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What Were You Bred For?

What Were You Bred For?

During climate change you need all food you need to feel pain and sometimes your body is not going to look like some starving Facebook magazine marketing piece. You need the extra fat and your body will develop muscle based upon your lifestyle and you need to rest and relax and sometimes releasing demons are necessary. Actually all times releasing demons are necessary. So if you look at my face it has the ability to change because it's not so tightly wrapped with just skin and bones. You want to have room to convert energy when the climate changes and the genetics need to change

Gaining weight in this environment is Paramount to survive but too much weight also causes its own issues and problems. Your body must regulate based upon the environment and your lifestyle and belief system

When the climate calms down so will the immune systems calm down and the fluctuations of everything will also calm down. But right now you don't want to be cured in obesity or completely skinny trying to look sexual for everyone. It's not sustainable or survivable

You want give and you want the ability to expand and contract based upon how aggressive the world you live in is

But again to what degree you can handle fluctuations is not something I can impose. It's something that is suggested based upon tolerance level. And you will figure that out yourself

The way I was brought up was meant to give me the foundation for later on if I survived my peers and Community the last 50 years. Even though I resisted everything I was brought up in I'm ultimately now coming back to it and it's serving me very well today. That was the strategy of my mother

If you do not resist anything in your childhood then you will copy everything your parents did and you will die with them. If you resisted the politics or religion and Science in your childhood then most likely you will come back to it later on and it could destroy you relative to what you resisted and why

And the unintentional consequences are something that you evolve and develop yourself through your lifetime. Which means not everyone is going to have the same outcome. Which means NOT everyone can do it I can do.

 I've had a very unique set of circumstances. If I had so many operations and other issues as a child I would not imagine I would be able to do what I'm doing. But the fact that I had no operations or needing anything like that as a kid gave me an excellent Foundation to work from in the future

I hear sirens right now at 5:30 a.m. in the morning and I was up around 2:30 almost 3:00. And I feel no pain. And that's new because the last few weeks I have been feeling so much arm pain and shoulder pain and neck pain

I had already experienced the stiff neck a few years ago and finally my immune system is on point and my arteries and capillaries can handle the thick blood plus drinking water and eating food helps the body purge everything out. Right now I'm seeing in the died suddenly groups people are experiencing neck pain and some people are getting lymphoma and cancer in the neck in the arms in the legs in the groin because their immune system has been stagnated and stopped up because of blood clots as well as a remedies they have practice for years

And I will tell you milk and cream are amazing developing mucus so you can purge out the demons but people are afraid to do that and so they're so skinny they can't release the demons and they're afraid to eat food and so they succumb to the demon they have captured inside their body because they're so skinny or they have too much diversity they can't handle releasing the demons because it is painful. Energy conversion and spending money is painful and also pleasurable relative to which side of the world you stand on.

Remember I told you a few years ago I think I spent a whole summer eating ice cream sandwiches every night after dinner and then drinking so much whipped cream with my coffee and espresso every morning. Milk is what will save people if they can handle developing the mucus and shiting their f****** brains out

And yes I was making so much pork chops and chicken and steak and I left nothing off the table and I demonized no food and that's what also saved my ass the last 3 years

And if you're lactose intolerant then you have to do s*** very carefully literally because you're intolerant because you were told never to feel anything and never release and that's why you have issues. People who are lactose intolerant are starving

People who live on gluten-free sugar-free salt free everything are starving and they won't survive this environment. People who have diabetes with cardiac issues it's only a matter of time

When adults and children start breaking bones you know they have extremely fragile bone structure which means the rest of their body is also compromised. There's so many indicators to tell you when somebody is nutritionally deficient and malnourished and they are hard on their body and their hard on their children's bodies. Forcing them to perform. Even though you say it's their children's choices. The parents never offered them another avenue or a way out.. people follow tradition so blindly even to their own destruction

They basically expect their children to perform for their families or do what is socially acceptable in their community. These kids have no choices. They are the actual slaves in our society and they're dying for their friends and family and their parents

And so if the parents are too stubborn to change the way they do things that's why the system has to force the environment to change because you know what's going to happen with these kids. They are going to be suffering astronomically as adults

And when adults suffer so astronomically they become dangerous no different than these kids who grow up so quickly with access to firearms and that's how they solve their disputes

No wonder we have people harmed from Guns because these children don't know how to solve disputes with words they only know violence and settling their scores with their enemies through violence and destruction

Words can become weapons of war or avenues to peace without rest in peace. Words can also translate into destruction through firearms and knives and whatever else a person can get their hands on

The world does not need another caveman. The world needs more people who know how to use their words to articulate strategically without trying to destroy somebody else's Spirit even through the scriptures.

Scriptural darts to destroy or maim is just as deceptive as somebody stalking and bullying somebody.

Please do not use your Bible as a weapon against anyone because no weapons were formed against you that you haven't already spoken to your "enemies".. most people if not all people are very unkind to everyone around them even to themselves

Whenever I hear someone says no weapons formed against anyone shall prosper, that person is speaking to themself. They are projecting what they have done to themselves. People form weapons against themselves all the time and obviously they're not prospering because they are dying suddenly

Well I'm starting to see people in California start succumbing to the Heat and climate change. I knew that day was going to happen. This will be interesting to see.. and some of these people are not your average yoga artist and vegans and vegetarians. These are some robust people..

When robust people in your world start dropping like flies everyone around them needs to be extremely concerned. Because if a strong man cannot handle the climate change what makes you think a skinny woman will be able to handle it much less a child.. and I've noticed how shocked people are that someone just died suddenly. You see people say they were taken too soon. Which means that they were not expecting this person to pass away. It was a f****** shock and a trauma

The system is not just trying to destroy everyone. Only those who follow a specific lifestyle and belief system. Sometimes they are your strong workout kings and queens. Sometimes they are the giant people in your world in Body Mind and Spirit. Sometimes they are your smartest people in the class that you grew up with because they were given the gift of certain neurological genetics

When you rise so fast and you mature so fast the fall will be just as fast and even more devastating. If people cannot pull back they will destroy themselves faster.

As the climate becomes more extreme because we're having aggressive heat in one place and then extreme cold in another place you will see more people that you never thought would succumb to the elements drop very fast..

Aggressive climate change is when the temperatures and the climate changes faster than the person can transition properly and it does shock the system. People are not conditioned for change. They were conditioned to be cured and then perform a job. And then treat their sickness and disease and then blame someone for why they are sick.

And aggressive climate change just like the seasons changing Every Spring allergy season and cold and flu season will wake up the hatchlings and the demons within and yes people will get dizzy and get heart attacks and strokes and suffer extreme pain and suffering like I did the last few weeks

Boy did I release demons this morning. And I had to eat a bunch of food this weekend.. and when you have issues with the food supply you have to eat food very carefully and transition very carefully and sometimes the environment will not allow you to do things slowly

sometimes the environment will force you to feel something you're not prepared to feel and you have to now determine how you're going to respond and survive forced immune system activation from extreme climate change

That's why it begins with releasing demons down there and coughing and sneezing and blowing your nose and then eventually you're going to feel the pain of suffering in every area your body was underdeveloped or had trauma attached to that area. This is not something I can ever promote to anyone and say they can do it. That's why I don't talk to anyone about this personally. I don't instruct anyone I just give you what I do and you will have to figure out what kind of pain and suffering and food you can handle. And this is not something that's a wham bam thank you ma'am

I've been doing this process outlined in my book for 7 years and I finally got away from the remedies and away from the diets and I stopped hanging out with people socially and I stayed home and stayed safe and sat in the suffering and release demons and cultivated my brain because my body had to go through and must go through updating itself to the current world and environment.

Some of you have a Windows 95 body trying to function in Windows 11 world and it's not working for you..

Some of you are raised by those who still work in MS-DOS and they refuse to ever upgrade to Windows 11 or 12..

As you can see MS-DOS people are dying suddenly. Because they can't upgrade to the current windows 11 or 12 world. They are so resistant that eventually they will destroy themselves

Karma is something that you actively invite into your world. And it's a pejorative

it's not a positive reference

Because if you take Karma as a positive then you will be the one to give 90% of your money to the church called tithing.. and you will be the human sacrifice to everyone

Karma is when you actively entertain the universe getting back at you for the things you've done to other people that you were aware of or were not aware of. People invite Karma into their life. And then they get pissed off.

And I don't believe that the good you put out there you'll get it back because let me tell you good and bad is relative. You don't put something out there because you think you'll get it back. That's a false transactional spiritual belief system in the Pay It Forward world. So people feel absolved for not taking accountability. So they superficially do things to make themselves feel better

When the people in your life don't treat you the way you want to be treated but then you treat other people the same way they treated you

And then people have the gall to be indignant about how people treat them ..

That's what I don't deal with any family or friend drama. I just deal with my husband. If I get mad at him it's because I probably pissed him off at some point and it's my karma. That's the only Karma I'm willing to deal with is the relationship with my husband and not anyone else

Everything that happens to us is karma from things we don't even know we did or did not do because we weren't aware.

Once we become aware of what we do or do not do in our society than we not only fix our behaviors but we expect nothing from anybody else.

We just become the example versus expecting others to be the example we want.

That's why I don't have close friends just acquaintances. I expect nothing and I don't expect people to expect something from me. Everyone is karma to us. When we feel indignant or pissed off about a person place or thing it's because we're getting back what we've put out there in the world.

I truly believe that.

So I put my thoughts out there but I engage with no one really except for my acquaintances with a few agreement but I do not actively try to convert anyone or expect anyone to do anything for me.

 I do not expect anyone to change for me. I do not expect anyone to change their lifestyle and belief system for me.

And so if people don't like me and they actively say it through whatever means I just block and delete so that way I never have to be their karma in their world because obviously I'm their karma in their world because they're mad at me ..

so I cut that relationship off very quickly.. people purposely invite Karma into the world and they get mad at the karma.

They invited the karma into their world. They were looking for the drama

Anytime you get mad at anyone it's because you're getting back what you did to somebody else somewhere..

or your paying for the sins of your father and mother and brother and sister

Children and babies are the karma to their parents and then they have to deal with the sins of their father and mother and brother because they inherited the sins

Which is why I don't believe anyone is truly kind.

 I think they're polite. I think they're opportunistic. But I don't think they're kind.

Most people are very unkind to themselves and their friends and family and to the world out there.

I think what I have an issue with is some people have issues with me that I had no idea they had issues with me until I found out the hard way.

 I guess that was another Karma I had to deal with.

 But that relationship is cut off of course. And I'm okay with that. Sometimes you get shocked by what you thought was so and it was not.

And that's okay that's called karma. Sometimes you have to deal with the karma for somebody else you're related to. And that's okay too..

All of us have to pay for the sins of our fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters

Jilian, do you think you deserved all of the craziness the last 7 years. I probably did deserve a lot of that Karma. I was never an angel. I never claimed to be.

I've exhibited intolerance in many different ways no different than people lacking the tolerance for me and my information.

So yes I invited the karma into my world and I had to deal with it. I had to face it. And now I have some excellent Facebook acquaintances through all of that Karma that I had to deal with.

And it's tough facing your own personal Karma.

 But I did and I'm thankful I did..

And to take you to the next step and further into this depth of thought process, cancer disease chronic illness and autoimmune disorders and death Is the generational karma

 but if we survive we must face it but if we don't survive it then the universe called in the loan.

 Death is the ultimate karma for generational sins against the Body Mind and Spirit.. but at least people have fun on the way out the door.

The last 7 years I had to face the karma of the past present and the future

Karma is not something you legislate upon somebody else. Then you become judge jury and executioner. And you have no license to be that. Karma is something people invite into their world. That's the Law of Attraction. People are attracted to the karma in their world and so they're around their own kind and they're kind to the people they're attracted to but they're unkind to everybody else. So they're not really kind.. they're just attracted to their own Karma living in the illusions

The Jilly Juice was equated to climate change.. if you're in pain now. Climate change has taken whatever it is you put to sleep floating lazily in your bloodstream and activated it.

 Climate change acted like my juice 8 years ago woke up those who were on low sodium diets and it activated their immune system and increased the blood pressure causing the person to deal with life they've put to sleep through the cures Market.. people already held the clots in their body. And it was just a matter of time before something triggered them to move through the blood vessels.

That was why the system recommended low sodium diets for those who had conditions because they were born with deficits and also compounded their deficits with other therapies. Those therapies and their practices developed clots in their body that were relatively inactive until something activates them and that's what people get heart attacks and strokes

The system knew eventually climate change was going to wake people up and some people would not survive the wake-up process.

I would say I saved a lot of lives because people experienced the jolt they needed to and then they knew they could survive it. They didn't have to treat it but that was just the beginning. There's a whole lot more to all of this than just waking up your immune system. Once your immune system wakes up will you put it back to sleep again which is pretty much impossible or will you react to it correctly and effectively and that means different things to different people.

When the system says a high salt diet is bad for you it means those who salt out too much deactivate their immune system to work correctly and then when the body finally wakes up from that cure of the salt they don't survive immune system activation.

The immune system regulate salting in and salting out and you just salt your food accordingly and drink water and eat a balanced diet and never ever put your immune system back to sleep again because obviously you can't afford to. People are dying suddenly because they can't handle immune system activation

That's why you learn to be on your own because one day you will be and if you are a lonely person who is also losing your faculties you will be prey to someone who finds your weaknesses..

Immortal people are rich in spirit but they do not hoard wealth to attract predators and parasites

Mortal people try to gather as many friends and baubles and material foods and of course when you have wealth and riches you attract people. That's the addiction of wealth. You attract a lot of predators and then you become prey when you start losing your faculties.. and then naturally people have large families to keep the wealth within the family until the family falls apart..

Mortal people are disposable and they treat everything disposable until they consume everything in their environment.. and when you harbor so much diversity within you the incubus and the succubus are just as disposable as you and they will consume you to death..

And so now you know why the system does what it does because we have so many people who treat themselves as disposable and will treat everything around them as disposable.. that's why greed is not good. I don't care what they did in the eighties

But here's the thing. The mother is going to be one way or the other. And the daughter and son will either copy mother or resist mother.

That's why Generation X is a crapshoot because the system developed Divergents in the population who will copy their parents and their parenting styles or they'll resist their parents and offer the complete opposite parenting style to their offspring

So that's why you have several children so they can study how these children react to their environment cultural lifestyle politics religion and scientific belief systems. People will either assimilate to their surroundings or they will resist and then what will that resistance manifest into?

Clones don't like anything different because it threatens their colonial culture

 It's easier to copy someone. Especially if you have everything it takes to copy somebody else. It's quite harder to be different in a population full of clones.

All of you are under a microscope

yes you're under a surveillance Society

Another Facebook etiquette is not blowing up someone's notifications with like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like. One like is enough. But when you start liking every single post. You come across as a stalker. You also come across as someone who might cross boundaries if given the opportunity. If you can't stand in the shoes of someone who is trying to manage their notifications. Chances are you'll cross boundaries and you will allow people to cross boundaries with you. I am not at the place anymore where I am so excited by all the likes. If no one likes my stuff I could care less. I'm not trying to capitalize or collect and hoard people liking my s***.

I noticed those in third world countries when they discover something new they overdose on attention and everyone else is overdosed on their attention and need for attention.. and I block them almost immediately

and that's something they will either learn or will never learn..

And I'm not about to entertain men in third world countries liking my s*** and complimenting me like some Lions stalking his prey.. some women get off on being showered with attention from the opposite sex and I find it extremely off putting. There are some gentlemen on my Facebook who do live in Africa India Indonesia and they know their boundaries and they are extremely polite and they don't contact me in any way shape or form. They just read my information and they move on. And I know who they are

And when the shoes on the other foot the accuser is still benefiting from your engagement.

 Sometimes enough is enough.

Maybe the accused stuck around too long because you were sucking the life out of them.

So they left because they stopped getting benefit from that relationship. Now it is like a job

If you're pissed because someone left your ass

 chances are you were the one that was the vampire

And they got out early before that stock tanked..

Now watch everyone out there get all pissy because they've been called out..

If you think someone left you because you had nothing left to give them. Then you were the fool that kept giving without boundaries.. And you could also be the fool that kept taking until the person had to save themselves

People who are mad about anyone leaving them call themselves out because they were probably the nightmare that kept giving or taking way too much expecting so much in return

If I extricated myself from any social situations because I was either taking or they were giving too much and I had to save myself.

People leaving should never ever be something you take personally. If you can't handle being by yourself then that's why you're the one that's mad and they're not.

Mad is either a Mutually Assured Destruction or someone who is upset or someone who is crazy like in the context of a mad scientist.

That is why I'm very careful with what I take from other people and also what I give to them because if I do too much on each end I could die from giving and taking too much and they could die as well. Sometimes people leave through the death process because they don't know boundaries and sometimes people actually have to leave relationships because they know their boundaries and the other person doesn't

And if you survive any relationship it's not because you took from them it's because they did not have any boundaries of what they gave to everybody. That's why you don't want to be the one with the most toys cuz it shows you took the most from people and yourself.

So when you just have yourself. And your own life. With just your necessities, air food water shelter and clothes on your back and communication devices. Then you're also showing you're not a greedy person taking or giving too much to get in return.

People give so they can get in return. Nothing and nobody is benevolent. There's always a price to pay for any gift..

You get what you give. Some people get cancer disease and chronic illness because they gave so much of their life away to everybody. Some people die of old age because they gave away their life to the world and their family and friends and they became the human sacrifice of that moment.

Immortality is knowing your boundaries. And those who survive from taking from others will not like my information because that's how they're surviving. They're living off of other people. They need so much from everyone around them. And so everything around them is disposable. And that's why our society is the way it is. I don't think Humanity knows the value of life really. One day they will. When most of their friends and family are gone will they value their own life or will they leave with their friends and family. The value of human life is based upon the human who values or does not value their own life. And when they don't value their own life no other life out there has any value to them. Everybody becomes a commodity. And that's a disposable extremely capitalistic Society.

And from my last sentence I'm not saying the world should be completely communistic because what does that really mean as well. A balance between capitalism and communism because you need your community but you don't need to destroy people to get a/head

You don't need to destroy someone else to get another head.. and this would fit in the context of politics religion science and the family or developing so many children to get a/head

I posted this for a reason. Stay out of people's health issues. You will be the scapegoat if people's expectations go completely different. Just because I have something like my protocol doesn't mean you have the capacity or the wherewithal to deal with what I've dealt with. And everything that happens to a person regardless was going to happen anyways. If your intention is to take away your pain and suffering and release demons that only last so long. It's a progressive process and it's a painful process and I can never ever ever recommend anyone to do what I'm doing. I cannot even instruct anything. You can read my story but again I can never ever say you could do what I'm doing. It's quite painful sitting with everything and releasing demons the way I have in my book. I can't even begin to say everyone can do what I can do

Warning. If you're in the health and wellness world. The climate is going to change again. People will do Hail Marys that you recommend to them. And if they die they will blame you or whatever was given to them to blame that is socially acceptable. Oh wait they won't blame you cuz they're dead but their friends and family will blame you. You stay out of people's health and wellness situations. You don't want to be held responsible or even be perceived to be responsible for someone's death. People who are in hospice you know what's going to happen with them. There's no saving anyone in hospice. There's no saving anyone out there with anything that you're doing in the health and wellness industry.. licensed professionals make the way out as humanly as possible

I have nothing to sell you because i can't sell pain and suffering and Life to people who don't know how to manage their own life much less the life in their body mind or spirit.. but I can definitely tell you my experiences.

That's why I speak about what I do but there is no way I'm recommending anything. Some people will choose to try whatever they try and that's on them. Just simply having information out there even your herbs and extracts and even what I do is not a crime. It's when you make claims and you personally instruct someone to take something or go on a diet is when you have crossed the line and that's a gray area.

And when so many people do pass away for whatever reason they will look for a scapegoat. The system has already given the people a scapegoat.

That was the gift the system gave to people so the peoole have somewhere to go to process their emotions and their trauma.

And you don't want to get in the middle of that. You can't save anyone and you probably can't even save yourself. Whatever that means. Which is also why they have the justice system so you can funnel your frustrations and rhetoric through an organized form of Justice.

And the system will give you something in return for your time and pain and suffering if your peers have your back. But you can't bring back anyone who died. And you can't even bring back yourself if you don't have what it takes. So the money will go to whoever is around to enjoy it even during your short tenure in life if you actually have a case against any medical procedures or Therapies.

 But I have enough proof behind me that I don't need medical insurance because I don't take medical insurance from my husband's work. And If I did a drug test and an alcohol test and a cigarette test I wouldn't pass with flying colors

I don't buy herbs and extracts and supplements and remedies and I never use food as medicine I just eat food to eat to balance my chemistry especially when the climate changes. And I'm very aware of my indicators letting me know how I must respond to my environment.

And so if you truly want to know what it's like to do what I'm doing. You have to be 100% clean and sober. And you're not taking remedies or getting surgeries. You're not using herbs or extracts to treat disease. You're not using laxatives or even that much J juice at all because you've already conditioned your system to open up on both ends and close up when it needs to happen. And you feel everything especially when the climate does change. And you're not in fear of anything.

100% sobriety is basically immortality. 100% sobriety. No addictions to anything. People could say oh your coffee is an addiction because it has caffeine. No coffee is food. It's a drink. I enjoy coffee. It's not on the list of controlled substances. If you get coffee withdrawal headaches because you didn't drink coffee the same time every day well that's no different than the body readjusting to a different climate change. If coffee was dangerous it would be on a controlled substance list and it would be part of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Coffee is not part of the DEA list of controlled substances

So let me put that argument to rest.

And if you have very little fat on your body then you don't have enough substance for expansion and contraction and so you have too much resistance. One day that will work against you. You don't want to be a complete soyboy and so soft and pudgy but you also don't want to be so hard bodies that your body has nowhere to go when it needs to expand to push the blood through the blood vessels


I can sit by myself for years.. i minimally socialize and i just read, and learn anything I want and deal with next level health evolution. ..

People think I have retired. No I just redirected what I do for a living. Not only am I a wife but I'm also a type of social media influencer who doesn't have anything to sell to anyone. Because you can't sell life and pain suffering to anyone who is not prepared to deal with it or properly support it

Silicon Valley engineers all types of people and i was engineered to engineer myself later on

When you have already "made it" and working, i suppose the worker bees need an outlet..

Immortal People (know boundaries and are relatively self sufficient)

What if working only HALF A WEEK is appropriate and then learning a craft or developing another skill or find an artistic outlet is used for the other half.

Mortals must learn boundaries and relative self-sufficiency and if they don't have it they have to work a lot more and be contained in a certain way to capitalize on their life style and beliefs. Because work regardless of how it manifest will always be part of something you do here on Earth

Mortal people work 5 days, and party and socialize for 2 days and die at 76+/-

The system has engineered society the way it is because people don't know what to do when they have free time. They will socialize a lot more or hunt and destroy things channeled through hobbies and whatever. They will pursue aggressive recreational sex and even have a bunch of babies if given the opportunity.

Mortal people love to hunt for a different sexual conquest. That could be messy just by itself.. so the system set up a system to contain people's desires who would go overboard hunting for pleasure and Paradise and for sport

If you show that you can sit by yourself and learn by yourself and strategize by yourself and you don't continuously hunt for pleasure in paradise then you don't necessarily have to be like everybody else and be a worker bee and then die for your lifestyle and beliefs because you won't have such a high volume lifestyle or highfalutin lifestyle you have to work like a dog for

Artificial intelligence is to take away the slavery of mankind and give the people who have the brains a chance to use them. The system is giving everyone a chance to cultivate their brain and not just their body to be commodified and put under so much stress and duress because of Old World Systems.

If people worked with their brain more than they worked their body they would become extremely strategic in their survival and highly intelligent and intellectually capable. But people get things carved out of their body. People cannot handle air food and water.

And that's why they're not getting the aggressive intelligence and intellectual capability out of everyone because some people were not bred for that. And that was the inequality but not anymore

The way ALL OF US will compete on a level playing field is those who work themselves to death and play themselves to death will not survive climate change and then the brains will be left on Earth, who have a relatively robust body, who can handle climate change.

The ultimate human IN the future are going to be those who are strong in body and strong in the brain. That's who's going to be left because that's the only one THEY will be able to survive the changes. You have to be strategic in body-mind spirit to survive climate change

IT IS going to take a highly intelligent person to walk away from s*** they know is not good for them AND IT WILL TAKE an extremely intellectually capable person to take on information they didn't know.

And some men have made it as far as they can make it and so now it's just living out the rest of their life and trying to balance out working for their Hobbies until they can't do it anymore. Their body gave out.. some women have already made it as far as they can make it and now it's just living out the rest of their life, trying to balance out working for their hobbies and maybe watch their kids hit certain milestones if they even make it that far..

The scary thing is the died suddenly is happening younger and younger people. And then the parents what will they have to live for if it was only for their children and the Next Generation. Could they live for themselves. Or will they spend the rest of their life mourning their children and getting justice and then dying anyways

The most important question of this time is. If your parents and children died and you were left by yourself with just friends and family. Will you die with your friends and family or will you channel that energy that took away your parents and your children and regain your life that was lost when you were raising those children and taking care of your parents

Were losing the things you were taking care of and distracted by, the gift that you needed to redirect your survival?

One day you might be faced with that fork in the road.

 at least now you'll get an exposure to that potential possibility

 some people are already experiencing that question and they wull die with their friends and family

The crazy part is not everybody gets that situation where their children die and then their parents died together. Somebody dies first and then another decade goes by and then somebody else dies and you've lost the potential to redirect even your own life.

Is there any good time to walk away. Probably not and so that is why systematically you have to lessen the obligations so you take care of only what you are contractually obligated to which is your dependents and your partner that you've signed an agreement to take care of through sickness and a health if it's safe for you to do that.

When it all comes right down to it everything else is just a distraction that you have cultivated and developed a dependency around. People fiercely cultivate distractions.

Who's the role model for the men when it comes to potential immortality relative to today's lifespan. Noah and Methuselah. Who were the role models for the women for potential immortality in the Bible. I couldn't tell you because women were used as brood mares or someone to worship her son. Women you have to break your own ground

Even the woman who taught Socrates everything he knew is obscured in the past.. I mean Socrates evolved I'm sure whatever she told him but you don't really know who she is. I guess you can Google her but who knows

YOU CAN NEVER assume what you expose yourself to will help you or hurt you..

so, erring on the side of caution and being clean and sober will help you determine how to save your own biological life, if that is your intention.. or else, have so much fun until the body gives out.

The Hawk Tuah Girl is a harbinger of Doom of our society

The freak offs, the men/women children, getting screwed to death to the point of throwing up and passing out is like having so many diverse microbes in your body screwing you to death and you throw up, pass out, etc..

Celebrities in the media showed you what happens to women/men and children behind closed doors and in people's immune systems..

some women like getting screwed to death by their boyfriends, husbands, even their wives by using large contraptions.. no wonder cervical/ovarian and anal cancer is prevalent in the population..

the trauma to women and men to their body parts is astronomical.

And you know how some men are very strategic and Charming the pants off of the parents and then that girl has walked into the lion's den.. not only will she get screwed to death but she will have babies that will destroy her. And if she is lesbian she might have an aggressive partner who will use large Contraptions on her. It's f***** up out there

you had to see it with weinstein, epstein, r kelly, , and many many others who get off on sexual violence making women and men throw up with their sexual needs.

it is brutal and mothers, fathers and friends advocate this by turning their head away and yet forcing their daughters and sons to be in relationships with men and women with money, who look good on paper.

the hawk tuah girl going viral shows you exactly what we have bred into the population and it is disgusting.

the regression of women are all over the internet.. gen z.. etc. millennials, even gen x, boomers, etc etc etc.

you and your family developed someone like rap celebrity artist and r kelly.. until you learn how to control reproductions we will continue to have people like rap celebrity artist, r kelly, Epstein and then the system must step in and do a great reset..

When the Domino's fall it is slow so we're going to watch people be victimized by sexually aggressive people and by traditionalist who turn their head away and forced their girls and boys into marriage and relationships having to identify as some kind of sexual orientation even straight. It's f***** up out there and that's why I've left Society.

I know what these girls and boys are going to go through when they have to identify as a sexual orientation. They are a target for somebody's brutal sexual needs and they will be a target

 and the implication of their orientation will make them a target especially when their parents make them a target. That's the sexual trafficking of family when the parents imply a sexual orientation, even straight remember rap celebrity artists and R Kelly were straight as well as gay and they brutalize girls and boys.

So you don't know people's sexual proclivities are and to traffic your children to be married to some stranger is setting them up for something horrible but then I guess at some point it's going to happen. Until people stop having children. And they get themselves to become whole again.

Or else they're going to cultivate suffering and blame somebody else..

You think it's Child Protective Services is trafficking humans

NO, IT IS when you tell everyone your kid is straight or gay or identify as any kind of sexual orientation you've already trafficked and implied something about your child. Now you're just waiting for the suitors to give you and them social capital and that's why these girls were trafficked in Hollywood and the music industry. The parents put their children up for grabs. They sold their soul

You've already implied sexuality into your child a long time ago. And since it might happen anyways because the schoolyard is just as dangerous as the family people cultivate suffering. They cultivate sexual violence without even knowing it

When 40 year old children are having babies turns into a hawk tua girl you know that is the downfall of our society

And then you're not really happy for people having children because you know what kind of world they are going into. It's a f***** up world because the parents are also suffering..

And when the parents are suffering the children will pass down that suffering until all out genetic annihilation.

And the system will help you annihilate yourself so you can stop the suffering and stop the bleeding.

I truly cannot legitimately authentically be happy for our society or anyone at this point..

This is not about winning or losing or being successful or unsuccessful. This is about capitalizing on the suffering of your fellow man and then sustaining it and justifying it and then putting children through hell. Because you know you have no real training on how to raise a well-balanced child in our society.

So then you develop demons that the system must control And then you also develop victims because these girls and boys don't know the evil in this world until they experience it and you hope they survive it but many are not prepared to survive the evil in this world.. then it's thoughts and prayers. Or countless missing children and mothers and fathers..

So yeah naturally I feel sad for humans

and so, evil will continue when people continue to have children and large families.. it is like you are feeding the demons with your own offspring..

if mom and dad have not figured out how to become whole and not procreate a family, mom and dad will continue to allegorically "cut off" their flesh to feed the reptiles..

You are the parents cells to the juvenile cells in your body.. if you cannot control your immunological children, you will cultivate and feed the demons and release them to be food for someone else and that includes your children.. they need to be fed and will be food to someone else..because you taught them to be a predator and prey..

that is the circle of life.

I left the circle of family and friends and i cultivate my own immunological circle so the mucus in my body does not turn into a demon or child.. it turns into poop, pee and sneezes..

Can you be an unkind person and polite to the people in your society and on social media?

I think everyone should be polite but they don't have to be kind

You know how how I know everyone is actually unkind. Because I smile at everyone if I catch their eye for whatever reason some people don't smile back.

And the ones that do, is it out of politeness absolutely. But when you don't smile back at people not only are you impolite but you're also unkind..

And then also on Facebook when you don't acknowledge people when they've commented on your page or whatever. Either you have too many friends and you can't keep up or you really just don't like them. So you're not very kind to them if anything you'd rather be unkind to them.

That's why I don't want a lot of friends because that's too much to keep up with and there's no image that I need to maintain. Everyone on my Facebook I will acknowledge or block and make them feel welcome and warm on some level even with a like. If they choose to engage with me because they think something of me and I honor that or they cross boundaries and I block that. I don't need stranger stalking me

 That's acknowledging their existence. And that's polite. And that's not unkind.

That's another Facebook etiquette that a lot of unkind people do not practice is acknowledging people.

But that's so much to keep up on. I have a bigger life outside of social media. That's a cop out. And there's no accountability.. it's like when someone buys you something and you never say thank you. You feel entitled that people comment and and you feel entitled not to put forth the effort to acknowledge the effort they put towards you.. I see a lot of that on Facebook

Entitlement is when you cannot be accountable for all of the communication you put out there. You just take and take and take. And again you say you don't have time for that..

Well then develop a world that you can manage effectively and correctly and be accountable. I barely have a thousand friends and I'm okay with that. Anything more then you're just collecting and hoarding people..

People have social media accounts with so many people like they have children. They just like collecting children and people and putting out communication and throwing up and never being responsible for what they put out there in the world or acknowledging who gives them the effort and communication.

And so if I don't want to have to keep reacting or monitoring social media accounts then I remove the comments so it's just the information and there's no need for interaction. And then I monitor my page because I am responsible for what I put out there and I'm responsible for who engages with me and what they say.

And I honor anyone who puts forth the effort to put at least two words together in response. Sometimes people go overboard and then tax you with their long paragraphs with hidden riddles and I detest that too. Then they're using you as a platform. Trying to convert you

 If i expect people to respond and I don't acknowledge them, then I'm a greedy person.. I will never ever be that kind of person who actively ignores people and throws up on the world. I will acknowledge one way or the other because you're human. And I'm polite to humans. Everyone is human out there

 I'm telling you social media is very telling how people treat each other their children and themselves. Some of it is quite disgusting and you can see who the spoiled children are. You can see the Daddy's Girls and the Mama's Boys and the princes and princesses out there who collect people but could really give a s*** about them. And if someone comments on your page they give you the gift of communication and acknowledgment. And some people take that s*** for granted.

I understand missing comments because Facebook doesn't give you the opportunity to comment and acknowledge everything from the past. But you know as well as I many people actively ignore and don't acknowledge their Facebook audience when they've been given the gift of communication from somebody else.

You think I'm nitpicking? Nope. I'm just taking off the masks and exposing the people for who they are versus the image they put out there. And I have been deceived in the past and have expected a lot from people's words and when I find out their actions don't match behind their words yeah it could be rather devastating and that's why you leave Society.

 Most of society is not even honest with themselves much less with you.. but the system gave them words to develop false pretenses and then eventually the truth comes out after the fact and then you learn

Here's the thing about gifts. Giving gifts and receiving gifts. If you're giving a gift you're buying somebody's time and expecting something in return. If you're receiving gifts then you better be ready to pay back for that gift because nothing is for free. If you don't want a relationship with someone you don't cash that check. You don't accept that gift.

Once you accept a gift or cash a check you are now responsible for that relationship until somebody ends it and Bows out gracefully.

Everything is transactional in nature.

Social media is the first place someone learns how to be a person in this world. They'll learn from their friends to be a s***** person and a clicky person or they will learn to be tolerant and acknowledge and improve their

And why did I block certain people of the past. Because I don't want their daughters trying to do what I'm doing and then their parents come after me. I will not be anyone's scapegoat.

And some people in California I was close to at one point and they have daughters and sons and the parents evidently never liked me really.

So I don't want their daughters and sons to look at my Facebook. I actively blocked them for a reason. Because if that daughter tries to look for me it's because she wanted to not because I made it so easy being available. I know people's children are hot commodities and some people have an issue with strong women.

And they don't want their daughters to be strong because their daughters were trained to be weak and they can't have any other role model besides their own mother and their homogenized click of people who could be quite dangerous if you confront them.

So that's why I don't get involved with too many people at all and that's why I blocked some people of the past. It's not going to matter anyways and I don't need to be involved with them..

And yes some of the fathers are quite scary And so I would rather just completely cut everybody off. We have no relationship and I don't want any future relationship at all whatsoever..

Not all women were born to be leaders in their own way. And even if you gave them the choice they probably couldn't carry out what they would need to to save themself. So I don't want to put any false hope for anyone by being that available. Some people need to be homogenized. If they want to fight to save themselves from the death called freedom they may not have what it takes. So I'm not even wanting to be available to anyone even on my Facebook

I don't want to know you are stalking my s***..

Yeah I was raised a complete Divergent. It's the cross I must bear and I am perfectly okay with it..

Why am I saying this. Because I know this environment is so incredibly aggressive some of these kids will not survive and I don't want to be someone's Hail Mary even back in California. Some of these kids are in their twenties. I don't want their mothers to do a Hail Mary and then blame me. So I have no relationship with anyone in California or here except for my husband

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