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When You Diagnose Life, Death Is the Only Answer

Finally, I actually f****** woke up... simplified everything..

When you diagnose life, Death is the only answer..

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Finally Woken, Finally Woken

I've been thinking 'bout things For a long while...

When the barometric pressure goes up and down people get sick.. No different than when you keep going into different states.. Or travel and then get sick

I remember arriving to ohio In two thousand ten and I was so sick As soon as I arrived..

When we first moved To florida I became really sick..

You don't have to move anywhere because your environment is going to move and make you sick..

Gone are the days of being in a homogenized environment.. The fluctuations will develop the diversity

If you don't get sick you will age aggressively..

Getting sick feeding and releasing organically and that doesn't mean using organic food.. Will prolong your life.. But if you can't handle the energy.. Never mind.. You will have to diagnose your life away.. That's when you must see a doctor.. They are the only ones that can diagnose your life away.. The Demons of the DSM Using psychology to develop meanings Around energy.. Allegory politics religion and science develops those stories AND meanings and symbols..

In the old world.. It is all about diagnosing life away..

When you come back to life feeling things may seem like a disease.. When disease is life.. You want to become numb...

When you're raised under the influence.. Feelings will seem like a bad word.. When you're raised to lay down like you're dead, You don't have the Fight or flight defences.. You just take it..

And no it's not weathering the storm.. You have to feel to weather the storm.. You have to know there's a storm to begin with. It's not f****** unicorns and rainbows all the time..

Pagan pop psychology.. Comes off like being dead is the best thing..

It's nice to know we have doctors out there that will diagnose life and develop a medicine against it to destroy life.. Thanks pop psychologists..

That's the depopulation agenda. That's normalizing being sucked in..

The jay world is bringing people back to life.. Life is not a disease to be destroyed with a remedy or surgery or somebody diagnosing you. making you feel like you're the one that's crazy when they're the ones that are numb and under the influence and being sucked in..

Don't let half dead people make you feel like you should be dead too.. If they don't like you because you're alive they lost the will to live.. Don't let their manipulation make you feel guilty for living And feeling and understanding indicators..

Life is feeling everything.. And still survive..

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