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What Was an Asset Before Climate Change is now a Liability During Climate Change

What Was An Asset Before Climate Change is Now Liability During Climate Change The main take away . The idiom that your mother gave your life can also take it away.. Yes she gave you life.. But she will also build in a self destruct button if she doesn't redirect her own life

Many mothers are building in self destruct buttons in their own children..

The people, the places, the things, your parents, your friends, your family, your politics, your spirituality, your Science is what gave your life.

But now in this environment, if you don't know how to walk away from the liabilities.. Everything that gave you life will take away your life.

And I am not talking about food.. All food is an asset. All the remedies and surgeries and holistic energy healing world are a liability to those who want to live

There are a million ways to die..

All food and proper release is the only way to live.. And also being more on your own than not..

And do you have the discernment to know between a liability and an asset.

The J World is the New World of Transactual/Contractual Living of Accounting in the Old World of Excess

Does everything come down to dollars and sense/cents? If you want to "save" yourself, you literally must save yourself, if you choose to live potentially indefinitely.

The Financial world and the Religious world are no different than the science world and the church. It is all about dollars and cents/sense and the emotions around biological and material wealth and who gets rich off of who, even at the expense of themselves. Marriage, all types of friendships or friend/ships are extremely transactual with written/unwritten rules and some ironclad contracts, not to be taken lightly, but is.

The last 7 years I have whittled down my transactual relationship with social capital to be from a 60k person group I was running with a handful of moderators down to just posting on my page and a business page/youtube/website with very little emotional/verbal transactions. The cost of emotions and relationships are so high, most people need to borrow money, body, mind, and spirit in order to belong and get what they need. They even "cut" off their own flesh/family to buy sell trade their own proteins to capitalize on the life of those proteins until the proteins develop their own path, should they survive their enslavement.

Now, instead of arbitrarily giving away my body, mind, and spirit to the nearest "shiny" object, i am very aware of who and what I give my energy to and take from because nowadays, with how desperate people are, it is easy to siphon resources away from people, places and things. It is so easy, it becomes exhausting because even the environment is running my body, mind and spirit so hard via the excessive RPMs that I must just lay down and do NOTHING in order to save my energy/myself along with eating.

The downfall of any society is greed and collecting people, places and things and constantly regrowing your genetics via gestation to keep right along with the notion greed is good... Of course collecting animals and degrees and endless associations goes right there along with it.

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, the system purposely built greed into the population ever since the 1950s and the endless tract homes and suburban hell.

However, the system does not need the endless cookie cutter tract homes of suburban hell wracked with material, biological and intellectual hoarding and so, instead of "taking away" all of your baubles, shiny object and endless children and pets, because that would be illegal, the system is accelerating your environment so the energy you choose to collect around you, cannibalizes the shit out of you and you still get whatever you want and NO one is taking anything from you except the baubles, shiny object and people you choose to surround yourself with are taking away so many of your resources.

King Midas, Gordon Gecko, the Golden Calf, and all the allegory you grew up with teaching you lessons about the downfall of greed, is now happening...

You are living the transactual lifestyles of the "rich and famous" being cannibalized by your friends, fans, family and association and baubles..

And so, those who die suddenly or contract disease and cancers, you exhausted all of your resources until there was nothing left and you failed to save yourself.. you gave yourself away to "save" others who just greedily spent your money, body, mind and spirit and since you had so much to give, your community kept taking and taking and taking away from you until you became so weak in character, body, mind and spirit, the universe took your body back to the universe to be redistributed to another soul who might actually respect life.. not squander it away.

Hell is living in a world you must survive because you were given everything you could possibly want and you really could not afford it.. and now, people are literally fighting for their life, their family and the old ways.. and when you resist change.. you will exhaust all resources down to a deadly transactual living called palliative care change until a homeless person takes your two cents and spends it on the crumbs of society..

right now, SPIRITUAL greed is at an all time high.. all the spiritual gurus using love (or dying and reproducing) and antibiotics are like a spiritual and biological oncology when you get involved with them in body, mind, currency, and spirit..

if you truly want to save yourself.. it requires one to actually walk away from all the liabilities in their world siphoning resources off of their own body, mind and spirit.. or else, they are just giving away their body, mind and spirit to the nearest shiny object..

If you feel you cannot walk away or reprioritize your life, ask a professional or take your lumps.. There is NO one to blame but yourself when it comes down to dying suddenly or contracting disease.

When you allow resources to develop and accumulate, and you have no discernment if those resources are an asset or a liability, then you must refer to a professional who will make those decisions for you, like a child..

we are in the days of accountability... the system is purging the excess and the greed from the earth.. all with your permission. It's happening..

And i'm not discounting all different factors.. Because you have been raised in a certain level of frequency.. And even though they told you climate change was going to happen.. You really didn't know what it meant..

And so everything is a factor as far as why people drop like flies.. Or contract cancer and disease..

And while it's "easy" to say people must do things differently when it comes to disease and how they look at food.. Actually unlearning everything you have learned even within the last twenty years, even unlearning the new stuff you've learned, is far more difficult..

People don't just rise up.. People don't just change like that.. It's a conditioning process..

And you're not prepared for aggressive frequency changes . Most people are not prepared for that..

If you're from stronger stock you could survive and redirect . Not everybody is lucky enough.. High rpms.. They started early today.. And people are off the hook fighting again. When rpms are going very quickly.. You must conserve your energy..

People who have so much energy to burn.. Have also a lot of rage/range Be careful out there

I had heart palpitations early this morning.. After my facebook live. I made a nice breakfast.. High protein bagel.. With different kinds of meat and cheeses.. And butter.. Of course two eggs..

More heart palpitations. Blew my nose.. Took a slight nap. heart palpitations calmed down My phone is not easy to hold.. I feel the energy coming from it.

Yep they turned it up a notch.. I'm hoping maybe when it gets cold it won't be as bad.

We shall see.. Tomorrow is supposed to be totally different.. As far as temperature. Highs in the fifties lows in the forties and thirties

And I am conserving my energy.. Especially during these time.. Tread carefully.. Kurzweil has a track record of getting his predictions right. ALL FOOD IS AN ASSET, BUT your liabilities are how you treated disease making you afraid of ALL FOOD..

Biological and intellectual starvation is a huge liability in your community.. that is why people die suddenly or suffering from all the outcomes of their treatments, surgeries and home/herbal/natural remedies..

now look at what and who you entertain and I can almost bet you everyone in your life is a liability to your life, unless you understand my info .. not everyone can do what I am doing, but some can.. if they have access to more assets, than liabilities.. peace. When I stay on my own away from most people most of the time, I am less of a liability to anyone.. how can I be an aggressive liability to anyone if I am statistically not even tempting fate?

When I do not drive unless I absolutely must, I am less of a liability to anyone..

I have already bean counted my worth to my husband as far as biological, financial and intellectual assets and liabilities..

so.. if you hate me for whatever reason.. your hate or disgust with me is your own liability to yourself.. I have done nothing to anyone..

are you a liability to yourself and the world you live in? once you get diagnosed or die suddenly, that is the indicator the initial programming you received, wore off and now you are facing the fork in the road..

Once the system recommends treatment, that is your cue to now make a major decision where you could ultimately end up..

once you get treated, each disease thereafter will become worse and worse until you cannot come back from disease anymore.. each treatment compounds your chances of dying suddenly... and that includes all the natural remedies, as well..

however, if you explore my world, do you have the infrastructure in your body, mind and spirit and in your house/lifestyle, to support the hell you will be going through? every treatment BIG OR small is a future liability, NOT an asset..

Every natural home remedy supplement and diet is a major liability now and in your future.. And yes children right now.. Even pets.. Can be a major liability to those who cannot afford to take care of them..

It's now up to you to decide what is an asset or a liability.. Not for me to decide.. You choose your own adventure. And if somebody dies in your world.. And if you happen to pass away.. You chose the liabilities over the assets in your life. You will have seven minutes once you're dead to see your life flash before your eyes.

I spent the last seven years facing all the liabilities in my body, mind and spirit Now everything i'm doing is an asset to my future and my present .. It is good to have at least a 14 day supply of food as a backup in case of any emergency..

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