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Whistleblowing Mother Nature

Whistleblowing Mother Nature

When you're out in public, you are taking on immortalized germline cells at war with you..

Immortalized germline cells at war with each other..

you hold polygamous microbes in your immune system: One day, they will work against you if you do not release them.

and it is NOT using the JJ..

the aging process and died suddenly come from an out of control polygamous immune system and of course your lifestyle reflects the microbial polygamous situations: animals/family/friends/lifestyles/belief systems and lack of effective balanced releases process.




practicing, relating to, or involving polygamy.

"polygamous societies"


(of an animal) typically having more than one mate.

germs are immortalized germline cells.. and will it work for you or against you?

In a closed immune system under treatments:

Human tumors/cancers are a conglomeration of all the diversity in their immediate environment and lifestyle of public exposures.

Animal tumors/cancers are also a conglomeration of all the diversity in their immediate environment and lifestyle of public exposures.

zoology is polygamous germline cells causing tumors/two or more entities.




the scientific study of the behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals.

the animal life of a particular area or time.

"the zoology of Russia's vast interior".

Adam and Eve is an allegory of humans who were told one story and could not handle the other side of the story..

When adam and eve became knowledgeable and aware of the world they lived in was not the fantasy they thought it was.. It was a pain and suffering.

Just like you're in right now..

And right now many people are being ousted from the garden of eden and will they survive the world outside of eden..?

Going back to eden..

To earn your way back into Eden you have to go through the pain and suffering.. But now you've showed god or whoever that you can handle the tree of knowledge without destroying your fellow man .

When you are constantly in pain and suffering because the choices you've made.. And inevitably that day will happen.. You're showing god or whoever you can't handle the tree of knowledge.. Because you kept doing the same thing over again, expecting a different result..

Diagnosable conditions and died suddenly is also a pain and suffering.Because you're watching those around you suffer which is a suffering.

You are living allegory..

I do great when i'm not out there in public for long periods of time.. I don't get sick as often when i'm home most the time on my own..

That's mother nature.. And when I'm out in mixed company for long periods of time I will pay my dues.. And I will be in pain and suffering and have to eat a lot to make up the difference.

That's the pay/pain/ment system of social capital, pain and suffering or died suddenly..

I will suffer from my choices of hanging out in public if I choose to..

If I make the choice.. I'm the one that caused my own pain and suffering.

The system warned me.. I heed the warnings of the system.. And determine if I have the capacity to be in that kind of pain and suffering after a social event..

It may not be worth it.. Because to release those demons it's fucking painful.

there is no such thing as "real" or "fake" clouds.



to shit on knowledge while embracing ignorance is the activism community.

The clouds were either all real..

Or all fake..

When you jockey between the two you're showing when you became knowledgeable of the world and how it works.. You're like adam and eve..

Yeah maturity is not easy..

It's easier to stay ignorant and immature..

Right now through climate change many people are being ousted from the garden of eating/eden called earth.. That's called died suddenly.

Because you embraced ignorance over knowledge.

But don't worry there's also a segment of the conspiracy community that says your body is just a vessel and you'll live forever.. So there is your absolution. They're giving you permission to pass away. And they are helping you embrace it..

There's something for everybody.

Predictable outcomes come from predictable people and they gave us the safety net so the innovators can do their job..

My relationship is exactly this...

My husband is the predictable safety net and he is so amazing..

I am the innovator who needs to work from a stable platform..

But now it's time for everyone to embrace change.. Even the innovators..

The Movie Groundhog Day, Fear, Starvation Turned Hoarding

The Tavistock think tank is probably the most strategic institute you will ever peripherally hear about from the conspiracy theorist point of view. Tavistock understands balance better than you and your family will ever know because they not only helped develop the storylines you have become so familiar with, but they also found the right people for the job. They developed a society with pockets of cultures and found ways to pull out the best resources while developing the needed support system around the resources.

Tavistock developed layers and layers of lifestyles, belief systems within politics, religions and the sciences so that way you and your families would be predictable, congruent and resistant when the fear of change had to happen.

Remember, the best innovation and resources come from a certain amount of resistance until a new innovation develops or all out annihilation.

Predictable outcomes from predictable people deliver relative safety, security and a space for growth and development. When one platform of people are relatively predictable feeding off the safety and predictability of their lifestyle and belief systems, the innovators of our society can cause other areas of society to be "unpredictable", innovative and strategic; a storm brews east while the west is predictably going through their motions until the storm from the East envelopes the West and then wipe out.

The movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray was an allegory about fear, fear of change, and learning the lessons of the past. Not unlike many of you, Bill Murray's character was a debaucherous male/female who consistently leered at every female/male, took everything he had for granted and was cynical about life and relationships. He was basically, too big for his britches. Well, the Universe decided to teach him a lesson and forced him to relive the same day over and over again until he figured out that if he changed the way he thought about women and humans, maybe he would not have to relive that pain and suffering of reliving the same day over and over again..

The kicker was, if he strategized his reactions to predictable outcomes, not only could be he be the best manipulator, but potentially also find ways to change the outcome.

Strategizing predictable outcomes to come out in his favor was his super power until he became tired of knowing what was going to happen time and time and time again.

Eventually, he stopped taking advantage of people, women and his co-workers and even started treating people with respect and reverence. He won the girl and then happily ever after.

Yeah, the system is like Bill Murray and the system is showing you through social media how many clones/drones were developed for predictability, redundancy and even human experimentation.

 The system also is showing you how easily it is to manipulate predictable people who were given all the same storylines and all they need to do is just say boo, and people react the same way..

 However, you also are a Bill Murray completely aware of the system manipulating you with fear and also with change because it has to. You see, you get the luxury of knowing what will happen through the conspiracy community and if you had enough substance and life force within you, you could change your ways and respect not only yourself, but women, men and your families and friends in a different way.

But, if you did not have enough life force within you and you were starving, malnourished and completely shut down from evolution, you would stick with the programming/storylines in the conspiracy community and traditional lifestyles and stay stuck in the fear of food, change, and economical innovation.

Bill Murray's character was very resistant while experiencing Ground Hog Day over and over again until he realized he had change his ways.

Many of you are starving, resistant and malnourished and so you are stuck in the Ground Hog days of tradition, activism, fear of food air and water and hate change..

That outcome of resistance to change has a predictable outcome, called DIED SUDDENLY, while ignoring indicators of warnings.

But before you died suddenly you were resistant to change, and as a result, you have no more strength in you.. you gave it away to your family, friends, co-workers and to the resistance movement developed by Tavistock while collecting/hoarding cheap Chinese goods, cash, friends, family, experiences, remedies, diets/deities/spirituality and baubles and in total denial you are starving and deficient of valuable nutrients and in pain when the climate changes, yet again..

Predictably, yet again.

Do you think the system will be upset when people fall through the cracks literally and figuratively.. Nope..

Because the systen gave you many chances to change your ways.

The System gave you many chances to release your trauma . They give you many chances to figure out a game plan to save yourself and maybe your family if you have that kind of power.

So the system will not be sorry for what they are doing.. Because they gave you so many chances.

The system gave you the last hundred years to figure out climate change.. And you became a denier and a resistor. And you lead from your trauma and drama. And that's how you identify yourself and in other people through your trauma and drama.

Do you think the system wants to reproduce that in all of your children.


They're not sorry for releasing demons they developed in you. You chose yourself as disposable with your lifestyle and belief systems and greed..

They're just honoring your choices.

Mainstreamers are just as resistant and in denial as the conspiracy community..

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a British non-profit organization that explores human relations. The institute was founded in London in 1946 and has been exploring human relations since 1947.

The Tavistock Institute's work includes:

Research and evaluation

Mental health

Team working

Professional development

Young people

Education and training


International projects

The institute's professional development programs include residential conferences and one-to-one coaching.

Tavistock wanted you to think that cash was king..

Cash is not king.

Food is king.

Which is why you've been scared away from food.

One thing is for sure.. I will never assume i am a hundred percent safe from anything..

I must know the obstacles in the area that i'm in today..

Everyone will have their own set of obstacles they will have to deal with..

Just make sure you know what they are..

Fires. Earthquakes. Floods. Flash floods. Mud floods. Hurricanes. Sinkholes. Volcanoes. Lightning. Power outages. Asteroids. Nuclear war. Riots. Diseases. Extreme heat. Extreme cold. Tornadoes. Sandstorms. Pestilence. Blizzards. Drought.

Preparing hospitals???? Bandages?

I hope it's nothing. I hope they're just being over prepared.... I don't know.

I don't remember in 2017 being this crazy.. But then I was distracted with the jilly juice world..

The Ohio Hospital Association has been making preparations for the event since 2022, helping hospitals across the state prepare for even unforeseen challenges and scenarios.

Ohio sits on the edge of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, an area that includes Missouri and adjacent states. In 1811 and 1812, four destructive quakes happened here and were felt throughout the eastern United States.

The New Madrid Seismic Zone

Not to scare anyone but be prepared for anything that you know about. Know the history of your area..

The Forbes Doomsday Maps seems more and more legit

Figure out where you are in the world and what could potentially happen..

Someone to pay attention to.

Failing society descending into moral decay..

But they had to get your attention somehow..

That's why you don't collect gold and cash, you make sure you have food to eat.. Make sure you build up enough substance to handle any changes.. Stream line your immune system..

Dollar bills and bills means you're always going to owe someone or something.Because you have to convert that to something you can eat..

The poor will eat dollar bills while the rich eat food..

When your friends and family stop supplying you with food and a way to convert it with cash and trinkets, you will turn to the government because everyone will be taking care of themselves..

I will not rely on my friends and family to keep me alive.. Because they have their own issues to deal with.. They have to keep themselves alive..

And the government has to keep us alive for them to govern..

The poor convert their body into cash and baubles And make themselves to BE food for somebody else, but they don't pay attention to food.

Highly sexualized people make themselves to be food for somebody else..

Chocolate ice cream.

Peanut butter.

Frozen raspberries.

This last evolution, I have taken on an interesting taste bud..

I probably lost nutrients during evolution, so I am gaining them back..

I ate some raw cabbage with asian ginger dressing and spaghetti noodles..

Entropy when you have to go and do a major energy conversion.. You lose resources going through energy conversions.. I had to gain them back this week.. I had to make up for what was lost last weekend..

Starving people can't eat what they collect, they just hoard..

Every item someone hoards represents a memory of the past they can't hold onto because they're riddled with distractions.. Or pathologies..

That's why everything is going digital.. So you can remember things on the internet.. And not destroy earth.

The learning channel showed you the pathogenesis of hoarding and the link to starvation.. And when you listen to those people talking about the trauma they went through.. Yeah they're starving.. And they're feeding their demons with things they can't eat because they can't release.. And they even they surround themselves with rotting food..

And it's very scary how many people fall into this pathogenesis..

You could be morbidly obese and be starving, and collecting everything under the sun..

Or severely underweight collecting everything under the sun.

Or be riddled with cancer disease and chronic illness hoarding everything under the sun. Even hoarding experiences.. And people would rather starve than give up an experience..

People even collect pets because they are starving.

Starvation of food makes people hoard baubles and items and cash they cannot eat.. And a whole slew of friends..

People feed whatever is most influential.. The west has become very greedy. And they say all food has been poisoned but here buy this nonsensical item.

Or the myriads of sexual orientations all over the world..

Highly sexualized economies come from people who are starving..

And I see the link to aggressive sexual orientation and families to starvation..

I see the link to all disease and cancer to starvation..

I see the link to resistance and starvation..

Yeah the west is starving.. But here they have something for you to buy.. A new hair color.. A new pair of lips. A statue. Another vacuum. And another religion. Another food mitigation diet.. Another sexual orientation or another family member..

Starving people hoard/whored.. They can't handle foods , so they hoard everything..

cultivating and sustaining resistance in your lifestyle, politics, religions and sciences will cause died suddenly situations.

resistance is futile.

Remember you can't eat cash or silver.. Or gold.. Make sure you have enough substance to you and enough food for a certain amount of time..

If you think the banks will go down.. Make sure you have access to food.. Because once we get to digital currency NOT CRYPTO. Who's going want to trade their food for your cash. Because cash will be useless if we are resorting to digital currency , not crypto.

Which is why you see businesses are shutting down. Digital currency will be king one day. Your cash will be useless because you can't eat it..

When there is only one place to buy food using your bank card.. And you can't live on just your garden alone. And livestock will be outlawed because it's harm to animals..

 Cash will not be king..

 Unless you use it to burn fuel ..

Your cash won't even be worth the paper it is printed on..

Don't let people scare you into thinking that the banks go down you're going to die . Don't let people think that you should hoard cash. Because you can't eat it. And I won't sell my food for your cash. I can't eat your cash.

When it comes to goods and services.. Bartering.. Bartering is king.. What kind of skills and goods do you have in your house..

But you can't eat cash..

And when you can only get your food from the government.. Do you really think someone's going to sell their government food for cash they can't eat.. They can get their clothes from amazon using digital currency not crypto..

Food is king not cash.. Making somebody dinner with your food for their services for products is king.

Because once your skills in certain areas are not needed to the average guy only to an employer.. Food will always be king..

I've given food away.. But I won't sell my food to somebody. I can't eat that money .. What's the point of selling food to convert it to another food.. That's wasting money. That's wasting energy.

I wont sell food to convert to another food. And I don't need half the crap that people buy out there.

Converting food into cash means you are buying shit , you really don't need.. And if you have to pay people under the table then what kind of services are you getting.. Not regulated and could be even dangerous..

And then why waste your time converting cash into food.. When you've converted food into cash..


A waste.

So here is the energy conversion of survival in this new world..

You work for an employer.. They direct deposit your paycheck into your bank account.. You buy food and needed items and sometimes unneeded items.

What happens when the internet goes out and there is no commerce..

You still have to eat.

You're not going to buy the bullshit. Someone can sell you stuff and collect cash and maybe they can convert it to digital currency.. But that would require you having a bank. And paying taxes on your income..

And do you think that situation is gonna happen often making money off of a blackout.. Because if you're going to capitalize on the system going down you're going to have to pay the piper..

It doesn't make sense hoarding cash and gold coins..

What do people use cash for..?

 Hypnotizing people with wealth and riches.. Buying under the table services.. Paying off kids or buying their love..

When businesses only accept cash.. And you know that's going to the wayside..

People who only use cash will be priced out of the economy.... And there might be fires suddenly happening in their community.. Resistance is futile..

When everything is online and there is no store fronts to convert things, cash will just be decoration and wallpaper.

And then when you hoard things by converting the digital currency into items like baubles and trinkets to then convert to cash and the system doesn't accept cash anymore. You will starve..

You might as well be a beggar..

Because your cash is no good.

Cash will never be king.. Because we are in an online digital world.. And the government is tired of corruption in the people.. They're tired of people taking advantage of others..

And if you think the government is corrupt.. You are the government.. You're the one that forces them to figure out who the hell you are on what you're doing . Remember the mafia was the people.. Gangs and the drug cartels are people..

The system had to infiltrate.. And they had to become the very thing that resisted.. And then they had to regulate..

Here's one example of a trucker who cannot rely on cash..

When a trucker is stopped in the middle of his route forced to be marooned at a truck stop.. And there is no commerce going on. They have to eat food.. They must have food. You can't assume that even selling food will keep you alive during that time..

The restaurants will have to eat that food.

Or give it away..

Even truckers can't eat cash.. They need food especially when they are far away from home.

Don't ever let someone scare you into thinking that cash is king.. Because they're obviously starving. Falling into the fear campaigns developed by Tavistock!!

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