you, the demons are the generations of biochemistry you have not learned how to release and if you do "release", why are you still dying/aging out? because you have failed to feed yourself milk/cream/proteins and refuse to allow your immune system to work properly constantly using herbs/extracts and therapies to force your body to adapt thus causing weaknesses and atrophy..

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