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When you are fighting against the avatars of the past representing dead languages..

Humans are so much more than ending up being trapped in a box as an accessory or knick knacks on someone's mantle.. Now artificial intelligence is trying to trap humans in devices and robots.. Trapping their spirit in metal.. If you can start building yourself up to deal with the changes in your environment.. Because when you think about it. Being DEAD MEANS You will end up walking around the things that you are familiar with being tied to objects and areas.. Watch paranormal activity and ghost adventures.. Sharing space with the living.. When the dead and the alive are at war with each other because the frequencies are so extraordinary.. That's evolution.. When you are fighting against the avatars of the past representing dead languages.. Dead belief systems.. Dead ideologies. Which is why humans who are alive must build themselves up because the dead could be stronger than you and start messing with you.. Alive humans must be stronger than the most deadest human out there.. Or you'll be haunted by people who are stronger than you in the dead world.. Trying to possess you so they can come back to life again in your body.. In your mind.. In your spirit.. My dog did not die here. She was destroyed by the vet but I have her spirit over here.. She was destroyed by the vet in the beginning and she was destroyed by the vet at the end.. I tried to save her in between each vet exposure.. Contrary to popular belief I never killed my dog.. The veterinary system got to her in the beginning and they were able to get to her at the end.. We humans are not equipped to suffer astronomically.. Especially watching animals/children/humans suffer astronomically.. And so at the end we have to destroy the animal or ourselves in order to save our sanity.. If we hadn't visited the veterinarian or the medical world we wouldn't be going through this astronomical suffering.. That's the ultimate punishment for having an animal and human you are connected to.... Is watching them deteriorate towards the end.. And then putting them on the mantle.. Trapped again.. Humans are also viewed as the same way.. The medical system gets you before you go out in the world.. They get you inbetween each evolutionary leap.. And they get you at the end.. And then your family and friends trap you in the places they want you or they spread your ashes wherever you say you wanted to be spread.. And then you are left walking the earth alone in the dead world.. I also have great memories of my animal.. But they should never be a memory.. If you get animal it's for your whole life.. If you are temporary your animal is temporary.. If you choose not to be temporary you have to find a system that will accept permanent people and animals That's why the system must change... I don't want to be a permanent person with a temporary family.. That's heart wrenching.. Those in the j world who understand where i'm coming from.. The ultimate suffering is watching the old world die off.. While you are building yourself up.. That's going to be the ultimate challenge.. And it will be f****** h***.. See less

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