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When will you stand up for your family..

Main takeaway: When you're mostly muscle hardly any fat.. Died suddenly..

When you're mostly fat and skin, but no real muscle And no collagen, Suffering and then died suddenly.

You need a balance of fat skin muscle and collagen..

You know who you are....

why are we allowing the kids to allow self harm by not eating all the foods.. why are parents allowing their children to starve..

Why have doctors conditioning the parents to allow their children to be destroyed by ignorance..

Why have doctors and nurses and holistic professionals allow themselves to be a party of incrementally taking away the life of the child through the remedies and their surgeries..

Why do parents allow this to happen to their children and to them..

What does it really mean to be a parent and a grandparent in this society..

Parenting is not what people think.. parenting is standing up for your family.. Not giving away their family to science to do experiments on them.. Even in the holistic world..

Why aren't the grown daughters and sons fighting for their parents by showing the system what the system has done to their family..

The starvation.. Literal starvation. Taking away the collagen..

Grandma and grandpa either have no substance to them.. Starving.. Or they are just fat and skin. No collagen.. Look at them in the nursing homes!!!

Why are we allowing the system to do that to our family..

When will you stand up for your fucking family..

I didn't do this to your family.. So don't hate me and don't blame me.. You all have a responsibility.

If you say you're a pro life and you're tied somewhere to the medical and holistic system.. And you have family and friends that your taking care of that are in that system..

When will you fucking take a stand .

Those in the j world . Affiliated to those systems. You have a perfect chance. To finally change the matrix.

But if you choose to say silent. And you have access to the medical and the holistic system through your children and your grandparents and your Grandma and your parents. Your activism means nothing..

You might as well not even have been part of the j world. You cherry picking your activism.. Just gives you a little bit of a platform. For social capital. But not to implement real change.

What do you stand for parents.. If it isn't for your fucking children .

But if you don't stand up for yourself. You'll give away your children to the system.. And it's happening.

That's why it's so sad out there.. But again I didn't do this to you.. I didn't do this to your family. You did it.

And if somebody doesn't say something.. Nobody will.. And in the system never fucking changes.

And so somebody has to say something..

But if you're all about being silent.. Then shut up. And just show people what it means to give way or children to the system and never take a stand for them..

You can be the example of what not to be. Major frequency shift last night and I was sweating had a few stomach pains.. My head was itching aggressively.. I couldn't even get cool.. Other people have been feeling the same way.. Some are coming down with sicknesses.. Others were on the verge to go to the hospital..

The smoke is back.. Particles are accelerating.. And they are fucking people up..

My projection for the future:

There will be three different types of doctors:

1. Life Doctors using my book as a platform using food NOT as medicine, but as sustenance and supporting immunological responses

2. Death Doctors using trauma and medicine to stop the energy of the body.

3. Triage Doctors surgically reattaching limbs if cut off in an accident and then the client chooses between a life doctor or a death doctor The holistic world is the absolution for the medical/surgical system until death is the absolution for both the medical/holistic energy healing world..

Now you see why the holistic system exists.. they will be and are the scapegoats for the doctors..

if you want to live.. bring everything back to the doctors and demand they help you get YOUR life back using food (not as medicine) and help you facing the demons of pain.. and stop mischaracterizing pain and symptoms and stop promoting surgeries and transplants..

hmmm.. it is up to you patients.. people... You want to save yourself and your family. Take it back to the source. Look inward at your lifestyle, beliefs, politics, religion/spirituality and science dogmas and ask the DOCTORS to give you back what they took away for centuries.

You want your life back and to save yourself from the Georgia Guidestones and death, now or in the future.

Take it back to the source: You and your family doctor/Rockefeller medicine. while everyone is too busy looking up AND down and all around, blaming...

they are not looking within.. or inward..


GOOD luck.. lol.. ostriches with their heads in the sand too worried about making tons of money and looking hot on facebook will continue with the depop agenda.. and you claim to be an activist worrying about the medical system and v a cc ines as you give your parents to the medical system.. doing nothing to change the system at all.. except to advocate traditions, meditation, yoga, diets and complete obliviousness.. so when you think about.. most people are full of shit.. lol.. and acknowledgement is the first step..

the second step.. take the problem back to the source: you and Rockefeller medicine.

pretty cut and dry.. you can finally stop wasting your time giving people absolution.. because most people have already absolved themselves but need YOU to blame.. lol I will say this..

I do not advocate violence of any sort..

You can peacefully get your point across.. And there is no enemy..

You are your own worst enemy.. There is a way to ask for your life back without putting the doctors and the nurses on defense..

But you must develop a very credible argument..

All food is the answer.. And understanding your alimentary canal from your mouth to your anus is the other part of the answer..

Doctors and nurses had to go through anatomy and physiology class.. They know the human systems.. Remind them of that class. Remember everything is going to start off with the children..

Some adults are too far gone.. And the system may not have the infrastructure to help adults get through all of the food allergies..

These allergy clinics.. Usually deal with treatments and anti histamines.. Which develops more of the problem..

But you see what they're doing in this article.. Introducing the peanut allergy a little bit at a time until the person does not have an anaphylactic reaction..

And so.. Mothers with children with food allergies.. Need to take the same model and ask the doctors to use the same model but use different food.. Such a salt sugar and gluten.. Eggs shellfish.. The list goes on.. 20 years old

She had eighteen years under her parents to get her body conditioned for the CURRENT AGGRESSIVE environment.. Not to JUST play sports..

Once her body is conditioned for the environment then it's possible to play sports..

Eighteen years to figure it out parents.. Unfortunately kids have no choice..

We hope they survive their childhood.. We hope they survive their adulthood.. For those who are not aware of particle acceleration.. This is also why we are in major aggressive climate change. We must do things differently to survive.

HAARP (chemtrail patterns of weather modification) CERN ( particle acceleration) WIFI ( Wireless fidelity)

=Aggressive climate change. You can't be a traditionalist in this society if you want to survive. Campbells is a GREAT PRODUCT #campbellsoup Nothing is poison everything is elements.. Electrolytes.. Minerals.. Fat.. Protein And vitamins.. We are going into a very complex universe.. You can't be too simple with your food. You won't have what it takes to deal with energy conversion. And it's very aggressive right now.

CERN particle acceleration is ripping apart people who are lacking substance.. You need all the minerals and fats and proteins you can get..

This is not your ancestor's world.. We're in a new world..

Remember.. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Only converted.. Fat can come in all different forms.. Collagen can come in all different forms. Amino acids can come in all different forms.. Prohormones can come in all different forms.. Minerals come in all different forms..

Just because it doesn't come into the form that you are used to. Does not mean it's not the minerals and the fats and the proteins your body needs. Of course they are.

People must understand physics . The depopulation agenda.. Is the fear of change.. Radicalizing people against change.. Then they starve themselves.. And animals are suffering under the cruelty of all kinds of farms..

I'm sorry.. The world's changing..

A highly conductive environment means you must eat more than usual to make up the difference.. And since biotech genetically modified the people. You must eat the genetically modified food for your environment and your body. Because the atmosphere is highly aggressive..

It's all physics.. It's thermodynamics.. But if you're not willing to understand physics.. You will be easily manipulated into emotion and fear..

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