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When You Give Up Correlation = Causation in Politics Religion and Science, You Might Have a Chance

The If/Then formulas are the correlation = causation simple mindedness brainwashing

"if you do this, then this will happen"

If you do not this, then this will happen"

that is politics, religion and science..

If you worship a noun, then you are good/evil/dumb/smart

simple proteins can be observed with an "if/then" formula all relative to intention and desired outcome. Humans are NOT just a simple protein or two. We are 69 trillion microbes made up of infinite proteins.

It is NOT that simple.

Just because you think you have the answer for yourself even for your family doesn't mean that it's going to work for someone else..

We have had politics religion and science be weaponized against us with all the different theories and fears that people are way too stressed to examine each one to figure out what is what and so they make correlation equals causation.

It's time to do your homework

pay it forward = extinction = bleeding for your friends, family, and groups..

giving up your body, mind and spirit to EVERYONE.. AND EVERYONE BOWING DOWN TO YOU IN SUPPLICATION..

SAVIOURS.... OK NEGAN (the walking dead reference) Everything's great until it's not.. Pharmaceutical drugs are great until they get recalled..

Cannabis is great until it's been over prescribed and used so much for everything.. While some people say there are upsides based upon the intention.. You also must examine the downsides.. They do Exist as well The distinction of correlation does NOT equal causation (regardless of which side you stand on)

one way to explain away the intention of extinction via close quarters is to justify sick humans be nearer to a hospital/government services for "faster response time"..

lol that is one reality.. lol and that reality will be for the correlation equals causation people..

i get the game.. caters to all types of people and know your audience but also cater to the people you intend to cater to without being discriminatory..

SAVIOR = SATAN= CORRELATION = CAUSATION When someone gives you the answer.. Gives you a hero and tells you who the satan is..

THAT WAS the "dumbing down of society"

Try developing your own hero and your own demon not given to you by any organized or disorganized religion..

that was how karl marx figured out how to weed out the bullshit.. omg.

i get it.. wow..yikes..

when people refuse to examine all the factors between action and reaction and outcomes and someone gives them a correlation = causation argument in politics, religion and health sciences..

extinction level events will happen.. it is easy to switch up the arguments and the environment and level them out..

step out of the war.. lol, if you can..

holy shit.. wow.. this is so beyond so many people and YOU know people will take offense to this holy shit..

sorry.. but if you want to evolve and survive.. pointing this out is necessary.. block me if it is that inflammatory..

save yourself. no predation=cures=extinction

behavioral sink

Behavioral sink will either make you stronger or you will choose to be extinct..

Remember mister calhoun took away predation and Disease.. When you're cured in close quarters you will not survive.. If you're not programmed for academics then you are programmed for sex And to do a specific job..

If you're lucky you are programmed for both or all #youtubechannel #instagram #FacebookLiveStreaming #realitytv #trumanshow #conspiracy

Every so often he gets clues on the cracks in the facade..

They are depicting the conspiracy world.. F****** classic.. They were letting us know..

Everything is beautifully synchronized..

The difference between this movie and today is everyone in the movie was in on the show except for truman..

Today instead of everyone being in on it most people don't even know they are part of "it"..

So then you feel like a truman.. And then your family keep trying to pull you back in with f****** commercials like his wife.. Truman's wife..

Using fear to keep people in line. Just like truman was shaped by the fears to keep him in line.. Kept him within the storyline..

People accept the reality of the world that was presented to them.

There will be others who will be angry about it.. Sylvia protests against using the baby truman a mockery.. wow.. lol

Truman was a life insurance salesman laughed out loud..

So if people like jennifer aniston and jaylo who are around there mid fifties working out.. Looking like a sex bomb..

They might last a few years ten years maybe less maybe more.. They're followers will do the same thing.. Work out eat less, to the point of no return..

And so when jennifer aniston and jaylo pass away.. Their followers will not be too far behind..

It will be hard to come back from all of that..

See how that s*** works..

Hollywood was and is the predictive programming.. Now we get to watch it in real life..

Oh boy this will be fun.. And of course they're now retracting all of their plastic surgery and fillers and even promoting a little bit more weight even to the extreme..

However if you haven't earned that fluctuation.. and gone through your demons.. Taking away weight Or adding a bunch of weight.. So you look like you're Fluctuating..

No sorry..

There is LITERAL h*** to pay to actually earn longevity not just look like you are in longevity..

You can't fake longevity..

And it won't look like a magazine ad or geriatric monthly.. And you won't find longevity in the hospital system or the energy healing holistic system..

Real true partnerships in the future.. Will literally last forever.. No suffering or very little suffering..

Pets will also last forever as well..

That's the gift I give to the world.. Dropping the seeds..

So let it be written so let it be said so let it be done..

I'm one of the lucky ones who has a great partner today..

Regarding pets.. When you buy pets from the system of death you are stuck in the system of death..

If your pet happens to live relatively long and overcoming issues in the system of death..

Congratulations you got a great pet out of the system of death and it was able to transition to the system of life..

Unfortunately I bought a pet from the system of death.. And so I wasn't fortunate to see if my dog could transition to life.. I made a valiant attempt..

Which is why we must develop a system of life so we can develop pets who won't suffer through evolution.. Food and rest and release will be the only answer to any discomfort.. And breeding will be controlled.. Ionic atmospheres activate every intention

Sodium Activates what it's paired up with relative to intention no different than climate change activating the particles activating peoples intentions which is why Truman Show and stepford wive showing you the future if not the past at the present..

The system was telling you that the people will get tired of watching Hollywood actors and actresses playing fake parts when they aren't really they were just getting you Ready for the reality show.. The ultimate reality show which is you..

Sodium chloride Sodium fluoride Sodium laurel sulfate

Sodium also forms many useful compounds.

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