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When you are jailed into a bias death is predictable

When you are jailed into a bias, death is predictable for you and for your whole family and especially your children.. Parents do radicalize intolerance into their children and they won't survive the future.. They will be used as a tool.. Because you parent haven't even got out of your own way.. Entitlement.. You want everything given to you.. Or it is somebody else's fault..

My demon fears came out yesterday.. What it would be like to live in a world? Where most of the people you know today are gone.. would You keep buying houses If your neighborhood changes.. Would you check into a fifty five plus Community and watch people come and go literally.. Would it be better living in a communal surroundings.. How much would it cost. What's involved.. Would it be better than living alone.

The attack of the future was so in my face yesterday .. When you're not getting old with someone.. What will it be like.. What will you do.

Two cups of whipping cream... Wow.. There goes the demons..

your fear campaigns against the food supply is the intention of the ancestors to destroy their children/family/friends

it is phucking sad to watch people actively infusing fear of the food supply against their own culture.. you are destroying your own culture... it is PHUCKING SAD TO WATCH

Demons are whatever causes you imbalance.. Taking away your life force..

If you make food out to be a demon.. Because you think food is taking away your life force.. And yet you die anyways..

I guess everyone around you will learn the hard way that food was never the issue..

Food was not the demon...

Life should be able to handle all food in the food supply.. Life does not demonize food.. Life needs all food..

Maybe you need to examine how you react to symptoms how you react a life in your body.. Maybe undergoing trauma to your body was never the answer

that was the demon taking away your life force.

Maybe all the constant distractions in your life are also the demons taken away from your life force..

Demonology aren't the little goats sitting on the fence giving you the evil eye..

Demonology could be everything around you taking away from you keeping you out of balance in service to them 24/7. Group=cult

There's a fine line between listening to information and looking for validation from the person giving the information..

Can you be a source.. And separate yourself from being a guru or a leader.. Or looking for validation from a group leader or guru..

Can you yourself extricate yourself from the drive to lead other people..

Holding court.. Is cultish mentality..

Can you offer information like an encyclopedia..

And separate yourself from the information..

That's the next step..

In other words can you lead Without leading..

Which means you have to know all sides of the story on any subject matter.. Or else you become a cult. Religion..

Offering only a biased perspective

Will you give people the choice to understand the other side as if you are trying to lead from that as well..

Can you be so convincing you are an authority on both sides..

Can you support the left and the right equally.. Can you support the left and the right and center equally.. And still maintain an open position.. And still make a choice for you and yourself and your children.. And you're still open to evolution..

That's the next step..

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